Primfix Improves

Primfix ( has updated the news section and we have some fresh news to tell you about. First of all, the admin of the program whose name is Derek apologizes for not sending any newsletters in the past two weeks. He says they were pretty busy with the bets analysis and studying the HYIP market. He also says that some people are very skeptical aboutPrimfix but he completely understands that and over time everyone will see that this project is here to stay for a long time. There are more than a thousand members now and Derek thanks everyone for their support.

The first update concerns a new platform for Primfix. The lighter version of a website will be launched in a few days with much easier navigation and will be easily accessible using the cell phone. Even if you do not know English, all you need to do is visit the website, make a deposit without a registration and then the day before your chosen plan expires you will receive a notification and then your money will be automatically withdrawn to your wallet. The original website Primfix.comwill still operate and have all functions. The lighter version will be designed for those users who don’t want or who cannot sign up.

The next update informs about the launch of a forum There you will find posts about sports betting and arbitrage. Betting experts were invited to join Primfix on the forum so that the administration can have much more interesting and professional content to share with you. You are welcome to sign up on the forum, introduce yourself and feel free to post in existing threads, create new ones and ask questions. By the way, a Promo Page for Primfix was promised to be launched. There you will find different tools that will help you promote the program. A promotional video is also promised to be presented within a few weeks.

Derek finishes the newsletter by announcing a small promotion: “We want to create a testimonials page for Primfix and we need you to write about your experience with us. Write a testimonial about Primfix saying how you like Primfix and e-mail it to [email protected] , we’ll chose some to put in our webpage and the chosen ones will receive a $5 reward. Don’t forget to include your username in the e-mail. We need your help making Primfix even better, so please share your experience!”

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1AutoPay Promotion

The administration of a successfully developing program called 1AutoPay ( has announced a new promotion: “Happy time again for our traditional Monthly Promotion ! Many customers may know, every month we hold promotion activities, such as Feb, March, April, and Now it’s the time to rock for this month.”This time you can get 50% deposit bonus which will be automatically added on any deposit amount of $100 and more.

The great thing is that this bonus will become a part of your principal and you will receive daily profits on total amount (your actual deposit amount + your bonus) and it will be returned to you at the end of the investment term as a part of your principal and you will withdraw even more than you invested.All clients (meaning both new and existing) can get a bonus.

This promotion offer is valid from May 16th, 00:00AM till May 23th, 00:00AM. The deposit can be made via all accepted e-currencies at They are LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, AlertPay and also credit cards.P.S. You have a great opportunity to watch a Video Review of 1AutoPay in which you will find out about all features of this program and which I’m sure will help you make a decision whether to invest in this project or not if you still don’t have a deposit in it.

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How To Use E-currencies and Exchangers

The first thing you have to do to invest in a HYIP is get money to invest with. You may be saying that you have money, but unfortunately you can’t use your money. Your money is in a format that HYIPs do not accept.

To invest in a HYIP you first need to change your money into an e-currency. There are many different e-currency types to choose from, and it won’t take long for you to realize that not every e-currency type is accepted by every high-yield investment program. Each HYIP lists different payment processors they accept and if we want to invest in the program, we will need to have an account with one of their listed processors.

Most HYIPs accept Liberty Reserve (LR) and Perfect Money (PM). Other commonly used e-currency types include AlertPay (AP), Solid Trust Pay (STP), Global Digital Pay (GDP) and StrictPay (SP). Each payment processor has different policies, different ways to fund your account and different fees associated with them. I will go over each of the different payment processors in a future walkthrough article.

After you have the payment processors chosen that you are going to do business with, you need to fund them with money from your personal bank account. I personally do business with Liberty Reserve (LR) and AlertPay (AP). Liberty Reserve doesn’t allow depositing straight into their accounts, so the only account I need to fund is AlertPay (AP). AlertPay is convenient for me because they allow Bank Transfers straight from a bank account into AP funds.

So, you’re probably wondering how to get funds into a Liberty Reserve (LR) account since they do not accept deposits into the account. The way to get funds into a Liberty Reserve (LR) account is by utilizing the services of an Exchanger. Exchangers are companies that transfer your money from one payment processor to another payment processor of your choice for a small fee.

I have the pleasure of recommending to you the official exchanger of is one of the leading exchanger companies servicing the HYIP industry, They are one of the most trusted and widest used exchanger companies. At the time of writing there are 176 testimonials listed on the site from satisfied customers. In addition to those, I can personally say all of my transactions with have been completed in a quick and professional manner.

Below is a video tutorial showing one of my exchanges with

The tutorial page on is one of the best I have ever seen, and the above video is for the most part a duplicate of one of the videos that can be found there; however, I wanted to draw attention to the part of the video at 0:57 where I enter the discount code.

