Powerful Strategy Presentation

It is high time for us to check a new HYIP project that appeared in our monitoring list on 23 of May 20011. So, dear readers, let’s see the detailed information about Powerful Strategy (powerful-strategy.com)

Powerful Strategy company will try to help you to invest your funds in a highly reliable FOREX market trade platform. This company offers flexible investment conditions and each investor here may find suitable for himself investment program. They always observe trends in the global currency market, company always monitor the latest news that could affect the change in trend in the FOREX market and this allows Powerful Platform to get a guaranteed profit, each day.

Registration date of domain 15/04/2011 and it is paid till 15/04/2012. Let’s check the investment plans. I must admit, thatPowerful Strategy has flexible investment conditions for each investor type.

  • TRAINING – Minimal investment sum is $1 maximal is $100. Daily percent of payout 1.8%. Investment period of this plan is 10 business days. Compounding and principal return options are available.
  • MASTER – Minimal investment sum is $101 maximal is $1000. Daily percent of payout 2%. Investment period of this plan is 25 business days. Compounding and principal return options are available.
  • PROFESSIONAL – Minimal investment sum is $1001 maximal is $5000. Daily percent of payout 2.3%. Investment period of this plan is 10 business days. Compounding and principal return options are available.
  • EXPERT – Minimal investment sum is $5001 maximal is UNLIMITED. Daily percent of payout 2.8%. Investment period of this plan is 120 business days. Compounding and principal return options are available.

As we can see plans are really reliable. Compounding and principal return options are available in all plans. Anyway, there is a referral system which will help you to earn more with Powerful Strategy.

Affiliate Program:
Each investment plan has personal percent of referral bonus. Here are all of them:

  • Training – 1%
  • Master – 3%
  • Professional – 6%
  • Expert – 8%

Site is using thawte SSL protection. You may see the certificate in the lower left corner of the site. There is a Live Support you may use to contact team of Powerful Strategy. Of course you may always send them e-mail [email protected]

Address of the company: Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, Abrahan Lincoln no. 317

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Centurion Assets

Dear investors and visitors, today we have another interesting project.  And right now you will read about Centurion Assets company and its advantages and disadvantages.

They appeared recently and were added to our catalog on weekends. We have already communicated with the administration and had verified that the support service works fine. Fresh and attractive enough project – it is, in my opinion, an excellent start of the week. Let’s hope that this project will be as so successful, as it is pretty.

Due to the information on the official site, Centurion Assets (centurionassets.com) provides asset and wealth management globally to investors, with a track record of success, reliability, safety, professional asset and wealth management. CA(Centurion Assets) provides global asset management on an international scale which is hard to operate by a single investor.

The registration date of the domain name 26/04/2011 and it is paid till 26/04/2012. Well, one year is quite usual term while purchasing a domain name. Of course, this is not the most important parameter in evaluating the program and many investors do not pay any attention to it, but we are trying to gather in our presentation all possible key moments, and program can not exist without the domain name.

Centurion Assets has four investment plans for you to chose. All four plans offer the same period of 30 days. This is a fairly short period in high-yield investment sphere, especially for programs with a daily profit accrual. On the one hand, it is alarming, but on the other hand, is very attractive condition. Let’s take a look at all options for each of these four plans:

  • Polaris Fund – Daily interest rate 1.7% Min.deposit $10 Investment period is 30 calendar days.
  • Antares Fund – Daily interest rate 1.9% Min.deposit $3000 Investment period is 30 calendar days.
  • Sirius Fund – Daily interest rate 2.1% Min.deposit $6500 Investment period is 30 calendar days.
  • Orion Fund – Daily interest rate 2.3% Min.deposit $10000 Investment period is 30 calendar days.

Profit calculation for 7 days a week is another unusual, attractive and alarming condition. You are able to withdraw profits instantly from your members area. You are also able to re-invest your profits if you want to. Compounding is NOT available.

Centurion Assets has three level affiliate program. From your direct referrals (1st level), you will earn 5% of all their deposits they make. For the direct referrals of your referrals (2nd level), you will earn 3% of all their deposits made. Lastly, for the referrals invited by your direct referrals (3rd level), you will earn 2% commission of all their deposits made.

