Black Lotus Introduction

Most of us have at one time or another walked up to a business and seen a note posted on the door saying “back in 10 minutes,” “out for lunch,” or something similar. As a customer this is very frustrating, and as a result I almost always go someplace else. You can imagine, losing customers isn’t good for business. When a company’s website is unavailable it is worse as there is no sign placed on the door. Your customers don’t know when or if you’ll be back and they are only a click away from your competition.

Black Lotus Communications makes sure you never have the “back in 10 minutes” sign on you door. They achieve this by making sure you website never goes down due to a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack.

During a DDoS attack a website is targeted and sabotaged by a flood of traffic that slows or stops the site’s ability to function. The attack is not designed to steal data but simply cripple the website and make it unavailable to visitors. .

Black Lotus has extensive experience (since 1999) and knowledge in preventing DDoS attacks. There are a few different ways that organizations can protect themselves from DDoS attacks (detailed in the above-mentioned walkthrough article). Through working with Black Lotus, you utilize a resource that has the experience, expertise and infrastructure to deal with a large DDoS attack. Black Lotus leverages their expertise and experience to provide solution that fits your particular organization’s needs.

Black Lotus provides an entire suite of products designed to meet the technical and financial needs of any size organization:

Essential Web Hosting: $35.00 per month
Recommended for many small and new web sites

  • Standard DDoS protection on Cpanel/Litespeed with PHP5, IonCube, and Zend Optimizer.
  • 5000MB storage
  • 100GB monthly transfer
  • Unlimited MySQL, mail, and domain parking
  • FREE com, net, org, or biz domain!

Essential Web Hosting Premium: $45.00 per month
Recommended for larger sites and those requiring SSL (https://)

  • Standard DDoS protection on Cpanel/Litespeed with PHP5, IonCube, and Zend Optimizer.
  • 10,000MB storage
  • 200GB monthly transfer
  • Unlimited MySQL, mail, and domain parking
  • Ability to change domain name up to once per month
  • FREE SSL certificate and FREE com, net, org, or biz domain!

Elite Web Hosting: $229.00 per month
High power hosting for the most demanding consumer! Recommended for high risk sites that must remain stable under fire.

  • Elite DDoS protection (up to 1000 Mbps!) on Cpanel/Litespeed with PHP5, IonCube, and Zend Optimizer.
  • 20,000MB storage
  • 1000GB monthly transfer
  • Unlimited MySQL, mail, and domain parking
  • Ability to change domain name up to once per month
  • FREE SSL certificate and FREE com, net, org, or biz domain!

Don’t see what you’re looking for above? Don’t worry, I’ve only listed a few of the options available at Black Lotus Communications. LotusCloud Virtual Machines, Enterprise DNS, and Dedicated Servers are also available. You can always call or chat live with a representative with your inquiry.

I can personally vouch for Black Lotus’s service and quality with their customers. I’ve had to contact support several times and within hours they’ve been able to help me solve the problem, or have solved it myself.

If you’re sick of seeing perpetual “not online” signs on websites, and need a hosting provider that can provide cost effective DdoS protection, Black Lotus may be just what you’re looking for.

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IP Research

#1. The first thing we need to do is acquire the IP address. To do this we’re going to ping the domain of the website. I’ll go step-by-step using as an example.

The easiest way to get an IP is to ping the website. Without getting into a lot of detail, pinging another computer is the action of sending a small packet of information to the host computer and recording the travel time. We’re actually ignoring this and utilizing the ping as a way to get the IP address of the website we’re researching.

I find the easiest way to ping a computer is to open up the Command Prompt. If you’re using XP Go to the Start menu, click All Programs and it’s located in the Accessories folder, on Windows 7 Open the Start Menu then type “cmd” in the Start Menu search box and press Enter. I actually don’t know how to on any other operating systems, so if you’re not running on a Windows system skip down a couple paragraphs to the alternative method.

Once you have the command prompt open, type “cd..” twice to get to the root directory (so only C:> is showing like below). Then type, “ping” followed by the website you’re researching.

Resulting with…

As you can see in the above screenshot you’ll see the IP address of is

As an alternative if you can’t use the Ping command from your own computer because of a firewall or other restriction, or want to do an internet ping from a location other than your own you do it from Just type the URL of the website in the small “tools” bar on the right and click go.

