Merdex Group Interview

Today we are happy to have an interview with the representatives of MerdexGroup (  a successfully developing program that has been online for more than a month. We will find out about its business strategy, plans for future and more details about MerdexGroup. This interview will surely help you get to know this project and maybe it will become one of the programs which you choose to make a deposit in. Let’s get started!

RolClubBlog: On behalf of all our readers we are happy to welcome you at RolClubBlog. Please, introduce yourself and tell us about your position in the company and your work experience.

MerdexGroup (MG): Hello Martin and all the members and readers of HyipNews! Well basically I work as a support manager. My name is Jay and currently I live in Finland. It`s not my first attempt to work in support team. I have an experience workin` in some social network projects and also we have an online shop with a friend of mine and i work as a manager there.

RolClubBlog: What is the story behind MerdexGroup? How was it established and what are the goals?
(MG): Actually, Merdex Group was established in 2001, and a lot of things has changed in our team. Some of us went away to the other projects in the last 10 years, the whole work became more professional and now a can say without any doubt that we have a really strong awareness about what we should do to keep moving on, to do our best in the market. And definitely we have all the tools to make it. I mean our team, our software, our plan for the future development. Responsibility, flexibility, respect and support, hard work and commitment to bring clients the maximum benefit – these are core and essential aspects of the Merdex Group, which have firmly entered the life of every employee of our company and are unchanged to this day.

RolClubBlog: Tell us about the team of MerdexGroup. Who are those people and what are their positions and responsibilities?

(MG): Our team members are all over the world. As i`ve already said I work in the Support Dept and i live in Finland, Tampere. Our designer he is from Sweden. Most of our the traders they are from different countries but now they live in Thailand – the best place to work, live and have fun. We have one guy from Russia he works under our analytical software in closely collaboration with our traders.

What differs your project from hundreds others in HYIP industry? Why in your opinion should investors chooseMerdexGroup and what should they primarily pay attention to?

(MG): First of all we are not going to cheat with some information like licenses, offices and so on. And it`s not a secret that we don`t pay taxes, cause we don`t have to. Licenses.. no. Definitely, we could make some scans of this one, our designer can do that in one hour. But again, if your are a pro-investor, do you believe in such images? Same here. Furthermore, we are not a registered company and we don`t want to say that we are.

And the same thing about or office, we don`t have it, and you will never find an HYIP program with a real office. Anyway most of the programs they place address of their offices, but it`s just a virtual offices and the price starts for 100$. You will get and address and a PO box and sometimes a landline phone number with call-forwarding. We belive that it`s much better just to have a cell phone number like we have and to place a contact form. That`s more that enough enough to get in touch with our clients.
We have a unique script with a strong protection, user-friendly interface, and you can always check our trading statistics, it`s updated daily.

What kind of business is your company engaged in? How does MerdexGroup make money and is it a risk-free way of earning? What are the specifics that investors should be aware of?

(MG): The activity of the Merdex Group passes on the following stock exchanges:NASDAQ,Tokyo Stock Exchange,LSE,BSE,NSE. Our clients get the profit not from a separate project (as suggested by the bulk of the funds), but on the total return of the fund that guarantees you returns, regardless of the success of each of our projects. Reliable partners provide us with timely analytics and risk assessment for the projects. Our greatest asset is the team of professionals who daily holds the analysis of the world economic trends, examining new and promising areas for investment. We are doing everything we can to justify the trust of our clients. We appreciate the time and money of every addressed investor. Examine the future and act before it occurs is the unshakable principle of our company.

RolClubBlog: Tell us about the investment offer at MerdexGroup, please. How many plans do you offer and what are the terms? Why do you offer such interest rate and not more or less?
We have a reliable plans, with daily payouts. We pay 7 days in a week, with out any holidays. Our clients can eart up to 2% daily with a total R.O.I of 220%.
Principal will be returned on all the plans and it`s very important. Actually our most popular plan is Mx2 ( 1,3% daily for 15 days with a total R.O.I. of 195.5%).

Do you offer an affiliate program? What are the terms and what should investors do to participate?
(MG): We offer a typical affiliate program with 7% referral commission. But the main rule is that bonus applies only to accounts of our users, who already had at least one active deposit, to avoid cheating.

