Merdex Group Review

Merdex Group company specializes in the investing exclusively in the hyper-profitable economic sectors: alternative energy, biotechnology, oil, finance, internet and natural resources. In the radius of the company’s activities are also included the following activities such as speculative trading in the exchange market and the futures market. The activity of the corporationMerdex passes on the following stock exchanges: NASDAQ,Tokyo Stock Exchange, LSE, BSE, NSE. Registration date of the domain name 25/01/2011 and it is paid till 25/01/2013

Now let’s talk about money earning with Merdex Group precisely! Here is the strategy:

Total R.O.I. 102.5% 119.5% 140% 220%
Investment Period 5 days 15 days 25 days 60 days
Interest rate 0.5% daily 1.3% daily 1.6% daily 2% daily
Principal returned Yes Yes Yes Yes
Minimum deposit 10$ 31$ 201$ 1001$
Maximum deposit 30$ 200$ 1000$ 3000$

As you may see the principal is returned in all Plans and what is more important ROI looks really promising! Also I have notice that the maximum investment sum is $3000. Let’s hope that this is to the good.
Anyway you have to remember that you are not allowed to use more than one account on the website of Merdex Group.

The site has investment calculator on the home page, so you can calculate you income without a problem.

The e-currencies you may chose to invest in Merdex Group are LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney on our website.

Once completing your personal account registration at website you get into a user personal cabinet. You can find all current information about your account and balance there. You may also make a deposit for an investment plan that is suitable for you or withdraw money from your balance. You can check the last financial activities with your account in the Financial history section.

Merdex Group
protecting customers’ accounts well by using encryption of data. But you must remember that the major vulnerability can always come from the personal computers of the users of our system. That’s why we strongly recommend protecting your computer by installing the appropriate software (antivirus, firewall, etc.).

Company provides an opportunity to all participants to earn extra money by bringing their friends or acquaintances. For every user you may get 7% referral fees from their deposit. But remember, this bonus applies only to accounts of users, who already had at least one active deposit. It means that the referral bonus is added only if your referral made a deposit through the payment system.

Company doesn’t have a physical address due to the specific direction of the work. Merdex is an internet-based company. Talking about licenses, why to pay taxes for nothing? So there is no need in both. Anyway, there is a phone number:+35635500335 and a mail: [email protected]

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FX Opportunity is Back. Really?

The program Fx-Opportunity ( is one of those that we consider being scam. It stopped paying on March and the admin of this HYIP stopped paying but started sending out newsletters offering a special 10% bonus for all new deposits. He asked to do make deposits as soon as possible in order to receive a bonus.

Well, admins of scam programs often make such offers when they stop paying or pay selectively hoping that some investors still don’t know about the problem (I’m sure you realize that the majority of investors do not read news regularly as you do). Admins gather all money they can and disappear. However, sometimes they keep sending emails with special offers even long after they are officially called scam and have negative statuses on all monitors because they do not pay. That’s exactly what the admin of Fx-Opportunity is doing. A couple of days ago we received a newsletter from this program offering to make a deposit and to receive a 10% deposit bonus. And the most “touching” part of the email is this one:
“FX Opportunity is a honest and stable paying program. We are would like to inform you that more than a month, thousands of our investors receive regular payments. We offer a risk-free investment plans. FX Opportunity is legally registered company. Make a deposit today and receive a first profit tomorrow. Welcome to FX Opportunity!”

I believe the readers of RolClub Bloh are smart people and would never do that, however if you are new to the industry, please note that you should never make any deposits if you haven’t checked the information first. Do not think that if the website of the program is online it means that it is still operating. No! Fx-Opportunity is a scam program and is dangerous because it is online and the admin of it continues sending newsletters just like everything is okay. Do not invest in it.

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Have You Ever Used Perfect’s Money P2P credit exchange

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LR is Back…oh…

“Dear Clients,
Thank you for your patience. We sincerely apologize for the prolonged delay. We appreciate your continued support as we are about to finish testing our replaced equipment. Please note that the issue is purely technical and poses no risk to your funds or personal data. Liberty Reserve will be back, as it always have been. We anticipate to finish up the configuration before the end of the weekend.
Please note that once system is back up you may experience slight delays in accessing our system due to increased traffic.
We are sorry for this inconvenience.”

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Why Not Invest in A Casino?