Now that we have the IP address I bet you’re wondering what to do with it. I suggest you go to IP2Location™ is a great tool that gives you a lot of good information from an IP address in a quick and easy format.

Just type the IP address you acquired by pinging the domain into the search box and click Find Location. Below is what comes up when you plug in’s IP address:

Now, you have some information about the HYIP that you didn’t previously know. First, IP2Location™ lists location information, specifically the Country, Region, City, Latitude/Longitude and Zip Code of the IP address.


  • Not all of information may be filled in depending on the IP’s country
  • The location listed is the location of the server, NOT of the HYIP admin

You’re also given the internet service provider, local weather station and a few other items that aren’t really useful for our application. allows a maximum of 20 free look-ups a day which is usually enough for daily HYIP research. However, if you find that you want this information for large numbers of IP searches, they offers a variety of different products for purchase to help with your information finding.

Now, you’re probably wondering how the above information tells you if the HYIP is a scam. The truth is it doesn’t, but this tool CAN help you in your decision to invest by helping you confirm information given to you by the admin or website of a program. If for example the admin states they are hosted on a Staminus server, you can check on the IP2Location™ tool and confirm this information.

Unfortunately some hosting providers don’t own their own servers, or their companies work under different names than they advertise and sell under. For example, programs hosted by DDoSWIZ often show their ISP as being Staminus Communications. Therefore, it’s important to not discredit what a program’s website says based solely on what the IP2Location™ tool displays. That is why I usually use this tool as a way to confirm information instead of a way to discredit it.

In fact, In a future article I’m going to list the company names displayed by the IP2Location™ tool for the most popular hosting companies in our industry. I believe having the information to cross-reference (especially if the name on the tool is different from the host) will be useful to everyone.

Well, I hope the above walkthrough helps everyone out. Hopefully I’ve even given you veterans of HYIP investing a bit of new information you can utilize. As always if you have any questions or comments, post away!

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Extra Income Scam!

Well the beginning of this week it seems has been pretty disappointing for many HYIP investors, particularly for the investors who prefer the high return short term HYI Programs. Understandably Extra Income, the short term program that had existed for almost 139 days has finally reached its eventuality, that is has scammed. And as always the case is, there are many worried investors who have lost their hard earned money.

Although we did not join this particular High-ROI Program, but surprisingly i had to reply to 8 mails from anxious investors regarding their pending payouts. The extreme uproar created by the scamming of Extra Income, probably incited me to publish this article with an aim to summarize what could be the best approach towards the high return short term programs specifically. [ Nothing new, probably these points have already been mentioned in our blog many times before, but i guess recapitulating the basic facts about high yield investment programs, once in a while never hurts]

Probably all of us, have some experiences of investments in our offline life. Do we ever come across, any real investments offering such high returns. ‘No’ friends we do not. Therefore please do not keep any misconception, most at least 99.99% of the HYI Programs are ‘Ponzi’ games where the ‘Cash Flow’ is probably the most important factor. The basic mode of their function is by paying previous investors,with the money invested by the new investors.

As mentioned in one of our previous post, i had lengthy discussions with real Forex traders regarding the issue that whether such high returns offered by the short term programs can be generated in a sustained fashion. The reply was unanimous that  sustained high return in Forex Trading is almost an impossible goal to achieve.

Thereafter the question comes, whether its at all possible to be ‘in profit’ in the short term programs. Well, there are investors that i know who earn quite handsome profit by investing in the short term high return programs. But, definitely it has its own risks.

In this section, i would like to lay down few of the ‘Best Practises’ that i feel one should follow whenever considering investments in short term HYI Programs, for that matter in any high yield.

1. First and foremost, one should never ever forget the ‘Golden Rule’ that is ‘Do not invest,more than you can afford to loose’. However promising a HYI Program seems to be, an investor should never forget this primal rule.

2. Please do keep in mind, no matter how well a HYI Program has performed till today, anything can happen tomorrow.

3. Particularly important in case of the short term high return programs is to answer the question ‘ When to join? ‘ and more importantly ‘when to leave?‘. That is where the ‘Expenditure Analysis’ and the ‘follow Up’ of the HYI Programs may be beneficial.

