Hyip and Admins

Do you think that HYIPs make millions and generously share them with HYIP monitors? Do you think administrators do not want to cheat us too? They surely do!

Personally, I am absolutely not surprised that the typical administrators are in charge of every other HYIP. Personally, I understand that it is difficult to treat monitors with respect and patience considering the fact that 90% of them work on a very low level. But I can not make up my mind to it and concern with understanding the fact that the man who promises to make millions for his clients can’t afford to pay twenty dollars!

The administrator runs the project which makes a profit of 2% -5% per day and he doesn’t have $20 for services! Specifically he has them but he is not sure whether it is effectively to spend them in this case. TWENTY dollars! This is not about advertising contract for $10k or even for a $1,000. It is not about a one-time service, in which it is impossible to change anything if you are wrong about your choice. It is about monitoring which will last for at least a year and includes a lot of related activities. If we divide $49 (this is the sum of our administrative fee) for 5 months of work, we get $10 a month.

And the administrator says: “I’m not sure that you are sufficiently effective”. In other words, I have so little money for promotion and almost no understanding how to succeed, that I can afford to pay only for specific investors from specific sources. Because without those investors, my pyramid will not grow. In other words, any investments with delayed returns are unreasonable and such a sum as $20 plays a role.

I am extremely against the position of some admins of HYIP monitors, which state that if HYIP can not afford their services, it is not worthy to exist. It’s blackmailing and extortion. But this fraud is used against fraudsters and it seems like it is the only way to deal with them.

Free script, template design, a little imagination and some efforts – these are the ingredients of success for the majority of cheaters who escape with the first $100 invested in their projects. Sites have become better recently, admins use more fantasy and they have to spend a lot of time in live support but the principle has not changed. They just run away with the first thousand bucks and not a hundred.

Monitors can be added one by one and admins pay for them using the deposits of first investors. Advertising? When more money is invested. Marketing? If they are extremely lucky. Such projects are shut down because of being offline for one night, a negative review or complaint to the payment system. How can such projects be recommended?

In the name of the industry of high yield investing, in the name of security of investors and their money, we should not give way to poor HYIPs for anything and never. We, as a monitor or reviewers, of course can not serve as a criterion for assessing the solvency of a HYIP. Meaning we can not pursue a policy of sifting projects based on the purchases made on our services. And we will never blackmail anyone. But I promise that our readers from now on will be always and without limitation informed about all poor projects which are not capable to work qualitatively, can’t think strategically and do not have adequate means to guarantee success.

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A hyip with a strange name

The first thing you see when you enter the website of a program called CXZCO Business Company (cxzco.com) is the text that informs about the following: “Our business firm is a private corporation investment firm with the incorporated LPD/876930 number in Argentina. We will invest your capital in diverse sites in Argentina and pay over the profits to you.”This project was launched on November 20, 2010 and has been online for 52 days.

Investment Plans. There are three investment plans at Cxzco.com. The interest you get depends on the amount of deposit you make, therefore the more you invest – the higher interest rate is. The investment period at CXZCO is 30 trading day (not calendar!). According to the terms compounding is not available and principal is returned at the end of the term.

  • The minimum deposit you need to make in order to become an investor in the program is $10 which you can invest in the first plan and have 2% daily. The maximum deposit in this plan is $500. The total return is 160%. Okay, let’s assume you have $100 to invest and there are no holidays soon. You will make $2 a day ($10 a week). After 6 calendar weeks (a month and a half) you will have $60. This will be your pure profit and + you will have your $100 back which is a promised return of 160%.
  • The second plans offers 2.5% daily for deposits of $501- $2,000. The total return is 175%.
  • If you wish to invest $2,001 and more, the third plan is for you. The interest rate is 3% daily and the maximum deposit is unlimited. The total return is 190%.

Referral Program. The referral program is present at Cxzco.com just like in almost all other programs. The referral commission is also standard and is 5% per each deposit made by all people who made deposit in the program using your referral link.

Payment Options.
The list of payment options is not very long. The only accepted e-currencies are LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney.

