A Hyip needs to be…

Ah, hello again. It’s me, Ivor Scammon, your old friend. I’m back again, only this time with a much better HYIP that I think will REALLY impress you. Actually, I”m using a different name this time because there was some dreadful scam site called FXgoldprofit that someone with [by coincidence] the same name as me set up. Obviously I would not wish to be associated with such an operation so I know you will understand the need for a change of my name. Not that it matters. It really doesn’t matter…. My new site has all the following features :[ Please forgive the longevity of the following list but it IS important ]

Good updates on site; Relevant news given; Excellent DDoS protection by dedicated protected servers; Many languages; Plenty of payment processor options; Original script; Good communication with monitoring sites; Named directors and support staff; Excellent testimonials from investors; Good paying status at various monitoring sites; No delays on payouts; Support tickets and emails answered personally and promptly; Fresh updates on what we are doing or planning to do always given; Original scripted FAQ page; Lots of helpful advice on how to spot scam sites; Changing and flexible investment plans made in accordance with investors wishes; 0 to 100% compounding options available; Investment calculator included to make things easy for you;

We have set up a forum in which you can not only ask us for information but also communicate with other investors as well and share your information; We have a video presentation of us and our company which you can see; Live helpline is here and working; We have included some personal information about the directors, their families etc so that you know that you are in fact dealing with real people; We have registered offices with proper addresses and photos of our offices in all the major cities; We have telephone lines open as well; Our domain name is paid for well ahead; Our investment plans are not TOO high; Referral commission is offered;

We have conducted or are planning to conduct seminars in various countries; Our site comes on screen speedily; We have a good, well thought out site layout; We provide historical information on our company; We are offering selected investors to become local representatives and we will pay you; We have a wide range of investment markets we trade in to spread the risk so that if one market is down, a balance is achieved by another market being up; You can check your account by mobile phone; Our company name is legitimately registered and official documents proving this are available; We can speak with appropriate use of technical language relevant to our field of expertise.

thanks HYIP news

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NeoProgress Adds Payment Processor

The administration of NeoProgress has decided to add another payment processor to make a choice of available payment options wider for investors. From now on deposits are accepted via AlertPay which is without a doubt one of the most popular e-currencies in the industry. As I have mentioned in one of the previous articles, many admins add AlertPay sooner or later because they realize that there is high demand for it and they can attract much more investors by adding this payment processor to the list. Here is the latest update at Neoprogress.com:

“After receiving a huge amount of requests we have successfully added popular Canadian payment system AlertPay. Now with AlertPay you can use different convenient deposit options like Bank Transfer, Certified Check/Money Order and instant Credit/Debit Card payments.”

If you still haven’t made a deposit in NeoProgress and are thinking about it, keep in mind that it offers different types of investment plans: 1.5% daily for 100 days ($1 minimum), 10% weekly for 24 weeks ($1,000 minimum), 2.4% daily for 120 days ($5,000 minimum) and 14% weekly for 24 weeks ($30,000 minimum). Principal is returned on expiry in all plans. Referral commission is 5%. Neoprogress.com accepts AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney.

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Tencont Funds Quick Review

Today we will discuss very interesting and unique program TENCONT Funds (tencontfunds.com) it is a new company that provides high financial services. Also the investment opportunities for legal entities and individuals. On the main page we may see that program is working since 2008. Due to our researches the domain name was registered on 07/04/2011 and it is paid till 07/04/2012.
TENCONT Funds gives its clients an opportunity to diversify their portfolio of investment and to take advantage of great opportunities on the capital market.

You may ask your self – what makes this program so unique. Here I will give you the answer. Please take a closer look to the investment plans, they are really worth of attention. First of all let me notice that all of them have the same investment minimum and maximum. The difference is only in terms, daily percent of payouts and referral bonus.

  • Trial Plan – Investment period 5 days, reinvestments – maximum is 50%. Referral bonus 0.5%. Your initial deposit may be returned when the deposit term is over. Reinvestment is possible.

Here is the matrix of daily percents payout:

Min. Max. %
$1 $100 0.6%
$101 $500 0.8%
$501 $2000 1%
$2001 more 1.3%

Trial plan is good for those investors who have just started the online money making. Anyway, it can be a good solution for all kind of investors!

  • Beginner Plan – Investment period 15 days, reinvestments – maximum is 50%. Referral bonus2 %. Your initial deposit may be returned when the deposit term is over.

Here is the matrix of a daily percents payout:

Min. Max. %
$1 $100 1%
$101 $500 1.2%
$501 $2000 1.5%
$2001 more 2%

As we can see the life term is bigger on 10 days and the daily payout percent has also grown up. Looks like this plan was created for those investors who want to gain not bad interest, making short term investments. Also, you can reinvest your money in this plan.