We’re glad to inform you that new project has been added!



Location: Odessa

Business: Casino

Period of business activity: 2 years

Funds required: $290,000

Monthly earnings: $55,000

Property listings

1 building 800 sq.m.



Equipment list

9 tables, 4AR+ 6 card tables, slots, VIP rooms, bar.


Experts consider 2011 and 2012 as a period of Renaissance for all entertainment business. As more capital coming to the country, profit of entertainment business is growing. History of casinos in Ukraine is challenging, however, it remains the most profitable business! The owners of this particular casino need funds for further faster business development as only 400 days left until official launch of Euro 2012.

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Do You Want To Learn Forex?

ExoticFX has Taken the Fear out of Forex

Our Forex Trader Apprenticeship (FTA) program is on the lookout for beginner, novice and experienced traders that want to take their trading to a higher level.

Our FTA trading program is perfect for people that want to trade Forex for a living.

Our success in the Forex Markets has afforded us this One-of-a-Kind opportunity to train and fund a select group of talented individuals that express the desire and show the potential to trade currencies.

Generally, a program like this would be reserved for those with a professional trading background which leaves the majority suffering on the sidelines with limited, if any, gains.

ExoticFX is here to change all that.

Our Forex Trader Apprenticeship Program will take you from ZERO knowledge to be an Experienced, Confident and Successful Trader and we will do it ALL with absolutely ZERO RISK to you.

Proprietary Trading – Trading other people’s money

Proprietary trading (prop trading for short) involves the ability to trade using someone else’s money.

With the ExoticFX FTA program, we will teach you to trade, we will provide the funds, you will follow our direction, and you will share in the trading profits (you keep 90%!) while our company absorbs the trading losses. If this idea sounds appealing to you, then you might be the person we are looking for. Once you complete our FREE FTA Training program and show the necessary skills and determination, you may have the opportunity to trade our company capital in the Forex market.

Lets Talk about Why we would do Anything for Free.

Theres actually much more available here than what first meets the eye.

Theres something that really bothers me. When I look around the internet for information and find something of interest, and then am forced to read through some mile long redundant sale presentation trying to pick out the pieces that are important, it annoys me greatly. Let me say right here and right now, keep on reading, because Im simply going to lay the facts on the line, remove all the hype and give you the real, straightforward information as to WHY we are doing this.

The Ultimate Goal is to create a FEE driven Forex Trader Apprenticeship Program. (Currently EVERYTHING is FREE keep reading to discover why) We know that once we fully establish the program, prove its effectiveness, profit potential, and overall desirability we can SELL IT!!! I dont mean sell the whole thing. I mean sell the ability to trade using our money. We have already done the market research and KNOW there is a HUGE Market of people that will gladly pay $15,000.00 to $25,000.00 for the opportunity to have what we are offering. But first we need to create a market presence, graduate apprentices, establish momentum and product awareness. Look at the list of features and benefits so you can understand why…

  • FREE Forex Training Free to Everyone Not Just the Apprentice Program Applicants
  • FREE 24/5.5 Fully Mentored Live Trading Account Interact with your Mentor Live from your Account. Live Trading Accounts for General Traders and Apprenticeship Traders.
  • Software Driven Stop Loss We Prevent you from Losing Money
  • Professional Trading Charts See what Our Professional Traders See as they Trade the Forex Market
  • Live Trade Calls Learn Why and When Our Professionals Trade
  • Daily Trade Recommendations Youll Know Exactly What to Buy, When to Buy, What Stop Losses to Place, and When to Sell.
  • Fully Automated Alerts Your Trading Account and Mentor will Keep you in Touch with the Market via SMS, Social Media, Voice Messaging and Instant Messaging. Never Miss an Opportunity or Get Left Holding the Empty Bag!
  • See Who Is Online – Interact with Like-Minded Traders, Mentors, Professionals and Brokers
  • Wholesale Spreads Institutional Wholesale Spread Rates Maximize your Profitability
  • Proprietary Indicators Our Secret Timing Indicator, among Others, will Ensure your Success
  • Trade Using OUR Bankroll Graduating Levels with Positions up to $3,000,000.00USD
  • Minimum Weekly Profits Level 12 Minimum Profit Goal of $12,000.00 per Week
  • Mentor Training Program Complete the 12 Month Novice Training, Apprenticeship and Professional Trader Program and Qualify for Professional Mentor
  • Mentors Earn Commissions Three Ways Mentors Earn Commissions From 1) Apprenticeship Sales, 2) Apprenticeship Trading Profits Share, 3) Share in Spread Profits from General Trading Account and Apprenticeship Program of those you Mentor.