General Website Features.
The website looks very simple and there is no design at all. The administration of the program has probably decided to place as few elements as possible. The chosen ones demonstrate us what the administration considers to be the most important. Those are the long list of forums, a search box, investment plans, a telephone number and a picture showing a referral commission rate. That all can be seen on the main page. There is also a “Rate Us” page with all monitors where CXZCO is listed, register button, and “Contacts” page. However, there is no FAQ section where users could get answers to their questions.

Security Features. CXZCO.com is hosted at BurstNET Datacenter USA (burst.net). It is SSL encrypted by GlobeSSL (globessl.com) and DDoS protection is provided by NVH Server (nvhserver.com). As we can see, all necessary security features are present on the website and even though they are not famous in HYIP industry, it is good that the administration worried about this aspect and paid for the features that guarantee security.

Contact Methods. There are many ways to contact the support team at Cxzco.com. You can contact them via email: [email protected], by phone: +54 116 632 2008 or fax: +54 116 632 2009. You can even sent a mail at the following address: Calle 9 No. 1016, La Plata, Argentina. The standard contact form is also present on the website.

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FxPowerPro Interview

(RCB): Hello. Our interviews traditionally begin with an introduction. Please tell us who you are and what your role in the project FxPowerPro is.

FxPowerPro (FPP): Hi! My name is Jack Taylor. I am a technical expert, a Forex specialists team manager. I manage several dozens of traders all over the world, and the number of them constantly increases. I’ve developed my own FxPP-M management of HYIP resources model, thanks to which our team is interested in making more effective transactions and to engage even more professionals. At the moment the company is going through the official registration so once it is done you’ll be the first to know it 😉

There is a slogan on your website https://fxpowerpro.com/“is an professional team and we needn’t say more”Tell us about this professional team. Who are these people? What do they do?
(FPP): As I’ve already described it, our team consists of forex traders, financial management division and technical support. The terms of work in our company are very simple, they are based on the usual bonus system, which stimulates the workers to work better. Within just a month of work our team has doubled its staff, our account value quintuples our current liabilities in the HYIP! That’s why I may assert that this investment project will become one of the leaders in this sphere. Special thanks to my assistants for their responsibility and professionalism.

(RCB): Which actions of your team help achieve such great results and pay your investors such great income?
(FPP): One of the basic requirements for our traders in FxPP-M model is so called aggressive trading approach. The main point of it is a cute bonus system of transaction payments. We pay for successful transactions only. You may ask what reason is for traders to work with me. I’ll not disclose all the secrets of my model, but I can say that it is based on constant profit increasing, and it helps the traders to earn more with us than if they just performed own trading on the Forex Market. Due to this method it is possible to assure long-term payments to investors and company’s development. All the traders are divided into departments, and each of traders is responsible for the constant money flow for every investment plan.

(RCB): Is there a story behind fxpowerpro.com or your project starts with a website and online activity?
(FPP): We started to work at the beginning of this year. For the time being – online only. But it took almost a half of a year to get everything ready to start. We’ve researched the HYIP market, processed lots of necessary information and various financial questions. From the very beginning of the project our approach to it is based on responsibility, analysis and professionalism.

(RCB): Tell us about your investment products and the mechanism of accruing profits.
(FPP): At this moment we have 4 investment plans. Each of them is oriented on different types of investors. The first one is START-30, which is scheduled just for 30 days. As all the plans, it includes your deposit returning at the end of the term. It is the only plan where the compounding option is available. It leads to more than 15% profit increasing. The minimal deposit is $5, the maximal one – $300. The accumulated profit is 54% without compounding, 62% – with compounding of 50%, 100% – 71%. So with the 300$ deposit you may get $512.34 just in 30 days! This plan is designed to the major part of investors and it was created to confirm our financial solvency and stability.

The second plan is BEGINNER 60. It lasts 60 days. This investment plan leads to maximal profit increasing up to 132%. With $500 deposit you get $1160 in 60 days. We pay $11 every day and return your deposit at the end of this term. This plan is popular among the investors who have already noticed that we guarantee stability, security and profit. They invest inFxPowerPro because they trust us.

