Review: Inno-Invest

As investors of high-yield investment programs, it’s important to remain somewhat detached from programs. Most of us are of an impulsive sort, we have to be to take such high risks, and as risk-takers we often make decisions based on our feelings, or whims. It’s important for us to remain stoic about the programs we invest in, or at least to not become overly attached to them. Due to the high risk of closure and loss involved with these programs, if we allow our feelings to sway our judgment, disastrous mistakes can be made.

Let me explain, I know of an investor and reader of this blog that in the past invested a substantial sum into a program that had been running successfully for around 11 months. This program, an industry leader, had performed flawlessly and was ever-increasing in popularity. Many people had doubled or even tripled their initial investments within the program. This investor was one of them. He had made an initial investment in the range of $500 and had received a return around $1500. It was at this time the investor let his feelings and impulse overtake his reasoning. Without taking the risk into consideration the investor deposited $10,000 into the program. In short, the program closed a month or two later leaving the investor with a substantial loss.

Even if you aren’t an investing in amounts as large as the investor I just mentioned, you can learn from his mistake. Never allow yourself to get greedy. Never allow yourself to become overconfident in a program. Always know that the program you invest in could potentially close the day after you invest. If you invest knowing and understanding these things, you should be cautious and never place yourself in a position where you will be damaged financially by your investments. Only invest what you are willing to lose.

Now, lets get to the main topic of today.  Lets talk about a new long-term program that opened to investors February 10th, Inno-Invest.

So, lets talk a bit about Inno-Invest. The program just started earlier this month and overall reminds me of an industry leader that ran last year and made many investors a good deal of money. Will Inno-Invest emerge as one of the leading programs of 2011? That remains to be seen, but as you’ll see in this review, this program has the makings for a HYIP that could be potentially profitable.

First lets go over the most frequently asked questions about HYIPs:

  • Liberty Reserve (LR), Perfect Money (PM) and Alert Pay (AP) payment processors are accepted.
  • Minimum Investment is $5.
  • Withdraws are processed automatically seven (7) days a week.
  • There is no minimum withdraw other than Alert Pay’s $1 minimum.
  • Initial Principal can be withdrawn.

Now lets take a look at the plan offered by Inno-Invest. There’s only one investment option, and it’s a progressive plan where the longer you keep your investment in the program, the more money you earn. So, if you were to deposit $100 into the program, you should earn$1.80 daily for 30 days while in Stage A. While in Stage A you cannot withdraw your principal as if you do, you will be assessed a 100% fee, thus making your principal $0.

After 30 days you enter Stage B. In this stage you should earn $2.00 daily for 49 days. In this stage you can withdraw your principal at a 75% fee, so if you decide to opt out of the program you could get $25 back. It’s important to note that at day 41 you hit break-even-point. So, if you decide you want out, and request your principal back on day 41 of your investment you would receive $101 total, earning a $1 profit. I’m not sure why you’d do this, but the option is there if you wish.

After day 80, you enter Stage C. In this stage you should earn $2.20 daily for 69 days. At any time during this stage you have the option to get 1/2 of your principal deposit back, so if you decided to cash-out you can do so in profit. Or like me, you can just let your investment run its length. Stage D runs for 99 days and you should receive $2.40 daily. In this stage you can request your deposit back for a 25% fee. After 250 days and onward you should earn$2.60 daily until the program closes or you decide to request your initial deposit back with no fee.

Overall it’s a smart plan, it promotes long-term investment by rewarding people who keep their investment in the program with higher daily returns and more of their initial deposit if they request it back.

Now’s the time to take a look at what makes Inno-Invest tick, the inner-workings of the program. The first thing I do is a Whois search and an IP search. The Whois search unfortunately didn’t really give me any useful information as the site has privacy protection, all we gain is that the name-servers are listed under DDoSWIZ so we know who is hosting the program. So lets look at the IP search:

We learn that Inno-Invest (through DDoSWIZ) is hosted on a Staminus Communications server, one of the more recognized companies in the industry, known for reliable and safe hosting services. The program also utilizes SSL encryption through Comodo, so we know that our transaction information is secure. Furthermore as far as security is concerned, Inno-Invest runs a custom script from what I can tell, a sign that in the past has pointed toward successful, long-running programs.