  • Master Plan – Investment period 30 days, reinvestments – maximum is 50%. Referral bonus 5%. Your initial deposit may be returned when the deposit term is over.

Here is the matrix of a daily percents payout:

Min. Max. %
$1 $100 1.4%
$101 $500 1.6%
$501 $2000 2%
$2001 more 2.5%

I would recommend this plan to the skilled investors. First deposit is returned when the term is over.

  • Professional Plan – Investment period 60 days, reinvestments – maximum is 50%. Referral bonus 8 %. Your initial deposit may be returned when the deposit term is over

The matrix of a daily percents payout:

Min. Max. %
$1 $100 1.8%
$101 $500 2.1%
$501 $2000 2.5%
$2001 more 3%

I guess it is the most profitable plan with the highest daily payout percents and the longer one. It means that program will pay you much bigger profit with the help of Professional Plan.

If you want to invest the money in this project you have to use one of the following payment systems: LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney, or via bank transfer (minimum investment amount via bank transfer – 5000$).

Ok, hope you like these investment plans and now let’s check the whole site. TENCONT Funds has really not bad security level. The DDoS protection is provided by Staminus Communications. Server location: US CA Fullerton, 92832 502 S. Harbor Blvd.

Also, site uses a thawte SSL123 Certificate to offer secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site. Thawte has checked and verified the site’s registered domain name.

The design is pleasant and what is more important the site structure is really comfortable.

There are many ways to contact the company. You are free to chose any of them:

mail: [email protected]
fax: +507 269-8542
Skype: Tencontfunds
Phone: +507 263-6438
Address: Torres de Las Americas, Punta Pacifica, Piso 15, Ciudad de Panama.

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Merdex Group Interview

Today we are happy to have an interview with the representatives of MerdexGroup (merdexgroup.com)  a successfully developing program that has been online for more than a month. We will find out about its business strategy, plans for future and more details about MerdexGroup. This interview will surely help you get to know this project and maybe it will become one of the programs which you choose to make a deposit in. Let’s get started!

RolClubBlog: On behalf of all our readers we are happy to welcome you at RolClubBlog. Please, introduce yourself and tell us about your position in the company and your work experience.

MerdexGroup (MG): Hello Martin and all the members and readers of HyipNews! Well basically I work as a support manager. My name is Jay and currently I live in Finland. It`s not my first attempt to work in support team. I have an experience workin` in some social network projects and also we have an online shop with a friend of mine and i work as a manager there.

RolClubBlog: What is the story behind MerdexGroup? How was it established and what are the goals?
(MG): Actually, Merdex Group was established in 2001, and a lot of things has changed in our team. Some of us went away to the other projects in the last 10 years, the whole work became more professional and now a can say without any doubt that we have a really strong awareness about what we should do to keep moving on, to do our best in the market. And definitely we have all the tools to make it. I mean our team, our software, our plan for the future development. Responsibility, flexibility, respect and support, hard work and commitment to bring clients the maximum benefit – these are core and essential aspects of the Merdex Group, which have firmly entered the life of every employee of our company and are unchanged to this day.

RolClubBlog: Tell us about the team of MerdexGroup. Who are those people and what are their positions and responsibilities?

(MG): Our team members are all over the world. As i`ve already said I work in the Support Dept and i live in Finland, Tampere. Our designer he is from Sweden. Most of our the traders they are from different countries but now they live in Thailand – the best place to work, live and have fun. We have one guy from Russia he works under our analytical software in closely collaboration with our traders.

What differs your project from hundreds others in HYIP industry? Why in your opinion should investors chooseMerdexGroup and what should they primarily pay attention to?

(MG): First of all we are not going to cheat with some information like licenses, offices and so on. And it`s not a secret that we don`t pay taxes, cause we don`t have to. Licenses.. no. Definitely, we could make some scans of this one, our designer can do that in one hour. But again, if your are a pro-investor, do you believe in such images? Same here. Furthermore, we are not a registered company and we don`t want to say that we are.

And the same thing about or office, we don`t have it, and you will never find an HYIP program with a real office. Anyway most of the programs they place address of their offices, but it`s just a virtual offices and the price starts for 100$. You will get and address and a PO box and sometimes a landline phone number with call-forwarding. We belive that it`s much better just to have a cell phone number like we have and to place a contact form. That`s more that enough enough to get in touch with our clients.
We have a unique script with a strong protection, user-friendly interface, and you can always check our trading statistics, it`s updated daily.

What kind of business is your company engaged in? How does MerdexGroup make money and is it a risk-free way of earning? What are the specifics that investors should be aware of?

