Make Deposit Online No Longer Safe!

Another program have stopped paying profit. This time it is MakeDepositOnline. Our last payments were not processed instantly and the admin of the program did not respond to my email. However, he had time today to send out a newsletter informing about the “successes” of his project.
The admin informs that there are more than 65000 (!) users and the project is extremely strong and is the best program in the industry. It is informed that MDT is here to stay forever, and all these words he says after he stopped paying! Another email that we received informs: “MDT tell you – dont trust scammers! Don’t trust the fictitious e-mail, where you are asked to include the API! All deposits we take in our site! We are the long-term project of our time, you can see it. Program status PAYING. Thank you for the trust”.

We did not receive any emails asking to create API but in any case program’s status is Not Paying and you should not invest in MDT. However, we should admit that MDT has turned out to be a very good high-ROI program paying 105%-125% after 1 day, 130%-220% after 5 days, 170%-480% after 10 days, 220%-750% after 15 days, 2600%-3100% after 35 days, and VIP plan 300% after 3 days. As you can see, the longest plan with the highest return was not completed, which is not surprising because the admin would have to pay lots of money. However, the overall result is great and many investors have managed to make money with this project. The website is still online, payments are accepted and 90% of monitors still display a paying status. Therefore we ask you to warn all investors you know about MDT.

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How To Use E-currencies and Exchangers

The first thing you have to do to invest in a HYIP is get money to invest with. You may be saying that you have money, but unfortunately you can’t use your money. Your money is in a format that HYIPs do not accept.

To invest in a HYIP you first need to change your money into an e-currency. There are many different e-currency types to choose from, and it won’t take long for you to realize that not every e-currency type is accepted by every high-yield investment program. Each HYIP lists different payment processors they accept and if we want to invest in the program, we will need to have an account with one of their listed processors.

Most HYIPs accept Liberty Reserve (LR) and Perfect Money (PM). Other commonly used e-currency types include AlertPay (AP), Solid Trust Pay (STP), Global Digital Pay (GDP) and StrictPay (SP). Each payment processor has different policies, different ways to fund your account and different fees associated with them. I will go over each of the different payment processors in a future walkthrough article.

After you have the payment processors chosen that you are going to do business with, you need to fund them with money from your personal bank account. I personally do business with Liberty Reserve (LR) and AlertPay (AP). Liberty Reserve doesn’t allow depositing straight into their accounts, so the only account I need to fund is AlertPay (AP). AlertPay is convenient for me because they allow Bank Transfers straight from a bank account into AP funds.

So, you’re probably wondering how to get funds into a Liberty Reserve (LR) account since they do not accept deposits into the account. The way to get funds into a Liberty Reserve (LR) account is by utilizing the services of an Exchanger. Exchangers are companies that transfer your money from one payment processor to another payment processor of your choice for a small fee.

I have the pleasure of recommending to you the official exchanger of is one of the leading exchanger companies servicing the HYIP industry, They are one of the most trusted and widest used exchanger companies. At the time of writing there are 176 testimonials listed on the site from satisfied customers. In addition to those, I can personally say all of my transactions with have been completed in a quick and professional manner.

Below is a video tutorial showing one of my exchanges with

The tutorial page on is one of the best I have ever seen, and the above video is for the most part a duplicate of one of the videos that can be found there; however, I wanted to draw attention to the part of the video at 0:57 where I enter the discount code.

Anyone using for the first time can SAVE 20% off the fees charged by using the following Discount CodeXCFSTIME. Every time you complete an exchange you receive a discount code good to use on your next transaction (the code is emailed to you after you complete the exchange). I believe this is a great bonus feature to encourage using for your exchanger needs, you’ll always receive a discount and exceptional service when using

By utilizing the  services of an exchanger, you can avoid keeping large amounts of money tied up in your different payment processor accounts. I believe the amount of money kept as e-currency should be kept to a minimum. By keeping only the funds needed for daily investments in your e-currency accounts, you add extra security to your funds and minimize the chance of losing money. I feel it is well worth the price to pay the nominal fees of an exchanger and have my money withdrawn into my bank account, instead of sitting in e-currency accounts where there is possible chance of loss.