The third and forth plans are PRO and GOLD. They are scheduled for long-term stable payments – 150 days. The maximal profit may be up to $84,000 with the maximal available deposit of $20,000. These plans are designed to big investors with the possibility of personal meeting and the co-operation with partial financial statements discussing. Unlike the previous plans, the investable funds may be returned before the plan ends, but no later than in 3 weeks.

(RCB): Now it is popular to translate websites into different languages. Frankly, I believe that translating a website of high-yield program into all possible languages is quite pointless but sometimes it is simply convenient. Do you plan to translate your site?
(FPP): Yes, we work with the firm which translates the texts of such subject professionally. In the nearest future we’ll have our site translated in Russian and German. And we won’t stop!

(RCB): You have a complicated referral system – there are 4 levels. Tell me more about it.
(FPP): Being our partner is as simple and safe as being an investor. Every user may use a special unique link to our site (including unique banners). The referral profit rate starts at 3%. This interest may increase and it depends upon the number of investors. If a partner referred 1-99 people he will receive 3% from a deposit. 4% is when this number is from 101 to 300 people, 5% – 301 to 500 and 6% for those who referred more than 501 referrals. So any person may take part in our referral program. We also have a special bonus programme for affiliates, but it is discussed individually.

(RCB): Is it possible to earn referral commission and not to invest in FxPowerPro?
(FPP): Yes, as I’ve mentioned before, anybody can take part in our affiliate program without obligation to deposit.

(RCB): Now you accept deposits in LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay – a golden set for a high-yield investment project, so you probably do not plan to add other options for making payments, do you?
(FPP): Now we have Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and a verified account AlertPay of course. We don’t see any necessity to add other e-pay systems. But we are going to add the possibility of bank transfers soon.

(RCB: Security of a website is an important component of success in highly competitive environment. How do you solve the problem with technical safety?
(FPP): Recently we’ve moved to the new dedicated server at the data-centre of the known provider Dragonara.net. Our server is configured by the leading specialists, experienced in information security sphere, specially for our project. The access to our server is limited and is only allowed through secured protocol. We use advanced technologies only. Our server is connected with a special channel (network protection service) and can withstand any DDOS attacks up to 1gbps. We did our best to explain to our clients, that their information is protected – site connection is possible only by secure SSL protocol, so the traffic between our clients and our site is always encrypted. Our clients can use a virtual keyboard when they register to avoid possibility of eavesdropping by viruses and Trojans. Be sure, the work with us is safe!

(RCB): Live customer support is implemented on your website. I have visited the website several times and live support was always online. What is its operating schedule?
(FPP): After our project moved to the new server, we changed the on-line support module at our site. Now it is more convenient to talk to us. A small button is at the left bottom of all the pages of our site and our clients, partners and visitors can use it to ask a question at any moment, when they need it. Our staff tries to online be as much time as possible, but if there are no operators on-line you can write to us, we’ll answer soon.

(RCB): Which methods of promotion do you use to attract the audience in the field of high-yield investments? Is it advertisement, some promotions, contests or something else?
(FPP): From the very beginning we have a clear plan of resources allocation for our project promotion. First of all we advertise it at the most popular sites of this sphere, set banners, publish the news, and support topics at different forums. We should be recognizable. Now that we paid the first principals at the end of the first cycle we plan to tell more about us at different information sites. I’ll try to do interviews as often as possible. Soon we’ll offer different drawings and events to show to our investors that it is not only safe, but also interesting to work with us.

(HN): Please tell our readers (your potential investors) why you think that FxPowerPro is better than others.
(FPP): “My child is always the best”. FxPowerPro is not just a HYIP project, but it is a responsible and professional team, and first of all we take care of our clients, because it is the only way to enlarge their number. I’m sure that FxPP-M model will work for many years, because all its participants always win. It sounds fantastically, but it is true! I want to underline that I would fail to materialize my ideas without my team’s help and responsibility, thank you, FxPowerPro team.

And at the end of our discussion I’d like to say again special thanks to our investors and partners who trust us, because we are all one successful team moving FxPowerPro towards to leadership in the industry.

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Will you get your money back?

