About Russian Oil and Lions!

Sorry for making this titly so scary to you, but I wanted to make it a little bit enticing and to make you rise your brows. The Russian Oil is nothing more but a HYIP program located here https://russianoilfund.com/index.php and specializing, as they claim, into Russia’s vast petroleum reserves. The site has a medium look and you can’t say it is trashy nor that it is great. It’s a website for the average Joe. You can judge by the way the website is made that those are not quite banners, but rather images made, I’d say, in a hurry. Therefore, the design can be considered nothing more than minimalistic, without anything big to be mentioned.

But, they have a new feature here https://russianoilfund.com/index.php?a=cust&page=about. Even if it is a slide share, but it sure does a better job than a full sized page of text would. People need images, videos. The program with the most professional video presentation is, at the moment, without doubts, https://forexcompanyonline.com/. It makes me remind of the old devil-minded scam http://sportarbs.com/, which, by the way, didn’t close their website. I must admit here frankly, with my heand on my heart – I also was fooled by their genius video. I wanted to believe that they were saying the truth and oh man, they really made it appear beautiful and simple.

Here comes the lion! http://lionfunds.net/ – a simple, yet strong-minded program featuring a nice lion symbol which got my attention in the beginning. The special thing about this program is that they are using the testimonial feature which is daily updating. This can be a pretty good persuasive tool for new investors. Also, at the end of the page you can see that their transactions are being secured by Equifax, which is another good thing to be takend in consideration, knowing how unsteady is the security these days.

Their address, however,

Address: 8 Copthall, Roseau, 00152 (Commonwealth of) Dominica

reminds me of a company once called Incoforex.com, because if I am not being wrong, those guys have had their address somewhere near this one. A very funny thing I noticed about when going on the contact info page was this

“Notice for blog posters and rating/monitoring sites owners:Please *DO NOT* submit tickets or send e-mails asking us to spend some money to be monitored or rated by your service. If you want to make an investment please do it with your own money.We are not charity organization but profit-made.”

Who said that you give money to monitors and other guys in the field as donations? This is pure non-sense. I mean, if there weren’t for those guys, 80% of hyips wouldn’t have ever kissed the face of the earth. In the real business world, every major company pays lots of cash towards advertising. The advertising places in the hyip industry are monitors, even if some of them are really greedy. I think these lions should remove their message or maybe they are just sick of the spamming that comes from monitors/hyip blogs? If that’s the case, then I don’t blame them.

https://www.smartex-investment.com/ is a program which consists mainly in texts and not-so-visual presentation. This could be a bad thing for them, as there are lots of investors who don’t love to waste their time on reading/analyzing, so the newest trend with the video presentation would have been a better idea, I think. After reading Smartex’s business presentation, honestly, I must say that I didn’t quite understand what is that they’re doing with the money we’re investing. See for yourself :

– Algorithm Trading: starting point of a high-frequency trading, the algorithm used for transactions is paramount. Indeed, it is important to have a computational tool to generate expectations of ever-higher earnings and a deviation of these returns as low as possible to minimize the “drawdown” (maximum loss at a time “t”).

– The speed of execution: the sinews of war being the time, all high-frequency traders seek an algorithm with a mean and dispersion of the time needed for decision-making and sending messages weaker possible. The infrastructure is also a key role, and the server that runs the algorithm crossing order will be located closer to the servers (Euronext, CME, Chicago, etc..). Providers offer specialized services “low latency” which can have market access at the speed of lightning.

– The algorithm of management orders: for high frequency systems, an algorithm for placing orders is an important point which can make a winner or loser. All reside in the lineup of this “black box”.

– Risk management: We learned to set limits. It is important to make money, but it is equally important to limit losses. The algorithm of “money management” focus as much attention as one who takes positions.

– Fees and charges: any order is placed is subject to commissions and expenses. However, the number of daily transactions is huge, it is important not to overlook this point if we do not want to pay higher commissions than gains made on a roundtrip.

– Taxes: We prefered to outsource our profits and thus escape the tax laws too restrictive in most country. These strategies makes the difference in our profits.

– Research and development: A good trading strategy is unfortunately not eternal. That is why research and development of new strategies are crucial for long-term visibility and is one of biggest part of the work.

It is like they are describing a business, but not saying where to invest the money. They’ve got 4 investment plans, on the same hyip basis – lower your deposit is, less you earn. The beginner plan is 1% and the last one is 1.6%. Comparing to other yields in the industry, this seems to be pretty fair and could ensure this company a longer run. Because, we know that bigger the profits are that you are offering, shorter will be your stay in the Hall of Fame.

I hope I’ve enriched your hyipopedia with this fresh post and that you’ll take the right steps to perform a clean, smart and accurate investment!

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