Maximize your HYIP earnings

nvestment program is not enough to maximize your high yield investments. Certainly it is not easy to maximize your return on investment from best HYIP. The main point of this article is the strategies how to find “fruitful” and prosperous HYIP and to maximize your interests from this HYIP.

Before we start to discuss the strategies, we should find an answer to the question what is best HYIP. Well, it is difficult to answer because there are various possibilities. For some investors the “fruitful” HYIP is HYIP with huge daily interest, for other HYIPers the “fruitful” HYIP is HYIP with instantly withdraw. Undoubtedly, all these investors are right.

I guess than each investor wishes the “fruitful” HYIP which is online for a long time, not just several weeks or a few months. Moreover, each investor wishes that “fruitful” HYIPs must have fast support. Some HYIPs reply to your questions within 1-2 days and, of course, it is too long! I am a potential investor and I need to get an answer immediately!

Certainly, you can find many answers in FAQ section of a great number of HYIP web sites but sometimes you need information which you can not find there. If HYIP has phone support so it is very good, you can always phone them and get answers to your questions.

According to many experienced online investors, one of the most important things for the “fruitful” HYIP is fast withdraws. No one wants to wait 1 or 2 days till they receive payment. Certainly, everyone wants to get money within few hours. “Fruitful” HYIPs have to pay fast.

All investors agree with me that HYIP security is significant in online investments. Of course, the “fruitful” and prosperous HYIP must have the server protection to guarantee that users’ accounts are safe and secure. Real “fruitful” HYIPs spend a lot of money for hosting and advertising as well as Ddos protection and security.

If HYIP has Prolexic DDOS protection it is a really good sign of seriousness of this high yield investment program because according to online security data, Prolexic DDOS protection costs more than $2000 per month.

Daily interests are the subject of many hot discussions on online HYIP forums because investors have very different opinions. Some people prefer 10-20% daily and other like 1-2% daily. Undoubtedly, the prosperous HYIP invests money into FOREX trading and to other contemporary industries. So if HYIP earn money in FOREX they can not offer 10-20%. It is impossible and each investor knows that. Talking about “fruitful” and prosperous HYIPs, the examples can be like Europe Trade Ltd.

Now the time is to discuss ways how to maximize your HYIP. After having found the “fruitful” and prosperous HYIP, the key to having successful investments is to build a safe, diversified portfolio and to extract your own money as quickly as possible. This will limit risk to your capital because if one program closes, you will still have the others to fall back on.

Before investing in any program, you should do a little research on it. I mean you should remember the main features of prosperous HYIP, namely daily interests of no more than 2-3%, excellent support, high qualified web site design of the HYIP Company and best users’ account protection.

Besides, HYIP scripts are easily to get a hold of and this makes it easier for fraudsters and scammers to operate. One of the things to look for is the program’s reputation if they are paying consistently.

When the investor makes any online investment, his aim is to extract his money as quickly as possible. This is because the investor wants to be able to invest using the profit he made from the high yield investment program to protect his own capital. For example, a typical investment could be $100 then, after 30 days, the investor would extract his own money and re-invest the profits so that he is making risk that he uses “other people’s money”.

Another meaningful thing is that the investor will need to make use of referral systems to explode his profits from his investments. This is when the investor recommends someone to the program and receives commission for it. This usually creates residual income for the investor which means him the opportunity to invest more of “other people’s money” to make even more cash.

However, each has to think about moral side of HYIP investment and does not promote high yield investment programs to others which do not look trustworthy. This is immoral and should not be encouraged. If you do not think so, please read my article “The Morals of HYIP Investments” and probably you will understand that it is possible to earn money with good consciousness.

I hope my article will help you find “fruitful” and prosperous HYIP and maximize your high yield investments. Best of luck in HYIP!

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Informal Investors

The investment plans,presented at Informal Investors are probably the most interesting aspect of this particular HYIP.Well,actually,a significant proportion of HYIP investors prefer this sort of quite realistic daily,weekly,Bi-weekly and Monthly plans offered at Informal Investors.