Investment activity is quite accurately scheduled, thought out and balanced system, in which each of the programs represents a set of terms for you to agree or not. That’s why we suppose that on case you are aware of the elements of this system; you will grasp investment wisdom and reach a level enough to receive the profit. :) Today we will address to such HYIP system element as money return. All newbie amateurs should pay attention to it, professionals may just review it.

You invest your money and receive the interests back. But your principal funds are your money. Brokers use this money to repay your losses, so if you lose, your money disappear. But there you may stop the process with the help of auto stops. And the matter is quite different in case with the programs we deal with.

You have three alternatives. The first and the most widespread alternative is returning your money with the interests. The second alternative is when you may get your money back when the payment period is over. The third alternative offers you to purchase some values, and it is worth to be observed in details. Your money may not get back to you. :)

Let’s start with the most widespread variant, where you receive your money with the interests. A program pays interests using your money in its operations (Forex, Stocks, energy etc). The process is as follows. You create a deposit with a minimal sum, allowed by this program, and it is less than a maximal sum allowed, and you receive interests that should comprise more than 100%.

For instance, you get 10% within 11 days, or 2% within 100 days. Thus, a part of this money will belong to you, and it will be returned to you with the payouts (included – as it is stated in program terms).

This is a very convenient way of paying interests for the administrator, because investor becomes dependant of payouts and time terms, and he cannot somehow influence it. That’s why it is the most popular way. When you don’t know if you pay tomorrow or not, it would be hastily to provide investors with the opportunity to withdraw. So, admins don’t give such opportunity, paying a fixed interest, including our principles.

The major problem is as follows: of the program is paying within 100 days, you campy be sure that you will receive your profit (which happens when you receive 100% of your funds and at least 0.1%). The program may disappear on the 49th day, and you will anyway leave a part of your funds to these guys, receiving 2% daily, no matter you will receive your $98 back 9which is not so painful as loss of all your money). You should recognize it and understand that you run risks, and deal with the most dangerous folks, who aim at making themselves totally safe and secure, inventing various idiot terms

Alternative variant to the one described above is when you may get you’re your principals. However, if they allow withdrawing at any time, it will be a mess. The program which uses your money on some purpose, also has agreements with, say, broker or handbook firms, and they cannot afford you do what you want.

So there are two types of restrictions here. The first one is impossibility to withdraw principals before a definite terms expires, for instance, this may be a term existing for paying all interests. For instance, if the term is 6 months, you cannot withdraw your money until this period is over.

The second variant is a fee, which is removed when you try to withdraw your money too early. It may reach 50% and it is really cruel. But this is done to prevent you from withdrawing. However, such option is a real program’s advantage, because very few programs may risk and offer such option to its investors.

FastMarket is a good example, they’ve had both variants of principal (or initial) withdraw, and both these variants didn’t work :) However, all of you remember that this program lived for long, that they started new projects, and many investors received their profit. Well, when we started to request our principals in 6 months, administration just kept silence.

The same refers to a simple withdrawal of our funds, even with 50% administrative fee – we haven’t received anything as well. Then investors faced the same problem. In short, FastMarket had a quality and advanced structure, but it didn’t work so. I don’t know if someone could withdraw the money from this program during all period of its work, but this option remains unchecked.

But it’s the most honest. If you hesitate in the program, you have a possibility to get your money back on a definite stage. Just because such programs work for long, and they usually manage to pay a bigger part of principles before going to run. If this option is present in the agreement, you should try to test it – it is important to unmask the folks if it is possible.

Well, I’ve already told that very few programs risk offering such variant. There are two reasons for it. The first one is that such option demands definite technical options. This program must develop an original script. And, of course, economical aspect is also important, it is necessary to count the possibility to withdraw investors’ money. This is not easy for every program. So, the programs that want to act seriously and that want to work in “quality market”, have the third alternative – in my opinion, it’s the most universal and profitable.

This is the variant of purchasing the values. We may remember Forex Union, InvestFreak among the most relevant programs. PrivateOpps , which disappeared recently, had the same scheme. The issue is clear. You don’t just invest money, you purchase some “shares”, points, units. You receive some interests for each issue you purchased.