If you wonder why I am against keeping large amounts of funds as e-currency you need only to look at StrictPay. StrictPay recently froze all the money in its accounts, and that money cannot be withdrawn (and will likely never be able to be withdrawn). There is a risk in using e-currency accounts, as they are not insured financial institutions.  I choose to pay my chosen exchanger,, slightly more due to the frequency of my withdraws to keep my e-currency accounts low. I feel it is well worth the cost to know that all of my funds will never be frozen or taken from me.

It is important to be as secure as possible when dealing with online transactions. Andrei, the administrator of has show time again that he is looking out for investors (his customers) best interest.

thanks hyip blogger!

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Scam Warning!

In our latest news about EOS Fund ( we informed about pending withdrawals on May 6 which were the result of some technical failure (according to the administration) and they had to be processed manually. However, they were really processed and life went on for this project. And now withdrawal requests are pending again and this time there is no information about the reasons. We have also received an alert from one of our readers and the analysis of the situation makes us conclude that the project is done and payments are not going to be processed.

Well, it is not surprising, considering that EOS Fund is a short-term program with the longest plan lasting for 5 days and that it completed the tree cycles of this plan. Of course, there were examples of short-term projects that operated for unbelievably long (for example but this is probably an exclusion and not a rule. However, the worst thing in this situation is that is still online and deposits keep being accepted.

The other thing is that some monitors mislead investors by displaying paying statuses while the program does not pay. Of course, everyone has right for a mistake and sometimes we do not react immediately (although it happens very rarely) but when I see some monitors showing irrelevant statuses all the time, I get angry. For example, if you visit allhyipmonitors.comand type in, you will see on top of monitors an icon of with paying status. You will also see on that icon that the last payment was received on May 5. As you can see, even if the admin of invested in the longest plan, he was supposed to get paid on May 10. Today is May 12 and he is displaying a paying status just like everything is okay but he probably hasn’t even visited EOS Fund for a week and does not know that it stopped paying!

Sure, if you know about the problem with the project, you won’t pay attention to such monitors and the understanding of which monitors you can rely on comes with experience. But what if some investor heard about EOS Fund being a good program and even did some due diligence and checked payment statuses on monitors and relied on such monitor as hothyips? (this is far not the first time when it displays irrelevant statuses). This investor will simply lose his money! I do not want to say bad things about HYIP monitors but I think that such monitors as the above mentioned one should not be trusted at all. Be smart and careful!

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Laziness Make You Lose Money!

Laziness has been a plague for humanity from its beginning. In Christian mythology, laziness is one of the seven deadly sins. Those who were lured into its nets were threatened with hell’s fire.

Today, there are many businesses that exploit the collective indolence. See for yourself the ways in which laziness takes over and poisons our lives.

1. Not having a retirement fund

At 20 we don’t necessarily think about life’s “sunset” but old age can come quickly and you will need a fat bank account if you want to cover all your needs.
You could start by putting aside as little as $200 or $300 each month. Put them into a retirement fund or savings account. Use whatever pleases you, but start saving.

2. Not paying the credit card bills on time

Laziness overcomes any logic, especially when you have to take 5 minutes out of your time to pay your credit card bills. The later you pay, the bigger the interest will get. The single and most efficient solution is to pay your obligations on time.

3. Not looking for the best offer

You may think that a single deal will not save too much, but when you always look for a better price, you will sooner or later find that you can save quite a bit of money.

4. Not making a shopping list

This is a classical scenario in which laziness “attacks your budget”. If you’re not spending two minutes of your time to pencil out the shopping list, then most probably you will end up buying lots of useless things. Also, it is very important that you don’t shop when you are hungry. It makes you buy all the things that make you salivate.

5. Not selling the things you don’t need any more

You have a CD/tapes collection that you don’t listen anymore? Do you have lots of decorative objects which serve as surface for dust? You probably have a small fortune in your house but you don’t even know about it. Start selling on the Internet or, if you can, participate in a backyard sale.

6. Not taking advantage of sport centers offered by the employer

We can see that corporations are more and more interested towards their employees’ health. If your employer puts at your disposal such a wonderful opportunity, just take it and save money on a paid fitness center.

7. You are sleeping too much

If you’re sitting too much in bed you are losing both time and money. First of all, the time you’re losing could be converted into something that could yield, now or in the future. Reading a book is a much better solution than sleeping too much or wasting time. Secondly, you could have health problems if you’re sleeping too much or not having a right lifestyle.

8. Lack of moving

Be active! If you’re using public transportation, get off some stations before the final destinations and let your body move. As with #7, this is a good solution to avoid possible health problems which could harden your financial life even more. Always try to keep in shape.