Past this however, we really don’t have much information about Inno-Invest. Being only 9 days running at the time of this review, it’s just too early to do much of an analysis on theirtraffic or forum popularity. What we do know is the program is listed on 25 or so monitors and is listed in all the major forums. I wish there was more information available, but really at this time I don’t have anything further to share.

I’ll leave you all tonight with the reminder to only invest what you are willing to lose in a HYIP, and to never let greed or over-confidence overcome your sensibilities. Until next time, keep walking through the world of HYIP investments!

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Keep an Eye on These Hyips – eBankearn

2-4% daily for 25 days
launched:Feb 16th, 2011

Ebankearn Investment Corporation is one of the leading financial companies in the world which is located in Hong Kong, now we mainly invest in Korean, India, Japan, Singapore and China. We have a professional financial team and also financial advisers for investing money. We have a 7.2%-9.5% daily profit from our invested programs. Ebankearn Investment Corporation diversifies funds in most profitable fields of industry such as private equity, commercial property, hedge funds, real estate and in search of enhanced returns and reducing risk of investment. By some risk management methods we assure that your investment is safe with us with minimum risk. So diversification helps to reduce investment risks because in case of weakness in one sector the other sectors still guarantee the good profits.

IP Location: United States Virginia Beach Black Lotus Communications
Reverse IP: 33 websites use this address. (examples: – Widetrade

1.2% daily for 50 days
1.6% daily for 45 days
2.1% daily for 40 days
launched:Feb 14th, 2011

The collective of our company made up of traders and the analysts specializing in stocks, bonds, alternative products, currencies and futures. All members of our team are professionals. They constantly lead work on implementing unique technologies and trading schemes that allow you to work successfully in the market of virtual investments is very successful and profitable manner. With our ideology and constantly increasing aspiration to be the first, we constantly aspire to introduction of new tools and services which will meet the demand our clients all of the world. In the activity we use the advanced development of the software for the analysis of the financial markets and development of financial strategy that helps us to receive stable predictable results of our work to carry out of the obligations to our investors according to the chosen package deal. One of competitive advantages of the company is the flexible and thoughtful investment plans, capable satisfies to the highest standards and wide demands of our clients. Profit what we offer is real! It is reached owing to a comprehensive analysis of perspective directions, and teamwork of collective, where our analysts are doing everything possible to make successful forecasts and our traders work nearly 24 hours a day to provide stable profit both for us and for our investors. – Viscocorp

1.5% daily for 150 days
2% daily for 200 days
2.5% daily for 250 days
3% daily for 300 days
launched:Jan 31st, 2011

VISCO Corp. is a legally registered financial service providers established by a team of specialists with huge working experience in the offline and online investment market, trading activities and investments in various funds, which gives our members the opportunity of making a significant benefit on their investment. We work principally on the FOREX, where we have been trading for 9 years. This program is a real investment, which returns are all generated from real-life investments. The money you invest is re-invested for you and it is your invested money that will bring you the big returns. After years of professional trading we have joined our skills, knowledge and talents in the effort to bring a new reliable investment opportunity. – Globalmoneygroup

1-2,5% Daily
launched:Feb 17th, 2011

Welcome to Global Money Group, home to safe and secure investing. We are a group of experts who have been operating a private fund for several years and in August 2010 we made the decision to open our investment mangement services to a wider audience. Investing mainly in the exciting market of forex, but also in other fields, we have consistently achieved an extremely high profit, and now that is avaiable to everyone from our site. Our unique program is designed to safeguard against the sometimes turbulant market and ensure you, as the investor, always receives an excellent return on your investment.

IP Location: United States Dallas Internet Services Inc
Reverse IP: 126 websites use this address.

