Opulentia Detailed Review

Opulentia, what does it mean? Sounds pretty unusual for a hyip’s name, especially when we are surrounded by such names as – MoneyMakers, OnlineMachine, CarInvestment, HourInvestment and so on… Opulentia is a name which stands out from the crowd. Sounds like a war formation, sounds like a ruling tribe. Opulentia means riches, wealth, power, might, opulence, splendor. Do we find that in this program? Does it cover our need to have a financial back-up?

Let’s start and see how this program presents itself.


My fellow readers, by this time you already know that I’m a very big fan of clean, simple and focused on content websites. I am not saying that a good, compact design is bad for possible investors, but it can work in a different manner, let’s say the administration of the website can use an awesome design to lure in future clients, to make them forget about the real content. Of course, there are programs who have both design and content strategy, but they also come with other disadvantages: lack of proper customer support, opaqueness of the investment plans, delayed answers, no definite address, weak online authority.

Opulentia seems to be on my taste. It contains some big images to show and express what the website is about. As soon as those images caught your eyes, you are slowly going down to the main content, near the investment plans. You can also see that they have indicated the payment system on the top and the bottom as images. This makes them appear as incorporated parts of the design. Also, in the top right you have a counter that shows you the program’s life span. You can see that the program has been online since February the Sixth, so this is a brand new one.

Also, on the bottom, there are security signs appearing as nice icons. Overall, the design is being composed of blue, white and gray as main colors. It gives out the soothing sensation and opens up the mind for a possible investment.

The Business Model:

Opulentia is a private investment program with purpose to provide our members with interesting investment opportunities and to gain additional profit with help from experienced and professional investors. There are two big plans :

Daily plan
daily payouts of 2.15% (Monday to Friday) for 365 days. At the end of investment period the principal will be returned to you. The minimal investment for this plan is $1 while the maximum is unlimited. Compounding is available.
Weekly plan
weekly payouts of 11% for 55 weeks. At the end of investment period the principal will be returned to you. The minimal investment for this plan is $1 while the maximum is unlimited. Compounding is available.

Seems pretty interesting to have just two plans, one with the daily and one with the weekly plan. The daily plan is locked in for one year and the weekly one for 55 weeks. If you invest in 100$ in one plan and 100$ in another, you have the following results : In 9.5 weeks, you get your principal out from the daily plan and in 9 weeks you get it out from the Weekly Plan. It is obvious that the second plan is better in terms of getting sooner the investmet. But it lasts a little longer than the daily plan, 385 days.

The affiliate program is returning with a feature that is specific mostly to MLMs, but seem to work also with the option of getting in new affiliates as it attracts them.

* Level 1. – 5%
* Level 2. – 3%
* Level 3. – 2%

Let’s say you have 10 referrals who’ve invested 25$ each, you have 250$ invested from your side. You get 12,5$ out of that. 5 out of those referrals add 10 more with 25% each; you get 7.5$. And lastly, 5 out of those 10 add 10 more, you get 5$. That’s how you can make 25$ to start your own investment.

Their about us page is pretty informative :

We are an online division of a company that has dealt within the investment market for more than 4 years. Over the past years our managers have gained knowledge and experience which provide high returns at the very low loss rate.
Main portion of our income comes from stock markets, while the rest is gained from our forex investments.

The team spirit which can be found in Opulentia is typical of an organisation which is on a human scale. In their daily work our staff never loose sight of the client’s interest. Their common goal is to develop the solution which is exactly in keeping with the individual expectations of each one of them and to maintain a quality of service which is superior to the average. Being a member of Opulentia makes you our partner and, as such, you deserve all of our respect and confidence. We owe you reliability and stable income for that, which is exactly what you get by having funds invested with us.

In terms of professional skills, we will provide you with the same standards as you would receive from a large investment company, but in terms of accessibility and personalised advice, we will provide you with much, much more. We are not giving unrealistic returns. Our experience is a fundement which holds yours funds safe and growing. Opulentia will continue offering its extensive investment portfolio to customers and is committed to their profit. Over time, new investment offers and services will be added to the company’s current portfolio.

