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Dear investors and visitors, today we have another interesting project.  And right now you will read about Centurion Assets company and its advantages and disadvantages.

They appeared recently and were added to our catalog on weekends. We have already communicated with the administration and had verified that the support service works fine. Fresh and attractive enough project – it is, in my opinion, an excellent start of the week. Let’s hope that this project will be as so successful, as it is pretty.

Due to the information on the official site, Centurion Assets (centurionassets.com) provides asset and wealth management globally to investors, with a track record of success, reliability, safety, professional asset and wealth management. CA(Centurion Assets) provides global asset management on an international scale which is hard to operate by a single investor.

The registration date of the domain name 26/04/2011 and it is paid till 26/04/2012. Well, one year is quite usual term while purchasing a domain name. Of course, this is not the most important parameter in evaluating the program and many investors do not pay any attention to it, but we are trying to gather in our presentation all possible key moments, and program can not exist without the domain name.

Centurion Assets has four investment plans for you to chose. All four plans offer the same period of 30 days. This is a fairly short period in high-yield investment sphere, especially for programs with a daily profit accrual. On the one hand, it is alarming, but on the other hand, is very attractive condition. Let’s take a look at all options for each of these four plans:

  • Polaris Fund – Daily interest rate 1.7% Min.deposit $10 Investment period is 30 calendar days.
  • Antares Fund – Daily interest rate 1.9% Min.deposit $3000 Investment period is 30 calendar days.
  • Sirius Fund – Daily interest rate 2.1% Min.deposit $6500 Investment period is 30 calendar days.
  • Orion Fund – Daily interest rate 2.3% Min.deposit $10000 Investment period is 30 calendar days.

Profit calculation for 7 days a week is another unusual, attractive and alarming condition. You are able to withdraw profits instantly from your members area. You are also able to re-invest your profits if you want to. Compounding is NOT available.

Centurion Assets has three level affiliate program. From your direct referrals (1st level), you will earn 5% of all their deposits they make. For the direct referrals of your referrals (2nd level), you will earn 3% of all their deposits made. Lastly, for the referrals invited by your direct referrals (3rd level), you will earn 2% commission of all their deposits made.

If you have decided to invest in Centurion Assets you are welcome to chose e-currency which is more suitable for you. This company accepts Liberty Reserve (www.libertyreserve.com), Perfect Money (www.perfectmoney.com), and AlertPay (www.alertpay.com).

SSL protection belongs to AlphaSSL company and I must admit that it is really good choice of Centurion Assets.

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