(MG): The activity of the Merdex Group passes on the following stock exchanges:NASDAQ,Tokyo Stock Exchange,LSE,BSE,NSE. Our clients get the profit not from a separate project (as suggested by the bulk of the funds), but on the total return of the fund that guarantees you returns, regardless of the success of each of our projects. Reliable partners provide us with timely analytics and risk assessment for the projects. Our greatest asset is the team of professionals who daily holds the analysis of the world economic trends, examining new and promising areas for investment. We are doing everything we can to justify the trust of our clients. We appreciate the time and money of every addressed investor. Examine the future and act before it occurs is the unshakable principle of our company.

RolClubBlog: Tell us about the investment offer at MerdexGroup, please. How many plans do you offer and what are the terms? Why do you offer such interest rate and not more or less?
We have a reliable plans, with daily payouts. We pay 7 days in a week, with out any holidays. Our clients can eart up to 2% daily with a total R.O.I of 220%.
Principal will be returned on all the plans and it`s very important. Actually our most popular plan is Mx2 ( 1,3% daily for 15 days with a total R.O.I. of 195.5%).

Do you offer an affiliate program? What are the terms and what should investors do to participate?
(MG): We offer a typical affiliate program with 7% referral commission. But the main rule is that bonus applies only to accounts of our users, who already had at least one active deposit, to avoid cheating.

RolClubBlog Which payment options do you accept? Why did you choose these ones and are you going to add more in the nearest future?
(MG): We accept two widely spread payment systems – Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. But we are going to add Alert Pay after we`ll verify all the documents to avoid locks. Anyway Alert Pay is not safe for us, due to that it is real to buy black account from carders. But we`ll find the way to check all the payments fast and carefully.

RolClubBlog: I’m sure you are aware of the fact that HYIP world is very risky and it is very important for a program to be protected on a good level. How do you ensure security of your system? Tell us about your hosting provider, a script and an SSL encryption.
(MG): Our hosting provider is ARMORAID and it offers a strong protection against DDOS attacks. And we also have SSL from GeoTrust. We are protecting our customers’ accounts well by using encryption of data. But you must remember that the major vulnerability can always come from the personal computers of the users of our system. That’s why we strongly recommend protecting your computer by installing the appropriate software (antivirus, firewall, etc.)

Do you believe that it is very important to keep investors up-to-date and provide support as quickly as possible? What are the ways to contact you and which contact information do you provide?
(MG): As i`ve already told we provide a phone support. Our number is +356 3550 0335 and it`s available from 6pm till 1am (UTC+1). What is more, we have a contact form and it`s available 24h7days in a week. We make replies very quickly so there is no need in live support chat. Also we have place all our changes and news on our NEWS section. And dont` forget to check our official pages on TWITTER and Facebook.

RolClubBlog: What are the most common problems and questions from investors that you regularly have to deal with? If there are some, you can answer them here.
(MG): I think the most regular question is that how long we are going to stay in the market. Telling the truth, i can`t do that. As long as we can. We hope for the best, and to stay online for at least 2-3 years but this is a serious and risky business. We will do our best and add more and more great features to our program!

RolClubBlog: It is very difficult to create a perfect program, therefore many HYIPs are improved as they develop. Are you going to improve MerdexGroup or make any changes in the future?
(MG): 2 Weeks ago we totally changed the design of our program, and now it look much better user-friendly. Also we`he launched some great offers like – Now our client will get 5% BONUS to their initial deposit. And the second offer is that we pay $0.17 for each post of our clients on our official forums.

RolClubBlog: What are your business plans for the future?
(MG): What we want if the nearest future is to invest money in the stocks of a hardly growing companies like Nvidia, now you can easily do that. Maybe it sounds a little bit crazy but it really works. We believe in the future technologies. Also we don`t forget about startups, but sometimes it`s a little bit risky that`s why we spend less on such projects. And we are going to add a new section on our site. It`s will be called – Pro section. In this section our clients will be able to find detailed reports with the daily trading results.

(HN): Tell us about your promotional strategies.
(MG): Our promotion strategy is not agressive – we placed a lot of banners in the start and we bought listing on the best HYIP monitors, that`s all. But in we will place our banners on the main monitors and blogs again in a couple of weeks.

RolClubBlog: Many people think that there is a decline of HYIP industry these days. Do you think so too? What is your opinion on the future of HYIP?
(MG): Well i can`t say that HYIP industry feels great now. But it`s typical for each type of business after some years of being in the maket. The whole HYIP industry needs to evaluate and we are sure that HYIP will be popular and in demand for very long period of time.

RolClubBlog: This is the last question and it is open. You can address our readers and say anything you wish. We thank you for this great interview and wish you success and long life to MerdexGroup!
(MG): Well it was great to have an interview and to tell everything that we wanted about our company. We wish HYIPNEWS.com only the best and we are open to our new investors and Merdex Group will do the best! Good luck!

thanks HYIP News

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InvRaise Review

The Investment Plans :

InvRaise offers three investment plans, each of them runs for a duration of 30 calendar days.