As you can see, the FTA program will be HUGE. In order to accomplish our goals, well need many more Mentors and thats where you come in.

Is becoming a Professional Mentor for Everyone? Absolutely not.

Will everyone need Mentors with our program? Absolutely!

There is not a trader on the planet unwilling to take advice. Since having a Mentor available, whether in the FTA or General trading account, costs the account holder nothing, who in their right mind would not want the help and assistance required to be successful in the Forex Market?

This is our WHY!

We intend on setting the Forex market on FIRE with this Apprenticeship program, but first we need to create a presence, graduate apprentices, establish momentum and product awareness. Like any Internet or Cyber endeavor, traffic, coupled with a desirable successful program, will equal profits.

Like any Internet or Cyber endeavorTraffic + A Successful Program = PROFITS

And, its not a Secret – we are PROFIT driven!

So now you know our reason WHY. You are here because you, too, are profit driven. Whether you are interested in …

  • FREE Forex Training
  • EFX FTA Program
  • Professional Mentor Opportunity
  • Or something even simpler

As you can see, we have all the bases covered.

If you would like the opportunity to earn up to $12,000.00 per week income through our FTA program, but you don’t know how to trade Forex That is not a problem either.

Our FREE Training program will teach you everything you need to know

FTA members are educated via a simple structured process. From the basics through advanced training, everything is provided step by step. This is combined with specialized small group FTA training sessions which are conducted with our expert FTA mentors. The FTA training system will reinforce and reward consistent and professional trading behavior.

We find the best prop traders are individuals with very little or even no trading experience, as long as they share the same end goals. With our FTA Traders using our company account, we make money when you make money, so obviously we have high expectations and a vested interest in the success of our traders. Applicants must be willing to go through our training course, follow the trading recommends and strategies we provide, and dedicate sufficient time to the trading process. In order to qualify for the FTA program, the following characteristics are sought:

  • Strong Desire and Dedication to Pursuing a Professional Trading Career
  • Discipline to Follow a Highly Structured Trading Plan
  • Commitment to Complete the Initial Education and Continued Training Program
  • Time Management Ability to Spend at Least 4-5 Hours a Week Trading your Account

Does this sound like you?

24/5.5 LIVE Trading

Learning and doing can be two very different things! Many new and even veteran traders understand the concepts and strategies inside out, yet when they begin trading in live market conditions, are quickly overwhelmed. With the ExoticFX Fully Mentored 24 hour LIVE Trading rooms you have support around the clock! Our Trading rooms are designed to support your live trading experiences, and what better way than with the support of Professional Mentors?

Funded Apprenticeship

  • FTA Traders can keep their account in demo mode for as long as they choose, before trading LIVE and entering the FTA advancement program
  • Increased buying power (access to our money) comes with consistent weekly performance, thereby building profits as you graduate through the levels
  • You Keep 90% of the Profits!
  • Weekly advancement targets are based on minimum performance levels of only 10 pips per day at full position size
  • Coverage of all trading losses, therefore no risk to you the trader
  • Access to institutional (wholesale) spreads maximizes your profit potential

ExoticFX will always remain the equal opportunity alternative. Lets face it, Forex trading isnt for everyone even with all the features provided above. ExoticFX is the no frills, easy to understand and simple way to participate in the Multi-Billion dollar world of Forex.

We Guarantee you up to 2.3% per day return on your investment and you dont have to do a thing.

In essence, this Fully Managed Account will earn you a profit 24 hours a day, 5 days per week.

At ExoticFX we strive to simplify the process of Forex Investing by providing you with a Hands-off approach. We work diligently to research the Exotic currency pairs, stay on top of the Majors, determine the ETF trends and discover Emerging Market Opportunities. We participate in these markets every single day and provide you with a simple plug and play portal to this Multi-Billion dollar industry.