By ‘ Expenditure Analysis’ what we mean is to create a rough idea about how much the concerned management has spent in order to create the HYI Program, in terms of the site template, the script used, the hosting, Ddos protection,SSL Encryption and lastly, but probably the most important the initial promotion. Here is where the review of the HYI Programs help.

The ‘follow Up’ of the HYI Programs probably can be useful to answer the extremely important question that is ‘When to leave ?’. By ‘follow Up’ what i mean is perception of other investors regarding that particular program, Newsletters issued by the concerned admin, comments in the forums, new promotional measures being undertaken etcetra.

Another important useful point may be the referral commission reports, to get an idea of the new deposits being made in a particular program.

Announcement of new high return plans, bizarre promotional plans should be dealt with caution.

4. As we have mentioned in our blog many a times, probably it is much more prudent to use payment processors like AlertPay particularly for short term programs, where at least the investors can file a dispute. .

5. Probably,it is much more rational to decide your volume of investment beforehand,that is the amount you decide to invest in HYIPs for a month. And make a point to yourself not to cross that limit. [This holds true for all high yield investment programs]

6. Personally,we prefer to divide the  amount to be invested into two parts,the larger share for the long term programs,and the smaller portion for the short term programs.Well this should be adjusted according to your needs and preferences.

7. Although we are all looking for a high profit here,but there is still a need for being a little level-headed.Do not be too greedy.

8. Diversification of portfolio: Over the course of our journey through the HYIP world,we have came across several HYIP investors,who tend to develop a fondness and faith for a particular program,and tend to deposit their entire volume of investment,into that particular program,resulting in a massive loss.In our opinion,investing your total volume of investment in a particular HYIP,is absolutely contra-indicated.Much safer approach is to divide the decided volume of investment among several programs[May be 10 to 12],that is Diversification of your HYIP portfolio.The simple reason,we feel diversification is very important because.even if we look at the worst case scenario,where due to crisis in the HYIP industry a good half of the invested programs close,even in that critical situation,you will have at least 6 programs in hand,to compensate for the losses.

9. Amount to be invested in a particular HYIP: We believe, not more than 10%-20% of the pre-decided total volume of investment,should be deposited in any particular program.

That is probably all about the basic points that should be remembered before investing in high yield investment programs.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be brighter day. Probably i will never have to reply to so many mails of worried investors for a scam program, that we even did not join.

thanks Hyiping

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Contest from Earnosphere

They inform that the program has managed to become very popular after being online for 100 days and thank all members for continuous support of EarnoSphere. All those investors who regret that they didn’t join the program in the very beginning and therefore have not made as much money as they could have should not be upset because according to the administration this program is here for a long time and is going to be developed and improved.

Due to the celebration of 100 days online, they announced a contest at EarnoSphere and first 100 investors who made a deposit on the day of anniversary (April 22) received a 5% bonus. There is also another contest for those who want to get additional $100 from April 22 till April 29. The most active member who has an active deposit in EarnoSphere, participates in a referral program and attracts referrals, actively supports the program on the forums and monitors, advertises EarnoSphere as actively as possible will become a winner.

It is a great way to make some additional money. First of all, you will earn referral commission and plus you’ll have a chance to win additional $100, therefore in any case your efforts won’t be pointless. If you are still considering making a deposit in this project, note that it offers the following investment plans: 115% after 5 days, 135% after 10 days, 180% after 20 days, and 280% after 40 days and accepts LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney..

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Macro Trade are now Russians! is one of the multilingual HYIPs, meaning those the services of which can be used in different languages and not just in English. And the other day the administration of the project has informed about another language. A Russian version of the website has been implemented for convenience of all Russian speakers:

“We are happy to inform you that, as we stated before, from today our site is available in Russian. We do our best to make communication as good as possible for our clients. We plan to continue improving our site so that it was more convenient for you.”

MacroTrade was launched 290 days ago and the administration has added different languages since then. Actually, the website is available in six languages now: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Russian. With such variety of languages the program can attract even those investors who do not know English which is probably the aim of the admin.

Do not forget that MacroTrade offers its investors four investment plans with 1.2-2.2% daily interest for a period of 180 business days. The amount of money you earn will depend on the amount of money you invest (including compounding) and the minimum deposit amount is $10. The principal is returned to investors at the end of the maturity period. At the moment MacroTrade accepts the following popular e-currencies: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrust Pay, as well as International Bank Wire Transfers.

