Large Profit Fights Scam!

Spam is a known and a very common problem in the industry of high-yield investing.We encourage you not to invest in programs that are advertised through spam. We assume that any administrator can deal with spam, and investors should never invest in projects that are advertised in such a way. Thus, spam will be meaningless.
Recently we have received the following email:

Subject: Sure invest-Instant Withdraw / / / /
4% Reff.Comm
Support 24 / 7
Accept LR & PM
Create an account

It is brief and very specific. The following link was hidden under “create an account”: We followed that link, and saw a program called LargeProfit. As always in such cases, we informed the administrator that his program is advertised through spam, and we asked him to take action, otherwise he will be included in the WARNING list and will be named an accomplice to spammers. The administrator of LargeProfit turned out to be probably the first one that I remember, who not only immediately responded to this email, but even agreed to take action after our correspondence.

I am not saying that this correspondence went smoothly. In addition, I had to remind him about his own TOS , in which he explains the Anti-spam policy. However, the administrator fully agreed with my arguments and even promised to take measures (!). Meaning to block the account of a person who earned referral commissions in this forbidden way. I believe that no matter how LargeProfit will develop, the admin of this project should be an example for other admins. I hope that in the future it will be possible to give more examples of successful cooperation with administrators and to boast about successes fighting this unpleasant phenomenon.

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Briline Limited, Online for 2.5 Months

Recently I have sent out emails to many admins from our HYIP-list asking them to report on some news and tell us and our readers about their development. You probably noticed that there aren’t many active admins these days and they do not inform anything about their projects. However, when I make a deposit in some HYIP, I want that admin to inform me about the way my money is managed because I’m his client. Sometimes they simply post some general words about success and stuff but I think even such information is good because it at least shows that this admin is “alive”.

Well, as I’ve said I contacted almost all admins of programs from our HYIP-list and only three of them replied. And only one provided some information. It is the admin of BrilineLimited, the program that was launched on March 11, 2011. It has been online for 70 days and there are more than 1500 active investors now. Over this time it became possible to surf the website of this project in Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese. The administration also informs that you should feel free to contact them if you have questions and they also offer multilingual support.

You can contact them via live chat, a phone (+44 16 1408 3746) or an email. There are different email addresses for different issues, therefore check them out on “Contacts” page. I want to remind that BrilineLimited offers two investment plans: 1.5% daily for 45 calendar days ($10-$499) and 2% daily for 120 calendar days ($500-$25,000) with compounding feature and a 5% signup bonus in the second one. Principal is returned on expiry in both plans. Deposits can be made via PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve, AlertPay and Bank Wire.

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Press Release from Lucrativa

There are some updates from the administration of LucrativaFund ( we want to inform you about. First of all they added Twitter and from now on you can follow LucrativaFund on Twitter by clicking on the icon on the left of the main page. It is actively updated and you can find all most important news there. It is great when admins use some additional tools for promoting their projects and communicating with investors. I’m sure you have already understood that information is one of the most important components of HYIP industry for us and we actively support those HYIP admins that try to provide as much information as possible.

In our latest news about LucrativaFund I informed you about the investment plans of the program (read here). Well, there is a new plan for those who prefer withdrawing daily. It offers 12-14% daily for 10 days (120-140% total). As you can see, it offers the same interest rates as a basic 10 days plan but you can withdraw daily and the minimum deposit amount is $50 in this plan. As for me, this new plan is much more preferable because even if something happens with the program before 10 days term expires (not with this one in particular, I mean generally in such cases), you will have at least some part of your deposit back. However, the deposit minimum amount is quite large.

Richard also asks everyone not to hesitate and ask questions if you have some. You can do that via Online Chat support or by calling +4536987780 (9AM – 8PM, GMT+1). By the way, you can also make some money by referring people to the program. You will receive 3%-7% depending on the number of referrals. Another way to make money is to supportLucrativaFund by voting on monitors and posting payment proofs on forums. You will get $3 for voting on top 10 HYIP monitors which you like and $3 for posting 10 payment proofs on different top HYIP forums.

