Opulentia Adds New Payment Options

Some programs accept many payment options right from the day of launch, others start with a few options and then add more later if they see that investors are asking for them and such an addition can attract new funds. A program called Opulentia (opulentia.ch) started with three popular payment processors LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and GlobalDigitalPay. However, it turned out that many investors wanted to make deposits via AlertPay and SolidTrustPay as well. Therefore these two payment processors have been added:

“A large number of investors asked us to add AlertPay and SolidTrustPay. We have listened to them. From today, you can invest and withdraw on Opulentia using those two processors as well.”

As you can see, the administration of Opulentia has made it possible for all HYIP investors to join their program as all major payment processors are accepted now, which is really great. The program has been online for 67 days. If you still haven’t joined it, you should note that it offers quite good interest rates comparing to other long-term programs. There are two investment plans at Opulentia.ch. The first one offers daily payouts from Monday to Friday and brings 2.15% daily for 365 days. The second plan offers weekly profits and brings 11% weekly for 55 weeks. The minimum deposit amount in both of them is just $1 and is affordable for anyone.

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