Anyone using for the first time can SAVE 20% off the fees charged by using the following Discount CodeXCFSTIME. Every time you complete an exchange you receive a discount code good to use on your next transaction (the code is emailed to you after you complete the exchange). I believe this is a great bonus feature to encourage using for your exchanger needs, you’ll always receive a discount and exceptional service when using

By utilizing the  services of an exchanger, you can avoid keeping large amounts of money tied up in your different payment processor accounts. I believe the amount of money kept as e-currency should be kept to a minimum. By keeping only the funds needed for daily investments in your e-currency accounts, you add extra security to your funds and minimize the chance of losing money. I feel it is well worth the price to pay the nominal fees of an exchanger and have my money withdrawn into my bank account, instead of sitting in e-currency accounts where there is possible chance of loss.

If you wonder why I am against keeping large amounts of funds as e-currency you need only to look at StrictPay. StrictPay recently froze all the money in its accounts, and that money cannot be withdrawn (and will likely never be able to be withdrawn). There is a risk in using e-currency accounts, as they are not insured financial institutions.  I choose to pay my chosen exchanger,, slightly more due to the frequency of my withdraws to keep my e-currency accounts low. I feel it is well worth the cost to know that all of my funds will never be frozen or taken from me.

It is important to be as secure as possible when dealing with online transactions. Andrei, the administrator of has show time again that he is looking out for investors (his customers) best interest.

thanks hyip blogger!

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Majestic Funds Review

Leaving behind the ‘short term paid at expiry’ programs, let us concentrate on a HYI Program offering ‘daily paid’ that has been functioning successfully for over three weeks now.

The Investment Plans :

MajesticFunds being launched on 19th April, offers three investment plans each of the running for 8 calendar days. The daily returns vary according to the volume of investment.[Previously, the returns were paid on business days, but as par reported by the respective administration, due to request by many investors, the plans were changed from business days to calendar days]

The first plan called the Entrepreneur Plan, is the most basic plan available at MajesticFunds that offers14.5% daily return for 8 calendar days. Thereby promising a total return of 116%. Being the most basic plan, the Entrepreneur Plan is the one approachable to all investors, with the minimum deposit being$10. The maximum investment goes up to $2500.

For making the things clearer, an investment of $100 in this plan offers a daily return of $14.5, with the total return being $116. Certainly not that high ROI, in comparison to HYIP standard, probably that has played a role in its successful performance so far.

The next plan at MajesticFunds called the Capitalist Plan promises 16.5% daily of your investment for the same duration of 8 calendar days. The total return, if you calculate sums up to 132%. The Capitalist Plan isopen to deposits ranging starting from $2501 going up to $15,000. Therefore, obviously this plan concentrated on the professional investors.

The third and the final plan at MajesticFunds is the most high return plan.The Tycoon Plan promises to provide a daily return of 18.5% daily for 8 calendar days, offering a total return of 148%. The minimum investment for this plan is $15,001. About the maximum deposit accepted, well there is no limit to that.

One aspect that is to be remembered for all the investment plans at MajesticFunds is that in none of the plans compounding option is availableThe invested principal is included within the daily returns.

The Payment Processors :

Apart from LibertyReserve and PerfectMoneyAlertPay is also available for transactions. personally i am quite satisfied to observe the trend that more and more investors are preferring a verified option like AlertPay for the high yield investment programs, particularly for short term ones.

Site Hosting, Design and Security Features :

MajesticFunds presents a pleasant looking design and runs on a licensed Golcodert’s scriptHosting andDdos protection is provided by Koddos, on a dedicated Staminus server.SSL Encryption by Comodo adds to the security.

Support :

Investors can communicate with the MajesticFunds management by the usual online support form or the Live support.

Analysis :

1. Probably, the most important factor that has played an useful role in the successful performance ofMajesticFunds for three weeks now, are the ‘Daily Paid’ plans. Understandably the ‘Daily Paid’ plans are always safer than the ‘Paid At Expiry’ plan as even if the program scam, the investors can at least recover a portion of their investments.

2. The second point, although not directly related to MajesticFunds itself, but has also played an important role.With so many ‘Paid At Expiry’ short term programs scamming like pack of cards, probably the investors inclined more towards the ‘Daily Paid’ plans offered at MajesticFunds.

3. Third most important factor is probably the promotion undertaken by the concerned management concentrating particularly on the extensive Russian monitoring services.

4. Inclusion of a reasonable range of payment processors.

5. Ddos protection by Koddos and SSL Encryption by Comodo has taken care of the security and availability ofMajesticFunds, with no downtimes noted so far.

That brings us to the end of MajesticFunds review. Please do check the Twitter box, all the important updates are to be published there, as and when it happens.

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Bank Wire And Referral System at Exotic

ExoticFx, the HYI Program launched on 18th February presenting a portfolio of long and short duration plans, since its genesis has been able to create a distinct niche for itself.