RolClubBlog Which payment options do you accept? Why did you choose these ones and are you going to add more in the nearest future?
(MG): We accept two widely spread payment systems – Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. But we are going to add Alert Pay after we`ll verify all the documents to avoid locks. Anyway Alert Pay is not safe for us, due to that it is real to buy black account from carders. But we`ll find the way to check all the payments fast and carefully.

RolClubBlog: I’m sure you are aware of the fact that HYIP world is very risky and it is very important for a program to be protected on a good level. How do you ensure security of your system? Tell us about your hosting provider, a script and an SSL encryption.
(MG): Our hosting provider is ARMORAID and it offers a strong protection against DDOS attacks. And we also have SSL from GeoTrust. We are protecting our customers’ accounts well by using encryption of data. But you must remember that the major vulnerability can always come from the personal computers of the users of our system. That’s why we strongly recommend protecting your computer by installing the appropriate software (antivirus, firewall, etc.)

Do you believe that it is very important to keep investors up-to-date and provide support as quickly as possible? What are the ways to contact you and which contact information do you provide?
(MG): As i`ve already told we provide a phone support. Our number is +356 3550 0335 and it`s available from 6pm till 1am (UTC+1). What is more, we have a contact form and it`s available 24h7days in a week. We make replies very quickly so there is no need in live support chat. Also we have place all our changes and news on our NEWS section. And dont` forget to check our official pages on TWITTER and Facebook.

RolClubBlog: What are the most common problems and questions from investors that you regularly have to deal with? If there are some, you can answer them here.
(MG): I think the most regular question is that how long we are going to stay in the market. Telling the truth, i can`t do that. As long as we can. We hope for the best, and to stay online for at least 2-3 years but this is a serious and risky business. We will do our best and add more and more great features to our program!

RolClubBlog: It is very difficult to create a perfect program, therefore many HYIPs are improved as they develop. Are you going to improve MerdexGroup or make any changes in the future?
(MG): 2 Weeks ago we totally changed the design of our program, and now it look much better user-friendly. Also we`he launched some great offers like – Now our client will get 5% BONUS to their initial deposit. And the second offer is that we pay $0.17 for each post of our clients on our official forums.

RolClubBlog: What are your business plans for the future?
(MG): What we want if the nearest future is to invest money in the stocks of a hardly growing companies like Nvidia, now you can easily do that. Maybe it sounds a little bit crazy but it really works. We believe in the future technologies. Also we don`t forget about startups, but sometimes it`s a little bit risky that`s why we spend less on such projects. And we are going to add a new section on our site. It`s will be called – Pro section. In this section our clients will be able to find detailed reports with the daily trading results.

(HN): Tell us about your promotional strategies.
(MG): Our promotion strategy is not agressive – we placed a lot of banners in the start and we bought listing on the best HYIP monitors, that`s all. But in we will place our banners on the main monitors and blogs again in a couple of weeks.

RolClubBlog: Many people think that there is a decline of HYIP industry these days. Do you think so too? What is your opinion on the future of HYIP?
(MG): Well i can`t say that HYIP industry feels great now. But it`s typical for each type of business after some years of being in the maket. The whole HYIP industry needs to evaluate and we are sure that HYIP will be popular and in demand for very long period of time.

RolClubBlog: This is the last question and it is open. You can address our readers and say anything you wish. We thank you for this great interview and wish you success and long life to MerdexGroup!
(MG): Well it was great to have an interview and to tell everything that we wanted about our company. We wish only the best and we are open to our new investors and Merdex Group will do the best! Good luck!

thanks HYIP News

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Forex4Profits Short Interview

Hello! Please introduce yourself. What is your name? What is your position in Forex4profits?

Forex4Profits (F4P): Hi, I am JOHAN DAVID , ADMIN HEAD , Forex4profits.

(Nick Cooper): You stopped paying in the end of March. Our last payout was received on March 28. What happened with your program?

(F4P): We are in the process of upgrading our website and software , so we are not able to process our regular activities in our business for 15days . But now we are into our regular and active in our process. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

(NC): Forex4profits is still listed on some monitors as Not Paying. Did you contact those admins and are you going to continue being monitored by all monitors you used to be listed at?

