Bonus from Merdex Group!

Everybody knows that information in this world costs even more than gold. We receive many thankful letters from our readers and this means that RolClubBlog is one of the best informational portals these days. Each day our team gives you fresh and useful information about the world of high yield investing. Don’t forget that we are always ready to help out with advice and suggestions for you. Our support service is working 24/7.

It is always nice to hear that someone will give you money for free. MerdexGroup has started a special campaign in which they will add 5% bonus to each deposit you will make! Anyway, this event will last only two weeks and the investment periods of the first two plans are 5 and 15 days so you may earn additional money without any fear! This campaign is really great thing. As for me, looks like Merdex Group is trying to get an attention of the investors after the problems with Liberty Reserve. This event, I think, is the best way. All we need from HYIP is to pay us and when HYIP is giving money for nothing then we love it!

The program status on all monitoring sites is paying and the general impression from this program is really pleasant. The investment plans are quite short but the percent of daily payouts is really high from 0.5 to 2%. Agree with me that such interest rates of daily payouts is really great for such a short investment period (5-60 days). Also I would like to add that MerdexGroup has great support service. Personally I think that if this program lives more than a few months we will have much more profitable campaigns. I believe it is much better to receive additional 5% to your investment than any other action from the side of the program’s admin.

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Top Earn Money – almost a year online!

A program TopEarnMoney ( has been operating for almost a year (since May 2010) and the admin of it is known as not the most active one. He hasn’t made any major changes to his program, however, he has been paying out without problems all this time. TopEarnMoney started up with three investment plans which offered 101-102% after 3 days ($10 and more), 115-125% after 30 days ($100 and more) and 139-155% after 60 days ($1,000 and more).

Then in August 2010 the addition of a fourth plan offering 107% after 10 days was announced. And that was probably the only addition made in the program. However, just recently we received a newsletter from TopEarnMoneyinforming that the investment plans had been changed and now there are three of them:

– Daily Plan offers up to 1.6% daily for 315 days with principal returned on expiry. Interest is accrued on calendar days (including weekends)

  • • $10-$1,000 0.9%
  • • $1,001-$5,000 1.1%
  • • $5,001-$10,000 1.3%
  • • $10,001- $50,000 1.6%

– Short-term Plan brings 107% after 10 days with minimum deposit amount $10.
– Medium-term Plan offers 125% after 30 days. The minimum deposit amount is $100.

TopEarnMoney accepts LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. Well, as you can see, the investment plans did not change significantly and still offer reasonable interest rates. The only difference is that now you can make a deposit in a daily plan. Therefore I won’t warn you against investing in this program, however you should not forget that any changes might be for good as well as for bad.

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Schedule for Exotic Fx Forex School

Together we are going to embark on a journey that will not only provide you the necessary skills to become a Professional Forex Trader, but will also become instrumental in changing the face of online investing forever.

Once this course is completed, you will No Longer need to rely on High Yield Investment Schemes or spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars investigating numerous forex strategies looking for something that actually works.

With this ExoticFX systematic approach we will take you step by step, from wherever you are now to the position of a successful Forex Trading Professional.

If you are determined to become financially free and dedicated to doing whatever it takes to get there then, this course will provide a clear and well defined path to prosperity.

There are some things you need to know right now.

The EFX Forex Traders Program entails 4 different entities:

  1. Free Forex Trade School
  2. Free 24/5.5 Fully Mentored Live Trading Account
  3. Free EFX Forex Trader Apprenticeship (FTA) Program
  4. Free Professional Mentor Training Opportunity

Since this is a Pre-Release and you are registering now provided you follow the steps and continue the program these will all be FREE to you for life.

Your first steps will be to enter into the

Free Forex Trade School

This Forex training school will evolve from what it is now (a Forex training program) to a fully functional Forex Trade School. It is a process that is in development and you are entering at the very beginning.

