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Good day to all my readers and friends. This is my 2nd post of today and I am going to introduce to you a brand new investment program called ““. It is a short term hyip game with high returns and state-of-the-art security systems installed in it. The program has officially launched just 2 days ago, so it is fairly new at this point. We shall start to look at its investment plans first.

Investment Plans :
I would like to say that they have a huge array of investment plans available for everyone. Their investment plans ranges from 1 day to 30 days. The minimum deposit is 5 US Dollar, the percentage of interest varies on how long and how much you are going to invest. The much you invest, the bigger return you will get.

The first plan they are offering is of 2 days term and the daily return is 55.25% to 67% based on your invested amount. Like, for $5 to $400 investment range, your daily return will be 55.25% and for investment range of $401 to $700, the return will be 55.50%. Using the same incremental structure, the next deposit range of $701 to $1,050 will give you 56% daily earning for the same 2 days. So the minimum return you can earn is 55.25% and maximum it can go up to 67% based on the size of your deposit. The daily return also includes your principal amount along with the profit. For an example, if you deposit $100 in this plan, then as per the structure you will earn (55.25 x 2) = 110.5% of total return where the profit is 10.5% in just 2 days.

Their second plan is having the term of 3 days and it offers daily return ranging from 39% to 42% based on the size of your invested amount. This plan is also having the same incremental structure like the previous plan and the minimum deposit required is just $5. Here also the daily return is inclusive your principal amount which you can withdraw in daily basis.

Apart from those above mentioned daily paying plans, there are 7 more plans with different terms. These plans are all working on “paid at expiry” model and the total return will vary as per the invested amount. This picture contains the minimum and maximum return for each 7 plans. The minimum deposit is just $5 for all the plans. Remember, “paid at expiry” model doesn’t allow daily withdrawal. Here, the 3 days term means, you will get back the total amount after 3 days. So I will request my readers not to invest in any plans other than the plan with 1 day term. Longer term for this kind of short term hyip is always much more riskier than anything.

Security, Script and Support services :
The security of the website is just fine it contains a DDos protected shared Staminus server rented by Genius Guard. Their contact country is at Luxembourg. Since it is hosted by Staminus Communications, its IP can be traced at United States. It also has SSL certificate. Their website has been registered at February 17, 2011 and will expire at Feb 26, 2012. Click here to view the complete whois record.

The script is a Goldcoders script but it’s not licensed. The “FAQ” page contains only the default questions.

Their support services only contains traditional mail ticket system. No phone or live chat support is present.

E-currency and Affiliate Program:
They accept both perfect money and liberty reserve. They are also offering a currency exchange at their website , they exchange perfect money to liberty reserve and vice verse. They offer 17% referral commission, it’s pretty high than the others and not sustainable.

I would say that this is a very average HYIP game. Since it is just 3 days old it might still be a good idea to join, but I suggest you only go for the short term plans just to be safe. You can also take advantage of their high affiliate program if you want to earn some money without risking too much. Nevertheless, always only invest what you can afford to lose.

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