It’s simple. These shares obtain a RELATIVE costs after your purchase. It depends upon some home market. In principle, it is possible that you cannot sell these shares somewhere, but most often you can, because you are not supposed to get much benefit, receiving 1% a day. :) But it happens that the term of use of your shares is over as soon as you receive your interests, and they are just zeroed.

A variant of creating a home market, where investors may sell these values to each other, looks more attractive and interesting. The price is relative as well. In this case you may make profit not only on interests, but also on increase of the price of definite shares. :) it looks very attractive, but it’s deceptive. So you need to be careful and double check the terms.

We cannot cover all perspectives , so we won’t even try, and we haven’t got enough space for it. But usually the list of terms is quite long, and lack of attention may cost you much. At first, pay attention to what you can do with these shares. Once their cost is determined by the program, don’t think that you’re far from control and scam. They are the same, and they are more complicated, if the terms of the program are clear and detailed.

This is all what we wanted to tell you about return of your money. If you have something to add, we will appreciate your updates. But we suppose that these three key elements include the widest circle of programs and you will are informed now. 😉

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West Wood Review

For this article of today,i would like to review West-wood,that has been launched precisely on December 3oth,2010.With,already,more than two weeks in business,and principal returned successfully once,in one of the plans,probably,it is the best time to review West-wood,certainly a refreshing proposition.

West - wood

The Investment Plans offered :

The shortest duration plan offered at West-wood, called Interest runs only for a duration of 10 days,promising a daily return of 0.7% daily,with the deposited principal being returned at the end of the term duration,that is 10 days.Therefore,as you can see the total return in the first plan at West-wood is 107%.This plan at West-wood,accepting deposits starting from $1,is certainly the one,to test the operations at West-wood.The maximum investment accepted is $150.

The second plan,the Volition,runs for a duration of 30 calendar days,offering a return of 1% daily.Similar to the other plans,principal is returned at the end of the term.Thus,after 30 calendar days,the total return is 130%.Well, the minimum deposit set at $100, is not very low,yet not absolutely out of reach.The maximum deposit is $1000.Probably,this plan,will become more popular once  West-wood becomes a well-established name.

The third investment plan or the Stability plan,offers 1.5daily return for 50 calendar days.With the principal returned at the end of the term,the total return,at the end of 50 calendar days amounts to 175%.The minimum and maximum deposit accepted for the Stability plan is $500 and $1500respectively.

For calculation purposes,an investment of $500 in this plan offers a daily return of $7.5,with the total return at the of 50 calendar days being $875 [Including the principal returned at the term expiry and the daily returns].

The last two plans presented at West-wood,that is Serenity and Freedom offers 2% daily for 80 calendar days and 2.5% daily for 130 calendar days respectively.The total return,at the end of the duration of this last two plans is 160% and 325% respectively.The difference,this two plans have with the earlier plans,is that the principal is not returned in the last two plans.

The Payment Processors:

The payment processors available at West-wood being LibertyReserve,PerfectMoney and AlertPay,i guess will be considered extensive enough,by most of us.

Compounding Option:

Compounding is available at all the plans offered at West-wood.As always,the advise will be to recover you principal first,before employing the compounding option.

Site Design,Hosting,Security Features:

Well,this is the most refreshing aspect of West-wood . Must say,quite an innovative design.It’s always good to see,new ideas coming up.Navigation,actually not that difficult,when you get accustomed with the West-wood site,for a few days. West-wood runs on a customized script,and is hosted on a dedicated server by Dragonara,a reputed name in the industry.[Also quite costly].Ddos protection,is also provided by Dragonara.SSL Encryption,is provided by COMODO.

Support To The Investors:

Another positive aspect of West-wood,still now has been it’s support.Contact can be established with the concerned management,by online support forms,as well as the Live Chat.The tickets has been replied quite promptly,till now.

HYIP Analysis:

Needless to say,personally i am quite impressed with site design of West-wood.Certainly this helps to attract investor’s attraction.

Other positives are:

1.Hosted by Dragonara,hopefully Ddos attacks will not be a problem here.

2.The minimum deposit for the first plan,being $1,provides all investors an opportunity to test their service.