If you have decided to invest in Centurion Assets you are welcome to chose e-currency which is more suitable for you. This company accepts Liberty Reserve (www.libertyreserve.com), Perfect Money (www.perfectmoney.com), and AlertPay (www.alertpay.com).

SSL protection belongs to AlphaSSL company and I must admit that it is really good choice of Centurion Assets.

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Good News from PrimFix

Today we have some good news from Primfix. There are almost 2000 members now and this project has been constantly improved. The administration keeps making efforts to make their project even better and eventually the best HYIP in the industry. First of all, Derek says that PTP (paid to promote) system now works for normal referral links too. It was working only for Primfix Lite referral links but from now on you will get credits for every visitor you send to the website.. The team of Primfix is now in the process of creating a splash page to help you promote Primfix, you’ll also earn PTP credits for visitors you send to that page. It will be a very simple page explaining whatPrimfix is about and inviting the visitor to read more about it. According to Derek, it should become a very powerful marketing tool.

I believe it is pretty hard for many users to understand the system of betting used by Primfix and it is a generally known fact that some people understand information when they hear it much better then when they read. If you are one of those people, you should definitely watch a new video presented by Primfix which explains once again the concept of the project and how your invested money is used. It was promised to be released soon and now it is ready and besides it can help you promotePrimfix and refer people.t can be also found on the splash page mentioned above once the page is ready. Feel free to use it in your blogs, forums, monitors, lists and other tools.

By the way, the recent addition of a payment option using credit cards through AlertPay turned out to be very reasonable and hundreds of deposits have been made using it. This leads to the fact that a lot of people ask the administration to provide proofs that Primfix is a registered company. Derek says: “We have top level approvals from Alertpay and Solidtrustpay under our Primfix Limited name. We placed a link of our Incorporate Certificate on the main page of Primfix which was obtained in the year 2009. This was also when the domain Primfix.com was registered.” The certificate can be viewed here.

And some more good news is that Primfix Betting platform will be available soon. Here’s how it will work: a certain match will be announced 24 hours before it starts and you will be able to place bets using either your e-currency funds or your account balance. When you place a bet, you need to pick plan A, B or C, like you normally do when you make deposits. If your bet wins, winners who chose plan A will earn 3% profit added to their account balances, plan B – 4%, and plan C – 5% plus your initial deposit. You will be able to withdraw your deposits and a bonus right away, it won’t be deposited to the plan you chose. If you lose, the amount you bet will be deposited to the plan you chose. There will be no losers! It should be ready within two weeks and only SMS verified members will be allowed to use it. More information will be provided soon and we will inform you about it once received.

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News From Lucrativa Fund

Today we have some news from a project that has joined us today. It is called LucrativaFund (lucrativafund.com) and was launched on May 12. Even though it has been online for just six days, the admin of the program has already posted three big updates with information for investors. In the first one he introduces himself, his name is Richard Brighton and briefly tells about the project: “Lucrativa Fund is a world-class group that invests in viable and profitable entities such as real estate, building, stock market, offshore banks. Its prudent use of capital and sound management skills enables Lucrativa Fund to establish, acquire, or strategically participate in successful corporate ventures throughout the world.”

In the second update called Press Release #1 Richard informs that the support department at LucrativaFund is multilingual and your questions can be answered in Danish, English, Spanish, Italian and Russian languages. He also reports on deals that have been already made: “Elizion Real estate gave us very good opportunity to rent out five houses that will help us generate income. We also get our monthly income from Barclays Bank Cayman. This week is no much funds were generated on stock market. But we increased our income from other activities.”

And the next announcement is regarding a bonus program at LucrativaFund. You can make money by posting payment proofs and voting on monitors every time you get paid. Get $3 by posting 10 payment proofs on different top HYIP forums and get $3 by voting on top 10 HYIP monitors which you like. By the way, the minimum amount deposit has been reduced to $5 in 5 days plan (that offers 110%-120% after 5 days), to $7 in 10 days plan (120%-140% after 10 days) and to $10 in 20 daily plan (7%-8% for 20 days with principal included). That will give everyone a chance to join LucrativaFund. You can make a deposit via AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney.

