Ellite Alliance Paying Again

Below we present a brief preview of Elite Alliance.

Program Launch : 16th January, 2011

Investment Plans :

111% after 7 days,

125% after 14 days,

160% after 1 month,

260% after 2 months.

Payment Processors : LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, AlertPay, SolidtrustPay.

Minimum Deposit : $10

Maximum Deposit : $25,000

Withdrawal : is processed manually within 48 hours

Script : Customized Shadow script, one of the most expensive scripts available.

Hosting : Ddos protected dedicated Staminus server by sitesolutions.com

Fully SSL Encrypted by Thawte.

Other features : A Private Forum, A conference room, security log to track the time and date each time your account was accessed. You can also detect the I.P address. Furthermore, the investors can download the account statement in the form of PDF document.

The most recent newsletter regarding the recent downtime :

Dear Members,

It’s Leon here. I have arrived back home from my Business trip to Switzerland today. I had to interrupt my trip and cancel a very important meeting due to the series of highly stressful events.

Yesterday we had our server software “locked” by one of our ex-employees, Mr Andrew Swon. “LOCKED” means that the access to administrative sections of the website was blocked to prevent unauthorized access. Our ex-moderator tried to steal and drop/delete our database and we had to lock some sections of the website. Our programmer fixed/patched everything and no data has been lost. All would be fine if that disgruntled ex-mod settled down, but he decided to hurt the Program and it’s Members by a strongest DDOS attack.

Here is the message our technician received today from our provider:

I have taken your site offline due to a ddos attack. Until it has stopped, your site will be offline. I will let you know as soon as it is opened again.


Owner – LucidityHosting



And all this happens when you try to help people and yes, I helped him get out of debt and even gave him some money upfront to pay for college and that is how he pays back… Anyway, Mr Swon has been reported to police for his actions. Currently there is a little delay in Payouts, but we will get back to our terms in several hours, no need to worry.

The most important thing to let Everyone know at the moment… We have installed a top-class DDOS protection, the site may be unstable during the first hours of work, but it should become fully functional in about 12 hours. We pay thousands for the best DDOS protection to show that we really take care of our Members, so it would be just silly to think EA is scam. We are no way a scam, but many different things happen when you run your business online, so I would like to say THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SUPPORTERS for all your trust and support. For now we have to wait and see if everything goes the right way with the site while I am getting caught up with pending Payout Requests. I apologize for the situation, but no one is completely safe from online dangers.

Now let me get back to the Business of Business. What we have done in the past few days makes me confident in our ability to have sustained success. Let me explain things in detail.

We have completely set everything up in order to provide our members with extensive activity reports andperformance ratings. Gurnam, our Senior Programmer, opened 4 additional ports on our main Kassiopeia server to link the InProfit system to our new Expert Advisor module for the Metatrader Forex Platform to put everything 50% on autopilot. What all this means… Things are developing in a way that is much more comfortable in terms of capital management and as soon as our new corporate bank account in Switzerland isfunded (we are expecting 2 HUGE wire transfers to arrive), we will start conducting financial transactions using our new scheme/system. Also, I will be personally monitoring all trading activity and updating the Performancesection on the Elite Alliance website. Thus, beginning Monday, May 23, detailed Activity Reports will be published daily on each Business Day and Summary Reports will be published every Saturday.

Here is my new International number for emergency issues: +1-866-974-1777 (please call in case of emergency only). You can always leave your message even if I am not in the office, rest assured I will listen to all of them. Account issues and urgent requests may also be submitted by e-mail ([email protected]).

By the way, I have already received a compiled list of problem accounts with lost secondary passwords. We will start issuing new secondary passwords tomorrow and as promised, all these people will receive EXTRA Interest.

Next, we have already found several people to be our Supporters, but we still need 3-4 people to help us with the Forum, so I will find them until the end of May and all others who offered their help will too be emailed soon. It all takes some time as the amount of emails we have received is quite big – nearly every 3rd Member offered us help/support, but in the spotlight of recent events we should revise our policies in regards to new Staff Members. Well, should take it as a lesson learned…

Now I am getting back to the pending Withdrawal Requests and will try to get things back to normal in 4-5 hours – I am having a sleepless night, I suppose…

One last thing I want to mention is that we are not going anywhere, we run a serious Business and are here to stay for a long time. Please stay tuned for updates! There is more to come next week – Activity Reports, Due Diligence Pack, Private Forum and many more!

Have nice profits Everyone!

With best regards,
Leon Reiter
Elite Group Managing Director
Office Phone: +44-203-355-0081
International: +1-866-974-1777

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