I’ve tested their support and can say that they are usually replying less than 24 hours and are very understanding towards your issue. I’d really suggest them to add some live chat or maybe phone support, this will enhance even more their position in this harsh hyip world. Also, I think that adding AlertPay shouldn’t be a problem, especially if we look around and see so many hyips using it.

Keep an eye on this hot mama! It can transform into a real leader very soon!

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Extensive Interview with Invest Platforms

RolClub.com/blog (RCB): Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell about your position in the company. We would also like to know about the team of InvestPlatforms. How many people work for the company? What are their positions?

InvestPlatforms (IP): Dear Nick Cooper, I am Ken Lim, Marketing Manager of InvestPlatforms(subsidiary of Asia One Assets Co., Ltd. Vietnam) It’s an honor to be given this interview chance and space for a better chance for our investors and potential investors to know us better.

Our team comprises of various departments and spear headed by a Manager for each department.

General Manager – Mr. John Rona whom oversees every aspects from operations to payments. He is basically the man behind the scene for InvestPlatforms, The fund raising online project for our offline projects.

Support Manager – Ms. Sandy whom oversees our Support team that’s in charged of facilitating our online customers and catering to request pertaining to account management and new inquiries.

Finance Manager – Ms. Michelle whom oversees our online finance department. Handling new deposits and daily withdrawals.

Marketing Manager – Myself (Ken Lim) whom oversees Marketing department for both online and offline (Asia One Assets Co., Ltd.). I recently took over the role from Sandy as her work load is getting heavier by the day and marketing and advertisement plays a very important role to any company and having said that, Sandy has also been very proficient with her area of expertise therefore it is only right that she focus her attention on Customers’ support which explains the changes.

Last but not least, we have our Technical Department that comprises of two others whom are working alongside Mr. John Rona for newer upgrades and developments.

Every departments comprises of minimum 2 people and for our support and finance department, we have 3 people each.

RCB: What contact information do you provide to your clients?

IP: We have various points of contact.

1) Through support mailing system which is the most commonly used method and mails are often replied to within few hours.

2) Company address which can be found also in the “Contact Us” page. We are opened from 9.30am to 5pm (Mondays to Fridays) +7 GMT.

3) For urgent matters, we are contactable on Skype at [email protected]

RCB: Could you tell the story of the project in a few words? When did the history of the Internet-based project start? How has it developed?

IP: Basically, we are a Development and Construction company that hath been around for over 5 years now. We are involved with many different projects here in Ho Chi Minh City, partnering with leading firms like Investco and Phu My Hung Group.

The whole internet-based project started as an idea to raise funds to have a take on larger projects without capitalizing on our offline contacts which is essentially used for our London operations for our partnering brokerage firm. Therefore, our investors partake mainly in our Land banking projects here in Ho Chi Minh City.

HN: How long has InvestPlatform been operating? What have you managed to achieve during this period?

IP: We have been online for the past 6 months and i would say that the initial stage was the hardest. To be honest with you, the first two months were the hardest because the investments were small largely due to us being new to the market. The payouts were delivered as promised and revenues paid were mainly from our machinery rentals. We are currently seeing a bigger group of investors with a more significant amount daily and i would say that if this carries on, we will be right on track what we planned for 7 months ago and we can work out more benefits compensation for our investors.

RCB: Do your investors have anything to fear?

IP: I am thankful for this timely interview and i would like to take this opportunity to ensure our current investors and potential investors:

“Do not worry. You are in good hands!”

There is nothing to fear as we are serious with our project which was the reason we went to different extends (Ddos protected dedicated server, VeriSign SSL and VeriSign Extended Validation for identity assurance) in our opinion is the BEST we could go, to give a little more insight to our company intentions which we are more than happy to be able to convey to everyone!

RCB: Is your company officially registered? If yes, do you open to public the documents that confirm its legal status?

IP: We are officially registered as mentioned earlier. We believe that unless required, being Validated by VeriSign Extended Validation gives more than enough assurance of our legal status. In fact, all parties are free to not just verify with us, but also go through VeriSign live chat to check our status and our claims. This should be an even more assuring act which most other companies online wouldn’t be able to deliver as the stringency of VeriSign is a known fact to most people. Criterias has to be met before being issued the EV cert. This includes Company registration documents, verification by state notary public, audit verification by state bank(Hanoi) and visit to local business address (address according to location registered with online domain registra Vietnam).

