Earnosphere Review

Today we will talk about EarnoSphere (earnosphere.com) This company offers a safe, stable, pleasant and cozy atmosphere to make that is driven and controlled by excellent specialists and traders in financial markets. describedEarnoSphere goal is to provide general, unrestricted and unfettered satisfaction of income wise for its members and customers, which translates as a stable, guaranteed income, which is the first cause of investor comes on board. The domain name was registered a few months ago on 06/01/2011 and it is paid till 06/01/2012. EarnoSphere is not just an ordinary company. It takes care 24 / 7 about the customers. If you need support or assistance in any questions, you can always contact this company support and they will certainly advise you.

Please let me explain how it works. EarnoSphere is professional team, which experts examine the financial market for many years. “Money makes money” the main principle of the company. First of all, You have to invest in your money. Next, they are give them under the guidance of professional agents. Traders are trading on international foreign exchange markets and get good profits from the sale or purchase. After that, they give you your own money but with the percentage selected for a specific financial plan and take away a small portion for themselves.

To make a investment you must first become a member of EarnoSphere.com. Once you are signed up, you can make your first deposit. All deposits must be made through the Members Area. You can login using the member username and password you receive when signup. Earnosphere accepts LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney e-currencies. Let’s take a closer look to the investment plans. There are four plans for you to chose:

  • Start Plan – 115% after 5 days. Minimal investment sum is $10 maximum is $5,000.
  • Advanced Plan – 135% after 10 days. You may start with $20 and the maximum in this plan is $10,000
  • Professional Plan – 180% after 20 days. Min. $30 Max. $30,000
  • Epert Plan – 280% after 40 days. The biggest plan where you may start with $100 and the maximum sum here is $100,000

Please remember that the Principal is Included in profit and you can not open several accounts in your program.

There is also affiliate program paying 3% on the investments made by people you have referred to EarnoSphere.com. For participation in partner program you don’t need to have your own deposit. Your earned referral commission is paid directly into your e-currency account within 24 hours. There is one important thing I would like to add. In your member’s are you may find advanced login security settings such as: Detect IP Address Change Sensitivity and Detect Browser Change.

The SSL protection provided with Comodo Group and paid till 09.01.2012. DDoS protection hosted at Dragonara Alliance Ltd, one of the best sources. Server Location: British Virgin Islands, Geneva Place, Waterfront Drive,P. O. Box 3469, Road Town, Tortola.

I hope that this information will help you to make a decision. Anyway, if you have any questions concerning EarnoSphereactivity you may ask the administration of this company here.

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Sillicon Valley Review

Silicon Valley Group (siliconvalleygroup.biz) is an international group investing in young and ambitious researchers and inventors with dreams to help them in finding a way to materialize their dreams in the world of cutting edge technologies.Silicon Valley Group not only shares their passion and courage to build a new world but helps this path to become visible. And you can join this unique group now and invest in the new world of tomorrow with Silicon Valley Group. We are monitoring this company already 17 days. Anyway, the domain name was registered on 27/02/2011 and it is paid till 26/02/2012.

Investment Plans. Investors can choose one of the four investment plans described below.

  1. Computer tech – Daily Profit 1.8% Investment period 180 days. Investment Amount $10-$999. Premature contract closing 35% fee.
  2. Mobile tech – Daily Profit 2% Investment period 180 days. Investment Amount $1000-$1999. Premature contract closing 35%
  3. Bio tech – Daily Profit 2.2% Investment period 180 days. Investment Amount $2000-$19,999. Premature contract closing 35%
  4. Microprocessor tech – Daily Profit 2.5% Investment period 180 days. Investment Amount $20,000 -$250,000. Premature contract closing 35%

Before investing in Silicon Valley Group, please remember these features:

  • They pay 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday.
  • You may have your principal in the end of investment period of each plan.
  • Premature contract closing (early deposit withdrawal) is available any time.
  • Compounding option is available for all four investment plans.
  • Clients can have as many deposits as they need.
  • Withdrawals are usually processed instantly, however they reserve the right to pay clients in 48 hours scope.

Referral Program. Take advantage of the 3-level affiliate program, total 11% referral commission is split into 7% – 3% -1% structure. You are paid 7% referral commission for each first level referral’s deposit. If your first level referral, in turn, attracts a referral (your second level referral), you will accrue a commission of 3% from every second level referral’s deposit. Finally, if your second level referral gets a referral (your third level referral), you’ll receive a commission of 1% from every third level referral’s deposit.

The point of 3-level referral program is clear – if you’ll build a 3-level referral downline, you receive considerable amount of extra earnings. It’s a great way to earn extra income with Silicon Valley Group!