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4 New HYIPS – ExoticFX

1%-2% daily for 120-180 days
launched:Feb 19th, 2011, a subsidiary of Dantex Trading Ltd., has launched its Newest Trading Platform and is ready for your review. ExoticFX is your online portal to a phenomenally revolutionary, simple and secure investment platform that takes all the work and worry out of Forex Trading. – Greenbackshares

1-1.8% daily
5.5-9.5% weekly
12-20% every two weeks
launched:Jan 21st, 2011

We are experienced traders, fully dedicated and committed. Our team has one single great fixation that binds us together making money off the back of the greenback. This means we are experts in extracting profits going with or against the dollar. Some of us are bears, some are bulls, some technicians and some fundamentalists, but a baseline of consistent profits has given us the courage to start this online investment project. We are aware that the high stress implied by this job will probably not allow us to see our grandchildren, but this is our life choice. We love to trade and we can trade… so we’re not looking back! Our mission is to generate profits. And there is nothing that can stop us, as long as the markets don’t shut down. – Carbon-profits

2% daily for 100 days
launched:Feb 18th, 2011

Carbon reduction is an easy thing and people can do it in their daily life by readily turning off switches, driving the car less, controlling air-conditioning temperatures and not using disposable items. But lets face it, Humans are lazy, this is where technology and innovation come into play. There is a global surge to be the first and the best company to to produce products, devices, and services to do this for us.

IP Location: Canada Wasaga Beach Staminus Communications
Reverse IP: 1 website uses this address. – Energydevelopmentinvestment

2.1 % for 90 days
2.3% for 120 days
2.5% for 150 days
2.7% for 180 days
launched:Feb 12th, 2011

Energy Development Investments is a real company established 20 years ago in Philippines. Their principal activities are production, distribution and comercialization of electricity, nowadays according the global tendence Energy Development Investments, offer at their customers the possibility to invest in online programs to obtain real profits of the operation of our company in the Electricity Market. Principal Return – Compounding Available

IP Location: Canada Wasaga Beach Staminus Communications
Reverse IP: 61 websites use this address. (examples:

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Sport Arbitrage has Risks

As usual, with any ‘Risk Free Offer’ being advertised on the net (and Sports Arbitrage is most certainly being advertised a lot on the net) there are risks involved… Conceptually, an arbitrage is an exchange where your profit is known beforehand, the transaction is carried out, and you are guaranteed a payout from one bookmaker or the other which will total more than the outlay. However there are always unforeseen variables which can ruin even the best laid plans.

1. Differing Bookmaker Rules

Different bookmakers have different rules for how to handle the outcome in the case of a draw, in the case of a pitcher changing before a baseball game, in the case of extra time in hockey, in the case of an incomplete game of tennis etc. There is a risk one bookmaker will return your money, and the other will act on the bet completely (paying you your winnings, or keeping your money if that bet lost). If there is a difference in rules and one bookmaker acts on the bet while the other simply returns your bet, then you have a 50-50 chance of winning and losing, so it isn’t all bad. But it is a risk nonetheless.

2. Palpable Bookmaker Errors

All bookmakers have a clause in their terms and conditions which basically states that if they make an ‘obvious error’ in their odds, they can cancel the bet at any time. This risk manifests itself particularly in arbitrage bets because we are specifically looking for odds which are higher than usual. If one of the odds we have used in an arbitrage trade was in fact a mistake made by the bookmaker and they decide to invoke this rule, we are obviously left with the second bet standing uncovered. This creates a risk as that remaining bet may lose.

3. Dawdling

If you place one bet and then take too long to place the second bet, you may be too late to get the correct odds, or you might miss the second bet completely. Missing the second bet leaves you open to potentially losing that bet, but of course, it also leaves you open to potentially winning. Gambling is not the objective of sports betting arbitrage though, so this is a risk.

4. Placing the Wrong Bet

Small accidents can cost a lot of money. Thanks to risk number 3, Dawdling, you are invariably in a rush when placing bets, and hence at a risk of making a stupid mistake. For example, if you are betting on an over/under and at one bookmaker both over and under have the same odds it is not uncommon to accidentally back the wrong option and end up with two bets on the same outcome! Rushing and making mistakes is a potential risk.

5. Inexperience

Inexperience is probably the biggest risk of all because it manifests itself in all of the above risks either in the creation of the problem, or in the inability to respond to the problem. Not understanding odds, not understanding bet types, not understanding how bookmakers work and not knowing how to react to an unexpected situation means you may lose money. Losing money is precisely what is to be avoided, so inexperience is indeed a risk factor.

