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We would like to announce the introduction of our phone and sms support. You may call Midas Gold Fund at: +1 (773) – 819 – 5186 or SMS the same number. This is another additional means of reaching us apart from our website. We are extremely excited to offer voice and sms support.

Thank You,
Midas Gold Fund

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How To Analyze Traffic

As you may know by now, my priority is providing you all with knowledge about HYIPs. If you are considering investing money into a HYIP, I want you to have as much information as possible to decrease your risk of loss. This third installment in my Do your Research series focuses on Favorable Traffic Analysis Graphs. Traffic graphs give us visitor trends, showing us the number of people that are visiting HYI program websites. This information allows us to estimate program life based on the popularity of the website. It is important to know that all information derived from these graphs is subject to interpretation and information derived may not always be clear. We also should note that all programs are different, and a favorable graph does not always mean the program will be successful and profitable. The information obtained from this analysis is far from perfect, but can provide us with very useful indicators that can help us determine if a program is worth investing our money into.

Perhaps the most widely used traffic analysis graph is the Alexa Graph. Alexa is a subsidiary company of that provides information about websites including: statistics, sites linking in, and audience demographics among other information. Alexa is an industry leader that is widely used; therefore, information is available for a large number of websites that may not show up on other traffic analysis sites. Alexa graphs are useful in our analysis of HYI programs because we can make assumptions based on our knowing the number of people visiting a HYIP’s website.

I’m going to take some time to show you different Alexa graphs taken from HYI programs and I will explain possible ways to interpret each graph. For these examples I’ve removed the names of the HYIP as I want you to consider the analysis of the graphs without any other opinions on the site. In this article I’m going to cover three different types of trends: exponential growth, gradual growth, and high growth.

The first graph we’ll look at is usually seen as the most favorable graph a program can have. This graph shows two programs with exponential growth.


A program that follows the above trend starts off slowly and has an ever-increasing number of visitors until the program closes. This is the ideal structure for a long-term program as it continues to build upon itself for an indefinite amount of time. Programs that continue with the above trend have the potential to sustain themselves for years. At the same time, programs with this sort of graph are almost guaranteed to be bringing in large amounts of money, something that can tempt a dishonorable program admin to “close the doors” and turn scam, similar to what the second graph shows, a sudden unexplainable end to a seemingly healthy, profitable program.

The next graph we’re going to look at is another favorable one, the slow and steady, or gradual growth graph.



This type of graph, while not as impressive as the exponential growth graph, can be interpreted as a safe and healthy traffic trend. Most exponential growth trends start with a gradual growth trend as the program becomes popular and perceived as stable. Gradual growth programs could even be interpreted as being more stable programs than those with exponential growth as the program is sustaining itself without any large increases in cash flow which could tempt the program’s admin to turn scam and run with the money.

The danger of a gradual growth trend is that it can easily become a gradual decline trend or a non-growth trend. Both of these negative trends will be explained in detail in a walkthrough article coming soon.

The third of the common favorable graphs is the high growth trend. This is perhaps the most dangerous of the favorable trends, as a program with a high growth trend starts its life bringing in high profit that continues throughout its life.



While both of the above graphs look incredibly different at first glance, they both represent programs with high growth trends. The first graph shows a program with high growth trend that has just started and continues to be popular and bring profit both to the program as well as the investors. The second shows the complete life of a different program with a high growth trend. Popular low-term programs very often have high growth trends, and at the same time they very commonly are timed scams, or programs that close at some predetermined time, usually when the program hits an unknown (except by the program admin) deposited amount. It is because of this fact that programs with high growth trends are more risky than those with gradual growth.

All of the above traffic analysis graphs have favorable trends and represent programs that could be potentially profitable. Programs showing traffic trends that match or are similar to the above have an advantage over other programs because they show website popularity. All HYIP programs rely on investors to survive. Without sufficient investors, a program will close. Because of this, traffic trends are extremely useful when analyzing the stability and life of a program. When deciding on which programs to invest money into, it is my advice to seek programs that display positive traffic trends similar to those shown above.

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ExprInv Review

Good day friends, Back after a long time with an introduction of a new program called “”. It is a nice looking short term game HYIP those who have started their operations just 3 days ago. Firstly, I want to discuss their investment plans because it is the most important factor of any program which is the primary focus of most of the investors.