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6 Ideas for Long-Term Investment Success

Bank savings accounts currently offer paltry rates of interest. If you put leave all your money in banks it should be safe but will not grow much. The stock market offers much more interesting returns but because of the element of risk many people avoid it. Worse still they might enter the market at the top and then sell out later at the bottom. Here are some simple rules to help you navigate the market and build a large stock portfolio over a long period.

1. Diversify. Spread your risks by investing in a number of stocks in different markets and in mutual funds, bonds and other instruments. A good rule is that no one stock or other investment should be more than 10% of your total portfolio. Invest in different geographic areas such as US, Europe, Asia and emerging markets. Diversify into property funds, commodity funds and hedge funds. This should give you protection against a collapse in any one particular sector.

2. Do your research. Take advice from various sources. Invest in some companies whose products and strategies you like. There are a multitude of comparison sites and other resources on the internet to help you to analyse and understand investments. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance but I would generally prefer to choose a mutual fund or unit trust that had been a strong performer over the last two years and which offers low management fees.

3. Run the stars and sell the dogs. Monitor your investments and compare their performances against the market index. If some of your holdings do well then the temptation is to cash in and take a profit. It seems natural but if you are in this game for the long term then you want investments that grow over the long term so when you find winners cherish and retain them. On the other hand you should ditch the dogs that significantly under perform the market. The temptation is to hold onto them in the hope of a rebound or worse still to increase your holding at the lower price. This is generally a poor strategy and it is safer to take a small early loss rather than a large one later on. Do not cling onto stocks for emotional reasons. Sell the dogs and run with the stars.

4. Reinvest dividends. A surprisingly large part of the overall growth in most portfolios comes from reinvested dividends rather than in appreciation of the stock prices. A yield of 3% may appear small but over a period it makes a big difference. Choose some investments with a solid history of dividends and use them as the ballast in your ship.
5. Be contrarian. This advice is much easier to give than to observe. When the stock market is low buy stocks. When the stock market is high sell your worst performing stocks and buy other investments such as property or bonds.

6. Take the long view. You are in this for the long term so do not make frequent trades – the commission will eat into your funds. Do not follow fads and fashions. Diversify in a sensible way. Do not panic when markets occasionally crash – these are buying opportunities for the brave.

Finally be prepared to sell when you eventually need the money. You invested it to build financial security for you and your family so it is better to use it when needed rather than to scrimp along in order to become the richest man in the cemetery.

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Is the Iraqi Dinars a Scam?

The Iraqi dinar “investment” opportunity is a scam that has been around for a few years and has recently been regaining much of its former popularity. The opportunity is pitched as a way to profit from a nearly worthless Iraqi dinar that is “sure” to appreciate in the future. The scammers promise that millions of dollars in profits are virtually guaranteed if you buy the dinar at today’s values (about 1,000 dinar to one US dollar) and then exchange the dinars back for dollars at a later date once the dinar exchange rate has improved.

However, there are some fundamental problems with the Iraqi dinar scam that potential buyers should be aware of before they begin investing in one of the most illiquid currency markets in the world.

Lack of Registration

It is illegal in the US and in most other major economies to market an investment without appropriate securities registration. The scammers get around this requirement in two ways. First, it is technically legal to sell hard currency for its numismatic value. In other words, it is possible to sell hard currency as a “collector’s item.” Second, some dealers will register with the US Treasury as a money service business (MSB).

Registering as an MSB is something that dinar dealers will do to put on the appearance of registration and government oversight. However, the difference between a legitimate MSBs and dinar dealers is that a real MSB is not marketing an investment. So ask yourself; if a business has to lie to get around registration, are they really making a legitimate offer?

Dinars Are Sold on Misleading Hype

The potential value of an investment in dinar is often illustrated with references to what happened to the Kuwaiti dinar following the first Gulf War and the German deutschmark following World War II. These would be good examples except neither one was a free-floating currency at the time, so the value was mostly a function of policymaking and official currency management. It is also a fact that no rational investor would base an investing decision on two instances of past data (more than 60 years in the past) without considering all the times this investing strategy did not pay off.

Will the Iraqi government pursue a policy of currency appreciation in the future? Since an appreciating currency makes funding your brand new government and paying off past debts more expensive, it seems unlikely. An economy in Iraq’s situation is more likely to experience a currency crash or intentional devaluation than a sudden and dramatic reflation.

