Forex4Profits Short Interview

Hello! Please introduce yourself. What is your name? What is your position in Forex4profits?

Forex4Profits (F4P): Hi, I am JOHAN DAVID , ADMIN HEAD , Forex4profits.

(Nick Cooper): You stopped paying in the end of March. Our last payout was received on March 28. What happened with your program?

(F4P): We are in the process of upgrading our website and software , so we are not able to process our regular activities in our business for 15days . But now we are into our regular and active in our process. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

(NC): Forex4profits is still listed on some monitors as Not Paying. Did you contact those admins and are you going to continue being monitored by all monitors you used to be listed at?

(F4P): Yes, we have informed and explained about our up gradation process details and those will be updated by 27/04/2011.

(NC): You announced new investment plans. Tell us about them and how they are different from the old ones.

(F4P): We have changed our old hourly plan to regular plan. Also we have attractive IV levels of referrals in our new plan.

(NC): Tell us about your plans for the future and explain why investors should make a deposit in Forex4profits.

(F4P): In future, we will be paying the payouts Instantly and also we are introducing our own trading platform. To feel comfort and safe deposit, investors are always willing to deposit in Forex4profits.

We thank the admin for his answers and hope that there won’t be any similar problems in the future and that Forex4Profits is here to stay for a long time. I remind that this program offers three investment plans. They all last for 100 working days and the principal is returned on expiry. There is also a 10% signup bonus. Here are the plans:* Regular Plan brings 2% daily for deposits from $100 to $999* Premium Plan offers 3% daily with the minimum deposit of $1,000 and the maximum is $4,999* Classic Plan is the most profitable one and will bring you 5% daily if you invest $5,000-$49,999The list of payment options at includes LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney and Neteller. There is a 4 level referral program that offers 0.1-0.5% commission.

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EFX Important Changes

You asked for it and we complied!

We have made a couple of changes to our website that we wanted to point out to you. Many of you that are driving referrals to our site have pointed out that the load time of the Main page was too slow and you felt you were losing opportunities to retain your referrals.

The solution we implemented was twofold.

1) We have eliminated all the images except one on the main page. We kept the New York/USD image and brought all the captions from the others to this one flash movie. This dramatically increased the load speed of the page and hopefully is sufficient to accomplish the results you were looking for.

The images on subsequent pages were allowed to remain. So if this is not enough, please advise us and we will see what can be done to further speed up the process.

2) We have added a Live Help Operator to all the pages. It still needs some tweaking to not be too annoying, and for many of you it will always be an annoyance. But consider your referrals for a moment. When they arrive not knowing exactly what to do, we will know about it and be right there to assist them with any challenges or problems they cannot overcome. This should also create an increased retention as there should now be no reason they cannot successfully navigate the website since we can, in essence, hold their hand throughout their entire experience with us.

Like I said, it has some issues at the moment in the way it is presented, but we will sort those out within the day and overcome them to your liking.

Another query was the lack of FTA Information on the site. For this we have added another video to the lineup. We will also be adding a FTA Members Only section to the Forum where we can archive Trade Recommends as well as allow FTA members to discuss various strategies and agendas.

It is up to you to take advantage of the Services, Features and Benefits we are offering. Far too many members are simply HYIP participants. We have merged the HYIP market with the True Forex Realm and created a Best of Both Worlds Sanctuary for you all. Not only do we have a Safe, Secure, Effective and Profitable program that delivers guaranteed profits, but we are also providing Insight, News, Trade Recommends and Education in the world of Forex.

You MUST admit, you are hard pressed to find anyone out there willing to provide So Much to So Many for So Little.

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The Ukrainian Hyips adds Rural Restaurant

We’re glad to inform you that new project has been added!


Rural Hotel&Restaurant

Location: Kherson

Business: Hotel, restaurant

Period of business activity: 36 years

Funds required: $140,000

Monthly earnings: $20,000

Investment term – 15 years

Property listings

1 building 350 sq.m. private ownership.



Equipment list

Restaurant for 70 guests, 10 rooms.


Nice and stable business for years to come. The complex is situated near the road to the big city, Kherson, which puts it to a very good position. The restaurant is headed by a well-known local chief who makes the best ukrainian dishes “borsh” and “galushki”. This small complex has a great history and lots of regular customers. Ideal choice for prudent investors!