Investment Plans :
ExprInv is offering total three basic short term plans to the investors, with 3 sub-plans under each plan. All of them are following “paid at expiry” model, Means for all three plans, your principal amount and interest will be returned to you after the maturity. Lets take a look at the very first plan with 3 days maturity period.

Under the first plan, there are three plans with different return and different deposit range. The first segment is offering 106% return where the minimum deposit is just $10 and maximum allowed up to $1,499. The second segment is offering 109% return but here the minimum required is $1,500 and maximum allowed up to $2,499. The third segment of this plan is offering 112% return for the same 3 days term but certainly with higher minimum deposit like $2,500 and up to $50,000.

The second plan is also having three segments with different returns but here the maturity period is 6 days. The first segment is offering 118% return with the minimum deposit of $25 and maximum allowed up to $1,499. For the next segment, the return is 124% for the deposit range of $1,500 to $2,499. And for the last segment, this plan is offering a massive 130% return in just 6 days for the deposit range of $2,500 to $50,000.

The third and last plan is also having the same three segments and the first segment is offering 148% return after 12 days with the deposit range of $50 to $1,499. The second segment of this plan offers 160% return for the deposit range of $1,500 to $2,499 and the last segment of this plan is offering 172% return for the deposit range of $2,500 to $50,000 in 12 days. I will not recommend this plan because longer term always comes with the higher degree of risk. So try to avoid long term plans in game HYIP.

Security, Script and Support :
The security system of ExprInv is average which contains only DDos protection from Dragonara without any SSL certificate. The domain name is registered for one year only and will expire on 18th March, 2012. Click here to view the complete whois record.

The script is customized with original contents on the homepage but the FAQ is not up to the marks. Script contains very normal features without any extra set of security systems.

The support services contains only traditional mail ticket system. No phone or live chat support is available for the investors.

E-Currency & Affiliate program :
The choice of e-currency is limited to only Liberty Reserve and PerfectMoney. I expected to see some processors like AlertPay here because game HYIP comes with significant risk factor which can be eliminated by the processors like AlertPay.

They are also offering a very reasonable affiliate commission of 2% to the members of ExprInv. Free members can also earn from it.

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IncomeAs Reviewed

Good day friends, hope everyone had a good time in last weekend. Today I am going to introduce a very new program called “” running from last 6 days in the arena. It is a short term program with two attractive plans with a nicely designed website. For now, I will discuss about the investment plans offering by Incomeas.

Investment Plans :
Incomeas is offering total two plans to the investors right at the moment. Firstly, check the undermentioned rules before proceeding to the details of each plans,

  • Payment 7 days per week.
  • Automatic withdrawal facility.
  • No principal return for both plans.

Their first plan is a daily paying plan and doesn’t have much complexity. It offers 16% daily return for 8 calender days and with automatic payment facility, you will receive the daily interest in your processor’s account. The minimum required to join is only $5 and maximum allowed up to $10,000 for each deposit. This plan will give you total return of 128% where the profit is 28% in just 8 calender days.

The second plan of Incomeas is not a daily paying plan, in this plan, you will earn the principal and interest both at the end of the term. This plan offers total return of 136% after 8 calender days. The minimum required to join is just the same as $5 and maximum allowed up to $10,000 per investment.

Security, Script and Support services :
The security is not at all good as it contains GoDaddy hosting which is not DDos protected and also there is no SSL certificate is found on the server. Their domain name is registered for just one year and will expire on 19th February,2012. Click here to view the complete whois record.

The website is built using a customized script as written in their website but I feel it is a GoldCoders script which is not licensed. The navigation and working principles are just the same as GoldCoders.

Their support services contains the traditional mail ticket system as well as phone and fax support. The details is found on the “support page”.

E-Currency and Affiliate program :
Incomeas accepts total three payment processors like Liberty Reserve, PerfectMoney and my favorite ones, AlertPay. I think accepting AlertPay as a payment gateway will attract a large number of deposits as the “Chargeback” system of AlertPay offers more security of your money than any other processors.