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LR, Wassup?!

The popularity of a payment processor LibertyReserve makes swindlers use its name for their fraudulent affairs. If you have been an online investors for a long time, I’m sure you received hundreds of phishing emails on behalf of LibertyReserve. They keep being sent out which means that there are still people out there who follow instructions given in those emails and who believe that this is actually LR team that sends them out. We keep warning about such cases but unfortunately there aren’t so many investors who regularly read news and keep abreast. Therefore we need your help in spreading such news and warnings.

The latest emails on behalf of LibertyReserve inform that LR has made considerable progress and improvement. It has become the leading e-currency and its services are being improved continuously. And then there is an offer to get 150% after 7 days:

“GET 150% RETURN IN 7 DAYS! This opportunity will not last long, so you must react quickly. Deposits are accepted until 28. April 2011. 00:00 (GMT), which means that you have about 31 hours to make a deposit in case you are interested in this offer. One unit in this special program is worth 100 US dollars. The minimal deposit is 1 unit ($100), while the maximum deposit is 1000 units ($50000) per member.”

Then they give instructions where to send money and promise that payouts are guaranteed :) By the way, you should hurry up to send your money to swindlers because it is a limited time offer!

Actually it is the second way of such emails. Well, this time the emails are absolutely identical except for the date and the cost of one unit which is $100 this time and used to be $50.

Be careful and never follow any instructions in an email, even if it seems to be from a real sender. Always confirm such information on official websites and contact admins. Do not let them fool you!

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Do you Want to Meet a Hyip’s Admin?

Live Meeting with the ExoticFX Admin

Hope you all have and are having a Fantastic Easter Holiday weekend for those of you that celebrate it. This 4 day weekend provided a much needed break for our traders and the Dantex/EFX staff.

We would like to announce that we are going to hold Two (2) Admin Introduction meetings.

One on April 29th from 12:30 AM until 1:30 AM GMT …
and another on April 29th from 2:00 PM GMT until 3 PM GMT.

This meeting will be an opportunity for you to meet me and ask questions regarding ExoticFX and the FTA programs.

Our chat room only has 50 seats at this time. With all that we have going for us at EFX and the growth we are experiencing, we expect to have a full house.

In order to obtain a seat at this meeting we are having a contest of sorts. Here is how it works.

Submit your questions (up to 3 maximum) to our email at [email protected] . Put Meeting Questions and the meeting time you want to attend as the subject line. In other words, your subject line will be either Meeting Questions 29 April, 12:30AM or Meeting Questions 29 Apr, 2:00PM.

Applicants will be randomly drawn and not based on actual questions, although questions should be specific to the programs.

For each meeting, 45 applicants will be notified via email with a link and password for the meeting.

All submissions should be received no later than 11:59 PM GMT on April 28th.

Enjoy, and hope to see you there.

Charles Martinsen
ExoticFX Admin

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Forex School Going Great!

This is truly an unexpected pleasure. When we announced the FTA program, we expected thousands of new signups for the Forex Trade School at ExoticFX.ORG. Well, we havent got thousands yet, but we are getting hundreds of new signups at So that is exciting and we can see why. is Truly a Success Story in its own right. I mean, we do have the MOST secure program in the world of Online Investing. We do have High, Medium and Low Returns on investment options. We do have the absolute BEST support staff and platform available just about anywhere online, and we offer our members the most advantages of any program around. So it should come as no surprise, really, that more people are flocking to as a result of the recent FTA program release.

Since there are a lot of new members, I want to recap some things you need to pay attention to.

First, the most popular plans.

With our plans you can invest and receive up to 2.3% (Daily180) or 2.0% (Term 8). These are the two most popular plans by far. In the very beginning, members used the Term2 as a place to start, but we are seeing around 73% reinvesting into much longer term and higher paying plans. This is wise investing in my opinion, as it is easy to see we are going to be here a very long time. You can look at the Top Traders page and see what the largest investors are doing right this minute as this page reflects, in real time, their choices, returns, investments and profits.

The wisest play, in my opinion, is the Daily180 with a compounding of 100% for the first 40 days, and then reduced to 50% or 60% for the duration. This will more than double your principal in less than the first 40 days and then provide you with a good daily return for the duration and a HUGE return at the end.