First up,let us look into the only daily paid investment plan on offer.This daily plan,promises a daily return of 1.6% of your investment for a duration of 90 calendar days.Thereby,if you calculate,thetotal return in the daily paid plan at Informal Investors,sums up to 144% of your deposit amount.The principal,being included within the daily returns the first plan,that appears to be quite sustainable by HYIP standards.All HYIP investors can definitely check out the functioning of Informal Investors by joining this plan,as the minimum investment needed to join the daily plan,is only $1,with the maximum deposit accepted being $2,499.

Therefore,a deposit of $100,in this plan is designed to provide $1.6 daily,with the total return being $144 at the end of 90 calendar days.If you take the calculation a little bit further,the break-even point is reached on 63 days[That is your investment is recover on the 63rd day].After that,starts the profit zone.

Moving on to the first Weekly Plan[Which were very popular among the investors back in 2009,and early part of 2010.In our opinion,for the general well being of the HYIP industry,it is probably preferable ,that High Yield Investment Programs,with long term plans actually establish their firm foothold,more so after the collapse of the erstwhile top HYIP s i.e OilStructure andCherryShares.Yes,it is certainly true,that the short term and medium terms HYIP s are hugely popular,among a section of HYIP investors.Still,probably the long term programs,bind this industry together.Another aspect ,that i would like to point out here,i guess you all know the ‘Piggy Back’concept where the average HYIPs  rely heavily on the Top League,for their sustainance.This is the reason,when a few of the Top HYIP s collapse we see a domino effect,with the collapse of so many of the average HYI Programs.As these were actually,paying their investors,from the money invested at the HYIP industry’s top league programs.Therefore,unless,few of the promising long term programs,occupy the dominant position that was previously occupied CherryShares and OilStrusture,this ‘Piggy Back’ phenomenon does’nt start.

The Weekly plan at Informal Investors offers 12.5% weekly return for the total duration of 12 weeks.Again,the principal invested is included within the weekly returns.Thus the total return,after 12 weeks amounts to 150% of your initial investment.Therefore,as you can see,the break-even point,at the weekly plan,is attained after 8 weeks,thus from 9 th week onwards,one receives only the profit.The minimum investment,to join the Weekly plan is $250 and the maximum depositaccepted being $2,499.

Therefore,for the need of calculation,let us take an example of a deposit of $500,is promised to provide an weekly return of $62.5 for 12 weeks,thus the total return culminates to $750.

The next plan,presented at Informal Investors,is called the IIL-BW,where 27% of your initial investment is paid at an interval of every two weeks,for the total duration of 12 weeks,thus providing a total return of [27×6]=162%.The minimum to join the Bi-Weekly plan being  $750,is probably unapproachable to the majority of the HYIP investors.The maximum investment,accepted in the Bi-Weekly plan is $10,000.

The last plan of Informal Investors,is a Monthly plan,that promises a return of 58% monthly for a term of 3 months.The minimum and maximum investment,for this plan called the IIL-M is $2,500 and $10,000 respectively.The total return,being 174%.

Well,therefore,if you consider the present situation of the HYIP market,i mean the Black December,probably the most sought after plan at Informal Investors, will be the daily paid plan,but with the turn of the New Year,and if  Informal Investors management can  establish their HYI Program by means of sustained efforts and due diligence,more and more investors,will get the confidence,to consider the weekly plans on offer.


Compounding option is available in all the plans on offer at Informal Investors.You can do a compounding from 0$ to 100%,but it is always safer to recover your deposit,first,before adding  the compounding option.

Available e-currencies:

The e-currencies that have been included at Informal Investors,are LibertyReserve,PerfectMoney and the favorite among the readers of HYIPING MONEY,that is AlertPay.

Withdrawal requests:

Withdrawal are to be requested,by logging into your Informal Investors account.As par the FAQ page,the withdrawal requests are to be processed instantly.Till date,all our withdrawal requests have beenprocessed instantly.

Site Design,hosting,security features:

The Design of the Informal Investors site is quite attractive.We noticed more and more HYIP sites are taking the services of this growingly  popular designer HYIPdiz.I guess you all remember thePawnShopFund,the second design adopted by this erstwhile very popular HYIP,was created by this designer.Informal Investors runs on a Licensed Goldcoder’s script,therefore navigation should not be a problem to any of us.The site is hosted on a Ddos protected server by


There are two ways ,you can contact the concerned Management.By the usual online support forms.The live chat widget,can also be used,when the support staff  is online.