They are also offering a decent affiliate commission of 2.5% to all members of Incomeas. Even free members can also earn from their affiliate program. It is not necessary to have any active deposit to earn from their affiliate program.

Conclusion :
Overall, Incomeas seems like a normal hyip game where your money will be gambled. Investment plans are attractive and also enabling AlertPay will make a certain segment of investors interested in them. However, use your own brain and always remember the golden rule of HYIP, that never invest anything which you can not afford to loose.

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EFX – From Hell to Paradise

news from ExoticFx

Our Fund performance this week was a total disaster. At least it was disastrous by our traditional averages. This weeks performance left us with a <-34%> return overall. Most programs would have been totally devastated (provided they actually invested anything anywhere), but not EFX!

Even with disastrous losses this week, our fund performance since launch is UP 243%! (Note: Our Performance Chart reflects CLOSED trades only.) Since we participate in Day trades, Swing Trades and Carry Trades along with ETFs and Metals speculation, one week of downtrend or even one month is of no real concern. Several strategies are going to be matured and closed next week which will place us in a much better position than even a 243% profit level.

In the world of Forex, you have to be able to take the losses with the wins. They are inevitable.

With our trading strategies and the Secret Timing Indicator, we are maintaining a better than 88% winning streak.

Trading Forex can be financially devastating. EFX has taken the Learning Curve out of the equation by providing you with the opportunity to participate in via a Fully Managed Fund. If you are a beginner trader or just want to diversify your portfolio and receive a Guaranteed Return, you need to take a serious look at our online portal, ExoticFX.

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Ukash To Become A Better Payment System – Adds iPhone Application

Ukash has launched its first iPhone app to offer consumers the chance to load, send and spend cash online as the popularity and functionality of m-commerce continues to grow.

The Ukash iPhone app, which is free to download and can be accessed through iTunes, provides another platform for consumers to store manage their Ukash vouchers on the move. Users can also use their current location to find the nearest store selling Ukash. Apps for other devices are also in development and will be launched later in 2011.

David Hunter, the recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of Ukash, explained, “It’s our overall vision to become world leader’s in electronic cash payment transactions, and developing innovative technology is central to achieving this. We are confident that consumers will find the Ukash iPhone app a convenient option for getting cash online.”

Huge growth in the smartphones market and advances in the wider e-commerce market make iPhone apps and other consumer-facing tools a more important component of payments companies’ sales and marketing strategies, and as a leader in this market Ukash’s multi-platform offering services consumers in more than 50 countries globally.

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5 Myths That Prevent You from Being in Control of Your Finances

A crisis can strike at any time and it can bring damage to your personal finance structure. But, if you’ve built it on a solid platform with constant income sources, positive balance, money back-up funds, there will be a while before the external crisis will affect your personal budget.

The lack of interest towards personal finance matters is the first possible factor for an unstable situation that can lead to financial crush. The lack of interest is the lack of control; and as the old saying goes: “if you don’t control money, it will control you

Lack of Control
People have systems of beliefs that prevent them from having a healthy financial behavior. They seem to forget that if you don’t help yourself, nobody will. Having a detailed structure of your personal finance is a great tool to avoid getting into trouble. But there are plenty amongst us who live in partial or complete denial, because they have a set of popular beliefs, that I think are wrong, like:

  • If you work and you are honest, you should have enough money
  • The government has the duty to help you
  • Uncle Sam has to give you a job!
  • If you lack money, you can always borrow
  • You will work it out somehow!

This set of “values” inherited from our parents, heard from our neighbors and gleaned from our friends, creates a sensation of fake control over your personal finance. The fact that there aren’t so many out there who had severe issues caused by the lack of money make you believe that this will never happen to you too! After all, there are so many people out there, who have a much worse financial situation, right?

Honest Work
The economic reality in which we live in today is based on the cruel law of profit. The companies, whether they are private or national, follow a single purpose – to increase profits. As a consequence, they will try to minimize costs. A very important section of the costs consists of employees’ salaries. What happens today, when in many activity fields the salaries drop dead, is pretty eloquent for the situation that we all face. Therefore, honest labor hasn’t anything to do with economic calculation.