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Midas Gold Fund Interesting Newsletter

Starting today we are instituting 30 day long promotional periods that will change every 30 days (the length of our investment cycles).

Our first promotion starts today, April 18th and will run to May 18th. A 5% instant withdraw bonus will be added to your account in any e-currency. The minimum to take part in this promotion is $250 and any e-currency we accept can be used. This 5% instant withdraw bonus will be added to your account to be withdrawn within 24 hours of the qualifying deposit. The minimum qualifying deposit is $250.

Midas Gold Fund is a privately held global investment company dealing in the life cycle of gold. Midas Gold Fund accepts public investment and pays on a 30 calendar day investment term with daily interest rates varying from 1.7% to 2.7% daily. Midas Gold Fund enables investment globally by accepting e-currencies, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, and Alert Pay.

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Clones Attack Uinvest!

“We have noticed some UInvest ‘clones’ in the internet: scam artists copy UInvest and make fake websites pretending to be genius UInvest. Please don’t be mislead by such attempts, we have no relation to these resources. The only website address is

If you found such a ‘clone’ please send us its URL and we will shut it down.

Thank you for your cooperation!”

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Two Steps To Build A List of Proven Buyers

It’s a very bad kept secret that the money is in the list. Yeah, I know, I know…You’ve heard it all before.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that the money really is in the list! You can’t get away from that fact, so if you’re really serious about making money online and building a business, you need to start your list TODAY.

And even though you may not have a list yet, you’ve probably heard the whole process on how to do it before. Create a product yourself or get someone to create it for you, set up a squeeze page/sales page and start to generate lots of traffic to that page, and then give away the product as an incentive for people to subscribe. That’s how the process is, in short.

But while building your list you should also start building relationships with your subscribers. “But how do you connect and build relationships with your list right away?”.

1. Deliver Massive Value

Oone way you can do it is to simply bring MASSIVE value to the table. If you over-deliver like crazy, people will start to notice you and get their eyes up for you. If you create a product and you think it’s well worth over $50 bucks, give it away for free. Yes, you read that right – FREE! That’s how you over-deliver…Getting people to subscribe to your list, won’t give you much money.

Then again…It’s called “The Money Is IN The List”.

Not in the process on getting people to subscribe TO your list. That’s the difference. Because what you should focus on is to build relationships before you even think about making some money. Take it slow, take your time and build your list day by day.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Sell Things

That said, you CAN make some money and at the same time actually solidify your relationship. And if you ask me, this is the best way to build a list – not because of the money you’ll make, as it won’t be a lot, but because of the kind of subscribers you’ll remain with in the end.

Let me explain…

Instead of (or in addition to) creating a product you think will be well worth over $50 that you give away for free on your squeeze page, you can create a product you think will be well worth over $200 bucks and put it up on your sales page and sell it for $27 bucks, for example. Again, this will make your customers LOVE you, because they won’t believe the kind of value you’ve given them for the low price of $27 dollars!

So, again, you’ll immediately start to connect and build relationships with your list, and my guess is that they like you and want to stay on your list to see you provide them with more high-value content and products. And that’s a really good spot to be in when you’re an Internet Marketer!

Another thing most people don’t really think too much about is that by building your list this way you’ll remain with people who are willing to spend money and buy things that might help them. That is, you’ll get a list of proven buyers, and that is one of the most profitable assets you can have.

Good luck with your list!

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How To Make A Billion Dollar Company

Recently I have been looking at some of the worlds most success billionaires such as Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs. Although only being 21 years old, I often feel like I’m not achieving as much as I really can, I look at other people who at my age are so much further ahead – sure in some respects I had to come further as I didn’t give a thought in the world to my education till a year after I had done my exams.

Look at Google, we use it because it gives us the results we are looking for quicker than any other search engine, the same applies to Facebook, we use it as it’s the most user friendly and has all our friends in one place. These are prime examples of businesses that just do it better than anyone else, and that is what you have got to do. Whether you are selling online toiletries or you are starting your own social network, it doesn’t matter, what does matter is that the business you own or run is working at full capacity with everything done the absolute best it can be done. Just try your hardest.

No one has ever become a billionaire by targeting a small market, all the top companies have mass appeal such as Microsoft who’s aim is to have a computer in every house hold. Having said this, I do believe the best way to approach going to a mass market is starting small and being known for doing one thing great, like Zappos did. They sold only shoes when they started and once they became the worlds leader at selling shoes online, they branched out and started selling clothing and then later a whole lot of other things – that company later sold for $1,300,000,000!