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Short Notice

Two weeks have passed since the latest observer was published , which means that it’s time to summarize again. RolClub Blog continues actively working at self-improvement and development of the HYIP industry.

RolClub is an absolutely independent monitoring and a blog with awesome reputation in the field of high-yield investments. Because of this we can do information-analytical work and do not focus on promoting HYIPs. We really appreciate this status and now spend all our time at that. New opportunities, new trends and options always appear in high-yield industry. And our work is aimed at expanding the field of your interests and we do not try just to draw your attention to the best HYIPs.

I remind you that we publish short reviews/extended reviews/news and advices. Do not forget that a review is a way to get acquainted with the program, but not a reason for investing in it. We provide our clients with every opportunity to inform investors about their development and we believe that only those admins who pay attention to the information are credible. We also recommend that you trust only independent sources of information and programs that have proven themselves as reliable online investment opportunities.

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FX Cambier News

The admin of FxCambier ( has posted an update in which he informs that there more than 2000 members in the program now thanks to all supporters of FxCambier and their positive posts on various HYI-related sites. The second news is regarding a new payment option. Bank Wire transfers are available now and you can use this payment option. However, keep in mind that the minimum deposit amount in this case is $1,000 and the minimum amount to withdraw is $250.

If you are interested in making a deposit via Bank Wire, you should contact the administration for detailed instructions. The quickest way to do it is to chat live or you can use a usual support form. It is also informed: “in the meantime please remember it takes 5 BUSINESS days (Mon-Fri) to receive either deposit or withdrawal. After making the transaction, please go to the Deposit by Bank Wire page and fill out the corresponding form”.

FxCambier is one of those HYIPs that offer many payment options for any investor to choose from. It accepts RoutePay, LibertyReserver , AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney and Bank Wire. In order to keep track of all new updates from the administration, you can follow them on Twitter (FxCambier) and Facebook.

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What kind of payment you prefer?

Today I propose to discuss such popular HYIP terms as instant and manual payments. Most HYIP investors prefer the instant ones because the payouts are made immediately right after a withdrawal request is made. And sometimes choose not to invest in programs that pay manually, meaning in those HYIPs where payments are not automated and HYIP administrators are the ones who process them. In this case waiting period ranges from several minutes to several hours. Usually this time should not exceed 48 hours and the maximum waiting period is mentioned in a FAQ section. It actually takes a couple of minutes to process manual payments in some HYIPs which is great and demonstrates that an admin of such project has everything under control.

Let’s try to figure out the pros and cons of these two kinds of payments so that we could understand which one is better for investors, meaning safer and more convenient. When I say “convenient”, of course you think about instant payouts because it is very convenient when you have money in your wallet immediately. It is absolutely not stressful and you can use this money to invest in some other program or spend it in some other way right away. Another thought you might have is: HYIP that pays instantly is more reliable than those that pay manually, because it definitely has funds and therefore will operate for a long time.

Well, we have figured out three pros of instant payouts: they are fast, convenient and HYIPs that pay instantly are reliable. Therefore most investors prefer this kind of payments but what about safety? Are instant payments safe? We often hear HYIP admins saying: our payments are manual for security reasons. Why is it so? We will discuss this issue in the next article…

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Forex Trading Team Review

Plans: 2% daily for 200 business days
2.25% daily for 200 business days
2.5% daily for 200 business days
2.75% daily for 200 business days
3% daily for 200 business days

Minimum Deposit : $10

Payment Processors: LibertyRserve, PerfectMoney,AlertPay

Ddos Protection: Present, SSL Encryption: Present

Withdrawal: Instant

Merits: Long term plans, where the break-even point is reached pretty quickly.

Minimum investment of $10, probably beneficial for the cash flow.

Convenient list of payment processors, with inclusion of AlertPay.

Option for premature withdrawal of principal.

Ddos protected servers with SSL Encryption.

Promotional activities, being carried on in some of the most expensive English monitors, Forums, Portals,As well as in some popular and expensive Russian blogs and forums.