EFX Traders Society

We launched the EFX Traders Society to provide you a place to discuss strategies like the one above as well as to socialize and learn from each other. The Traders Society is destined for greatness in the realm of online social meeting areas. You should familiarize yourselves with it and offer your input whenever possible.

ExoticFX Blog

The ExoticFX Blog was originally created to provide a backup location for EFX to deliver news in the event our main site was ever unavailable. It has evolved into so much more than that. Our Social Media Manager, Keiko, has done an Amazing job of catapulting the EFX Blog into an enormous success. It is a wealth of information and you should definitely be a subscriber there.

Every one of you is here because you are looking for the EDGE and to gain the Upper Hand when it comes to making money online. The EFX Blog provides so much relevant information that you need to know. If you are not taking advantage of that, you are costing yourself money. It is free for members and non-members and it is very much worth your time to read.


In order to fully take advantage of any endeavor, you need to fully understand it. EFX is no exception. We have added another video to the line-up and you should watch it at your earliest convenience.

Those that have not seen any of the Videos should watch them all. They explain our program, how it operates, and why it works. Knowledge is a Pre-Requisite to Achieving and Maintaining Success. Therefore, we provide as much, if not more, input than any other program anywhere. Dont waste the opportunity to discover your options, build your knowledge base and let us assist you in achieving your goals.

Forex Trade School

It seems that almost everyone that finds the FTA program is signing up for EFX. But not every EFX member has signed up for FTA. This is a huge mistake on their part. Heres why

The FTA Program may be in its infancy in fact, right now it is only in Pre-Launch and as such is simply a place to signup, download the ebook (Manual) and familiarize yourself with the Members Area. We are working as fast as we can to build the infrastructure of the Live Trading Room and FTA program.

But it is to your advantage to BE IN LINE!

The programs associated with FTA will ultimately create FANTASTIC referral fees and we are giving you First Shot at being in line to attract as many as you want.

If you have not paid attention or disregard this message, then it WILL BE YOUR LOSS!

  • Go take a look at the program.
  • Familiarize yourselves.
  • Sign up and use the affiliate link there to inform your current referrals and associates NOW, before someone else does.

We are going to have NEW commissions available to you through the FTA program in the future you need to establish your position RIGHT NOW!

  • Investment plans (like EFXs … if your EFX members sign up at FTA and begin investing there, you get NEW Commissions if you direct them there … or you will have lost them to someone else)
  • Forex Trade Alert Subscriptions fees (there will be several varieties of trade alerts, Exotics, Trend Traders, Day traders, etc., will all be different subscriptions in time. The fees your affiliates pay will generate referral commissions also)
  • Forex Training fees (once our first goals are met, we will begin charging for this service. There will be referral fees here, too)
  • Forex Trading Account fees (once our first goals are met, we will begin charging for this service. There will be referral fees here, too)
  • FTA program fees (once our first goals are met, we will begin charging for this service. There will be referral fees here, too)
  • Spread fees (There will be referral fees here, too)
  • Franchising fees (this may be down the road a ways, but you will be grandfathered in and receive huge commissions here)
  • Etc., etc., etc. (much, much more is to come)

I promise you do not want to be left behind on this one.

We are certain that you are already familiar with EFX and you can clearly see that we will be the Number One program in online investing. We are inviting you to have first shot at positioning yourselves to benefit from our program by advising and advertising to your referrals and associates. Like I said, we are not heavily advertising in the HYIP arena immediately but our new advertising in other markets is Grandiose and will bring thousands through the HYIP arena.

We have successfully merged all the Attributes of True Forex with all of the benefits of HYIP.

We feel this is by FAR your best chance for Permanent Financial Success!

This will change the face of HYIP and . YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS IT!

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ReProFinance Contest Winner

As you already know, the project ReProFinance ( announced an “Investor of the Month” program, according to which one of the members with at least $100 deposit can win $1,000 price once a month. The administration has already announced February and March winners and this time there is a new Investor of the Month.

Program’s software has randomly chosen Mr. Rajesh Sharma from India (Login ID: A07114), and he has become the winner in April. According to the administration, he has directly received $1,000 to his account and “Investor of the Month Certificate” has been mailed to his mailing address. The administration congratulates the winner and thanks everyone for participating.