Payment Options.
Silicon Valley Group currently accepts Alert Pay, Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. Other payment processors may be implemented in some time.

General Website Features.
The design is really pleasant. Four investment plans with good percent of payouts. Anyway, I think that F.A.Q. Section is not full. There are no life support but I hope that they will add it as soon as possible cause in our days it is very important to communicate with the clients.

Security Features. Silicon Valley Group provides to all investors some great security tips before investing. Silicon Valley Group helps you keep safe transacting on the Internet. They insistently recommend you to follow these rules:

  • Set advanced login security settings on our site. You can find and set them in Security section in your member area
  • Create unique and strong password to your account and change it as often as you can
  • Use different passwords for your Silicon Valley Group account, your payment processor account and your e-mail account
  • Keep your account information confidential and do not share it with anyone
  • Use security software safeguarding your financial activities online, such as legitimate anti-virus and anti-spyware software
  • Keep your browser, anti-virus and anti-spyware software up-to-date
  • Do not click on any links, download files or open attachments within emails from unknown or untrusted senders

The SSL protection provided with Comodo Group. I have not found any information about DDoS protection. In the F.A.Q. Section they are saying that they have DDoS protection.

Contact Methods.
If you would like to ask any question not answered in the FAQ section, or need help setting up or managing your account, please use the form below to get in touch with Silicon Valley Group. They are available 12 hours a day, five days a week. You can also contact them by email [email protected] It also operates 12-hours a day.

Business Address
U.S. Asis Environmental Partnership in Taiwan
International Trade Tower
32/F, 333 Keelung Road, Section 1
Taipei, 10548
Legal Address
The Senior General Manager
Postal Business
SA Post Office
P.O. Box 10 000

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Extra Income Still Here

Dear Members,

It has been exactly 120 days now, or 4 months, since we have begun our online journey. That is really an amazing feat to have achieved, especially in this industry. ExtraIncome has been growing strongly, and at a very swift pace all these time, and we have proved ourselves to be the best in this industry. No other program has ever come close to us, and they never can, because ExtraIncome is different, and so are we special. Our members have been a huge support for us, all along the way, and you are the reason why we have reached this exact position where we are at now. I have no words to express my happiness and excitement.

During the past 4 months of journey, ExtraIncome has proved itself to be the most trustworthy and risk free online investment opportunity. Many programs have come and gone during the past 4 months, and we are well aware that many of you have lost in those programs. But ExtraIncome is still here, and we will always be here for our members. That is what makes us different, and so special. When other program work to make money for themselves, we here work to make money for our members. That is what exactly our name implies – we are your extra income earner. We are doing our level best in providing quality service for our members, and we have proved it all throughout the journey.

The growth of ExtraIncome has been stupendous all along. ExtraIncome has managed to conquer the hearts of 11,600 online investors. Yes! Our membership database has grown to 11,600 members, and as I write this, the count is increasing at a rapid pace. Daily member registrations have soared to 300 to 400, which is even increasing day by day. Deposits are sky-rocketing. The Alexa traffic rank of ExtraIncome has reached 13,761, and it will not take us long to be ranked among the top 10,000 websites around the world. Please take a look at our Alexa stats here,[ http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/exincome.com#trafficstats ], and witness the mind-boggling growth of the great ExtraIncome. Those stats just proves how strong we are, and how much more stronger we are growing every single day.

The fame and reputation of ExtraIncome is rising day by day. Most of you already know that ExtraIncome is the top and most preferred program in this industry. Our members have been investing and re-investing all the time, because they know that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of at ExtraIncome. Our highly sophisticated instant withdrawal system allows members to withdraw their earnings instantly. Yes, that is right! You get paid within a matter of a millisecond after you submit your withdrawal request. Sounds brilliant, isn’t it? Well then, come experience the feeling to get paid instantly, if you have not yet.

But we are not going to stop it just there. We have a lot of plans to develop our program to meet the highest possible needs of our members, because our members are whom we work for. You are our employers, and we are your employee. It is your necessities that we strive to put into effect. We will be increasing our advertising campaign in the coming days, and we will also be implementing the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) feature for our website, to step up the safety of the transactions being made, to a higher level.

We have many more developments coming in our way, like a Live Chat, different language integrations, and many others, and all those will be done gradually. Together, we will re-write the history of high yield investment programs. When the other programs become a history, we will still be here, and our members will still be earnings a lot of money from us.

We are going to be your extra income earner for all your life throughout, because we are not going anywhere anytime. We are paying thousands of dollars every single day, and we intend to be in business for many years providing the same quality service for our members. As we have said before, visit us after 3 months; visit us after 6 months; or give us a visit after 1 year; we will still be here serving our members to the best of our abilities.