RCB: Describe the investment plans that you offer. Why is your offer more attractive than the offers of other projects?

IP: We have 4 plans to offer:

2 Investments (120 business days)
2 Savings (flexi-savers (no lock-in) IPFD (3,6,12 months lock in)

Investment plans: (minimum $10 maximum $500,000)
Gold Account 1.2-1.5% daily for 120 business days excluding PH
Platinum Account 1.6-2.0% daily for 120 business days excluding PH

Savings plans: (minimum $100 maximum: No limit)
Flexi-savers 5.90% per monthly basis payable at the end of each month.
(pro-rata payment applies for investors whom deposited nearing the month end)


IPFD (InvestPlatforms Fixed Deposit) – lock in period according to plans.
3 months – 6.50% monthly
6 months – 7.90% monthly
12 months – 9.99% monthly

For both the saving plans, we are offering additional 1.5% loyalty bonus from the 2nd month of depositing.

For example;

End November – Deposited amount $100
End December – based on 5.90%, amount accrued is $5.90
End of January – based on 5.90% + 1.5%, amount accrued is $7.40
End of February – 5.90% + 3%, amount accrued is $8.90
End of March – 5.90% + 4.5%, amount accrued is $10.40

And this goes on for as long as the amount is intact in the account. The whole cycle resets when principal is withdrawn.

We do not dare claim that our offer is more lucrative than other programs however, we offer stability in exchange for high returns. The fact that we are open and aboveboard with our Company details is so that investors can rest their minds when investing with us. It doesn’t sound right when we are promoting our company program alongside many other programs and some which turned out as bad investments along the way, but who can deny that this is indeed a very big market with good and ready investors? Therefore despite all the challenges, we will allow time to be the judge for our claims.

RCB: It is not a secret that the online investments field is full of risks for the investors. How do you ensure financial stability and security of your system?

IP: It is indeed not a secret, and it is in fact not only in the online field that risks are high, offline businesses in itself carries the same measure of it! the reason for EV certificate was to give assurance to the general public that InvestPlatforms has been audited by the state bank and has a healthy financial standing therefore we have funds to compensate our time loss in projects while maintaining payouts. The projects taken are profitable and well able to cover the rates being offered by us.

Our technical specs combination i believe should be one of the best in the industry at present. Daily malware scans are done and customers’ records are being updated and backed up on a separate system daily! Our investors can most assuredly rest their minds while investing with us. There is no need to fear for downtime because even our newer developments are implemented without the need of 1-2 hours downtime. It has been proven and done just over a month back.

RCB: Do you consider your program to be special among other similar programs? Why would you recommend it to investors?

IP: I do personally recommend the investment services to everybody! My family members are customers of InvestPlatformsas well! Although i would say that it is nothing too special but because of the dedication of the team, the excellence in spirit to excel in the various departments, i believe that it is only a matter of time InvestPlatforms will be the market leader and quite probably the last man standing through good and bad times.

IF you are looking for a good and stable program, you should consider InvestPlatforms because this is truly the company that protects not only their own interest, we seek to make InvestPlatforms a better investment choice every single day. We listen to opinions and we upgrade ourselves. A good business starts with a good team and the only thing that makes a good team is a group of people whom are responsible, caring, people centered and whom value character over monetary gains. We may be physically far and perhaps will never have the opportunity to meet face to face, but given time, we would be able to proof that InvestPlatforms is worth all your while investing in!

RCB: What are your business plans for the future? Are you going to change or to add anything in your project?

IP: We plan to be the best in all we do. To be a market leader not just in the online community, Asia One Assets hope to achieve the Top50 awards in Vietnam for 2011.

Our plans are well thought out before we launched and therefore the plans will remain intact, but we would love to incorporate more choices for our investors so that we can become a one-stop investing hub where people of different risk appetite can surely find something that they are most comfortable with.

RCB: How and with the help of what are you going to become a leader in the field of high-yield online investing?

