Alpha Fx Services – “real” high yield investment program?

Hello hello, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We are all used to consider a hyip program a good one or a prosperous one, both for the admins and for us only if we see it all over the place, on all the forums and at the doors of each hyip monitor. But I think this is generally a wrong idea, because if you see that hyip everywhere it simply means that they are promoting big so that they could earn big in the end when they will turn out scam!

Did you ever think that amongst these hyips program might be an honest one but who doesn’t have enough money to advertise everywhere? Well, I did while stumbling upon, a website with plans that I have never seen so far and design for the 2005 ages.
Invest now
Invest now

Invest now

Invest now

Invest now

You can see that their investment plans are far more different than the investment plans of any other programs. I would qualify these investment plans as more real, to say so.When clicking on invest now, you can see a totally different method of buying the shares with some php script that seems to look like a shopping cart, which means that the funds will not go directly into their LR/GDP accounts but will, at first, be separated and counted in by the administrator. There’s just one single thing I don’t get – why the heck isn’t this program popular?!

I must agree although that the lack of payment processors is a very big problem. They don’t even have PerfectMoney which is the second most used payment processor after LR in the high yield business. Maybe they will add AlertPay later, which seems to be the latest shift in the industry. Also, on the latest charts that are here you can see some reports that look pretty good, I must admit. It would be great if they could submit even more.

Another positive fact which pleasantly surprised me was their managed account offer which is available here as .pdf format – I recommend you to download and read it carefully.

General Informatiion – Private Managed Accounts

• Individual private accounts take more service time and monitoring than pooled funds.
• Earnings will be approximately between 0.80% and 1.20% per trade day. Some days will be less
then  0.80% and some days will be more then 1.20%.
• Your private account earnings will not be restricted to the earnings for the pooled funds as shown
on the AFX website.
• Your account will compound daily. You may grow your private micro account(s) and later request a
private standard account, if desired  (min $ 100,000 required for this).
• The management fee is 20% of the earnings and will be taken monthly. There are no other fees.
If account earnings are much lower then expected, we will consider to deduct lower management fees.
• Withdrawal requests are limited to once a month (4 th
week) at the close of trades. Please send email
request during the third week of each month, if you wish to have a ROI payout .
• You will receive monthly statements/screenshots showing your account transactions and development.
• Forex is a risky market. There are no guarantees or promises expressed or implied. The expected ROI
percentages are depending on average market conditions.

Pretty interesting facts that you don’t see on every hyip program. You should put this program on your watch list as it can prove to be a pretty good opportunity :)

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