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Opulentia Tries to Explain

Almost all programs have FAQ sections on their websites that contain the answers to general questions. However, there are some programs that do not have such section at all, or questions and answers are not original and we’ve seen them in million other programs. Sometimes they are original but some points could be explained better and then investors start sending emails asking to clarify some points or asking questions that can not be found in FAQ. The administration of Opulentia have received a large number of e-mails with nearly identical questions, therefore they decided to clarify some answers and updated the FAQ section.

The first question is regarding the schedule of accruing profit. Here is the answer: Profit in Daily plan is paid on each working day. That means 5 days a week, Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday are not working days, therefor there is no trading and no profit as well. The second part clarifies the compounding system: Compounding percent is the percentage of profit you want to compound, which simply means adding it to the principal. If, for example, you set the compounding percent to 50%, half of your profits shall be added to the principal and the other half will be added to your available balance. In the case you invested a 100 dollars in the Daily plan that split would mean that 1.075 USD gets added to the available balance and that the other 1.075 gets added the principal.

And the last clarification is regarding a minimum withdrawal: The minimum for a withdraw on Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money is 0.01 USD. The minimum for AlertPay is 1 USD, for SolidTrustPay 0.5 USD and for GlobalDigitalPay it is 0.1 USD. The differences exist because of the limitations of payment processors. If you still don’t have a deposit in Opulentia, keep in mind that it offers two types of long-term plans: a Daily Plan that pays 2.15% on every business day for 365 days and a Weekly Plan paying 11% for 55 weeks with principal returned on expiry. The accepted e-currencies can be seen above.

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ExoticFx, problems again?

You already know that recently the administration of ExoticFX has added a Bank Wire payment option, and apparently this addition brought many investors to this company. There are some advantages of using a Bank Wire option instead of e-currencies. First of all, you can deposit with 10 different currencies and with zero fees (other than those imposed by the bank + exchange cost for USD conversion). The administration said it takes from 1 to 5 business days to process wires, but actually they generally arrive the next day and some of them even the same day.

The next announcement concerns the minimum withdrawal amount. On May 18 the administration has raised the minimum withdrawal up to $2. This was done for a couple of reasons. First of all, the program is growing so large and considering the number of daily withdrawals they needed to cut down on the load. And second of all, ExoticFX is still having problems with the Liberty Reserve API. The administration comments:

“We tested it again last night, and although we were able to use the API to make payments, we had to make them in groups of 5 or less and also force the API to delay between each payment in order to avoid the double payment problem we experienced 2 weeks ago. However, we still have a timeout issue whereby on occasion LR doesnt return the batch numbers and we then have to manually enter them. This is tedious and frustrating to say the least.”

By the way, at some point in the future, the required deposit amount is also going to be increased to eliminate the extreme-micro participants. It is promised not to be raised much. Perhaps first to $25 then to $50 and finally to $100. In such a way the administration wants to “thin the membership of those that have no desire to progress with the program”. They have also finally reported on a problem with AlertPay and promise that this issue will be resolved soon and AP account holders will be able to use its services this week.

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Make Deposit Online No Longer Safe!

Another program have stopped paying profit. This time it is MakeDepositOnline. Our last payments were not processed instantly and the admin of the program did not respond to my email. However, he had time today to send out a newsletter informing about the “successes” of his project.
The admin informs that there are more than 65000 (!) users and the project is extremely strong and is the best program in the industry. It is informed that MDT is here to stay forever, and all these words he says after he stopped paying! Another email that we received informs: “MDT tell you – dont trust scammers! Don’t trust the fictitious e-mail, where you are asked to include the API! All deposits we take in our site! We are the long-term project of our time, you can see it. Program status PAYING. Thank you for the trust”.

We did not receive any emails asking to create API but in any case program’s status is Not Paying and you should not invest in MDT. However, we should admit that MDT has turned out to be a very good high-ROI program paying 105%-125% after 1 day, 130%-220% after 5 days, 170%-480% after 10 days, 220%-750% after 15 days, 2600%-3100% after 35 days, and VIP plan 300% after 3 days. As you can see, the longest plan with the highest return was not completed, which is not surprising because the admin would have to pay lots of money. However, the overall result is great and many investors have managed to make money with this project. The website is still online, payments are accepted and 90% of monitors still display a paying status. Therefore we ask you to warn all investors you know about MDT.