(F4P): Yes, we have informed and explained about our up gradation process details and those will be updated by 27/04/2011.

(NC): You announced new investment plans. Tell us about them and how they are different from the old ones.

(F4P): We have changed our old hourly plan to regular plan. Also we have attractive IV levels of referrals in our new plan.

(NC): Tell us about your plans for the future and explain why investors should make a deposit in Forex4profits.

(F4P): In future, we will be paying the payouts Instantly and also we are introducing our own trading platform. To feel comfort and safe deposit, investors are always willing to deposit in Forex4profits.

We thank the admin for his answers and hope that there won’t be any similar problems in the future and that Forex4Profits is here to stay for a long time. I remind that this program offers three investment plans. They all last for 100 working days and the principal is returned on expiry. There is also a 10% signup bonus. Here are the plans:* Regular Plan brings 2% daily for deposits from $100 to $999* Premium Plan offers 3% daily with the minimum deposit of $1,000 and the maximum is $4,999* Classic Plan is the most profitable one and will bring you 5% daily if you invest $5,000-$49,999The list of payment options at includes LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney and Neteller. There is a 4 level referral program that offers 0.1-0.5% commission.

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FxPowerPro Interview

(RCB): Hello. Our interviews traditionally begin with an introduction. Please tell us who you are and what your role in the project FxPowerPro is.

FxPowerPro (FPP): Hi! My name is Jack Taylor. I am a technical expert, a Forex specialists team manager. I manage several dozens of traders all over the world, and the number of them constantly increases. I’ve developed my own FxPP-M management of HYIP resources model, thanks to which our team is interested in making more effective transactions and to engage even more professionals. At the moment the company is going through the official registration so once it is done you’ll be the first to know it 😉

There is a slogan on your website“is an professional team and we needn’t say more”Tell us about this professional team. Who are these people? What do they do?
(FPP): As I’ve already described it, our team consists of forex traders, financial management division and technical support. The terms of work in our company are very simple, they are based on the usual bonus system, which stimulates the workers to work better. Within just a month of work our team has doubled its staff, our account value quintuples our current liabilities in the HYIP! That’s why I may assert that this investment project will become one of the leaders in this sphere. Special thanks to my assistants for their responsibility and professionalism.

(RCB): Which actions of your team help achieve such great results and pay your investors such great income?
(FPP): One of the basic requirements for our traders in FxPP-M model is so called aggressive trading approach. The main point of it is a cute bonus system of transaction payments. We pay for successful transactions only. You may ask what reason is for traders to work with me. I’ll not disclose all the secrets of my model, but I can say that it is based on constant profit increasing, and it helps the traders to earn more with us than if they just performed own trading on the Forex Market. Due to this method it is possible to assure long-term payments to investors and company’s development. All the traders are divided into departments, and each of traders is responsible for the constant money flow for every investment plan.

(RCB): Is there a story behind or your project starts with a website and online activity?
(FPP): We started to work at the beginning of this year. For the time being – online only. But it took almost a half of a year to get everything ready to start. We’ve researched the HYIP market, processed lots of necessary information and various financial questions. From the very beginning of the project our approach to it is based on responsibility, analysis and professionalism.

(RCB): Tell us about your investment products and the mechanism of accruing profits.
(FPP): At this moment we have 4 investment plans. Each of them is oriented on different types of investors. The first one is START-30, which is scheduled just for 30 days. As all the plans, it includes your deposit returning at the end of the term. It is the only plan where the compounding option is available. It leads to more than 15% profit increasing. The minimal deposit is $5, the maximal one – $300. The accumulated profit is 54% without compounding, 62% – with compounding of 50%, 100% – 71%. So with the 300$ deposit you may get $512.34 just in 30 days! This plan is designed to the major part of investors and it was created to confirm our financial solvency and stability.

The second plan is BEGINNER 60. It lasts 60 days. This investment plan leads to maximal profit increasing up to 132%. With $500 deposit you get $1160 in 60 days. We pay $11 every day and return your deposit at the end of this term. This plan is popular among the investors who have already noticed that we guarantee stability, security and profit. They invest inFxPowerPro because they trust us.