In fact, more recent currency history would seem to show that it is more likely that the dinar will depreciate further in the near term. The fallacy that dinar dealers are relying on is that a growing economy will result in a stronger currency. That is not the case. As the recent examples of Venezuela, Turkey, and Mexico show, a growing economy is as likely to be accompanied by an inflating (weakening) currency as not.

Many dinar dealers refer to the value of the Iraqi dinar prior to the 1990 Kuwaiti invasion (One dinar = $3+ US dollars) as evidence that the potential for the dinar is theoretically unlimited. They don’t mention that the pre-1990 dinar has been demonetized (worthless) and that its value was arbitrarily set by an autocratic regime led by Saddam Hussein. Following the embargo, the ability for the Iraqi government to manage its currency’s value collapsed and it spent the next ten years at 2,000 – 3,500 dinar to the US dollar.

thanks SD

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Black Lotus Introduction

Most of us have at one time or another walked up to a business and seen a note posted on the door saying “back in 10 minutes,” “out for lunch,” or something similar. As a customer this is very frustrating, and as a result I almost always go someplace else. You can imagine, losing customers isn’t good for business. When a company’s website is unavailable it is worse as there is no sign placed on the door. Your customers don’t know when or if you’ll be back and they are only a click away from your competition.

Black Lotus Communications makes sure you never have the “back in 10 minutes” sign on you door. They achieve this by making sure you website never goes down due to a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack.

During a DDoS attack a website is targeted and sabotaged by a flood of traffic that slows or stops the site’s ability to function. The attack is not designed to steal data but simply cripple the website and make it unavailable to visitors. .

Black Lotus has extensive experience (since 1999) and knowledge in preventing DDoS attacks. There are a few different ways that organizations can protect themselves from DDoS attacks (detailed in the above-mentioned walkthrough article). Through working with Black Lotus, you utilize a resource that has the experience, expertise and infrastructure to deal with a large DDoS attack. Black Lotus leverages their expertise and experience to provide solution that fits your particular organization’s needs.

Black Lotus provides an entire suite of products designed to meet the technical and financial needs of any size organization:

Essential Web Hosting: $35.00 per month
Recommended for many small and new web sites

  • Standard DDoS protection on Cpanel/Litespeed with PHP5, IonCube, and Zend Optimizer.
  • 5000MB storage
  • 100GB monthly transfer
  • Unlimited MySQL, mail, and domain parking
  • FREE com, net, org, or biz domain!

Essential Web Hosting Premium: $45.00 per month
Recommended for larger sites and those requiring SSL (https://)

  • Standard DDoS protection on Cpanel/Litespeed with PHP5, IonCube, and Zend Optimizer.
  • 10,000MB storage
  • 200GB monthly transfer
  • Unlimited MySQL, mail, and domain parking
  • Ability to change domain name up to once per month
  • FREE SSL certificate and FREE com, net, org, or biz domain!

Elite Web Hosting: $229.00 per month
High power hosting for the most demanding consumer! Recommended for high risk sites that must remain stable under fire.

  • Elite DDoS protection (up to 1000 Mbps!) on Cpanel/Litespeed with PHP5, IonCube, and Zend Optimizer.
  • 20,000MB storage
  • 1000GB monthly transfer
  • Unlimited MySQL, mail, and domain parking
  • Ability to change domain name up to once per month
  • FREE SSL certificate and FREE com, net, org, or biz domain!

Don’t see what you’re looking for above? Don’t worry, I’ve only listed a few of the options available at Black Lotus Communications. LotusCloud Virtual Machines, Enterprise DNS, and Dedicated Servers are also available. You can always call or chat live with a representative with your inquiry.

I can personally vouch for Black Lotus’s service and quality with their customers. I’ve had to contact support several times and within hours they’ve been able to help me solve the problem, or have solved it myself.

If you’re sick of seeing perpetual “not online” signs on websites, and need a hosting provider that can provide cost effective DdoS protection, Black Lotus may be just what you’re looking for.

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IP Research

#1. The first thing we need to do is acquire the IP address. To do this we’re going to ping the domain of the website. I’ll go step-by-step using as an example.

The easiest way to get an IP is to ping the website. Without getting into a lot of detail, pinging another computer is the action of sending a small packet of information to the host computer and recording the travel time. We’re actually ignoring this and utilizing the ping as a way to get the IP address of the website we’re researching.

