Pivotal Investment Direct Review

Hello, RolClub members, readers and visitors! We are already well into 2011, with new hopes of better living and new hopes of better investment ideas. I hope you’re all well and ready to explore new awesome income opportunities as I sure am!

Today we are going to put on reviewing the Pivotal Investment Direct , a program that got my attention lately and I planned to restart the blogging line with it. I must say that I was pleased by the simple, yet effective design my eyes saw. Everything seems to be well put in place, with a strict order. As you’ve already noticed, I’m a big lover of simple things, because this type of things goes will with all kinds of clients, whether they need a design to rock their worlds or a lower one, so that you couldn’t be so “amazed” that you’d get the feeling you’re too attracted. Being simple is the perfect compromise!

Back to our sheeps. Pivotal Investment Direct is an online program wich has been in the industry for the past 8 years. They have a full set of services in the are of financial investments and these products really meet client’s desires! Just have a look at the investment plans :

package1 package2
Minimum Deposit
Maximum Deposit
10% Deposit bonus
5% Referral bonus
package11 package4 package3

plans Key Benefits Key Benefits

Key Benefits High returns of up to 2.2% daily
Key Benefits Flexible compounding options
Key Benefits Daily dividend payouts
Key Benefits 100% principal return
Key Benefits Up to 150 day programs
Key Benefits Make a deposit & get 10% deposit bonus. Promotion valid on all investment plans
Key Benefits Referral bonus 5%

One of the things I like at this program is the normal, human referral bonus. 5% is a percentage that doesn’t make it look like a cheap hyip who looks for nothing else then getting a big database after they successfully attracted into their cobweb with huge affiliate promesses. I love the normal atttitude better than the one that tries to get you their member as soon as possible. Keeping it affordable is a solution for building a reasonable business model. Also, you get a 10% deposit bonus, awesome, isn’t so? Why giving more in the affiliate business when you can do give out directly to the customer. Maybe I don’t love affiliate marketing and I am not too good at bringing in new clients. People should be rewarded for their actual investment and I say bravo for that!

So, why would you like to invest with PID? Their official offer is this one :

“With so many opportunities out there, investors often find themselves overwhelmed and confused as to where they should put their money. In order to help make your decision simple, here are the top reasons to invest with Pivotal Investment Direct.

We’re in it for the long haul. spacer We’re in it for the long haul. Our plans have been strategically formulated to ensure consistent growth over long periods of time. We’re not offering you a get-rich-quick scheme that will disappear within a year. A good investment portfolio takes time and effort to build, and we’re willing to put in as much time as needed
Great Customer Support spacer Great Customer Support. Our email support is unparalleled within the industry. We guarantee that all customer inquiries will receive a response within six hours. The investment market is stressful enough as is, the last thing you need is the additional stress of dealing with incompetent customer support.
Stable & Secure Platform spacer Stable & Secure Platform. Unlike many other firms that offer basic SSL and DDOS protection, our web team has partnered up with some of the biggest names in the web security industry (such as Norton and GoDaddy). We provide the highest levels of data and platform security so that you can invest with peace of mind.

Our mission is to provide you with safe, reasonable, long-term investment opportunities that will provide you with a steady stream of income. Join today and take advantage of everything we have to offer”

Who else than themselves could have said it better? Talking about security, you can see that their website is filled up with security enhancers such as :

trust site logo-rate us norton security

And I must admit – I never saw so many on a single website. It adds much more credibility to the business and makes it look safer for eventual investments. I mean, what are possible investors looking for, first of all? Is it the investment plans or rather the assurance that there will be no DDoS attacks to take the business or to delay some payments? You tell me.

For the payment systems, they seem to use also the latest hit in the HYIP industry – Alert Pay. As I’ve said in other posts, I was surprised to see that Alert Pay accepted to enter this shady business, but who knows, maybe they will bring some changes to the HYIP business. And, of course, they use Liberty Reserve. I’d suggest them to add also Perfect Money, at least, and after that, why not, even bank wires.

You can also see on the website that they are well acquainted with social media techniques, as they are using Twitter and Facebook. This can mean only a single thing – that they have a pretty experienced marketing team in the back working hard to maintain the company’s level at a proficient one.

So, what are you waiting for ? :) Go get them!

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Uinvest Review

I have waited this moment even before the Christmas and New Year. This program that I am going to review was one that really, really amazed me and got me thinking. Maybe it is in human nature to be naive and confident, as from time to time, in the hyip industry appears a program which claims to be “different” and each time we fail to see our hopes satisfied. But we take it again and hope that the next one will be the “chosen one”. For me, Uinvest seems different, let’s see what they got.

