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Today we will discuss a new program that appears on our monitoring list of programs. I want to present a new project named Oillers (oillers.com). Today is a first day when you may start to invest in Oillers company using our referral link and here I will tell you about all the advantages and disadvantages of this project.
Company site is the subsidiary of AOG Holdings Inc. an offshore registered company. Here is a copy of certificate of incorporation. The founder of the company James Mattison started his investments in Oil and Gas stock in 2001. It was 10 years ago. Since then he has been gathering people who are interested in oil and gas investing that leads to the formation of the company AOG Holdings Inc. in 2005. Oillers company gains profit from the investments into the companies that are engaged in oil and gas industry.

The domain name was registered on 04/02/2011 and it is paid till 04/02/2013. It is much more than payments for other domain names of different projects.

Here are four investment plans of Oillers company for you to chose. Anyway, the only difference between them is in the life-term. Also, compounding option is NOT available in the first plan. So, there are four investment plans with three levels of investment. Anyway, let’s see the details. Here is the standard form of EACH plan


  1. Spent amount $5-$499. One time deposit bonus $2. daily profit 2%
  2. Spent amount $500-$999. One time deposit bonus $50. daily profit 2%
  3. Spent amount $1000-$50000. One time deposit bonus $100. daily profit 2%

As I have already said the difference is only in life terms of each plan. Here it is:

  • Plan A – 50 days
  • Plan B – 100 days ( compounding options enable)
  • Plan C – 150 days ( compounding options enable)
  • Plan D – 300 days ( compounding options enable)

You may use such e-currencies to operate with Oillers company: Liberty Reserve, PerfectMoney and International Bank Wire and adding of AlertPay soon.

Referral program is really not bad! You will receive 10% of each investment through your referral link.

DDoS protection is really important for each webpage, Oillers company has the best DDoS protection these days. I am talking about Dragonara Alliance Ltd. I have not found any information about SSL protection but I hope administration of the program will buy it as soon as possible!

If you have any question to the administration of the program you may open a ticket or simply use this e-mail [email protected]

Also you may use a phone number: +442079890408

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