Dont misunderstand, what you are about to be involved in is very comprehensive and will be extremely profitable. It will take you from wherever you are and turn you into a professional trainer. But the structure of how it is presented will change over time and through your participation, feedback, successes and failures, you will assist in structuring the program and maximizing its effectiveness.

Your rewards for being involved at the beginning and assisting, simply by participating, will astound you when it has been completed. You will be rewarded with opportunities that are not freely afforded those that will follow in your footsteps.

The next phase of the program to be developed is the

Free 24/5.5 Fully Mentored Live Trading Account

We have already described this in the information that brought you here, so we wont reiterate it at this point.

What you do need to know is that this, too, is in a development stage. During the interim we will be using the MT4 platform to get you integrated into something similar.

The additional benefits of our private trading room will be unparalleled in the world of Forex. This will not be free forever except to those that arrive during the pre-release, provided they follow the steps and continue the program.

This is, in fact, fantastic news for those of you that plan on becoming Mentors or assisting in the Affiliate part of the program, which I will describe in a moment.

(Commissions will be available to those that lead others to the Trading Account whether they Mentor the account or not)

Free EFX Forex Trader Apprenticeship (FTA) Program

Once the Live Trading Rooms are completed we will begin the implementation of the FTA program which has also been previously outlined. Further instruction and updates regarding the FTA program will be released periodically as it is developed. This Free program is Invitational and will be offered to all those that complete the forex training program, show promise in the demo accounts, and express a desire to embark on this journey that will change their financial lives.

The additional benefits of our FTA program will be unparalleled in the world of Forex. This program will not be free forever, except to those that arrive during the pre-release, provided they follow the steps and continue the program.

This is, in fact, fantastic news for those of you that plan on becoming Mentors or assisting in the Affiliate part of the program, which I will describe in a moment.

(Commissions will be available to those that lead others to the FTA program whether they Mentor the account or not)

Free Professional Mentor Training Opportunity

As we have successful graduates from the FTA program, we will invite those that demonstrate exceptional skills to partake in the EFX Professional Mentor Training.

This program will provide instruction on how to mentor others participating in the FTA and the Live Trading Account programs.

Once a mentor is ready, they will have several options and or levels that they may acquire. Mentors will make their own decisions as to how far they want to take their opportunity. They will be able to earn substantial commissions by

  • Mentoring FTA Apprentices
  • Mentoring Live Trading Account Members
  • Selling FTA program
  • Assisting in Live Conference Call Webinars
  • Developing Affiliate Marketers
  • Supervising other Mentors
  • Spread Fee Sharing
  • Franchising
  • Franchising Sales
  • and much, much more

Affiliate Marketing

Not everyone will qualify for the FTA program.

Not everyone that qualifies will become Mentors.

But EVERYONE that is finding this program in the pre-release stage will be able to benefit from commissions generated through

  • Mentoring FTA Apprentices
  • Mentoring Live Trading Account Members
  • Selling FTA program
  • Assisting in Live Conference Call Webinars
  • Developing Affiliate Marketers
  • Supervising other Mentors
  • Spread Fee Sharing
  • Franchising
  • Franchising Sales
  • and much, much more

The Affiliate Marketing program will provide a commission share for affiliates on ALL levels.

Lets remove the hype and look at the least possible example

Suppose you join this program, you dont like it or life simply wont afford you the opportunity to complete it for whatever reason but you refer someone that does complete the program.

Lets suppose that this referral is not invited to participate in the FTA program but they do utilize the live trading room. When they make trades, spread fees are charged. (Spread fees are points charged by the broker to make the trade.) As the one who introduced or referred the Trading Account Holder, you will be paid an affiliate or referral fee for as long as that person utilizes the service.

Lets look at a more profitable example

Your referral completes the program, is invited to FTA participation, they become a Mentor and a Franchise Owner, and they even sell a Franchise or Franchises. You will share in the revenues from all of the above. In fact, you will receive a commission on every dollar they ever make with these programs including their participation in the ExoticFX Hands-Off Approach or Fully Managed Funds (our currently available 8 guaranteed daily or term profit plans)!