The thing that jumped into my eyes was the design. I don’t want to call it different but unique and very easy to digest. If you know a little geography, you will realize that the general design and the favicon of the website are containing the national colors of Ukraine : blue and yellow. Ukraine is the largest contiguous country in Europe, having an emerging economy and fighting for entering the European Union. For foreign investors, it is a good place to put their assets in. You can see some little more information here https://uinvest.com.ua/invest-in-ukraine

Uinvest is so different from anything that I have encountered that I have to review it by pointing out all its unique features step by step. Another interesting “clue” is the fact that this company is not working with raw money, but with shares, as I remember http://alpha-fx-services.com does. But, here, you don’t have investments in volatile markets, such as forex, oil/commodities or arbitrage. They are offering us the chance to buy shares in real companies. This video here says it all https://uinvest.com.ua/how-invest-money

The “investment plans” as we often see in the hyip world are quite interesting, we have the possibility to buy shares from Ski Resort Hotel, Fish Cannery, Hotel in Mountains, Winery. The lowest share price is the Winery one and it costs, as you can see, 45$, giving a monthly profit of 5$, which is 9%, but, unfortunately, there are no more shares left…The next affordable share would be the Ski Resort Hotel, at 180$ and with a profit of 32$, which is a little under 6% each month, obviously lower than the winery shares. Next, we have the Fish Cannery, at 450$ and monthly earnings of 15$, which is not quite good comparing to others, averaging 3.3%. The most expensive is the Hotel in Mountains share at 750$ giving a yield of 16%, which means 120$. Seems very attracting, but you need some money for it.

They show on their website two links that seem to have some big credit in back http://www.dailyfinance.com/rtn/press/uinvest-announces-globalization-offers-new-online-investment-options-for-the-andquot-averageandquot-person/rfid360864513/?channel=pscope and the Yahoo News, which needs to be updated. If you scroll down the home page you will see this incredible information

“Proof of your ownership

As an investor you will receive documents confirming your ownership by regular mail. You will receive shares certificate where your name and number of shares are specified. The certificate is protected by a hologram sticker and sealed by our director. In your mail package there will also be your business review – description of your business, photos and its address.”

This means that you will receive real documents that confirm that you are a stock holder! Isn’t this just wonderful? :)

Last, but not least, I invite you to read these success stories and decide for yourself – https://uinvest.com.ua/investor-success-stories

Have a wonderful week ahead of you!

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Do you still remember SportArbs?

Almost every hyip blogger or hyip forum focus themselves on new programs and new opportunities, as we all know that past hyip or past opportunities don’t exist, as they are by now turned already into scams. But is this attitude totally correct? I mean, can’t we learn something from what happened in the past? I firmly believe that there are things past scams can teach us and that there are ways for us to know how to invest wiser in this risky business.

I am not sure why, but I’ve stumbled upon http://sportarbs.com/ today, a company which turned into scam long time ago, like more than 6 months I think. What amazed me the most, was, of course, the fact that they didn’t close the website and it is looking as it was opened yesterday at the first look. Their arrogance went even further and they have changed their logo to fit for Christmas and winter holidays…What does this mean? Well, I think that they are still getting investors who didn’t do the smallest Due Dilligence that there is! First of all, if you simply go and google http://sportarbs.com/ you will see on every forum that it has turned into scam. Secondly, if you analize for some days the profit that they say they are making, you will see that there is always a number between 80-86%. Next, look at the client feedback and see how old it is. Think about it, they have 47 000 rank on http://alexa.com! Does that tell you anything? E commerce Journal has 41 000…

I am not trying to reborn a old scam, but I am trying to help my readers and share with them a part of my experience. This program was one of th best crafted in the industry and this is why I am giving it such a special attention.

Learn to protect your money, as everybody is trying to reach your pocket nowadays!

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Happy New Year and other News

We took a nice vacation out of the online world and spent beautiful time with our families, didn’t we? It feels sad now as those days are now gone and we must get back to our daily activities to keep us going in this society. Moments like Christmas help us see that the most important things in our lives are not, by any means, money; but family and friends and our own joy of living.

What happened to the hyip world? Did the industry took a vacation too or it was working like nothing happened? First of all, I must tell that I received a comment on a past post http://www.rolclub.com/blog/2010/12/14/metalicfund-review/ from a user who said the following

“Rinat says:40$ in pending, SCAMM,
Do not trust them.”

So, the very first thing that I did was to go and check everywhere if this was true. The website seemed functional to me, with no downtime at all, but very soon I discovered that the program was not paying at all, so I recommend you all NOT TO INVEST here anymore.

I have talked to you about AlertPay and the fact that they are entering the hyip world, which seems to be both a bold and not so calculated step for them. First of all, they will have to face lots of disputes after one program will go scam and after that they will have to reply to unsatisfied customers.

It happened to me to be one of those unhappy customers who didn’t receive their money following the closing of a scam which we all know – Cherry Shares. I have invested with them a pretty considerable amount and when they closed i managed to withdraw from my account. When I was expecting the bank wire to arrive, the most unexpected happened – they money returned to my account, then back to the original source, this means to CherryShares account! I have called them several times, explaining that Cherry Shares is gone and it was a scam, but I want my money back. All they did was to refer me to write emails to safety department. 1 month has passed and I didn’t receive yet my money, so a very big MINUS in the new year for AlertPay.

I want to mention that we receive positive comments on the following companies – http://alpha-fx-services, http://uinvest.com.ua, www.fxcambier.com, https://www.smartex-investment.com/

Stay tuned as we will restart the 2010 year with awesome investing advices!

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