Coming to the crucial section,

Well,after a long time we joined a HYI Program offering a combination of daily and weekly paying plans.

With the minimum deposit,at the daily paid plan,set at $1,the interested HYIP investors,can at least test the performance of Informal Investors.

About the payment processors,well personally i like the inclusion of AlertPay,and content that it has been included.But,one thing,friends,the inclusion of AlertPay,although increases the acceptability of a particular program among investors,but we should also keep in mind it in no way ensures the success of a HYIP.

A well designed site [By a designer,which seems to be getting popular everyday],with a Ddos protected hosting from another known name,may also work in it’s favor.

That is all,about the review of Informal Investors.

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Protect yourself from being scammed

Step One:

Use the following Whois Lookup sites to find out the Web Owner details information:
Lookup IP Address
Lookup Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Lookup IP Address belongs to (Organization)
Lookup Country
Lookup Continent
Lookup State
Lookup City
Lookup Latitude
Lookup Longitude
Lookup Timezone
Lookup Registrant (website registered address, person contacts & etc.)

Step Two:

Before participate the Web Program, review Web Owner Site’s operation location, and ascertain you fill comfortable with the Web Site. In any event of defaulted by the Web Owner, you can locate them & have them report to Internet Fraud Authority.

Step Three:

Search Internet Service Provider (ISP), and IP Address belongs to (Organization) email contact and record down. In any event of defaulted by Web Owner, you can file a complaint and has Scammer Site report to the ISP against them for abuse of Internet Fraud (obtained an information here is good enough to put Web Site liar in hot soup. With this power tool you can force the Scammer close up his Web Site or shutdown by ISP neither.)

Step Four:

If you got deceived, submit full details of the Web Site details information (refer to step one) with your e-payment confirmation and file a complaint email to the followings to alert the relevant authorities of the Internet Fraud:

1. Internet Fraud Coordinator: [email protected]
2. International Web Police: [email protected]
3. ISP Provider; [email protected]…….. (refer to Step One, search the abuse email contact of ISP Provider /and IP Address belongs to…and complaint of web site Network abuse).
4. Locate authority (refer to web Registrant station address, search on Internet to locate of country authority; such as “address/state police” or “(country) government authority”.
5. E-gold Service & CC to Web Site Owner.

The Authority information sites for 1, 2 & 3 are:

Lastly to say; an investor should take note on Web Site’s ISP registered at un-privileged country, in any event of cheated you can address your problem to the locate authority /or police station to expose the cheater web site. If possible put on forum page to draw attention to other investor help to obtain email contact of the locate police authority.

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How to start an Investment

Do you get in intimated when you hear people talking about their investments? Do you feel that it’s too risky to put your hard earned money into an investment?

It is a normal reaction to feel intimated or to think about investment especially nowadays when we are experiencing the financial crunch. Who would want to put their hard earned money to waste?
Investment is a word that we often hear people talk about.

Most people are kept from making an investment due to either misinformation, or information overload. There are many investment options out there. Some are high risk but high paying as well, but some have low risk but also offer a low payout. Some will allow participation of small players but some are strictly for the big investors. Investing should not be as daunting as many people think. This is not an arena that is strictly for those who are in the
financial services, but for everyone who is interested and has the means to invest.

The Basics of Investment

Here are some basic things that anyone who is interested in investing should know:

1. The Funds

You should ask yourself where you will be getting the money to finance your investment.
The money that you will put in the investment do not need to be too big. There are investments that are as low as $500. You may even be able to find investments that accept lower than
$500. Supposing that you were not able to raise the $500 initial investment, you can still look for investments that offer installment plans that you can payoff monthly.

If you are working, you may get the funding from the salary that you earn from your work such as your bonus, or from the money gained from your income tax refund.