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Forex Forks Short Review

Greetings dear visitors and readers! Today we will take a closer look at the new program which is monitored on our service. Here is a good project to discuss. Forex Forks (forexforks.com) Due to the name of the project we may say that administrators are really beg inventors! If you have ever worked with Forex you know that it is really hot business sphere.
Let’s check the details of Forex Forks company! Just take a look at the domain name data: it is registered on 29/09/2006 and it is paid till 29/09/2011. let me give you couple of sentences about the company’s activity. Forex Forks is a team of experienced forex traders successfully trading for a few years using proven strategy “chuvashov forks”. This trading strategy allows achieving great and stable results on the long term. Trading with strategy makes company earnings predictable therefore they are sure in accuracy of the results.
There are three investment plans of Forex Forks company. Their names are as unique as the name of the company. Here they are:
Irabbit Plan: Start your investment only with $2. The maximal sum you can invest in this paln is $200. Daily percent of payouts is 1.3%.
Compounding is possible only till 100%
Wolf Plan: Minimal investment sum is $201 maximal is $2000. Daily percent of payout is 1.5%. Maximal compounding percentage is 50%.
Lion Plan: You can start with $ 2000. daily percent of payout is 2%. Compounding 25%.
The list of e-currencies you can operate with Forex Forks: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay.
Referral partners may earn 5% of each investment. Percentage is fixed.
The design of the site is quite pleasant. You can find lots of interesting information there.
Due to the information on the site of Forex Forks company, you can always come to its office. Here is the address:
16 Old Rudnick Lane
Dover DE 19901
United States
Also you may use a phone to contact them: +1(302) 261-26-77
Or simply use a mail: [email protected].

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Oillers Presentation

Today we will discuss a new program that appears on our monitoring list of programs. I want to present a new project named Oillers (oillers.com). Today is a first day when you may start to invest in Oillers company using our referral link and here I will tell you about all the advantages and disadvantages of this project.
Company site is the subsidiary of AOG Holdings Inc. an offshore registered company. Here is a copy of certificate of incorporation. The founder of the company James Mattison started his investments in Oil and Gas stock in 2001. It was 10 years ago. Since then he has been gathering people who are interested in oil and gas investing that leads to the formation of the company AOG Holdings Inc. in 2005. Oillers company gains profit from the investments into the companies that are engaged in oil and gas industry.

The domain name was registered on 04/02/2011 and it is paid till 04/02/2013. It is much more than payments for other domain names of different projects.

Here are four investment plans of Oillers company for you to chose. Anyway, the only difference between them is in the life-term. Also, compounding option is NOT available in the first plan. So, there are four investment plans with three levels of investment. Anyway, let’s see the details. Here is the standard form of EACH plan


  1. Spent amount $5-$499. One time deposit bonus $2. daily profit 2%
  2. Spent amount $500-$999. One time deposit bonus $50. daily profit 2%
  3. Spent amount $1000-$50000. One time deposit bonus $100. daily profit 2%

As I have already said the difference is only in life terms of each plan. Here it is:

  • Plan A – 50 days
  • Plan B – 100 days ( compounding options enable)
  • Plan C – 150 days ( compounding options enable)
  • Plan D – 300 days ( compounding options enable)

You may use such e-currencies to operate with Oillers company: Liberty Reserve, PerfectMoney and International Bank Wire and adding of AlertPay soon.

Referral program is really not bad! You will receive 10% of each investment through your referral link.

DDoS protection is really important for each webpage, Oillers company has the best DDoS protection these days. I am talking about Dragonara Alliance Ltd. I have not found any information about SSL protection but I hope administration of the program will buy it as soon as possible!

If you have any question to the administration of the program you may open a ticket or simply use this e-mail [email protected]

Also you may use a phone number: +442079890408

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Majestic Funds Review

Leaving behind the ‘short term paid at expiry’ programs, let us concentrate on a HYI Program offering ‘daily paid’ that has been functioning successfully for over three weeks now.