The Government Must Help Us
Huh? The Government has “the duty to survive”. It’s a system that wants to preserve its equilibrium state and will do whatever it takes to keep it that way. Even if we are being given the image of caring presidents and senators, truth is that their main task is to keep the monetary system active. And we are nothing else, but ordinary bricks in this giant wall.

In the present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem. — Ronald Reagan

Uncle Sam Has to Give You a Job
The Government will give you a job only when he will have something to win out of this. This will be nothing more than a clever move to reduce the social tensions in order to balance the economic field. They don’t give us jobs because they love us but because they are helping the nation as a whole. On the other hand, not everybody will get a job. And you may or may not be the unfortunate one. Are you ready to face that situation? Is your financial level of education big enough so that you could start acting on your own?

You Can Always Borrow
First of all, who will give you money, if you don’t have any income sources? And, how long do you think you could leave out of loans; then take out more loans to pay the initial ones? Do you want to get in this never-ending debt circle? Don’t let this assumption affect your life and irreversibly mutilate it.

You Will Work It Out
You can do it once, twice… What happens if there are multiple crisis happening at the same time and all affecting your personal finances? Don’t let things get out of your control and treat your personal funds as seriously as you can. Be sure to check all your income sources as well as what you’re spending money on. Start having a disciplined financial behavior, by following these rules of thumbs:

  • Make short, medium and long term plans for your personal finances
  • Watch your cash flow closely (how much you earn; how much you spend
  • The family’s budget
  • Control your shopping desires and don’t let them convert into daily needs.

For this, you will need to be:

  • Motivated
  • Disciplined
  • Persistent
  • Responsible
  • Realistic
  • Strong

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You Are The Best Investment

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”Jim Rohn, entrepreneur, motivational author

The education that we get in schools is more likely to prepare us for an employee type of life. Yes, it gives you a living, but it won’t make you rich.

If you want to succeed in your life, or in your career, it is advisable to rely upon the single solid and secure thing in your whole existence – yourself! By this I mean – You and Your knowledge. What there is inside yourself, what you know belongs to you and nobody can take that away. You can lose money, power, position, a job place, a business, but you will never lose the experience and the acquired know-how. Even better, you can always improve them.

That’s why it is good not to expect help from others or to get everything what you want when you want it. If there’s a support for you, that’s great, but don’t rely solely on that for solving your daily issues or for getting you a job. Everything that you need in order to succeed is within yourself. You are an intelligent person who knows what you wants, who has all the necessary tools for being successful.

You have to be your biggest investment. I’m not necessarily talking about money, but about time and energy. If you want to buy some self-improvement books or subscribe to some seminars and workshops, all these takes effort. It’s all up to you to say if it worth it or not. On the other hand, you can still be an employee, and learn from everything around you, so that someday you could make your own company.

The Internet. It has so much information in it that you just get lost in the woods if you’re not sure what you’re exactly looking for. Do you fancy having your own business and quitting your boring job? Then you have to be prepared to invest time in your own personal growth. What is it that you like? Do you know what your passions are?

The first step would be to realize what is it that you like to do the most. After that, you can try to gather all the information that you can get, at first, for free. Avoid all those “Learn how I made 50 000$ in one week!” proposals, as it will only shift you from your path. Let’s say you have a passion for training dogs. How will you make a product or business out of that?

Make a website. After that, try to get into online communities that are already specialized on this. See what you could do to bring in some value. Put passion in what you’re doing and you will soon discover how thrilling it is to have a thing that belongs only to yourself, and was created by you. You don’t have any overdue task and you don’t have to be bullied anymore by scary deadlines.

Use the free time that you (still) have to learn how you could make a business out of the things you like, whether we’re talking about dog training or hand-made products. You don’t even realize how much you’ll win if you’ll decide to start investing in yourself. Take advantage of every situation that there is to enhance your skills.

I’m not saying that you should quit your day-job and start dreaming with your eyes open. Even more, if the company that you work for sends you for a specialization course, seminar, conference, team-building; any other event of this kind, you must use it to learn new things that will help you to add more value to your own persona. You don’t have to be passive or bored. This is a change to meet more people and to make a good impression on them.

Don’t forget that each and every information you acquire, the skills that you have; they are all yours, nobody can take them, nobody can steal them.