This Affiliate Marketing Program alone could afford you a tremendous annual residual income.

We intend on doing whatever it takes to ensure the success of this endeavor and will continually be upgrading and adding features, benefits, and materials that will increase profits, commissions, and referral fees for all those that are involved.

Like we said We intend on setting the Forex market on FIRE with this Apprenticeship program, but first we need to create a presence, graduate apprentices, and establish momentum and product awareness. Like any Internet or Cyber endeavor, traffic, coupled with a desirable successful program, will equal profits.

Like any Internet or Cyber endeavor

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Lions Society Update

Lea, the admin of a project called LionsSociety has posted another update on the website She says:

“Well, basically we are sold out. LSREALTY and Chengdu what is backed on Real Estate might be still available on the Market Place. The Market Place is where members sell there existing units or Shares to other members.”

However all investors who are interested in investing in any of investment options like Real Estate or online ventures Flaxads, Flaxhost or Flaxpay (those are all Lea’s and her team’s projects) should keep in mind that they can contact Lea at [email protected] and she might offer you some options as soon as there is a new investment spot open. All online investors are also welcome to have a look at the Market Place and join on FlaxTalk and Flaxpay.

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Forex Apprentice Preview

We arent quite ready for a full release but we wanted to provide you a glimpse of what is forthcoming.EFX Forex Trader Apprentice Program

You cant actually sign up yet, but we wanted to show you and perhaps ask you to provide your feedback. We know many of you are anxious to fully understand what we are about to release. These pages and video will provide a very good understanding of how the program will be structured and what you can expect.

Once you have gone through the first page and watched the video, if you will attempt to close the tab you will be prompted by an On-Close Event to stay on the pageclick Cancel to remain and you will be able to see the balance of the information on the newly revealed page.

Understand, this is not complete and some changes will be made to layout etc.

We would really like to get you opinions on this. Please provide your input in our Traders Society Room, in our Forum, at our Blog or at your favorite forum.

Some of the questions we would love the answer to are

1)Which is more appealing to you, the Apprentice Program, Forex Trade School or (hands-off approach) and why?
2)Have you traded Forex?
3)If yes, what strategy, indicators and platform do you prefer?
4)What do you like best about the forthcoming FTA program, beside trading with our money?
5)Is there any other relative input or constructive criticism that you can provide?

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Update from Rebel Funds

One of the most recent additions to our watch list is a program called RebelFunds ( The admin of this project could not pay LibertyReserve account holders during the downtime just like all other HYIPs’ admins. However, right after LibertyReserve came back online they have cleared out all pending withdrawals and keep operating (unfortunately, we can’t say the same about some HYIPs like Inno-Invest which used this temporary problem with LR to steal money from investors and disappear).

In another update RebelFunds reminds about the accepted e-currencies and payment processors, the list of which is really impressive. There are popular payment processors such as LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, AlertPay and GlobalDigitalPay. Even though you can rarely find programs at least with these four e-currencies, the list is not over. You can also make a deposit via Western Union, Money Gram, Migom, Contact and UniStream.

“For Western Union, Money Gram, Contact, Migom, UniStream, Bank-Wire, please contact us and tell us how much you wish to invest and an invoice will be created and sent to you. With Liberty Reeserve, AlertPay, Perfect Money, GlobalDigitalPay you can make investments when you login to your RebelFunds.Net account.” offers 2.1%-2.7% daily for 50 days with principal back on expiry. The minimum deposit is just $5 and the referral commission rate is 5%.

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Briline Limited Reaching 500 users

You know, we at RolClub Blog believe that information is a very important part of the field of high-yield investments. It is very important that HYIP admins inform their investors about everything that happens with their projects. Some admins are more active than the others but some do not post any updates at all, which is not good at all. Sometimes those updates are about the figures, problems or successes, but it is actually good to hear at least something because it demonstrates that the project is alive.