The Investment Plans :

MajesticFunds being launched on 19th April, offers three investment plans each of the running for 8 calendar days. The daily returns vary according to the volume of investment.[Previously, the returns were paid on business days, but as par reported by the respective administration, due to request by many investors, the plans were changed from business days to calendar days]

The first plan called the Entrepreneur Plan, is the most basic plan available at MajesticFunds that offers14.5% daily return for 8 calendar days. Thereby promising a total return of 116%. Being the most basic plan, the Entrepreneur Plan is the one approachable to all investors, with the minimum deposit being$10. The maximum investment goes up to $2500.

For making the things clearer, an investment of $100 in this plan offers a daily return of $14.5, with the total return being $116. Certainly not that high ROI, in comparison to HYIP standard, probably that has played a role in its successful performance so far.

The next plan at MajesticFunds called the Capitalist Plan promises 16.5% daily of your investment for the same duration of 8 calendar days. The total return, if you calculate sums up to 132%. The Capitalist Plan isopen to deposits ranging starting from $2501 going up to $15,000. Therefore, obviously this plan concentrated on the professional investors.

The third and the final plan at MajesticFunds is the most high return plan.The Tycoon Plan promises to provide a daily return of 18.5% daily for 8 calendar days, offering a total return of 148%. The minimum investment for this plan is $15,001. About the maximum deposit accepted, well there is no limit to that.

One aspect that is to be remembered for all the investment plans at MajesticFunds is that in none of the plans compounding option is availableThe invested principal is included within the daily returns.

The Payment Processors :

Apart from LibertyReserve and PerfectMoneyAlertPay is also available for transactions. personally i am quite satisfied to observe the trend that more and more investors are preferring a verified option like AlertPay for the high yield investment programs, particularly for short term ones.

Site Hosting, Design and Security Features :

MajesticFunds presents a pleasant looking design and runs on a licensed Golcodert’s scriptHosting andDdos protection is provided by Koddos, on a dedicated Staminus server.SSL Encryption by Comodo adds to the security.

Support :

Investors can communicate with the MajesticFunds management by the usual online support form or the Live support.

Analysis :

1. Probably, the most important factor that has played an useful role in the successful performance ofMajesticFunds for three weeks now, are the ‘Daily Paid’ plans. Understandably the ‘Daily Paid’ plans are always safer than the ‘Paid At Expiry’ plan as even if the program scam, the investors can at least recover a portion of their investments.

2. The second point, although not directly related to MajesticFunds itself, but has also played an important role.With so many ‘Paid At Expiry’ short term programs scamming like pack of cards, probably the investors inclined more towards the ‘Daily Paid’ plans offered at MajesticFunds.

3. Third most important factor is probably the promotion undertaken by the concerned management concentrating particularly on the extensive Russian monitoring services.

4. Inclusion of a reasonable range of payment processors.

5. Ddos protection by Koddos and SSL Encryption by Comodo has taken care of the security and availability ofMajesticFunds, with no downtimes noted so far.

That brings us to the end of MajesticFunds review. Please do check the Twitter box, all the important updates are to be published there, as and when it happens.

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Online Bank Program Opens Up

Dear members and visitors, today we will speak about Online Investment Bank (onlineinvestmentbank.org) Registration date of the domain 21/01/2011 and it is paid till 21/01/2012.Online Investment Bank is offshore company. Bank is established by Gibraltar with a great team of financial professionals who have long been operating in best investment markets worldwide.

Its Investment Fund takes part in highly profitable trading programs in the different financial markets and is aimed to allow many people to know about this excellent investing opportunities and enable them to share the incomes generated by the investment projects having invested even a small funds.There is only one investment plan. Anyway, it is quite reliable. High daily interest rate. Short investment period. Please notice that principal is not returned compounding option is not available.Before I will give you the concrete information about this single investment plan.