IP: I believe the key factor in becoming the market leader in this field is to deliver our promises and bring trust amongst the people. We hope that while we are only 4 months old in this field, by increasing our web presence and continually maintaining our payouts to every investor, the potential investors would give us a shot and join in to a program they can call their own.

We sincerely hope that current investors would continue to promote us not just for the referral benefits, but also because we are worth your efforts. While we continue to build and grow, investors can do their part in the growth for stability and significance.

Thank you Martin, for this great opportunity to be able to express our intentions and goals for our company to be made known to all. It hath been an honor to be interviewed by the leading newspaper of this industry! We look forward to be able to share our joy with you and everyone down the road. Our Journey has only just begun!

Till we become the market leader,

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Oscar Funds Review

“Oscar Funds, as a part of OSCAR INVESTMENTS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, is a company that has been providing high quality finance and investment services to legal entities and individuals since 2010.” And today this program is an object of our review. Let’s take a look at it and see what OscarFunds.com has to offer.

Investment Plans.
OscarFunds offers basically one plan divided into four parts. The amount of money you can earn depends on your deposit amount and on the total of the company’s profit at each trading day (interest rates are flexible). Compounding is available and principal is returned on expiry. The investment period is 180 business (!) days. Let’s get to details:

  • Basic Plan brings 1-1.3% daily and is probably the only one affordable for everyone. The minimum requested amount is $10 and the maximum is $2,999.
  • Advanced Plan is more profitable and offers 1.3-1.6% daily. However, the minimum deposit in it is $3,000 and the maximum is limited to $9,999.
  • Professional Plan offers you 1.6-1.9% and you can have such profit in case if you are ready to invest $10,000 or more up to $49,999.
  • Senior Plan is the most profitable one. The interest rate is 1.9-2.2% daily with $50,000 minimum and $999,999 maximum.

As you can see, the interest rate is not fixed and may vary, therefore the amount of your profit depends on trading activity. In order to see the general idea of how much money you will make, use an investment calculator on the website. It will calculate your profit basing on the minimal promised interest rate.

Referral Program. There are 3 levels in a referral program which means that you get a referral commission not only directly from the clients invited by you (1st level), but also from their referrals (2nd level). You even receive commission from the referrals, invited by the referrals of your directly invited clients (3rd level)!

  • 1st level – 5%
  • 2nd level – 1%
  • 3rd level – 0.5%

Payment Options. AlertPay, Liberty Reserve and Bank Wire Transfers (only USD) are accepted. There is no PerfectMoney that is usually accepted by HYIPs but I suppose it won’t reduce the number of investors because AP and LR are very popular.

General Website Features. A customized design template is used at Oscarfunds.com and the script is unique. The most important information such as investment plans and accepted e-currencies is right on the main page. The navigation is a bit confusing because some links to pages are placed on the top and some at the bottom. There is also an unusual page called “Broadcasting”. There you can find all videos released by Ali, the admin of OscarFunds. There is a rate us page but it is called “Partners”. On this page you can only find a link to allhyipmonitors. The registration process is easy and quick.

Security Features. OscarFunds.com is hosted on a dedicated server and uses hosting services of LiquidWeb. Protection from DDoS attacks is provided by Cisco Firewall A5505N. In personal correspondence Ali informed me that their server also comes with a DDoS Mitigation service. OscarFunds.com uses a Thawte SSL 123 Certificate to offer secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site. As you can see, all basic security features are present on the website. Contact Methods. The address of the company is:

Oscar Investments International Limited
90 Main Street, P.O Box 3099,
Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

There is a telephone number: 1-845-694-4930. You can also contact the administration via live support or by submitting a ticket on a “Support” page. In order to do that, you must choose a department to which you want to send your inquiry, then name yourself and ask your questions.

OscarFunds has been successfully developing for 31 days and the admin of the program actively promotes his project. It seems like he is really determined to make his project popular because he always answers e-mails, participates in discussions on different HYI-related sources and you can also follow him on Twitter: http://twitter.com/oscarfunds. We wish him to keep up and we will keep track of the development of OscarFunds.com.

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