I find the easiest way to ping a computer is to open up the Command Prompt. If you’re using XP Go to the Start menu, click All Programs and it’s located in the Accessories folder, on Windows 7 Open the Start Menu then type “cmd” in the Start Menu search box and press Enter. I actually don’t know how to on any other operating systems, so if you’re not running on a Windows system skip down a couple paragraphs to the alternative method.

Once you have the command prompt open, type “cd..” twice to get to the root directory (so only C:> is showing like below). Then type, “ping” followed by the website you’re researching.

Resulting with…

As you can see in the above screenshot you’ll see the IP address of is

As an alternative if you can’t use the Ping command from your own computer because of a firewall or other restriction, or want to do an internet ping from a location other than your own you do it from Just type the URL of the website in the small “tools” bar on the right and click go.

Now that we have the IP address I bet you’re wondering what to do with it. I suggest you go to IP2Location™ is a great tool that gives you a lot of good information from an IP address in a quick and easy format.

Just type the IP address you acquired by pinging the domain into the search box and click Find Location. Below is what comes up when you plug in’s IP address:

Now, you have some information about the HYIP that you didn’t previously know. First, IP2Location™ lists location information, specifically the Country, Region, City, Latitude/Longitude and Zip Code of the IP address.


  • Not all of information may be filled in depending on the IP’s country
  • The location listed is the location of the server, NOT of the HYIP admin

You’re also given the internet service provider, local weather station and a few other items that aren’t really useful for our application. allows a maximum of 20 free look-ups a day which is usually enough for daily HYIP research. However, if you find that you want this information for large numbers of IP searches, they offers a variety of different products for purchase to help with your information finding.

Now, you’re probably wondering how the above information tells you if the HYIP is a scam. The truth is it doesn’t, but this tool CAN help you in your decision to invest by helping you confirm information given to you by the admin or website of a program. If for example the admin states they are hosted on a Staminus server, you can check on the IP2Location™ tool and confirm this information.

Unfortunately some hosting providers don’t own their own servers, or their companies work under different names than they advertise and sell under. For example, programs hosted by DDoSWIZ often show their ISP as being Staminus Communications. Therefore, it’s important to not discredit what a program’s website says based solely on what the IP2Location™ tool displays. That is why I usually use this tool as a way to confirm information instead of a way to discredit it.

In fact, In a future article I’m going to list the company names displayed by the IP2Location™ tool for the most popular hosting companies in our industry. I believe having the information to cross-reference (especially if the name on the tool is different from the host) will be useful to everyone.

Well, I hope the above walkthrough helps everyone out. Hopefully I’ve even given you veterans of HYIP investing a bit of new information you can utilize. As always if you have any questions or comments, post away!

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How To Spot a Scam?

Hello our dear readers! Today we have quite an unusual article for you. The thing is that it is written by your “college” – an online investors and our very active reader whose name is SteveyJ. He has very interesting thoughts to share and his article is written in a very fascinating way. Please, spend some time and read it. I promise you won’t regret :)

When is a scam not a scam?

Hello everybody. My name is Ivor Scammon [ nothing suspicious about MY name eh ? ] . I would like to introduce you to two HYIP sites I have set up.
The first one is quite simple really, because I bought a [cheap] script from an online company but I think you will really like the title picture. It’s got a professional looking guy in a suit looking at some papers on a desk AND he’s wearing a tie. Quite impressive really. Further down the page you will notice an attractive smiling young lady who you will be led to believe is the friendly person you will be communicating with when you email me a support ticket.

The script is obviously not original but you will forgive my lack of care because I will answer all your emails/support tickets very quickly and you will be happy therefore to send me money. Also, I do offer rather attractive daily rates, somewhat higher than the average HYIP but if you get on board some other um,….investors [ excuse me will I cough a moment] I will pay you a very good referral rate. You will be pleased to note I have promoted my site in various monitoring forums and am always at pains to tell you that I am ‘a real investment company not like those awful scam sites that you hear about’. A lot of you will be impressed by my honesty in revealing that I am not a scam site. And you will continue to send me money in gratitude.

I did have a compounding calculator put onto my site because many of you like to be enticed into not asking actually for any money, but to leave it with me and sit back while you see your money you’ve given to me rise and rise. I quite like that option too….

