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The administration of a recently added program at HYIPNews,com called ExoticFX (exoticfx.net) has sent out a newsletter introducing the project and explaining its main business ideas. You might wonder why this project has such an interesting name. The thing is that this project is engaged in exotic FOREX trading: “For most, exotic forex has little meaning. It is a field of trading that even the majority of traders will never get into. What is exotic forex? Typically exotics are considered the trading of currencies outside strict adherence to the Majors. Such as the Mexican Peso, Brazilian Real, Thai Baht and South African Rand.”

However, the field of activities of ExoticFX is not limited to only exotic FOREX trading. They also specialize in all fields of Foreign Exchange including trading of Crosses, Majors, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) as well as Heavily Leveraged ETF’s and Emerging Market Stocks. Therefore the administration of the program encourages you to invest and receive profit. All the rest they will do for you. You also should not worry about the safety of your funds because according to them: “To top off our program we have anticipated all the problems that can exist in the online arena and have implemented several safeguards in our operations both with the website and the server to assure every investor their funds are safe and that we are here for the long-haul.”

It offers eight investment plans with daily and term returns. Daily return plans bring 1% for 120 trading days (Monday-Friday), 1.2% for 140 trading days, 1.45% for 160 business days, and 2% for 180 business days. Term return plans pay on expiry and offer 1% daily for 2 weeks, 1.28% daily for 4 weeks, 1.55% daily for 6 weeks, or 2.3% daily for 8 weeks plans. Principal is returned on expiry in all plans. If you have any questions, you should contact the administration of ExoticFX and they will gladly answer them.

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