The first plan, that is also the most affordable one offers a daily return of 5% for 30 calendar days. The principal invested being included within the daily returns, the total return sums up to 150% of the investment. The minimum and maximum deposit for this investment plan has been fixed at $5 and $2500respectively. Therefore as you must have already calculated the break-even point that is the day on which one recovers his/her deposit is reached on the 20th day, thereafter one reaches the profit zone.

An example of $100 investment in this plan promise a daily return of $5 for 30 calendar days, with the total return being $150.

The second plan offered at InvRaise again runs for a duration of 30 calendar days offering 5.5% of the deposited principal daily. Therefore the total return accumulates to be 165% of the initial investment. Thebreak-even point for this second plan is reached on the 19th day, when the principal is to be recovered if everything goes well [That should be the primary aim, when investing in HYIPs, making break-even point a very important factor to consider]. The minimum deposit accepted for this plan being set at $2501 is certainly targeting the serious HYIP investors. The maximum deposit for this plan goes up to $6000.

Coming to the final plan presented at InvRaise. With the basic structure of the plan remaining same, the final and the most profitable[As well as most risky] offers a daily return of 6% daily for 30 calendar days. Providing a total return of 180% with break-even point reached only in 17 days, is certainly the most lucrative. But with a minimum deposit of $6001, definitely it falls only within the domain od the professional HYIP investors to consider.

The payment processors :

The accepted e-currencies at InvRaise are LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay, thereby including all the three most commonly user payment methods.

Withdrawal requests :

First two of our withdrawal requests have been processed instantly. As par the FAQ page, the concerned management has requested to allow them a maximum time of 72 hours to process the withdrawal requests.

Site Design, Hosting, Security Features :

Sporting an attractive template, InvRaise is being hosted on a dedicated server by KoddosDdos protection is also offered by the same. SSL Encryption is one aspect that is lacking till now. Hopefully that will be added soon. Running on a licensed Goldcoder’s script, navigation is simple and known to most of us.

Support to the investors :

Contact can be established with the support staff at InvRaise by the usual online contact form. A live chat widget as well as a skype account has also been incorporated.

Analysis :

Positives :

1. Firstly the plans itself. As mentioned before its good to see at least some programs with medium duration plans coming up. Programs with similar plans have operated quite successfully before, surviving for considerable duration. It remains to be seen how InvRaise performs.

2. The first plan with minimum deposit of $5, certainly makes the HYI Program approachable to majority of the HYIP investors. A point considered important for maintenance of the cash flow.

3. Inclusion AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMonet offers a reasonable variety for the investors to choose from.

4. Hosted on a Ddos protected dedicated server.

Negatives :

Personally i would have liked the incorporation of SSL Encryption. Hopefully that will be added soon.

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Is Uinvest the FIRST hyip with REAL office photos?

UInvest acts as a financial mediator between companies and investors. Founded in 2007, UInvest now has over 20 employees and offices in Ukraine and the United States. Since that time, UInvest has processed over $60 million in total assets among more than 5,000 investors.
UInvest helps business owners and investors meet each other online, creating a convenient platform for their mutual benefit. Our site’s innovative features allow potential investors to become shareholders in a business with just a few mouse clicks. Investors can also review business materials, study financials, interact with other investors, purchase or sell shares of the businesses and even take management decisions. All online, in a real time mode!
You can view the photos on this page – https://uinvest.com.ua/uinvest-offices

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Ask Forex Traders your Questions

“Hope you all have and are having a Fantastic Easter Holiday weekend for those of you that celebrate it. This 4 day weekend provided a much needed break for our traders and the Dantex/EFX staff.

We would like to announce that we are going to hold Two (2) Admin Introduction meetings.

One on April 29th from 12:30 AM until 1:30 AM GMT …
and another on April 29th from 2:00 PM GMT until 3 PM GMT.

This meeting will be an opportunity for you to meet me and ask questions regarding ExoticFX and the FTA programs.

Our chat room only has 50 seats at this time. With all that we have going for us at EFX and the growth we are experiencing, we expect to have a full house.

In order to obtain a seat at this meeting we are having a contest of sorts. Here is how it works.

Submit your questions (up to 3 maximum) to our email at [email protected] . Put Meeting Questions and the meeting time you want to attend as the subject line. In other words, your subject line will be either Meeting Questions 29 April, 12:30AM or Meeting Questions 29 Apr, 2:00PM.

Applicants will be randomly drawn and not based on actual questions, although questions should be specific to the programs.

For each meeting, 45 applicants will be notified via email with a link and password for the meeting.

All submissions should be received no later than 11:59 PM GMT on April 28th.”

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