3.Going by the present mood of the HYIP industry,when the investors are probably a bit reluctant to deposit their hard earned money,for a long time,i guess,the 0.7% daily for 10 days plan will probably be the one,where many investors will closely look at.

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3 good looking hyips

Elite Alliance

Elite Alliance offers it’s Members four types of Investment Contracts from short-term to middle-term with fixed rates of return:
1. Weekly Fixed
Duration: 7 calendar days
Rate of Interest: 11%
Principal Return: Upon Maturity
2. BiWeekly Fixed
Duration: 14 calendar days
Rate of Interest: 25%
Principal Return: Upon Maturity
3. Monthly Fixed
Duration: 1 month
Rate of Interest: 60%
Principal Return: Upon Maturity
4. BiMonthly Fixed
Duration: 2 months
Rate of Interest: 160%
Principal Return: Upon Maturity
Pricipal is the original amount invested into any of the Investment Contracts, separate from earnings. Principal is returned upon maturity of the Investment Contract along with Profits.
Initial Deposit
Initial Deposit is the amount of funds initially deposited into an Account from any independent source (payment processor, e-currency account, etc). Every Initial Deposit is guaranteed by Private Reserve Fund.


period: 10 business days

guaranted profit: 1.80% per day

minimum deposit: $1


period: 25 business days

guaranted profit: 2% per day

minimum deposit: $101


period: 60 business days

guaranted profit: 2.30% per day

minimum deposit: $1001


period: 120 business days

guaranted profit: 2.80% per day

minimum deposit: $5001


period: 10 business days

guaranted profit: 1.80% per day

minimum deposit: $1


period: 25 business days

guaranted profit: 2% per day

minimum deposit: $101


period: 60 business days

guaranted profit: 2.30% per day

minimum deposit: $1001

Welcome to Straitontrade

Investment company Straiton Trade are glad to greet you on it’s web site! Our company could help you to invest your means in a highly reliable Forex market trade instrument. Working with us, you are going to find out a possibility to make your tomorrow even better, working from your own house. With us you are going to obtain profit, investing in one of the most perspective fields nowadays. Choosing Straiton Trade for investments, you definitely choose reliable and profitable investments. We know everything about the Forex market.We are always updated about the world market trends, and news that could affect the situation on the market, or on the development of the exchange market.

About Straitontrade

Straiton Trade is an investment instrument specially created for those who need to create a reliable and profitable source of real net income. No hidden fees, bank account, no special benefits, everything is maximum clear and conditions and rules are equal for every partner. With us you will have hassle-free investment, even free from the paperwork. Before we invest in any foreign exchange market, we seek for the long term appreciation of our assets. To be more precise we need to say that our company is registered in offshore, our traders and market researches live all over the world. The most important aspect of our investments, which range from low, medium to high returns is that our principal investments are always guaranteed, based on this fact all other investments are guaranteed too.


CorpBayGroup is the a professional investment program. We have some alternative investment markets that give us opportunities to keep our promises, concerning the payouts and are a kind of insurance against any possible fluctuations on the basic sources of getting the profit. Our aim is to educate the public.
You can learn about the market timing technique by becoming an investor on our site. In the past, most deals we choose to fund come to us from our network of friends entrepreneurs we have worked with or funded in the past, our limited partners. Nowadays we accept fund from peoples around the world. CorpBayGroup.com was a well built investment portal which provide a secure and safe investment environment to all people over the world. With a very secured system, which promised to give you the best time of investment with no fear. Therefore, We are different from others investment company because we are very serious about our services and customer satisfaction.
CorpBayGroup Investment Packages
Plan Interest Period Minimum Maximum
CBG 1 % 2.00 Daily 60 Days $10 $1,000
CBG 2 % 2.10 Daily 60 Days $1,001 $5,000
CBG 3 % 2.22 Daily 60 Days $5,001 $20,000
CBG 4 % 2.34 Daily 60 Days $20,001 $50,000
CBG 5 % 2.45 Daily 60 Days $50,001 $100,000
CBG 6 % 2.59 Daily 60 Days $100,001 $250,000

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