2. The Goals

Before plunging into an investment, you should identify your goals. Ask yourself whether you are looking for a long-term investment or a short-term one. The length of time that you allot for the investment will greatly impact the type of investment that you will get into. For instance, if you are looking for short-term investments, it may not be
advisable to engage in stock or mutual funds because most of these investments require you to invest for five years or more.

3. Risk Tolerance

Ask yourself how much risk can you tolerate or sustain. If you are somebody who is not comfortable with risks and with losing some of your money, do not go for investments in the volatile markets where there are constant losses and gains.

4. Where to out your investment

This is the most basic question that you should be able to answer after looking at the amount of your funds, you goals and the risk that you can take. A usual advice given by experts in the field is to spread your money on different investments. By having different investments, you are lowering the risk of losing all your money and increasing
the rate of return.

5. Do your research

Investing doesn’t just mean putting in your money. Once you have decided where to invest, do a thorough research on that investment facility to see if it is stable, and then check the integrity of that system.

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Fx Power Pro Review

FXPowerPro – HYIP Details

FxPowerPro Company specializes on online Forex and CFD trading. Our work is up to the world standard, including analytics, forecasting activity, risk analysis.

We are proud of our reputation and we appreciate our clients’ confidence. The personal account holders of our company are all-round supported by our specialists and get client-centered approach in any aspect. Perfect conditions and our own risk-free FxPP-M trade model will guarantee the effective and successful partnership both to a professional and an amateur.

Website Design Rating: low 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – [7] – 8 – 9 – 10 high

Payment Processors: 

Monitoring Since: January 25, 2011

Current Payment Status: Paying

Minimum & Maximum Investment Limit: $5.00  –  $20,000

Principal Investment Term Periods: 30, 60, & 150 days

Interest & Earnings on Weekends: Yes

Average Profit: 1.8 – 2.8% daily

Compounding (Offered): Yes

(ROI) Legit HYIP Online Investment Team – In Profit: Not Yet

Referral Commissions: 3.00% – 5.00% per each deposit

Withdrawal processing time: With 6 hours

Customer Support:

  • [Live Support]
  • Base Address
  • [Phone Number]
  • Fax
  • [Contact or Support Form]
  • Posted Email Address
  • [Phone Support]
  • [FAQ Page]
  • Twitter
  • Forum
  • Skype
  • Facebook
  • Blog
  • Ticket System
  • Guestbook Wall

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How to Choose a HYIP?

You can find hundreds of HYIP’s by entering “HYIP”, in your search bar or visiting one of the hundreds of HYIP Monitoring forums on the web. At the time of this writing, there were over 249 active HYIP’s and 179 them were paying on time.

Bottom-line is, there is no shortage of HYIP’s to invest in, but you need to do your due diligence and never invest blindly. You must follow certain steps and perform at least a basic due diligence process, or you might as well kiss your money goodbye.

First, Verify that the HYIP you have chosen is listed in multiple HYIP monitoring websites.

Second, Ask yourself the question, What is the HYIP’s current status? Do the monitoring sites show positive comments regarding your program of choice, or are they showing as “not paying” or show “problems”. If there is any sign of problems, move on to another one.

Third, Look in the hundreds of forums and take notice of what participants are saying about the HYIP of your choice. Take a look at their rating, take note of user votes and rating. This will help you determine the current standing of the HYIP. Forums are loaded with valuable information so take your time and read the posts on old and new HYIP’s. Spend some time researching and becoming familiar with industry. This process will give you a heck of an education in one afternoon.

Fourth: Sign up for RSS feeds of HYIP news data, explore, and stay away from those HYIPs that are declared or suspected as a scam. Fifth: Once you are feeling good about a HYIP. Go one step further to make sure you have not missed anything. Use Google search and search for “HYIPname”, “HYIPname paying”, “HYIPname scam”, “HYIPname problem”. Replace HYIPname with the actual hyipname.

Finally, once you have chosen a HYIP and invested, make sure you return to the forums and post your experiences and take part in the industry. Enjoy and good hunting. REMEMBER: Never invest money into HYIP’s that you cannot afford to lose, because along with the greater return, there is a greater risk.