Please, take a look at this simple example.Let’s say you want to invest $1000. it means that $70 will be sent to your account on 20 business days. Total sum you will earn is $ 1400. As you can see $1000 is your initial investment, $400 is the money you have earned with Online Investment Bank.Nevertheless here is the detailed information on the investment plan:Minimal deposit is $10. Maximal – unlimited. Daily interest rate – 7%. Term of Investment Period – 20 Business Days. (principal included). Compounding option is not available.On the home page you may found the online calculator. With the help of this device you may calculate your profit within 1 minute! I must admit that online calculator on the site of HYIP program is really helpful!

You may use Liberty Reserve and Perfect money e-currencies to invest.The referral system is really not bad, there are three levels:3rd level – 1%2nd level – 2%1st level – 4%As for the design, it is quite simple and comfortable for the eye. The registration procedure is quite long but it is not necessary to feel all the fields. Anyway, we recommend you to fill the whole form to avoid the problems in the future.SSL protection provided by thawte. There is a certificate proof in the right corner of the site. DDoS protection hosted at Dragonara Alliance Ltd. Server Location: British Virgin Islands, Geneva Place, Waterfront Drive,P. O. Box 3469, Road Town, Tortola.

I have not found the address of the Online Investment company on the site, but you may contact the administration and support via e-mails:[email protected]@onlineinvestmentbank.org

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Second Review of The Unicorn

Unicorns are mythical creatures, believed to have magical powers, healing abilities and are typically depicted as symbols of purity. Perhaps our striving to grasp a bit of purity is the reason Unicorns periodically appear as symbols representing HYIPs. Perhaps high yield investment programs want to be a bit magical, unknown and powerful? I’m not sure, and I certainly cannot tell you if UnicornInv, the program we’re talking about tonight is going to be your personal pot at the end of the rainbow, your captured unicorn. What I’m going to tell you here is what I have observed of this long-term program that opened November 30th, 2010. Since its launch a little over five (5) months ago, UnicornInv has set a steady pace, and has to my knowledge , been paying investors without problem.

Below, you can see the steady trend UnicornInv has displayed over these past months:

We see a steady graph displaying a gradual growth to zero growth trend. On the other hand, zero growth can be dangerous as it may be depicting that the program does not have enough investor interest to sustain itself. While it’s purely opinion, and speculation, I believe the initial spikes early in the program may have created a stable enough general trend for the program. It’s difficult to rely solely on one piece of information, however, so we’re going to dig a bit further. First though lets take a look at the basics.

  • Accepts Liberty Reserve (LR), Perfect Money (PM) and Solid Trust Pay (STP) e-currencies.
  • Minimum investment amount is $20.
  • Minimum withdrawal allowed is $1.
  • Withdrawal request are processed once daily between 9:00 and 16:00 (CET) on business days Monday to Friday.

UnicornInv is a long-term program that offers two plans:

UnicornInv Plans

The first plan, the Daily Plan offers 1% daily for the life of the program. So, if you were to invest $100 into the Daily Plan, you should receive $1.00 daily. It’s a standard long-term plan, nothing complicated or confusing to investors.

The second plan is slightly riskier as withdraws can only be requested once a week, but the Weekly Plan offers a higher rate of return for the additional risk. The Weekly Plan pays 6% weekly for the life of the program. So, if you were to invest $100, you should receive $6 paid out weekly.

An interesting feature UnicornInv has is the ability to withdraw your principal after 180 business days. I say this is interesting as it’s an option not often given in HYIPs that have perpetual plans. Usually if a plan doesn’t have a set number of days it runs, principal withdrawals aren’t allowed as the principal is figured into your returns. I don’t plan on utilizing this feature, so I’ll be unable to determine if UnicornInv indeed returns your principal upon request, but if you happen to withdraw your principal I’d like to know. The site says withdrawals of principal will be paid out in three (3) to four (4) business days.


Overall UnicornInv is a well-constructed program in my opinion. It’s uncomplicated and accessible to anyone interested in investing.

As far as security goes, UnicornInv is covered. With hosting by BlockDos, one of the industry’s leaders in DDoS protected hosting and SSL encryption with Thawte, site security is definitely above average.