Forgive me for not having too much security at the moment but you will see a good explanation on my site telling you that I [ sorry, I mean ‘we’] are going to improve this for the benefit of YOU, our treasured investor.
My site also offers a live chat helpline but unfortunately it’s not working right now…pity…..

Notice the FAQ section is quite familiar. In fact you’ve probably seen it a million times with the same wording on other HYIP sites, but I think that’s reassuring don’t you ?

I rather like the complicated language I have borrowed, I mean used, to impress lots of you that I have a team of highly experienced Forein/Forin/Forayn/Foriegn/Foreign Exchange people who are highly experienced…[ sorry about the earlier difficulty with spelling a word I should be very familiar with only I was in a bit of a rush to get this site up and running because I know lots of you are eager to send me money and of course I only have your interests in mind ]. I’ve noticed before that not many of you worry about such things, so don’t feel too troubled. I think you will particularly like these impressive long complicated words that I have used to convince you that my team really do know what we are talking about and that you, dear investor, should not trouble yourself worrying about such things..leave it all to us, the experts. After all, we have been doing this for years, which must be true because I’ve just told you.

I’m sorry I don’t have an office but that’s because I want to save you money by not having high overheads. I simply want to be able to plow all the profits back into your account.

I did have trouble thinking up a name that would accurately describe the type of investment company I run, but instead I had a good look round a lot of previous HYIPs to see what most of you liked and came up with ‘FXgoldprofit’ ….
Got a nice ring to it don’t you think? I know many of you are quite taken with the name of a HYIP … – and ‘FX ‘is always a good one to include. ‘Gold’ sounds nice, rich and solid doesn’t it ? And we all like to see something about ‘profit’ mentioned don’t we ? Actually, it’s a bit subliminal but it works ! Trust me ! Please !

When you get near to the first end of term payout date, you will be pleased to know that I will be offering you a VERY good special investment plan that if you get in quick and send me lots of money REALLY quickly, then you can have even better dreams of what you will be able to spend your vast wealth on.

Anyway, must dash. there’s some compounded rather large payouts due any day now and I’ve got a rather pressing appointment in the ether. Also I have some other HYIPs to set up . Sorry if I don’t get back to you…..

thanks HYIP NEWS

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Two Steps To Build A List of Proven Buyers

It’s a very bad kept secret that the money is in the list. Yeah, I know, I know…You’ve heard it all before.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that the money really is in the list! You can’t get away from that fact, so if you’re really serious about making money online and building a business, you need to start your list TODAY.

And even though you may not have a list yet, you’ve probably heard the whole process on how to do it before. Create a product yourself or get someone to create it for you, set up a squeeze page/sales page and start to generate lots of traffic to that page, and then give away the product as an incentive for people to subscribe. That’s how the process is, in short.

But while building your list you should also start building relationships with your subscribers. “But how do you connect and build relationships with your list right away?”.

1. Deliver Massive Value

Oone way you can do it is to simply bring MASSIVE value to the table. If you over-deliver like crazy, people will start to notice you and get their eyes up for you. If you create a product and you think it’s well worth over $50 bucks, give it away for free. Yes, you read that right – FREE! That’s how you over-deliver…Getting people to subscribe to your list, won’t give you much money.

Then again…It’s called “The Money Is IN The List”.

Not in the process on getting people to subscribe TO your list. That’s the difference. Because what you should focus on is to build relationships before you even think about making some money. Take it slow, take your time and build your list day by day.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Sell Things

That said, you CAN make some money and at the same time actually solidify your relationship. And if you ask me, this is the best way to build a list – not because of the money you’ll make, as it won’t be a lot, but because of the kind of subscribers you’ll remain with in the end.

Let me explain…

Instead of (or in addition to) creating a product you think will be well worth over $50 that you give away for free on your squeeze page, you can create a product you think will be well worth over $200 bucks and put it up on your sales page and sell it for $27 bucks, for example. Again, this will make your customers LOVE you, because they won’t believe the kind of value you’ve given them for the low price of $27 dollars!

So, again, you’ll immediately start to connect and build relationships with your list, and my guess is that they like you and want to stay on your list to see you provide them with more high-value content and products. And that’s a really good spot to be in when you’re an Internet Marketer!

Another thing most people don’t really think too much about is that by building your list this way you’ll remain with people who are willing to spend money and buy things that might help them. That is, you’ll get a list of proven buyers, and that is one of the most profitable assets you can have.

Good luck with your list!

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