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Short Reviews on Nice Looking Hyips

Hav a look at the below programs

1 Visit program: First Monetary Fund

Plans: 1.1% – 2.2% for 15 – 90 business days;

Minimum investment: $1

Maximum investment: no maximum

Referral commission: 2.5% plus additional bonuses

Accepted Ecurrencies: Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money

Website and DD: The site isn’t much to my likes, clearly this is not a professional design. The good thing is that it seems to be custom developed system. There isn’t much text but it’s original and not copied from somewhere. The site is accessible through SSL and is DDOS protected.

Contact details: office address in Cyprus, phone, fax, emails, contact form.

This program offers quick turnaround with small investment. Even the highest ROI plan is affordable. Although the site isn’t much impressive, I think the chances to get out in profit are decent.

2. Visit program: BullInvestmentsCorporation

Plans: 1% – 2.2% daily, 16% – 19% monthly

Minimum investment: $1

Maximum investment: $10,000

Referral commission: 2% – 6%

Accepted Ecurrencies: Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money

Website and DD: Quite lame site. Looks like a custom work definitely but it’s not well done. Part of the texts are taken directly from Wikipedia. The other texts are definitely not written by native English speaker although they claim to be UK based company. The script running the site seems to be custom as well, but it might be lame work too. Some links go to www, others to non-www version… very lame.

Contact details: live support and ticketing system

The ROI is too low. I don’t expect this one to be around for long time so it’s not worth the risk. Just my 2 cents.

3. Visit program: Vaneax

Plans: 1.05% – 2.55% daily for 180 – 300 days

Minimum investment: $1

Maximum investment: $25,000

Referral commission: 2% – 5%

Accepted Ecurrencies: Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money

Website and DD: Nice professionally looking site, seems to be based on a custom script. The texts, although not much, are original too. The program is advertising in many monitors and forums.

Contact details: contact form and emails

The ROI in the Standard plan is good, seems to be worth the risk. The other plans are less attractive or have too high entry level.

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3 New Hyips

Hello! Hope everything is going. This is going to be a short post about 3 fresh new programs.

1. Domain
From Friday, February 11

Our program is intended for people willing to achieve their financial freedom but unable to do so because they’re not financial experts. is a long term high yield private loan program, backed up by Forex market trading and investing in various funds and activities. Profits from these investments are used to enhance our program…

Investment plans:

  • 150.00% After 3 days, Minimum: $3
  • 160.00% After 3 days, Minimum: $31
  • 250.00% After 7 days, Minimum: $3

Withdraw: Manual, Payment methods: Liberty Resrve, Perfect Money

Hosting and domain info


Hosting IP: country: United States, city: Fullerton

Hosting provider: Staminus Communications (70 hyips)

2.Web site

Launched at Tuesday, February 8

FxSure is a financial team of traders that deal mainly with the Fx (Forex) market for many years. Making profits from Fx market is risky and for this task skilled professionals have to deal with the trading. Our main goal is to provide you with an investment opportunity that is as much safe as possible. We diminish the risks normally associated…

What investment plans?

  • 1.50% Daily, Minimum: $5, Period 200 days
  • 1.70% Daily, Minimum: $500, Period 250 days
  • 2.10% Daily, Minimum: $5000, Period 300 days

Withdraw type: Instant, SSL login, Payment methods: Liberty Resrve, Perfect Money
Domain and provider info

Registrar: ENOM, INC.

Hosting IP: country: United States, city: Fullerton

Hosting provider: Staminus Communications (69 hyips)

3. Webpage

Added at Friday, February 11

Thomson Asset Management is a focused and independent asset manager. Our objective is to deliver consistent, long term asset growth for our clients. The combination of a unique investment philosophy based on careful stock-picking and long-term global trends coupled with a stable team of experienced portfolio managers, has since 2006 resulted in wor

Investment offer:

  • 0.50% Daily, Minimum: $15, Period 12 days
  • 1.00% Daily, Minimum: $15, Period 24 days
  • 1.50% Daily, Minimum: $15, Period 48 days

Withdraw method: Manual, Payment methods: Liberty Resrve, Perfect Money, Wire Transfer, GDP

Domain information


Hosting IP: country: United Kingdom, city: 

Hosting provider: Dragonara Alliance Ltd. (98 hyips)

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