We invite all those members who have not joined our official forum (http://www.board.exincome.com) yet, to join our offical forum, and be a part of the huge ExtraIncome community. Witness with your own eyes the huge payments we are paying out every day in the Payment Proofs section. You can see amazing payment proofs of over $3500 in our official forum. Moreover, you can meet new members, make new friends, get your doubts cleared in the least possible time, post your payment proofs, introduce yourself to the family of ExtraIncome, and do much more. All our members and moderators are of great help to each other, and that is exactly the reason for the huge success of ExtraIncome.

The management of ExtraIncome wishes all its members, a prosperous money making stay with us. Make your dreams come true with the extraordinary ExtraIncome.

Best Regards,
Phil Whitaker
Apr-5-2011 07:15:33 PM
Dragonara WebPIPE Protection Implemented
Dear Members,

As most you had noticed, ExtraIncome website was unavailable for some hours yesterday. We were encountering a DDoS attack of high intensity during those hours, which made our website unavailable during that time. The attack was initiated by some people who were jealous of the tremendous growth of ExtraIncome, and who wanted to take us down. Well, we have some bad news for those attackers, which at the same time will make our loyal members very happy.

To ensure that this kind of unavailability or downtime won’t happen ever again, and to guarantee 99.9% uptime for our website, we have installed a high quality security feature provided by our hosting provider, Dragonara.net, known as the WebPIPE protection. ExtraIncome was already on a highly secure dedicated server provided by Dragonara.net, and already had top-notch DDoS protection from them. To step up the security level of our website, we have now installed the new security feature WebPIPE, which will protect us from any malicious attacks in future. This is a security feature which will offer our website with the highest protection standards.

We have spent considerably huge amount of money to implement this high quality protection, as we care for our members, and more importantly, their investments. We know that you have placed your trust in us, and so have you put your hard earned money in our program to earn with us; and so we will never let our members down. We want our members to be satisfied and happy with our service, and our aim is to provide you with the best possible service, of utmost quality.

Also, don’t forget to come join our official forum (http://www.board.exincome.com), and take part in the discussions being held there. You can start posting in our official forum, once you become a member there, after you complete the registration process. Registration link to our forum is http://www.board.exincome.com/index.php?app=core&module=global§ion=register

I wish you all a very happy and beautiful weekend ahead.

Best Regards,
Phil Whitaker

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Exotic Fx Receives Awesome Response

What an Amazing Week

We are having a Fantastic response to our announcement of the forthcoming Forex Trader Apprenticeship (FTA) Program. Dozens and dozens of members are inquiring into what they need to do to be a part of this fantastic opportunity.

One underlying inquiry has been regarding ExoticFX.net and whether it will continue after the FTA program begins.

The Answer. Absolutely!!!

ExoticFX is exploding with growth. It is ALWAYS going to be a part of the opportunity.

Many, in fact, the majority of our membership are not interested in learning Forex Trading, reading manuals or taking courses. Thats just human nature. Most prefer to get something for nothing and that is absolutely fine with us. We make a huge profit from the Hands-Off approach to trading that is ExoticFX.net. Why would we give that up?

But let me tell you this …

You should consider becoming the master of your own destiny!

Far too many of you are happy with the Win-Some, Lose-Some world of HYIP. Many have learned to make a little here and there and be happy with that. If that is your passion then by all means have fun. But if you want to escape the mediocre earnings environment and become financially free, I mean be able to do what you want when you want, then NO ONE is going to do it for you. You have to work for it.

We are providing the means to accomplish just that. True Wealth! Absolute Freedom!

These opportunities dont come around every day. Youre lucky if they come around once in your lifetime

And here we are with an unprecedented opportunity staring you right in the face FREE!!!

I realize you have heard this type of HYPE before. But this really is a different situation. We ARE going to change lives for the better. There will be those that will become absolutely financially independent by taking advantage of this program and many will do it this very year!

Will you be one of them?

For the cost of only an hour or so per day, over the next 12 to 18 months, you can create a Financial Fortress for you and your family and we are willing to help you do it.

Through the FTA program and ExoticFX you will be able to substantially diversify your portfolio and rid yourself of the majority of losses suffered at the hands of HYIP admin.

With ExoticFX you can participate in a Fully Managed Fund and earn a Guaranteed Daily Profit.

With the EFX Forex Trade School you can learn to successfully trade forex (free) and diversify your portfolio in several ways.