Bill Gates wouldn’t go on Twitter and bitch about how his iPhone is broken or how one of his employees is an idiot, that would be a complete waste of time. Doing some quick maths I worked out that while working for Microsoft he would of made around $630,000 a hour so if he was to spend so much time like us just complaining and giving excuses then he would be a lot poorer. Time is money, it’s a phrase thrown around a lot but it is seriously true, think of it this way, how much do you think you are worth? $5 per hour? $10 dollars? How about $100 per hour and more? Are you really doing as much work as you think you are? Or more importantly are you using your time to do those things as best you can?

The internet has made it easy for some us to work only a small amount of time a day and still be able to make more than enough to support ourselves (take me for example) – however if you want to be a billionaire, you need to work really hard, that means late nights, grafting all the time and no submission. You have really got to work at it around the clock whether you are part of a team or you are the team, the only way to become successful is to do things, and take action, how can you become successful if you are not prepared to work hard? Another thing is to believe in yourself because you will get many doubters and that’s okay, they are entitled to their opinion, you just need to work like crazy to become successful and to basically prove the doubters wrong.

Profit margins are something of a daunting area to get involved in, but basically the more the margin in profit the more money these billionaires make, which is why it is essential for them to have the best marketing and advertising campaign, the best quality in products and the best branding they can achieve because this all helps the sales. Imagine if Apple had just had a small advertising campaign and they had poor quality control issues, the profits would be non-existent, however because of the sheer volume of sales for Apple products (on most levels) and the high quality of the product, the money made is very substantial, however because they are a big company they can leverage getting the best deal for their raw materials and this means high profits.

Sticking with the above example the larger the company is the more weight they can put behind them to get the best deals for their products and services, smaller businesses do use this method too, although it is usually on a lot smaller scale and usually depends on them buying a minimum amount of materials. The more bulk materials you buy the more items can be made for a lot less, the more items that are made for little the higher the profit margin, and the higher the profit margin, the deeper their pockets become. This isn’t to say that you too cannot get in on this technique you just need to build rapport with your supplier and use as much leverage as you can, whether that leverage is the length of time you have been a valued customer, how many people you send to them or whatever else you can think of.

Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg and Henry Ford all have two things in common, they all dropped out of college, and they all became successful. In fact they become amongst the most successful people in the world and how did they manage it? They took risks, imagine where the world would be now if Bill Gates hadn’t started up his own software business? What would the world be like now if Henry Ford hadn’t built some of the first drivable vehicles in the world? What about if Richard Branson hadn’t started his own record label early in his career? The world would be a much less interesting place to be I think. The point is that they all took risks, and a couple of them still are taking risks. It’s like the SAS motto reads “He who dares, wins.” This saying is very true, do nothing, there will be nothing, no results, no money nothing. Try your hardest, and take some risks and you could see yourself end up successful.

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7 Reasons Why Google AdSense Rocks


f you ask bloggers and webmasters what they think about Google AdSense, you’ll probably hear all sorts of answers. Some love it, some think it’s OK, and some hate it because they can’t seem to be able to make any money with it. I fall in the first group.

AdSense certainly is not suitable for all types of sites, and there are other monetization strategies that can be more profitable in some situations (e.g., selling your own products). That being said, and as far as monetizing your site with ads goes, I think AdSense is the best advertising network on the Internet. Here’s why:

1. It’s Easy to Setup and Get Started

Most ad networks require a minimum traffic level before you can join, and the application and setup process can be a pain.

AdSense, on the other hand, can be used even on small websites, and it has very few restrictions regarding where you can use it.

2. Huge Number of Advertisers

AdSense is by far the advertising network with the largest amount of advertisers. This means that you’ll get your units filled with ads pretty much every single time a visitor comes to your site.

On many other ad networks this is not true, and your earnings tend to get negatively affected.

3. Ads Are Really Targeted

Most advertising networks claim to only display ads that will match the content of your site, but few actually do it.

This is connected with the previous point. In order to be able to display targeted ads the network must have a huge collection of ads to choose from, and most networks don’t have it.

4. You Can Monetize Global Traffic

Another problem with most ad networks is that they tend to focus on US traffic. Some will pay pennies for impressions coming from outside the US, and others will not pay at all. If 50% or more of your traffic comes from other countries, you can guess that you’ll be losing money.