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Having A Business and Managing Your Personal Finances

A business is the fruit of personal finance tree

Your personal business isn’t just another source of income for your personal finance. It can deliver saving solutions/methods for your previous budget plan. A successful business can make you financially independent for many years, if you know how to manage and to organize your finance plan. Start a business with your “available money”. Don’t hurry and take out loans, as that could transform into the killer of your business and make you a debt slave. Start small and grow step-by-step. This is how you will be able to allocate funds to the growth of your business on a monthly basis.

Even if your business yield you great income, don’t rely solely on it. The market is unpredictable, so it is better to keep all the options open. Try to find business partners and don’t be greedy, let them take a share too. Working as a team will benefit you better than wearing yourself out just to gain more money.

Learn to be disciplined about your personal finances and treat them with all your seriousness. It build your financial behavior and will be the pillar for the background of your business.

Obviously, both your personal finances and your business are important issues of money and financial survival; and your own enterprise is, basically, just another activity that produces income for your personal finances. Or, at least, this is the first link between these two that one could think of at first.

Thoroughly looking, though, you realize that there are many other liaisons between them which lead to different financial behavior, and you can see this at those who surround you.

What Comes First?

This is a tricky question. Theoretically, personal finance should exist before the appearance of your own business. You have been dealing with Mr. Money since you were a kid. You had to learn to manage your money long time ago before having your own business.

The vast majority of people work with money, but they don’t have the smallest clue about personal finance. They earn and spend money by “instinct”, following immediate needs, without an action plan. In most of the cases, this is generated either by a low financial education or by a routinized style of living. It is much easier for those who know how to structure their personal finance to start their own business than for those that live using the “carpe diem” motto.

Personal Finance means:

  • Clear knowledge of the income sources;
  • Knowing the expenses;
  • Continuous watch over income and expenses levels;
  • Making a budget;
  • Savings;
  • Investments;
  • Pension plan;
  • Kids plans;

If you didn’t tick at least three points from this list, then it means that you haven’t established a personal finance plan yet. Now comes the tricky part: do you know that there are lots of people who start a business without having done a personal finance plan? They use their instinct and believe in the originality of their idea, leaving all concerns aside.

This one is the biggest reason why most people fail to establish their own business. They don’t treat financial education at its proper level and don’t have a strategic plan of actions. How could you manage a business if you aren’t used to cope with your actual finances?

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Simple Ways to Reduce Your Expenses

To defeat an enemy, the first thing you need to do is to know him better. That is why you need to have a complete picture of your expenses. It is very important that documentation for every expense you make is as detailed as it gets, so that you could know: on what exactly did you spend the money and how you did this. Did your expense involve another fee that you could avoid or a payment that wasn’t necessary?

Financially speaking, the easiest scenario to cut your expenses is when they are high. Unfortunately, reducing your expenses when you live like a king can be thought of as a decrease in your living. That is why people with problems paying their loans are not willing to cut their expenses. They will simply go on with their life style. If the income will not increase, they will have to face the harsh reality of going to personal bankrupt and, eventually, they will have to quit their luxurious living.

That is why you need to know what you’re spending money on and more importantly, whether those things are really important to you. Don’t play around with these things, as you will get burnt. The majority of people is located between abundance and total lack of money. It’s easier to go bankrupt than to earn loads of money, that’s why you need to be careful with your expenses. Spend more as you earn more and maintain this ratio.

Ways to Reduces the Expenses

You have below a list that can help you reduce your expenses, even if you already know how to manage your funds. What you need to do is to :

  • Reduce acquisition cost
  • Make the product/service that you need (DIY)

Knowing these two basic principles, you will be able to try and apply new techniques, more diversified:

Reducing the price

  • eliminate the intermediaries
  • buy in bulk
  • use discounts (savings, seasonal campaigns, last minute…)
  • make a thorough selection of your products
  • whenever you can, negotiate

Make the product/service that you need

  • product making (in-house manufacturing, from canned food to dog house)
  • making the service that you need  (from car washing in the backyard to cloth weaving )

There are people who were able to start a small business after they were imposed by life conditions to cut expenses. There are people who are selling hand made products; technique they learned when they had to quit the previous life style because it was too expensive. You don’t have to be ashamed by the choices you will have to make. It is better to prevent the problems than to face them.

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