The third and forth plans are PRO and GOLD. They are scheduled for long-term stable payments – 150 days. The maximal profit may be up to $84,000 with the maximal available deposit of $20,000. These plans are designed to big investors with the possibility of personal meeting and the co-operation with partial financial statements discussing. Unlike the previous plans, the investable funds may be returned before the plan ends, but no later than in 3 weeks.

(RCB): Now it is popular to translate websites into different languages. Frankly, I believe that translating a website of high-yield program into all possible languages is quite pointless but sometimes it is simply convenient. Do you plan to translate your site?
(FPP): Yes, we work with the firm which translates the texts of such subject professionally. In the nearest future we’ll have our site translated in Russian and German. And we won’t stop!

(RCB): You have a complicated referral system – there are 4 levels. Tell me more about it.
(FPP): Being our partner is as simple and safe as being an investor. Every user may use a special unique link to our site (including unique banners). The referral profit rate starts at 3%. This interest may increase and it depends upon the number of investors. If a partner referred 1-99 people he will receive 3% from a deposit. 4% is when this number is from 101 to 300 people, 5% – 301 to 500 and 6% for those who referred more than 501 referrals. So any person may take part in our referral program. We also have a special bonus programme for affiliates, but it is discussed individually.

(RCB): Is it possible to earn referral commission and not to invest in FxPowerPro?
(FPP): Yes, as I’ve mentioned before, anybody can take part in our affiliate program without obligation to deposit.

(RCB): Now you accept deposits in LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay – a golden set for a high-yield investment project, so you probably do not plan to add other options for making payments, do you?
(FPP): Now we have Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and a verified account AlertPay of course. We don’t see any necessity to add other e-pay systems. But we are going to add the possibility of bank transfers soon.

(RCB: Security of a website is an important component of success in highly competitive environment. How do you solve the problem with technical safety?
(FPP): Recently we’ve moved to the new dedicated server at the data-centre of the known provider Our server is configured by the leading specialists, experienced in information security sphere, specially for our project. The access to our server is limited and is only allowed through secured protocol. We use advanced technologies only. Our server is connected with a special channel (network protection service) and can withstand any DDOS attacks up to 1gbps. We did our best to explain to our clients, that their information is protected – site connection is possible only by secure SSL protocol, so the traffic between our clients and our site is always encrypted. Our clients can use a virtual keyboard when they register to avoid possibility of eavesdropping by viruses and Trojans. Be sure, the work with us is safe!

(RCB): Live customer support is implemented on your website. I have visited the website several times and live support was always online. What is its operating schedule?
(FPP): After our project moved to the new server, we changed the on-line support module at our site. Now it is more convenient to talk to us. A small button is at the left bottom of all the pages of our site and our clients, partners and visitors can use it to ask a question at any moment, when they need it. Our staff tries to online be as much time as possible, but if there are no operators on-line you can write to us, we’ll answer soon.

(RCB): Which methods of promotion do you use to attract the audience in the field of high-yield investments? Is it advertisement, some promotions, contests or something else?
(FPP): From the very beginning we have a clear plan of resources allocation for our project promotion. First of all we advertise it at the most popular sites of this sphere, set banners, publish the news, and support topics at different forums. We should be recognizable. Now that we paid the first principals at the end of the first cycle we plan to tell more about us at different information sites. I’ll try to do interviews as often as possible. Soon we’ll offer different drawings and events to show to our investors that it is not only safe, but also interesting to work with us.

(HN): Please tell our readers (your potential investors) why you think that FxPowerPro is better than others.
(FPP): “My child is always the best”. FxPowerPro is not just a HYIP project, but it is a responsible and professional team, and first of all we take care of our clients, because it is the only way to enlarge their number. I’m sure that FxPP-M model will work for many years, because all its participants always win. It sounds fantastically, but it is true! I want to underline that I would fail to materialize my ideas without my team’s help and responsibility, thank you, FxPowerPro team.

And at the end of our discussion I’d like to say again special thanks to our investors and partners who trust us, because we are all one successful team moving FxPowerPro towards to leadership in the industry.

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Extensive Interview with Invest Platforms (RCB): Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell about your position in the company. We would also like to know about the team of InvestPlatforms. How many people work for the company? What are their positions?

