Good News from PrimFix

Today we have some good news from Primfix. There are almost 2000 members now and this project has been constantly improved. The administration keeps making efforts to make their project even better and eventually the best HYIP in the industry. First of all, Derek says that PTP (paid to promote) system now works for normal referral links too. It was working only for Primfix Lite referral links but from now on you will get credits for every visitor you send to the website.. The team of Primfix is now in the process of creating a splash page to help you promote Primfix, you’ll also earn PTP credits for visitors you send to that page. It will be a very simple page explaining whatPrimfix is about and inviting the visitor to read more about it. According to Derek, it should become a very powerful marketing tool.

I believe it is pretty hard for many users to understand the system of betting used by Primfix and it is a generally known fact that some people understand information when they hear it much better then when they read. If you are one of those people, you should definitely watch a new video presented by Primfix which explains once again the concept of the project and how your invested money is used. It was promised to be released soon and now it is ready and besides it can help you promotePrimfix and refer people.t can be also found on the splash page mentioned above once the page is ready. Feel free to use it in your blogs, forums, monitors, lists and other tools.

By the way, the recent addition of a payment option using credit cards through AlertPay turned out to be very reasonable and hundreds of deposits have been made using it. This leads to the fact that a lot of people ask the administration to provide proofs that Primfix is a registered company. Derek says: “We have top level approvals from Alertpay and Solidtrustpay under our Primfix Limited name. We placed a link of our Incorporate Certificate on the main page of Primfix which was obtained in the year 2009. This was also when the domain was registered.” The certificate can be viewed here.

And some more good news is that Primfix Betting platform will be available soon. Here’s how it will work: a certain match will be announced 24 hours before it starts and you will be able to place bets using either your e-currency funds or your account balance. When you place a bet, you need to pick plan A, B or C, like you normally do when you make deposits. If your bet wins, winners who chose plan A will earn 3% profit added to their account balances, plan B – 4%, and plan C – 5% plus your initial deposit. You will be able to withdraw your deposits and a bonus right away, it won’t be deposited to the plan you chose. If you lose, the amount you bet will be deposited to the plan you chose. There will be no losers! It should be ready within two weeks and only SMS verified members will be allowed to use it. More information will be provided soon and we will inform you about it once received.

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