Let us now, move on, with the detailed review of Forex Trading Team, the brand new HYI Program, that has started its operations, only recently, precisely on 1st February. As you must have already read in many of the articles published at RolClub Blog, that personally, i do always feel that, although, high yield investment programs offering, high return short-term plans are quite popular, among a section of HYIP investors, with some even making some hefty profits from them, but it is always the HYI Programs, offering long-term plans, that keeps the industry, afloat. One of the probable benefits of the long-term programs, is once they are able to establish their presence, among the top five positions, they lead to the onset of the ‘Piggybacking phenomenon’, thus creating a platform for external revenue generation, for several lesser known programs.

The Investment Plans:

Forex Trading Team, is one of such programs, offering long-term investment plans, all of them extending for 200 Business days.

The first plan, the Forex Starter, is the most affordable plan, and the best suited to take a feel,as theminimum investment to join this plan is set at $10. This plan offers a fixed daily return of 2% daily for 200 calendar days.The maximum deposit, entertained for the Starter plan is only, $224, therefore truly a tester plan.The invested principal, is promised to be returned, at the end of the term, that is 200 calendar days, thereby the total return accumulates to 500% [400% in the form of daily returns + principal returned]

If you need some calculation, a $100 deposit, in this plan offers $2 daily for 200 calendar days.Adding the principal returned at the end of plan duration, the cumulative return amounts to $500.

As you must have noticed, the break-even point, in the first plan is 50 calendar daysTherefore after 50 business days, the investor recovers his/her investments, and enter the zone of pure profit.

The second plan, at Forex Trading Team, called the Forex Basic, promises 2.25% daily for 200 business days. With the principal returned, at the expiry of the plan, the total return in the Forex Basic plan amounts to 550% [ 450% as daily return + principal returned ]. The minimum investment, entertained for this plan is $250, well not exactly low, but definitely, will interest a particular section of investors.The maximum investment for this plan is $999.

For better elucidation of this plan, let us take an example of $500 investment. If everything goes as promised, $500 deposit in this plan, will provide a daily return of $11.25 for 200 calendar days, with the total return being $2775.

The next plan, we will be looking at is at the third plan on offer. The Forex Pro, offers a fixed return of 2.5% daily, again for a duration of 200 calendar days. Thereby, if you add the principal returned to the daily returns, we are promised a accumulated return of 600%. The minimum deposit, to take part in the Forex Pro plan being $1000, definitely targets the professional HYIP investors.

There are two more high-end plans on offer. The Forex Pro Plus plan promising 2.75% of your investments as daily return for 200 calendar days and lastly the Forex Max plan, offering a whopping 3% daily for the same duration. The minimum investments for each of them being fixed at $7,000 and $20,000 respectively, is definitely out of reach, for most of us. We will not be going into much details of them.

Early withdrawal of Principal:

A very convenient feature, that has been added to all the presented plans at Forex Trading Team is that, the investors have the option for premature withdrawal of their invested principal. But, we should also keep in mind, as the case usually is, early withdrawal of principal is associated with
a fee.

– Starting from 26 to 90 business days, deposit early withdrawal commission would be 25%
– Starting from 91 to 140 business days, deposit early withdrawal commission would be 10%
– Starting from 150 to 199 business days, deposit early withdrawal commission would be 5%

The Payment Processors:

Forex Trading Team presents a handy portfolio, in terms of the available e-currencies for transactions. Namely, it includes LibertyReserve,PerfectMoney and the growingly popular AlertPay.

Withdrawal Requests :

Although in the FAQ page, Forex Trading Team management has requested a maximum of 48 hours to process the withdrawal requests, but as off now, all of our withdrawal requests have been processed instantly.

Site Design, Hosting, Security Features:

Forex Trading Team operates on a licensed Goldcoder’s script.Hosted on a dedicated Staminus server, a very reliable name, and Ddos protection offered by, adequate security measures are in place. Although, is a lesser known name in the HYIP industry, i did read some good reviews about this particular Ddos protection service, in several webmaster’s forum. As off my experience goes, till now there has been no downtimes or inaccessibility issues. SSL Encryption is provided by the reputed COMODO.

Support to the investors:

Support is provided by the usual contact forms, as well as the Live Support widget. However, it remains to be seen, for how many hours, they keep the Live Chat open.

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