InvestPlatforms (IP): Dear Nick Cooper, I am Ken Lim, Marketing Manager of InvestPlatforms(subsidiary of Asia One Assets Co., Ltd. Vietnam) It’s an honor to be given this interview chance and space for a better chance for our investors and potential investors to know us better.

Our team comprises of various departments and spear headed by a Manager for each department.

General Manager – Mr. John Rona whom oversees every aspects from operations to payments. He is basically the man behind the scene for InvestPlatforms, The fund raising online project for our offline projects.

Support Manager – Ms. Sandy whom oversees our Support team that’s in charged of facilitating our online customers and catering to request pertaining to account management and new inquiries.

Finance Manager – Ms. Michelle whom oversees our online finance department. Handling new deposits and daily withdrawals.

Marketing Manager – Myself (Ken Lim) whom oversees Marketing department for both online and offline (Asia One Assets Co., Ltd.). I recently took over the role from Sandy as her work load is getting heavier by the day and marketing and advertisement plays a very important role to any company and having said that, Sandy has also been very proficient with her area of expertise therefore it is only right that she focus her attention on Customers’ support which explains the changes.

Last but not least, we have our Technical Department that comprises of two others whom are working alongside Mr. John Rona for newer upgrades and developments.

Every departments comprises of minimum 2 people and for our support and finance department, we have 3 people each.

RCB: What contact information do you provide to your clients?

IP: We have various points of contact.

1) Through support mailing system which is the most commonly used method and mails are often replied to within few hours.

2) Company address which can be found also in the “Contact Us” page. We are opened from 9.30am to 5pm (Mondays to Fridays) +7 GMT.

3) For urgent matters, we are contactable on Skype at [email protected]

RCB: Could you tell the story of the project in a few words? When did the history of the Internet-based project start? How has it developed?

IP: Basically, we are a Development and Construction company that hath been around for over 5 years now. We are involved with many different projects here in Ho Chi Minh City, partnering with leading firms like Investco and Phu My Hung Group.

The whole internet-based project started as an idea to raise funds to have a take on larger projects without capitalizing on our offline contacts which is essentially used for our London operations for our partnering brokerage firm. Therefore, our investors partake mainly in our Land banking projects here in Ho Chi Minh City.

HN: How long has InvestPlatform been operating? What have you managed to achieve during this period?

IP: We have been online for the past 6 months and i would say that the initial stage was the hardest. To be honest with you, the first two months were the hardest because the investments were small largely due to us being new to the market. The payouts were delivered as promised and revenues paid were mainly from our machinery rentals. We are currently seeing a bigger group of investors with a more significant amount daily and i would say that if this carries on, we will be right on track what we planned for 7 months ago and we can work out more benefits compensation for our investors.

RCB: Do your investors have anything to fear?

IP: I am thankful for this timely interview and i would like to take this opportunity to ensure our current investors and potential investors:

“Do not worry. You are in good hands!”

There is nothing to fear as we are serious with our project which was the reason we went to different extends (Ddos protected dedicated server, VeriSign SSL and VeriSign Extended Validation for identity assurance) in our opinion is the BEST we could go, to give a little more insight to our company intentions which we are more than happy to be able to convey to everyone!

RCB: Is your company officially registered? If yes, do you open to public the documents that confirm its legal status?

IP: We are officially registered as mentioned earlier. We believe that unless required, being Validated by VeriSign Extended Validation gives more than enough assurance of our legal status. In fact, all parties are free to not just verify with us, but also go through VeriSign live chat to check our status and our claims. This should be an even more assuring act which most other companies online wouldn’t be able to deliver as the stringency of VeriSign is a known fact to most people. Criterias has to be met before being issued the EV cert. This includes Company registration documents, verification by state notary public, audit verification by state bank(Hanoi) and visit to local business address (address according to location registered with online domain registra Vietnam).

RCB: Describe the investment plans that you offer. Why is your offer more attractive than the offers of other projects?

