Easy Cash Fund Review

Easy Cash Fund has been launched in the major forums on 25th February, therefore as of now, its a fresh earning opportunity hardly 4 days old, offering a set of short term Paid at expiry plans. [Well, as we perhaps all know, the age of high yield programs, particularly in case of the short term ones, is a crucial factor, when deciding on whether to invest in a particular program offering short term plans.]

Investment plans:

With this introduction, let us now move on to the most important aspect of any high yield investmentprogram, that is the investment plans offered.

The first plan at Easy Cash Fund, is called the Easy Cash Beginner, which matures after a duration of 5 days. Easy Cash Beginner has two sub-plans, the beginner 1, accepts deposits between $5 and $300, and promises a return of 115% after 5 calendar days. The Beginner 2 offers a return of120% after 5 calendar days. Although the minimum to join this sub plan being $301, is a bit high for the liking of the average HYIP investors, There will certainly be a section of HYIP investors,  who will be closely following his plan.The maximum deposit allowed in the Beginner 2 plan is $3000.

A $100 investment in the beginner plan, promises a total return of $115 after 5 calendar days.

The second plan at Easy Cash Fund, is probably targeting those investors, who would not mind to take more risk, in order to gain more profit. This plan called the Easy Cash Advanced is again classified into two sub-plans, each of then running for a duration of 10 daysEasy Cash Advanced 1 offers a total return of 135% after 10 calendar days, with the minimum deposit to join the Easy Cash Advanced 1 plan being $100. The maximum investment entertained in this plan is $500.

Therefore, $100 deposit in the Easy Cash Advanced 1 plan offers $135 after 10 calendar days.

Easy Cash Advanced 2 plan offers a return 145%, paid on completion of the duration of the plan, that is 10 days. As you must have guessed, Easy Cash Advanced 2 is the higher end sub plan of the second plan at Easy Cash Fund, with the minimum and maximum investment being $501 and $7,000 respectively.

The final plan at Easy Cash Fund is the riskiest of the plans, as well as the most profitable. Easy Cash Professional, again has two sub plans. The first one accepting deposits above $200, promises atotal return of 160% after 15 calendar days. The maximum deposit accepted in Easy Cash Professional 1 is $700.

Finally Easy Cash Professional 2 promises a whopping total return of 175% after 15 calendar days, if everything goes well that is. The minimum deposit being $701 for this plan, well probably there will not be many of us, the average HYIP investors, willing to keep that much of money for such a long duration. The maximum investment accepted for this plan is $10,000.

The Payment processors:

All the three major payment processors, that is LibertyReservePerfectMoney and the popularAlertPay are available for transactions at Easy Cash Fund.

Withdrawal requests:

As mentioned, in their FAQ page, the withdrawal requests are to be processed instantly, once you log into your Easy Cash Fund account and request a withdrawal.

Site Design, Hosting and Security Features:

Easy Cash Fund boasts professional, informative, cleanly designed template. Easy Cash Fund operates on a licensed GoldCoder’s script and is hosted on a dedicated server by the very reliable Dragonara. In a week, disturbed by so many episodes of Ddos attacks on many popular programs, Easy Cash Fundnever encountered, any episode of downtime till now. Probably, the credit for this should go to Dragonara. Further security enhancements like SSL Encryption, has also been installed.

Support to the investors:

There are two ways, contact can be established with the concerned administrators, firstly by the online support forms and secondly, by the live support, which has been active for most of the day.

HYIP Analysis:


1.Minimum deposit of $5 – Certainly important to maintain the cash flow, the all important factor in the sustainability of any high yield.

2.A reasonable range of accepted e-currencies namely LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay. Personally, we do feel it is much more prudent to choose AlertPay as the payment processor, particularly for the high ROI plans, for obvious reasons.

3.The 5 day paid at expiry investment plans, are probably one of the favorite plans, among the short term HYIP lovers. We have seen many HYI Programs like TrueEarn and HugMoney, with similar plans successfully running for more than 3 months.

4.Ddos protection by Dragonara.Going by their excellent performance till now, hopefully there will be no downtime issues at Easy Cash Fund.[We should also remember, Dragonara is one of the most expensive, therefore giving us, an idea about the expenditure incurred by the concerned administrators.

5.Promotions and advertisements: As we know, an immediate buzz, is important for the High ROI HYIP s, so as to attract the investors. Well, the administrators of Easy Cash Fund has listed their program, in most of the expensive English and Chinese monitors.

Points to Remember:

Friends Easy Cash Fund is a HYI Program, offering high return plans. Therefore, we the investors, should not ever forget the Golden rules [ Do not spend more than you can afford to loose.]

As the case is usually with High ROI HYIP games, there will be some investors, who will be in profit, with the highest chance to be in profit,being for the early birds. As mentioned on several occasions before, the questions ‘when to join’ and when to leave’ are absolutely crucial, particularly for a program offering high ROI plans.

Well, that’s all for this post. Hopefully i have successfully covered all the relevant points.

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