MetalicFund Review

We are reviewing today Metalic Fund, a program that talks metals! – you can see that their general design is based on metalic colors which give the impression of a program with steel quality and gold value!

This program seems to be pretty simple for investors, having just two plans :

  • the premium one that has 10% daily for 12 days and you can invest a minimum of 50$ and maximum of 10 000$
  • the classic one gives you 5% daily for 45 days and you can invest a minimum of 10$ and a maximum of 10 000$

The difference between the plans seems a little bit too much, but I guess is done just to attract people into the higher plan so that they will benefit better, as the percentage is double than the classic one. Also, on their website it is mentioned that the principal is returned, so basically if you invest today after 10 days you have your principal + your interests which make another “principal”, meaning that you have doubled your money. Not bad, isn’t it?

You have also live access to the metals quotes, who are put in front of the viewer, right on the front page, so that they could understand right from the first visit what they are doing to generate profits.

We can find on their website the following description :

“MetalicFund is a top-tier metalic trading company with a truly global footprint. The unique investment products we manage means that our clients can choose the appropriate solution for their individual needs. MetalicFund core values are centered around innovation, performance and client focus..

Our professionals pioneered and refined a distinct strategy of investing primarily in Metal trades, Our “yield, growth and quality” objectives determine every investment decision we make. We further diversify our investments among issuers, geographies, market condition and commodities to achieve a stable distribution yield that performs competitively when compared to other business models with similar risk characteristics.”

Short and to the point, without too much talk about details, because these days people are action people! You are always invited to search for your questions here, where they have a pretty easy FAQ to digest. If you don’t find the right answer, then you can use their live chat or fill in an email to them. When I contacted them, the response was very quick, less than 24 hours which is a very good persuading point over the clients.

You can see that they also accept AlertPay, which is rapidly becoming accepted by more and more programs, which shows a note of professionalism and a shift in the industry. You can see also SolidTrustPay and GlobalDigitalPay, two payment processors that I didn’t see in a while, but it seems they are not dead and have a good clients database. Metalic Fund has done a great job by providing such a big range of payment processors, thus allowing investors to invest with the money they have, without losing anymore in exchangers fee.

Hoping that my review found you peaceful and prosperous, I say bye until the next post by Nick Cooper!

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