For example, in his latest update posted yesterday, the admin of simply informed about the number of registered investors in his project: “After launching our website just over a month ago we are pleased to announce we have reached a community with over 500 registered users all participating in our online investment programs.” The admin also says that with new members joining daily his team is constantly seeking for ways to expand the program and continue growing in the ever changing and demanding markets. He thanks all investors of BrilineLimited for the continued support.

By the way, if you are thinking about making a deposit in, keep in mind that it has two investment plans to offer. The first one is called “Cullinan” and brings 1.5% daily for 45 calendar days ($10-$499). Principal is returned on expiry. The second plan is called “Excelsior” and offers 2% daily for 120 calendar days ($500-$25,000). In this plan you can use a compounding feature and you will also get a 5% signup bonus. Principal is returned on expiry. Deposits can be made via PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve, AlertPay and Bank Wire.

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Do You Want To Attend An Online Forex School?

The Last Sober Currency

When we look at all the worlds major economies, all we can see is a pub full of drunks.

Whole drunken economies, which do nothing but sit at the bar and guzzle shots of stimulus like only true alcoholics can.

And who is bartending, serving up stimulus shots like its the last call?

Central Bankers!

Bartenders like Bernanke and Trichet have been passing our rounds on the house since late 2007.

Unfortunately, it seems like this Global party bar is going to Pull an All-Nighter and then some.

What happens when entire economies get so drunk that they start to trip over themselves? What happens to the rest of the world that is stuck holding currencies from these drunken nations?

Lets just say… Its going to get Ugly!

The best thing we can do is hold the one Sober currency left in the world. As far as were concerned, it will be the Designated Driver or the Last Sober Currency when this stimulus finally exposes the drunks for the reckless nations they are.

Not Convinced?

Lets take a closer look at the facts

Out of 43 countries, 41 are Now Drunk on Debt

Each week, The Economist magazine tracks the economic statistics of 43 nations.

Amazingly, only two countries in that universe sport twin surpluses or positive trade and budget balances. And of those two, only one country makes that special grade in the OECD or the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.


No other country among the worlds mature or even emerging economies can claim twin surpluses. Thats incredibly huge.

Its important, because drunken nations are now fighting sovereign debt crises in the EU. These countries are fighting with the market as bond investors continually demand higher rates to take on their risk debt.

If you didnt know, at EFX we dont rely solely on the Exotic Currencies to ensure our future. We utilize numerous strategies to ensure our success and the long term success of our ExoticFX Members. Part of our team calls themselves Commodity Guys. They like to look at energy companies, food items and precious metals for the long term.

But in addition to owning gold and a basket of commodities for diversification purposes, their favorite currency remains the Norwegian krone.

There is no doubt it will be the last currency standing in a world full of drunks.

Again, the Norwegians have the only positive trade and budget surpluses in Europe. More specifically, the krone is the only currency in the western hemisphere to sport a trade and budget surplus! Thats enough to put it on my buying list.

But then you must take into account that Norway is a major oil exporter.

We are bullish on oil, and longer-term we think natural gas will make a serious comeback as well. And Norway just happens to be the largest oil and gas exporter in Europe and the ninth largest producer in the world.

That makes the Norwegian krone an oil play.

In fact, the performance of the krone is highly tied to not just oil revenues, but the cyclical nature of the global economy. The currency also shines thanks to Norways fiscal surpluses and Norways strong external account.

But there are other reasons to love the krone as well

Twin Surpluses Shine Bright

Norway is the only nation in the world that has a 9.4% budget balance as a percentage of its gross domestic product (GDP). And its trade balance represents 13.1% of GDP, according to The Economist.

Those are impressive numbers, especially in a world drunk on debt.

On top of that, Norways sovereign wealth fund (thats mostly oil profits) manages more than US$500 billion in assets and ranks as the biggest in Europe.

Combined with the bullish outlook for oil and gas over the long-term term, Norway is a great place to park some currency diversification.Indeed, in a world full of drunks, the Norwegian krone seems to be the only sober currency left thats not drunk on its own debt. Go long the Norwegian krone now to profit.

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