Forex Trading Team Review

Plans: 2% daily for 200 business days
2.25% daily for 200 business days
2.5% daily for 200 business days
2.75% daily for 200 business days
3% daily for 200 business days

Minimum Deposit : $10

Payment Processors: LibertyRserve, PerfectMoney,AlertPay

Ddos Protection: Present, SSL Encryption: Present

Withdrawal: Instant

Merits: Long term plans, where the break-even point is reached pretty quickly.

Minimum investment of $10, probably beneficial for the cash flow.

Convenient list of payment processors, with inclusion of AlertPay.

Option for premature withdrawal of principal.

Ddos protected servers with SSL Encryption.

Promotional activities, being carried on in some of the most expensive English monitors, Forums, Portals,As well as in some popular and expensive Russian blogs and forums.

Let us now, move on, with the detailed review of Forex Trading Team, the brand new HYI Program, that has started its operations, only recently, precisely on 1st February. As you must have already read in many of the articles published at RolClub Blog, that personally, i do always feel that, although, high yield investment programs offering, high return short-term plans are quite popular, among a section of HYIP investors, with some even making some hefty profits from them, but it is always the HYI Programs, offering long-term plans, that keeps the industry, afloat. One of the probable benefits of the long-term programs, is once they are able to establish their presence, among the top five positions, they lead to the onset of the ‘Piggybacking phenomenon’, thus creating a platform for external revenue generation, for several lesser known programs.

The Investment Plans:

Forex Trading Team, is one of such programs, offering long-term investment plans, all of them extending for 200 Business days.

The first plan, the Forex Starter, is the most affordable plan, and the best suited to take a feel,as theminimum investment to join this plan is set at $10. This plan offers a fixed daily return of 2% daily for 200 calendar days.The maximum deposit, entertained for the Starter plan is only, $224, therefore truly a tester plan.The invested principal, is promised to be returned, at the end of the term, that is 200 calendar days, thereby the total return accumulates to 500% [400% in the form of daily returns + principal returned]

If you need some calculation, a $100 deposit, in this plan offers $2 daily for 200 calendar days.Adding the principal returned at the end of plan duration, the cumulative return amounts to $500.

As you must have noticed, the break-even point, in the first plan is 50 calendar daysTherefore after 50 business days, the investor recovers his/her investments, and enter the zone of pure profit.

The second plan, at Forex Trading Team, called the Forex Basic, promises 2.25% daily for 200 business days. With the principal returned, at the expiry of the plan, the total return in the Forex Basic plan amounts to 550% [ 450% as daily return + principal returned ]. The minimum investment, entertained for this plan is $250, well not exactly low, but definitely, will interest a particular section of investors.The maximum investment for this plan is $999.

For better elucidation of this plan, let us take an example of $500 investment. If everything goes as promised, $500 deposit in this plan, will provide a daily return of $11.25 for 200 calendar days, with the total return being $2775.

The next plan, we will be looking at is at the third plan on offer. The Forex Pro, offers a fixed return of 2.5% daily, again for a duration of 200 calendar days. Thereby, if you add the principal returned to the daily returns, we are promised a accumulated return of 600%. The minimum deposit, to take part in the Forex Pro plan being $1000, definitely targets the professional HYIP investors.

There are two more high-end plans on offer. The Forex Pro Plus plan promising 2.75% of your investments as daily return for 200 calendar days and lastly the Forex Max plan, offering a whopping 3% daily for the same duration. The minimum investments for each of them being fixed at $7,000 and $20,000 respectively, is definitely out of reach, for most of us. We will not be going into much details of them.

Early withdrawal of Principal:

A very convenient feature, that has been added to all the presented plans at Forex Trading Team is that, the investors have the option for premature withdrawal of their invested principal. But, we should also keep in mind, as the case usually is, early withdrawal of principal is associated with
a fee.

– Starting from 26 to 90 business days, deposit early withdrawal commission would be 25%
– Starting from 91 to 140 business days, deposit early withdrawal commission would be 10%
– Starting from 150 to 199 business days, deposit early withdrawal commission would be 5%

The Payment Processors:

Forex Trading Team presents a handy portfolio, in terms of the available e-currencies for transactions. Namely, it includes LibertyReserve,PerfectMoney and the growingly popular AlertPay.

Withdrawal Requests :

Although in the FAQ page, Forex Trading Team management has requested a maximum of 48 hours to process the withdrawal requests, but as off now, all of our withdrawal requests have been processed instantly.

Site Design, Hosting, Security Features:

Forex Trading Team operates on a licensed Goldcoder’s script.Hosted on a dedicated Staminus server, a very reliable name, and Ddos protection offered by, adequate security measures are in place. Although, is a lesser known name in the HYIP industry, i did read some good reviews about this particular Ddos protection service, in several webmaster’s forum. As off my experience goes, till now there has been no downtimes or inaccessibility issues. SSL Encryption is provided by the reputed COMODO.

Support to the investors:

Support is provided by the usual contact forms, as well as the Live Support widget. However, it remains to be seen, for how many hours, they keep the Live Chat open.

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