Apart fron the exceptional site design , a secured customized script, excellent support to the investors and extensive promotions the concerned management has been pro-active till now, in every way to establish the dominance of ExoticFx .

The Forex Trading school started by ExoticFx, has already created quite a buzz among the interested individuals. Moreover this new concept has augmented the interaction with the investors, that probably will be beneficial in the long run.

Apart from that the recent development at ExoticFx has been the inclusion of the facility of Bank Wire deposit and Withdrawals, certainly increasing the acceptance of ExoticFx among investors who do not like to transact with e-currencies. ExoticFx has waived their own fees related to Bank Wire deposit and Withdrawals, only thebank and exchange fees will apply.

Below is the Newsletter that clearly explains the procedure involved with Bank Wire deposit and Withdrawals,

The Newsletter:

Bank Wire Deposits – Now Available!

Bank Wire Deposit Option is now operational.

When you log into your EFX account, go to

ACCOUNTS page then
Scroll Down

You will see the Information required to make deposits via Bank Wire.

After providing the banking Information necessary, you will be able to Deposit and Withdraw via Bank Wire.

To Make a Deposit after you have provided the necessary information, simply go to

DEPOSIT page then
Scroll Down

Your Bank Account number will be selectable from the drop down menu.
Enter the amount of the Bank Wire and the EFX Keycode, then Submit.

From there you will be taken to the next page where all the necessary Bank Wire Instructions are Pre-Filled in for you.

COPY and PRINT that page!
Present it to your Bank when making your transaction
in order to ensure no mistakes are made.

Wire Transfers may take from 1 to 5 days to arrive in our account. We will process them and add them to your EFX account as quickly as possible (generally the same day).<.p>

All incoming wires will be converted to USD to enable ExoticFX internal accounting.

Only the Bank initiated acceptance and exchange fees will be applied to your Deposits and Withdraws.

ExoticFX will not assess any additional handling charge.

Charles Martinsen

There is also some good new for individuals who are experts at getting referrals. The referral commission has been restructured, from now on the first level and second level referral commission is 5% and 2%. Moreover in the following newsletter the concerned management has laid out a detailed tutorial on ‘ How to get more referrals’

You can read it below.

New Referral Bonus LIVE!!!

As part of restructuring the current affiliate program, you will receive a 5%bonus for every referral deposit (or FTA purchase when available) for allthose you personally refer. You will also receive a 2% bonus for everyreferral deposit (or FTA purchase when available) for all those your referralspersonally refer.

restructuring this affiliate program to also accommodate purchases, the diminishing returns or previous withdraw exclusions have been removed from the overall equation. In other words, no longer will a previous withdraw affect your bonus. You will now receive a full 5% on every deposit (or purchase) made by those you refer and an additional 2% for any deposit (or purchase) made by those your referrals personally refer.

there will be other bonus and/or commission opportunities made available to you in the future such as theMonitor Profit Share program etc.

Affiliate Marketing GURU Tips And Tricks

Due to changes in our affiliate reward system, we offer the following tips to help you maximize your promotional efforts so that even a novice promoter may become successful. You can be a promoter without participating in investments.

Know YourAudience

The most successful way to use affiliate programs is to anticipate and meet the needs of the people you know. You may have an email list of people you know online.Turning that into a tool to generate income is not so hard. Send an email to all recipients and includes your Affiliate link to ExoticFX.

If you are already a poster or blogger you may promote your link in your signature at forums, or if you are a blogger, write a nice article and each time ExoticFX is mentioned give it your affiliate link.

Join some free advertising sites. The most common are surf sites. There are 2 types…manualand auto. You will achieve better results with a manual surf program because viewers have to click to turn to the next page.

The morerelevant the ads are to your readers, the more likely they will follow your link.


Your readers are usually savvy. They know an affiliate link when they see one. If you break their trust by promoting in a way that is deceptive they will never come back.That is why it is important to only present the facts as presented by the ExoticFX sites. If you offer a potential member a cashback offer, make sure you keep your word.

If yourvisitors dont think youre being honest, they will reject everything youpresent to them.

Be HelpfulTo Your Potential Affiliates

People quite often need additional information before signing up. Ensure you are up to date with all the newsletters sent out. Familiarize yourself with the main EFX site so that should a potential affiliate need further information you are prepared.

Be Familiarwith the Plans Available

Make sure you know the difference between a Daily Plan and a Term Plan. Only the Daily Plans can be compounded.

ExoticFX1%-2.3% daily return for up to 180 business days.