It’s true that on Google AdSense you also have some advertisers targeting US traffic exclusively, but there just as many targeting visitors from other countries and parts of the world.

5. The Earnings Are Pretty Good

I have seen ad networks that occasionally offered very high eCPMs (i.e., how much you actually earn for each page view on your site) but on average AdSense tends to beat most networks.

Another advatange is that AdSense earnings tend to be consistent all over the year (and over the years), while the rates you’ll get from CPM networks vary both with the season and with the overall economic climate.

6. The Ads Blend Well

Some people don’t like text links, but I think they are actually less intrusive than flashy banner ads, and it’s possible to integrate them with the design of your website without making it look ugly.

Some time ago AdSense started working with banner and video ads as well, but most of the ones you see around look very professional too.

7. Payments Are Always on Time

I had my share of problems trying to receive the money ad networks owed me. Sometimes they would pay 30 or 60 days late, other times they would pay only half of the money I was supposed to receive.

With Google AdSense I never had a problem in this regard. The payment is always sent directly to my bank account at the end of every month, and the amount is always accurate.

Over to the Readers

What is your relationship with Google AdSense? Do you love it? Hate it? Explain why with a comment below.

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Opulentia Adds New Payment Options

Some programs accept many payment options right from the day of launch, others start with a few options and then add more later if they see that investors are asking for them and such an addition can attract new funds. A program called Opulentia ( started with three popular payment processors LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and GlobalDigitalPay. However, it turned out that many investors wanted to make deposits via AlertPay and SolidTrustPay as well. Therefore these two payment processors have been added:

“A large number of investors asked us to add AlertPay and SolidTrustPay. We have listened to them. From today, you can invest and withdraw on Opulentia using those two processors as well.”

As you can see, the administration of Opulentia has made it possible for all HYIP investors to join their program as all major payment processors are accepted now, which is really great. The program has been online for 67 days. If you still haven’t joined it, you should note that it offers quite good interest rates comparing to other long-term programs. There are two investment plans at The first one offers daily payouts from Monday to Friday and brings 2.15% daily for 365 days. The second plan offers weekly profits and brings 11% weekly for 55 weeks. The minimum deposit amount in both of them is just $1 and is affordable for anyone.

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Rebel Funds On The Go!

With it’s slogan “We Seek Freedom – The Easy Flow Of Money, Money and More Money” from the very beginning we may think that administration of this program have decided to create something interesting! Let’s see if we may earn profit with this interesting program!

RebelFunds.Net is a new and dynamic online money making program. The upheaval in the Middle East has made the price of crude oil and other commodities to climb. This is bad. On the other hand, tapping into the oil and precious metal market now can bring you handsome profit quickly.

Now let’s see what interesting plans this program has. There are three investment plans for you to chose.

  • First Plan – 2.1% Daily Profit for 50 days. 100% principal back. The minimal amount you can invest is $5 – maximal investment sum is $5000
  • Second Plan – 2.3% Daily Profit for 50 days. 100% principal back. The minimal amount you can invest is $500 – maximal investment sum is $5000
  • Third Plan – 2.7% Daily Profit for 50 days. 100% principal back. The minimal amount you can invest is $2500 – maximal investment sum is $15000

As we may see all plans have the same period and the percent of payouts is really not bad! Principal will be returned with all plans.

The situation with e-currencies is also very interesting. Here are the e-currencies which Rebel Funds accepts: Liberty Reserve, AlertPay, Perfect Money, Western Union, Money Gram, Contact, Migom, UniStream. As we may see there is a great choice of the e-currencies. Profits are paid directly into your RebelFunds.Net account and you can withdraw them anytime. As it is said in the F.A.Q. Section – Funds are usually available within 12 – 24 business hours. Most times sooner than that.

Let me give you the information about the protection of this program. The SSL protection is provided by Comodo Group. It is very good and reliable source.

As for the DDoS protection is is hosted on Black Lotus Communications. The Location of the server: US VA Virginia Beach, 23452 3419 Virginia Beach Blvd.

There is also a referral commission offered by Rebel Funds. 5% from the initial deposit.

You may contact Rebel Funds via mail or by visiting office by the address I have found on the site: Rebel Funds Limited. Al Meera Complex, Mansoura, Doha, Qatar.

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