Online Investment Tips&Tricks

There are numerous ways to invest online and they have advantages too. One of the biggest advantages that you would have as an online investor is the low brokerage rates that you would have to pay the broker. Normal brokers would charge you a high fee while they handle your investment. This would obviously include advisory charges. Brokers offering online services offer relatively low commissions and are often called discount brokers. You can channel your trade through these agents at a lower rate. In this way the commission does not eat into your profits.

Easy access is another advantage of online investment because it is the only resources that you required, would be a computer and an internet connection. Most online trading firms designated tabs for their online users and these are really user’s friendly. The money transaction methods are varied. You can choose an option in most convenient and easy way for you.

Before beginning an online investment program, be sure to understand that most likely you are not linked directly to the market through your home computer and that the click of your mouse does not instantly execute trades or cancel orders. Determine if the stock quotes and account updates you receive are real-time or delayed. Checking the on-line brokers’ ability to get the best price for investors and most brokerage firms provide this information from the firm to substantiate any advertised claims concerning the ease and speed of online trading.

Get the information from the firm about significant website outages, delays, and other interruptions that may affect your ability to execute trades and make sure that the firm has an alternative way or options to execute trades. Review the firm privacy and security policies and determine if your name will be used for mailing list or other promotional activities by the firm or any other party. Receiving clear information about sale commissions, transaction fees, and conditions that apply to any advertising discount on commissions will help you to feed your knowledge and you must know how to contact a customer service representative if any problems occur. Request a prompt attention and fair consideration and to be sure to keep good records to substantiate any problems that may occur. Contact your local securities division to verify the registration status and disciplinary history of the online brokerage firm, or file a complaint, if appropriate.

Most of the online sites do not charge any fees for becoming members. Once you have been member, you will be able to use their services and starting investing. Many of the sires will also provide you with tips and advice as to how go about investing in different products. This will give you added an added advantage of investing online.

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Fresh Review of MGFunds

For this post, i would like to present the review of or the Mark Goodman Funds one of the newly joined Investment program, that launched in the forums, on 9 th  of January.

The Investment Plans : offers a single medium term investment plan, that runs for 45 calendar days, offering a daily interest  of  3% of the deposited principal. The investment amount made in this single plan at , is included within the daily returns, thus promising a total return of 135% after 45 calendar days.

The break-even point, if you calculate comes at 34 th calendar day, that is by the 34 th calendar day of the investment plan, you will recover the deposited principal, and by the 35th calendar day, start earning the profits.

The minimum deposit, to invest in this plan, has been fixed at $30, although not too low, yet not very high, either. We have seen, quite a few of HYI Programs, that have done exceptionally well, with minimum deposits, even higher than that. Therefore, personally, i do not feel, a minimum deposit of $30 will be a hindrance in the growth of this particular program, if can gain the confidence of the HYIP investors, by keeping the basics right.

The maximum investment permitted is $10,000 per active investment. For informational purposes,three active investments are allowed, at one point of time.

Let’s take the example of  an  investment of $100, in the medium term plan of, that promises daily returns of $3, with the total return, at the end of 45 calendar days, being $135 .

Withdrawal requests:

The withdrawal requests are processed manually, and the minimum amount that you can request s $3. The management has mentioned in their FAQ page, that the withdrawal requests are to be processed within the maximum of 48 business hours [ Withdrawal requests are not processed at the weekends]. Another point, that has to be remembered in this respect, is a fee associated with withdrawal transactions.[ Withdrawal fee – 1.5%].Although, till now, the withdrawal requests have been processed much earlier, than the maximum time mentioned.

Payment Processors: has certainly , scored a point in this aspect, as the payment processor portfolio , will hardly leave any HYIP investor dissatisfied. Namely, the e-currencies available for transactions are LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, GlobalDigitalPay and the verified ones, that is AlertPay and SolidTrustPay.


Apart from the usual online support formsSkype has also been included to for providing investor support.

Site Design, Hosting , Security features:

As already mentioned before, if you need two words that can best describe, site, it probably will be ‘Simple and professional’ site runs on a customized script, with a hassle free navigation. The site design is not much flashy, but definitely is soothing and is hosted on a dedicated server by BlackLotus, with Ddos protection also offered by the same. SSL Encryption, by AlphaSSL, has also been incorporated. Overall, certainly all the security measures, have been included.

