AlertPay enters the Hyip business and Hyip News – FxCambier & Vetcogray

I am almost sure that you are enjoying your weekend and it is just me who’s sitting in front of his desk and writing another post on the latest or highlighted programs in the industry. First of all, I must admit that I’ve observed how AlertPay is becoming more and more loved by new programs. Is the hyip world experiencing a shift and it is moving towards accepting another payment processor which is known to be pretty professional and out of the hyip world? Time will tell soon enough.

FxCambier is a program that got my attention. – that central image with those businessman kept me attention still and I continued on searching the website for their plans, contacts and so on. I’ve pleasently observed that they are also present on social media, this has become almost a must for these days – twitter and facebook. They are providing an UK address, which is pretty different from other hyips that are using mostly offshore addresses. The location is this one – Address: 404 Albany House, 324-326 Regent Street, London W1B 3HH, U.K. However, I failed to find their exact location using so I came to conclusion that they must be using a postal mail or that is a building for business offices.

Their live support appears to be offline mostly all the time so I question myself – why showing that live chat button if you are not going to hire some guys to answer public questions? I mean, I don’t wanna waste my time when browsing a program’s website. We need quick and short answers as time is ticking away, so why not respect our needs? Another curious thing about this program is some information I’ve saw in their news section : DDOS attack
As you may have noticed has been unavailable for some time due to a very huge ddos attack.
Dec-1-2010 05:26:44 PM

Welcome to
Dear All Valued Visitors,
Welcome to, your only real forex manager. We are glad to announce

Nov-28-2010 12:51:58 AM

I mean, the program had 3 days old and there were already attacks on it? Oh, c’mon, I am not buying that. Who would want to attack a company that has 3 days online? How many deposits could it have gather? So, it pleased me with the plans and upper design but disappointed a little with these things. – VetcoGray Business. An unusual word for somehow an usual hyip. Their simple red logo makes me think about pharmaceutical companies and gives some chill to my bones. Anyway, their support was good in overall, much better than I was expecting to be honest. And this gives me a great idea to consider for the future – to give programs “+” or “-” according to their professional level in the following fields

  • Website content and description of where the money are invested
  • Overall design
  • Customer support
  • Technical analysis (hosting, domaine name, payment processors, DDoS attacks frequency)

A very good company should receive 5 stars and so on. Back to our program – we see that this one has also AlertPay! This hyip world has gone mad! I am thinking about the moments when hyips will close and clients will open up disputes, what will then AlertPay say? They will wake up with thousands of support tickets on their heads, why would they need this hussle especially knowing they have now well over 5 000 000 clients.

VectoGray’s business description is based around forex and sport arbitrage – one of the most often business terms used in the description of hyip programs. I know that there are guys who’re making millions from sport arbitrage but it is really, really hard. You have to be careful with sports brokers and so on…

Until the next post, I greet you all and wish a tickling weekend!

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