IP: We have 4 plans to offer:

2 Investments (120 business days)
2 Savings (flexi-savers (no lock-in) IPFD (3,6,12 months lock in)

Investment plans: (minimum $10 maximum $500,000)
Gold Account 1.2-1.5% daily for 120 business days excluding PH
Platinum Account 1.6-2.0% daily for 120 business days excluding PH

Savings plans: (minimum $100 maximum: No limit)
Flexi-savers 5.90% per monthly basis payable at the end of each month.
(pro-rata payment applies for investors whom deposited nearing the month end)


IPFD (InvestPlatforms Fixed Deposit) – lock in period according to plans.
3 months – 6.50% monthly
6 months – 7.90% monthly
12 months – 9.99% monthly

For both the saving plans, we are offering additional 1.5% loyalty bonus from the 2nd month of depositing.

For example;

End November – Deposited amount $100
End December – based on 5.90%, amount accrued is $5.90
End of January – based on 5.90% + 1.5%, amount accrued is $7.40
End of February – 5.90% + 3%, amount accrued is $8.90
End of March – 5.90% + 4.5%, amount accrued is $10.40

And this goes on for as long as the amount is intact in the account. The whole cycle resets when principal is withdrawn.

We do not dare claim that our offer is more lucrative than other programs however, we offer stability in exchange for high returns. The fact that we are open and aboveboard with our Company details is so that investors can rest their minds when investing with us. It doesn’t sound right when we are promoting our company program alongside many other programs and some which turned out as bad investments along the way, but who can deny that this is indeed a very big market with good and ready investors? Therefore despite all the challenges, we will allow time to be the judge for our claims.

RCB: It is not a secret that the online investments field is full of risks for the investors. How do you ensure financial stability and security of your system?

IP: It is indeed not a secret, and it is in fact not only in the online field that risks are high, offline businesses in itself carries the same measure of it! the reason for EV certificate was to give assurance to the general public that InvestPlatforms has been audited by the state bank and has a healthy financial standing therefore we have funds to compensate our time loss in projects while maintaining payouts. The projects taken are profitable and well able to cover the rates being offered by us.

Our technical specs combination i believe should be one of the best in the industry at present. Daily malware scans are done and customers’ records are being updated and backed up on a separate system daily! Our investors can most assuredly rest their minds while investing with us. There is no need to fear for downtime because even our newer developments are implemented without the need of 1-2 hours downtime. It has been proven and done just over a month back.

RCB: Do you consider your program to be special among other similar programs? Why would you recommend it to investors?

IP: I do personally recommend the investment services to everybody! My family members are customers of InvestPlatformsas well! Although i would say that it is nothing too special but because of the dedication of the team, the excellence in spirit to excel in the various departments, i believe that it is only a matter of time InvestPlatforms will be the market leader and quite probably the last man standing through good and bad times.

IF you are looking for a good and stable program, you should consider InvestPlatforms because this is truly the company that protects not only their own interest, we seek to make InvestPlatforms a better investment choice every single day. We listen to opinions and we upgrade ourselves. A good business starts with a good team and the only thing that makes a good team is a group of people whom are responsible, caring, people centered and whom value character over monetary gains. We may be physically far and perhaps will never have the opportunity to meet face to face, but given time, we would be able to proof that InvestPlatforms is worth all your while investing in!

RCB: What are your business plans for the future? Are you going to change or to add anything in your project?

IP: We plan to be the best in all we do. To be a market leader not just in the online community, Asia One Assets hope to achieve the Top50 awards in Vietnam for 2011.

Our plans are well thought out before we launched and therefore the plans will remain intact, but we would love to incorporate more choices for our investors so that we can become a one-stop investing hub where people of different risk appetite can surely find something that they are most comfortable with.

RCB: How and with the help of what are you going to become a leader in the field of high-yield online investing?

IP: I believe the key factor in becoming the market leader in this field is to deliver our promises and bring trust amongst the people. We hope that while we are only 4 months old in this field, by increasing our web presence and continually maintaining our payouts to every investor, the potential investors would give us a shot and join in to a program they can call their own.

We sincerely hope that current investors would continue to promote us not just for the referral benefits, but also because we are worth your efforts. While we continue to build and grow, investors can do their part in the growth for stability and significance.

Thank you Martin, for this great opportunity to be able to express our intentions and goals for our company to be made known to all. It hath been an honor to be interviewed by the leading newspaper of this industry! We look forward to be able to share our joy with you and everyone down the road. Our Journey has only just begun!

Till we become the market leader,

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