When you join ExoticFX, youll immediately gain these five key advantages:

  1. You earn a faster growing, independent income, with less risk with no need for day trading.
  2. You can stay insulated from the Global debt crisis and become diversified outside your own currency.
  3. Youll avoid costly errors and steep learning curves that reduce your confidence and can wipe out your bank balance.
  4. Youll enjoy a new financial status and confidence knowing strict risk management is used to maximize profits.
  5. And youll get back in control of your money, minus costly broker s and their profit-grabbing commissions.

ExoticFX could very well be your number one best chance to profit in 2011 and beyond.

Join ExoticFX Today and insulate yourself from the looming Global Financial disasters.

It couldnt be simpler.

ExoticFX More Than Just Profits!
A Private Asset Haven!
Revolutionary! Simple! Secure!

Who are we?

As Forex industry leaders, we are committed to developing and empowering Traders all around the world by providing systematic education, forex training and trading services, specializing in the Exotic, Cross and Major Currency pairs as well as ETF Trends and Emerging market opportunities. Our comprehensive training programs will educate everyone from absolute beginners to professional traders how to successfully achieve their personal financial goals.

Why are we different? It is simple Discipline! We are committed to

  • Continuous Research and Development
  • Comprehensive Education and Training
  • Interactive Professional Coaching Tools
  • “LIVE” and Interactive Trading Rooms

Our Commitment

Our traders benefit from our training which is backed by a network of Forex industry professionals. We are all experts in our field; well provide the cutting edge trading tools, each of which is market tested by a dedicated research and development team. And well provide the means to bring it all together within our live trading rooms under the guidance of Professional Trading Mentors.

As Professional Traders in the Forex market, we recognize the changing nature of the financial markets and are consistently researching and testing new and advanced techniques and strategies to strengthen our offer.

Expert knowledge is the Key to your success as a FTA trader

We believe that our professional FTA training program will allow traders, from beginner to advanced, to unleash their full earning potential by equipping them with the advanced knowledge and skills needed to trade the Forex market as a professional. As part of the course, FTA apprentices will receive

  • Specialized small group training which will cover all aspects of professional FTA trading,
  • Live trading room support throughout the trading day,
  • Daily online review sessions, and
  • Access to an exclusive FTA only forum.

Thanks to our flexible online delivery of the educational program, you can participate in the Forex Trader Apprenticeship program on a full- or part-time basis. The choice is yours.

Professional Level Trading Platform

We leave nothing to chance. There is no guess work involved. Just the right tools for the job. Via the MetaTrader 4 platform, well provide you with direct access to market prices and the ability to place and modify your trades efficiently.

Trading Indicators and Signals

Once we assist you in setting up your trading platform, we will install our proprietary trading indicators. Your trading tools are complete in one very powerful and easy to use trading program.

You have the means to access the markets and the tools, support and complete systems to professionally determine profitable trading opportunities.

Client Support: FAQ

I dont really have many computer skills

We have step-by-step instructions for all our processes. Customer support can even log on remotely to your computer and help you solely at your request.

I have never traded anything. What kind of support can I expect?

Customer support is all-inclusive. Our Support personnel will personally speak to every new member and assist them in setting up their computer with the trading platforms and indicators.

My day job has odd hours. Will I be able to talk to someone if I experience difficulties?

Customer support is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your personal Mentors will be assigned and available to fit your schedule.

Do I need a special computer?

Our recommendation is that you use a Pentium 4 or similar with at least 2 Gig of ram and an 80 Gig hard drive. Having a second monitor is an advantage but not required.

What type of education are you talking about?

We have downloadable written material, and recorded video lessons and instructions, as well as LIVE Trading Rooms and LIVE Classrooms where you can ask experienced traders questions.

With this program can I expect regular updates?

Our program leader will send you regular updates via email, SMS messages, voice messaging, and Instant Messaging as well as Live Trading Room messages. (You select the options best for you.) You wont miss a thing!

How will I know when classroom lessons or changes are made?

We announce events and changes in the LIVE rooms. We also send out email notification to any classroom change, as well as all Classes and LIVE room schedules are posted in our online calendar on our website. Classroom lessons are also video recorded for playback at your leisure.

How will I receive instruction on how to implement or take advantage of any new strategies?

LIVE online classes will be scheduled for every new group of traders to walk them through the details of the FTA program and the trading strategies. Live trading support will be provided to our FTA traders throughout the day, and daily online classroom sessions are held to review the trading strategies and address any questions. In addition, all FTA traders will have access to the regular 24 hour LIVE trading rooms for continuing support.

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