They also recall the terms of this program for those who wish to participate: “We remind you that any investor can participate in Investor of the Month program by having active deposit of 100 or more in any available currency (USD or EURO). The Investor of the Month is randomly chosen by our software every 25th of each month and gets the $1000 prize.”

Of course, everyone wants to see proofs and it would be great to see them from those who became winners but as far as we know there haven’t been any so far. If you are one of the winners or know anything, inform us and our readers, please.

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How To Spot a Scam?

Hello our dear readers! Today we have quite an unusual article for you. The thing is that it is written by your “college” – an online investors and our very active reader whose name is SteveyJ. He has very interesting thoughts to share and his article is written in a very fascinating way. Please, spend some time and read it. I promise you won’t regret :)

When is a scam not a scam?

Hello everybody. My name is Ivor Scammon [ nothing suspicious about MY name eh ? ] . I would like to introduce you to two HYIP sites I have set up.
The first one is quite simple really, because I bought a [cheap] script from an online company but I think you will really like the title picture. It’s got a professional looking guy in a suit looking at some papers on a desk AND he’s wearing a tie. Quite impressive really. Further down the page you will notice an attractive smiling young lady who you will be led to believe is the friendly person you will be communicating with when you email me a support ticket.

The script is obviously not original but you will forgive my lack of care because I will answer all your emails/support tickets very quickly and you will be happy therefore to send me money. Also, I do offer rather attractive daily rates, somewhat higher than the average HYIP but if you get on board some other um,….investors [ excuse me will I cough a moment] I will pay you a very good referral rate. You will be pleased to note I have promoted my site in various monitoring forums and am always at pains to tell you that I am ‘a real investment company not like those awful scam sites that you hear about’. A lot of you will be impressed by my honesty in revealing that I am not a scam site. And you will continue to send me money in gratitude.

I did have a compounding calculator put onto my site because many of you like to be enticed into not asking actually for any money, but to leave it with me and sit back while you see your money you’ve given to me rise and rise. I quite like that option too….

Forgive me for not having too much security at the moment but you will see a good explanation on my site telling you that I [ sorry, I mean ‘we’] are going to improve this for the benefit of YOU, our treasured investor.
My site also offers a live chat helpline but unfortunately it’s not working right now…pity…..

Notice the FAQ section is quite familiar. In fact you’ve probably seen it a million times with the same wording on other HYIP sites, but I think that’s reassuring don’t you ?

I rather like the complicated language I have borrowed, I mean used, to impress lots of you that I have a team of highly experienced Forein/Forin/Forayn/Foriegn/Foreign Exchange people who are highly experienced…[ sorry about the earlier difficulty with spelling a word I should be very familiar with only I was in a bit of a rush to get this site up and running because I know lots of you are eager to send me money and of course I only have your interests in mind ]. I’ve noticed before that not many of you worry about such things, so don’t feel too troubled. I think you will particularly like these impressive long complicated words that I have used to convince you that my team really do know what we are talking about and that you, dear investor, should not trouble yourself worrying about such things..leave it all to us, the experts. After all, we have been doing this for years, which must be true because I’ve just told you.

I’m sorry I don’t have an office but that’s because I want to save you money by not having high overheads. I simply want to be able to plow all the profits back into your account.

I did have trouble thinking up a name that would accurately describe the type of investment company I run, but instead I had a good look round a lot of previous HYIPs to see what most of you liked and came up with ‘FXgoldprofit’ ….
Got a nice ring to it don’t you think? I know many of you are quite taken with the name of a HYIP … – and ‘FX ‘is always a good one to include. ‘Gold’ sounds nice, rich and solid doesn’t it ? And we all like to see something about ‘profit’ mentioned don’t we ? Actually, it’s a bit subliminal but it works ! Trust me ! Please !

When you get near to the first end of term payout date, you will be pleased to know that I will be offering you a VERY good special investment plan that if you get in quick and send me lots of money REALLY quickly, then you can have even better dreams of what you will be able to spend your vast wealth on.

Anyway, must dash. there’s some compounded rather large payouts due any day now and I’ve got a rather pressing appointment in the ether. Also I have some other HYIPs to set up . Sorry if I don’t get back to you…..

thanks HYIP NEWS

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