With the EFX FTA Program you will systematical graduate to a Professional Trader

  • using OUR MONEY
  • having an opportunity to become a Professional Mentor
  • being privileged to numerous other Investment Opportunities over time

Obviously the choice is yours

  • Win-Some / Lose-Some or
  • Change your life and become Financially Independent

Tell me, What is your preference?

Here is a recap of the FTA program for those that missed it —

Isnt it your turn?

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Midas Gold Fund Good News

Midas Gold Fund stands at over 2700 active investors. Warren Lincoln, President of Midas Gold Fund, commented on the state of membership, “It is truly phenomenal to be approaching the three thousand active investor number at Midas Gold Fund. The embracing of us by the investor community is a testament to the staff of Midas Gold Fund and what we do for our investors.”

Midas Gold Fund launched telephone and SMS support as an increase in client assistance to our over 2700 active investors. You may dial or send a text message to +1 (773) – 819 – 5186 at anytime if you need assistance from Midas Gold Fund support representatives. Warren Lincoln commented on the addition of telephone and SMS support, “One of our main goals in the growth of Midas Gold Fund was to be one step ahead in client support needs and develop a strong investor relations core to Midas Gold Fund. We have achieved this by introducing a phone support number that can also be sent a text message. We have added several customer service employees to solely handle client relations with the addition of phone support.”

Midas Gold Fund has introduced a paper contract system for investors of $25,000 or more. Investors who are currently invested in Midas Gold Fund with $25,000 and more as well as future investors will be issued a paper contract via mail. Warren Lincoln commented on this exciting addition to Midas Gold Fund, “With the recent growth of large scale investors, we deemed it necessary to serve their needs with the addition of an issued contract signed by our corporate heads as outlined in the laws of our corporation.

Midas Gold Fund clears 470oz of physical gold bullion. In order to maximize revenue generated by Midas Gold Fund, Midas Gold Fund participates in private gold brokering to be involved from start to finish in hard asset commodity trading. Midas Gold Fund has concluded on the delivery of an additional 470oz of physical gold bullion. Warren Lincoln, President of Midas Gold Fund, commented on the latest delivery contract, “Our private gold brokering division is our greatest success in 2011. Private investment in physical gold is up in 2011. Thank you to our strong physical gold brokering division of Midas Gold Fund. It currently generates the maximum revenue for Midas Gold Fund.”

Midas Gold Fund is a privately held global investment company dealing in the life cycle of gold. Midas Gold Fund accepts public investment and pays on a 30 calendar day investment term with daily interest rates varying from 1.7% to 2.7% daily. Midas Gold Fund enables investment globally by accepting e-currencies, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, and Alert Pay.

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Forex Trader Apprentice Program

Forex Trader Apprenticeship (FTA) Program

You need to understand this FTA program will not replace the 8 plans we have available at ExoticFX. Our Guaranteed 1% to 2.3% Daily and Term return plans will always be a huge part of the process. In fact, they will be the primary focus for the majority of our members.

The new FTA program will take several months to fully implement. We are really just getting started. Initially we will launch our Forex Trade School. This will be free to join for everyone. Since we have a vast majority of members that have never traded Forex, we will start with the most extreme basics in Video Form as well as a Free Ebook that even veteran traders will find worthy to add to their library.

Once members complete the systematic Forex 101, they will move on to a more Novice and Intermediate educational structure.

ALL THIS IS FREE! No Gimmicks! No Bull!

As was explained in the recent release, we have an ulterior motive. We desire to create the ULTIMATE Trading Room and allow wannabe traders the opportunity to Apprentice under our wing and with OUR FUNDS!

Our trading room will include features like …

  • Software Driven Stop Loss We Prevent you from Losing Money
  • Professional Trading Charts See what Our Professional Traders See as they Trade the Forex Market
  • Live Trade Calls Learn Why and When Our Professionals Trade
  • Daily Trade Recommendations Youll Know Exactly What to Buy, When to Buy, What Stop Losses to Place, and When to Sell.
  • Fully Automated Alerts Your Trading Account and Mentor will Keep you in Touch with the Market via SMS, Social Media, Voice Messaging and Instant Messaging. Never Miss an Opportunity or Get Left Holding the Empty Bag!
  • See Who Is Online – Interact with Like-Minded Traders, Mentors, Professionals and Brokers
  • Wholesale Spreads Institutional Wholesale Spread Rates Maximize your Profitability
  • Proprietary Indicators Our Secret Timing Indicator, among Others, will Ensure your Success
  • Trade Using OUR Bankroll Graduating Levels with Positions up to $3,000,000.00USD
  • Minimum Weekly Profits Level 12 Minimum Profit Goal of $12,000.00 per Week

..And Much, Much More!

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