Promotional measures:

Well, you must have noticed somewhere. The concerned management is definitely carrying out extensive promotions in various forums and monitors.I noticed almost 100 monitors in their ratings page.

HYIP Analysis:

The positives:

1. has been able to create a very professional aura [ Particularly, by its prompt reply to support tickets, and prompt processing of the withdrawal requests.]

2. The Medium term plans, where the deposited principal is recovered within a short period, is preferred by a major section of HYIP investors.Probably,that will be a reason,that will be helpful, in maintaining the all important cash flow.

3. Payment processor portfolio, that includes almost all the popular options, i guess, will increase the investor acceptability.

4. Customized script, Ddos protection, SSL Encryption that we expect from a promising program, has all been included.

5. About, Alexa traffic graphs, as most of my friends already know, i am not a believer of Alexa, as it is one of the measures, that can be easily faked.

The negatives:

The only negative, probably is the withdrawal fees, which may not be liked by some HYIP investors. On the other hand, it adds to the professional aura, that has been able to successfully create so far.

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News from the Industry

First Monetary Fund ( needed a month to make everyone talk about it.

The fact is that FirstMonetaryFund uses a unique script in its work. By creating a script to fit their needs, they took care of providing users with the maximum set of tools. Do you know a lot of HYIPs which offer their investors to send money directly to each other with almost no restrictions? Do you often come across programs that offer exchanging between LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney right on those programs’ websites? Fortunately, there are more such HYIPs each day. Thus, in my opinion, First Monetary Fund offers investors features that will be a must-have in the nearest future.

More and more programs are trying to provide investors with more different possibilities for managing their finances. Trading shares inside the company is another possibility, which will surely develop in the future.

The program called INQ Investments is one of the recent additions to hyip programs. And today we have some news to inform you about. The administration of the program has added a new option for making deposits:

“Now Accepting Solid Trust Pay INQ Investments is glad to announce that we are now accepting payments via Solid Trust Pay. We even accept Credit Card payments via Solid Trust Pay for a small fee of 2.5%”

So from now on all deposits can be made via LibertyReserve, AlertPay, SolidTrustPay and Bank Wire. By the way INQ Investments also accepts VISA/MASTERCARD via Alertpay for a small fee of 2.5%.

You can make a deposit in one of the “Regular Plans” that offer 0.8-0.9% for 90 days (the required deposit amount is $25 and more) and 0.9-1% for 180 days ($25 and more). This program also offers “Secured Investment Plans”. They bring 0.5% for 90 days and 0.6% for 180 days. The interesting feature is that all clients who invest in these plans receive agreement papers and post-dated check through post. All details are described in a FAQ section on the website (here). Deposits in Secured Investment Plans can be made via AlertPay, Moneybookers and Bank Wire only.

By the way, the work of support department at is really great. Today I’ve contacted them via two different offered contact methods: email and live chat. I received the response to all my answers in the email within 10 minutes. Then I decided to check the efficiency of their live support and I can confirm that it really operates and I had to wait for only a couple of seconds to start chatting with the representative of INQ Investments. We all know that many HYIPs pretend to have live support and they are always or most time offline. Therefore such a great work of support department is really appreciated.

Andrew, the admin of KlickWallet, has sent out a newsletter informing about achievements of his project. The program has been online for 40 days and there are more than 6,000 registered members now and this number keeps growing each day. Such a great result has been reached with the help of all members who actively promote KlickWallet.Andrew sounds very self-confident, which is actually good because it demonstrates that he wants to do everything to improve and make his program even more popular:

“I dont think that there is any other short term program that have more potential that KlickWallet. KlickWallet is a First Big Investment Opportunity in 2011 and thats true. I just hope that you enjoy your KlickWallet profits and will continue to support my program.”

It is also informed that Russian and French versions of the website have been already implemented and a Spanish version is almost ready and will be available soon. All visitors of the website are asked to contact support in case they notice mistakes in translation. Andrew says that even more languages are going to be added and more info on this issue will be announced in upcoming newsletters.

By the way, do not forget about Weekly Specials at You can always see a current special offer on the main page of the website. Right now you can receive 10% bonus if you invest $500 and more via AlertPay. This offer has almost expired and the new one will be made within the next few days.

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