UnicornInv Forum

Forum activity is pretty steady with an average of approximately 20-30 visitors per forum daily and around a 2 post average per day. Here’s where many of you may think that post count is low, well I personally think it’s promising. Aside from some strategic advertising with larger sites such as MNO and HYIPNews, UnicornInv hasn’t wasted its funds paying large numbers of monitor sites. The only thing I would like to see is a bit more news, at least a monthly update or so just to give investors a bit of an update and show potential investors that the site is updating. On the other hand, the lack of bad news can be seen as good news in the HYIP industry.

Is UnicornInv going to continue to work its magic and pay its investors as promised? I don’t know. I think I’ve made it clear many times already the risk of HYIP investing, but for those of you who are new to the concept. Don’t invest more than you are willing to lose. HYIPs are incredibly risky ventures and often close without any notice, causing losses to unfortunate investors. Will this happen with UnicornInv? I don’t know.

On the other hand, based on what I’ve found, I see no reason why UnicornInv shouldn’t continue for some time. The plan’s profit percentages are sustainable for a long-term program, there isn’t a lot of unnecessary advertising being done, and overall the program has good exposure in the industry. A bit more news from the administration could help in my opinion, but then again things have been moving along without those efforts.

Well, unfortunately that’s all the time I have tonight and there isn’t much else I have to say about UnicornInv perhaps, this unicorn can be captured by you, then again I doubt you’re a pure virgin, so please be aware of the risks. I hope to have another post here in the next few days, but unfortunately my time has been very limited. I have some big plans for the future, but I’m going to keep things quiet until I know for certain that I can manage them.

thanks Mike!

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Net Invest Pro Reviewed

As we have been discussing in one of our previous posts, the present mood of the investors is quite definitely inclined towards the shorter term plans.  Keeping with this trend, even the well established programs have launched shorter term plans to attract more and more investors. And not surprisingly, a flurry of short term programs are being launched everyday.

We have joined one of them, which hopefully all will agree presents somewhat a different look than the rest of the HYI Programs offering high return short term plans. Another difference we noticed at NetInvestPro , the respective administrator has not included those ‘After 1 day’ plan. I guess, most of the investors have noticed that numerous short term programs offering ‘ After 1 day’ plan have been largely unsuccessful, most of them scamming in less than two weeks.

The Investment Plans :

NetInvestPro has been launched only a few days back, to be precise on 1st May. The concerned management has kept the investment plans very simple, altogether offering three ‘ Paid at expiry ‘ plan, with no hidden sub plans. All the plans have been kept approachable to the majority of the investors. Probably important to maintain the cash flow.

The first plan offered at NetInvestPro called the Starter plan, promises a total return of 110% after 3 days. The minimum deposit to join this Starter plan being only $5, is probably the best plan to test the operations atNetInvestPro. The maximum investment accepted goes up to $5000.

For calculation purposes, an investment of $100 in this plan offers a total return of $110 after a duration of three days.

The Beyond plan, the second plan at NetInvestPro is another ‘Paid at expiry’ plan promising a total return of122% after 5 days. The minimum investment for the second plan is $25, again approachable to the majority of HYIP investors. The maximum deposit accepted for the Beyond plan goes up to $15,000.

A deposit of $100, in this plan offers a total return of $122 after 5 days of investment.

The third and the final plan at NetInvestPro is the most lengthy plan running for a duration of 10 calendar days, at the end of which an investor is offered a total return of 155% of his/her investment. Theminimum investment set at $50, has again been kept affordable to all to test their luck. The maximum investment is $30,000.

An investment of $100 in this final plan at NetInvestPro offers a total return of $155 after 10 days.

The payment processors :

The e-currencies available for transaction are the anonymous ones, that is LibertyReserve andPerfectMoney, along with AlertPay for those who like a little bit of verification and security.

Withdrawals :

As mentioned in the NetInvestPro FAQ page the withdrawal requests are to be processed instantly. Till now our withdrawal requests have been processed instantly.

Before signing off for today, i would again like to remind please do check the program status on our monitor. Today, one of our reader mistakenly joined Gorgon Project Invest, that has been demoted to problem status yesterday. As we did not have his mail ID, we could not personally mail him and warn against it.

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