ExoticFX offers10  plans:

Daily Plans

Daily 1201% 120 Trading days Min $10 Max $500

Daily1401.20% 140 Trading days Min$200 Max $2000

Daily1601.45% 160 Trading days Min$500 Max $5000

Daily1802.0% 180 Trading days Min$1000 Max -unlimited-

Term Plans

1.0% 2Trading Weeks Min $10 Max $500

1.28% 4Trading Weeks Min $200 Max $2000

1.55% 6Trading Weeks Min $500 Max $5000

2.3% 8Trading Weeks Min $1000 Max -unlimited-

New Plansfor FTA Members only (participants must be signed up for the FREE Trading Course

The FTA.01 planwill run for one week (5 business days), pay 6% Interest and return your principal and interest upon expiration for a total return in 5 days of 106%.Min $10 Max $100

The FTA.10 planwill run for ten weeks (50 business days) and pay a variable Interest rate of2.5% to 5.0% Interest per day based on our actual overall performance and return your principal and Interest upon expiration. This will translate into a minimum of 225% up to 350% total return. Min $10 Max Unlimited

Be Patient For Sales

Affiliaterevenue grows and builds up with time. Our program offers lifetime payouts. Ifyou refer a visitor, you may continue to make money from that one visitor evenyou don’t communicate with them again.

The secret isto keep at it. Search daily for new promotional venues and put your EFX linkout there.

Stay Up toDate

Keep up to dateon the latest offerings at EFX. EFX is known for innovation and listening to member suggestions. Changes are made almost daily to improve the member experience. They are always a source of news for those who receive emails or read your ads.

Every customer loves getting discount, so why not offer a discount

Monitors make money by attracting new affiliates with Referral Cash Back (RCB) offers. whereis no reason why you can’t offer the investor a percentage of your commission you receive for their deposit.

Aside from the money saving aspect, people enjoy the feeling of gaining financially and being treated as special.


We are designing an entire program dedicated to assisting you in building wealth through affiliate marketing.

At ExoticFX.netand through the FTA and other programs we will offer you an opportunity to build an affiliate income that could easily grow to 5, 10 or even 15 to 20K per month. I know, it sounds unreal. But trust this, the commission opportunities will be HUGE and you dont have to do anything special to be a part of it other than follow a few steps.

Over the coming weeks we will launch numerous ways for you to benefit. Dont miss out on this important part of your EFX income.

ExoticFX JustProfits!

Coming to he last relevant news about ExoticFx , their AlertPay account has been temporarily suspended. As reported by the administrators, they have forwarded the necessary papers and are creating a script add-on so as to make it possible for the investors to convert AlertPay to the desired Currency.

Excerpts from a newsletter :

AP Deposits/Withdraws

AlertPay has temporarily suspended our account today. Not to worry, we are forwarding the information they have requested and expect it to be fully resolved shortly. In the interim, we are creating a script add-on that will allow us to convert your previous AP deposits, Investments and Withdraws to an alternate currency. Be patient and we will have this done in a couple of days. Dont panic, as this is nothing to worry about. Like I said, we will just convert your AP funds to an alternate ecurrency and then forward them to you, simple as that.

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Gorgon Projest Invest and Spam Attacks

Spam mails and phishing mails with the sole intention of scamming unknowing HYIP investors is a pretty common occurrence in this industry. Therefore, personally I feel, a HYIP investor should always be on guard against this spam/phishing mails and know how to detect them.

Today, there has been an onslaught of phishing mails on Gorgon Project Invest.

You can read the phishing mail below :


We are so pleased to announce that we have made an amazing arrangement
with Liberty Reserve just as we did it with GDP!

Together with Liberty Reserve we are opening special plan – get 50%
profit + principal back in just 3 days!

Deposits are accepted until May 15. 00:00 GMT, which means that you
have less then 24 hours to make deposit in this special plan!
Minimal investment is 25 USD only!
Payments must be made to Liberty Reserve account U1294492 – r_acc=UXXXXXXX [ I have edited the link, for the protection of our readers and friends]
Please put your username in LR payment memo!

Payouts will be made back to your LR account in 3 days, on May 18!

All deposits are safe, because they are guaranteed by Liberty Reserve!
Hurry up and don’t miss this great opportunity!


Powered by PHPlist, –

Probably, you have noted this phishing mail looks quite similar to mails sent by Gorgon Project Invest, the reason being the scammer has changed the header of the email.

That is all about the important HYIP Updates.

Yesterday, there was another incident, when an unknowing investor invested  in a program that has scammed many days back [Although a small amount]. I tried to mail him/her immediately, but strangely the delivery of that mail failed.

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Wanna Win a MacBook Air?

Want to share your praise about UInvest with the world? We want to hear from you! Submit your success story by July 15th, 2011 – and win stylish new MacBook Air from UInvest!

No rules or limits! You submit a story, others vote for it and if your story gets the highest rank by July 15th – we will award you this fantastic laptop!

Ready to start? Submit your story and win your Mac!

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