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News From Lucrativa Fund

Today we have some news from a project that has joined us today. It is called LucrativaFund ( and was launched on May 12. Even though it has been online for just six days, the admin of the program has already posted three big updates with information for investors. In the first one he introduces himself, his name is Richard Brighton and briefly tells about the project: “Lucrativa Fund is a world-class group that invests in viable and profitable entities such as real estate, building, stock market, offshore banks. Its prudent use of capital and sound management skills enables Lucrativa Fund to establish, acquire, or strategically participate in successful corporate ventures throughout the world.”

In the second update called Press Release #1 Richard informs that the support department at LucrativaFund is multilingual and your questions can be answered in Danish, English, Spanish, Italian and Russian languages. He also reports on deals that have been already made: “Elizion Real estate gave us very good opportunity to rent out five houses that will help us generate income. We also get our monthly income from Barclays Bank Cayman. This week is no much funds were generated on stock market. But we increased our income from other activities.”

And the next announcement is regarding a bonus program at LucrativaFund. You can make money by posting payment proofs and voting on monitors every time you get paid. Get $3 by posting 10 payment proofs on different top HYIP forums and get $3 by voting on top 10 HYIP monitors which you like. By the way, the minimum amount deposit has been reduced to $5 in 5 days plan (that offers 110%-120% after 5 days), to $7 in 10 days plan (120%-140% after 10 days) and to $10 in 20 daily plan (7%-8% for 20 days with principal included). That will give everyone a chance to join LucrativaFund. You can make a deposit via AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney.

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Forex Forks Short Review

Greetings dear visitors and readers! Today we will take a closer look at the new program which is monitored on our service. Here is a good project to discuss. Forex Forks ( Due to the name of the project we may say that administrators are really beg inventors! If you have ever worked with Forex you know that it is really hot business sphere.
Let’s check the details of Forex Forks company! Just take a look at the domain name data: it is registered on 29/09/2006 and it is paid till 29/09/2011. let me give you couple of sentences about the company’s activity. Forex Forks is a team of experienced forex traders successfully trading for a few years using proven strategy “chuvashov forks”. This trading strategy allows achieving great and stable results on the long term. Trading with strategy makes company earnings predictable therefore they are sure in accuracy of the results.
There are three investment plans of Forex Forks company. Their names are as unique as the name of the company. Here they are:
Irabbit Plan: Start your investment only with $2. The maximal sum you can invest in this paln is $200. Daily percent of payouts is 1.3%.
Compounding is possible only till 100%
Wolf Plan: Minimal investment sum is $201 maximal is $2000. Daily percent of payout is 1.5%. Maximal compounding percentage is 50%.
Lion Plan: You can start with $ 2000. daily percent of payout is 2%. Compounding 25%.
The list of e-currencies you can operate with Forex Forks: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay.
Referral partners may earn 5% of each investment. Percentage is fixed.
The design of the site is quite pleasant. You can find lots of interesting information there.
Due to the information on the site of Forex Forks company, you can always come to its office. Here is the address:
16 Old Rudnick Lane
Dover DE 19901
United States
Also you may use a phone to contact them: +1(302) 261-26-77
Or simply use a mail: [email protected]

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Oillers Presentation

Today we will discuss a new program that appears on our monitoring list of programs. I want to present a new project named Oillers ( Today is a first day when you may start to invest in Oillers company using our referral link and here I will tell you about all the advantages and disadvantages of this project.
Company site is the subsidiary of AOG Holdings Inc. an offshore registered company. Here is a copy of certificate of incorporation. The founder of the company James Mattison started his investments in Oil and Gas stock in 2001. It was 10 years ago. Since then he has been gathering people who are interested in oil and gas investing that leads to the formation of the company AOG Holdings Inc. in 2005. Oillers company gains profit from the investments into the companies that are engaged in oil and gas industry.

The domain name was registered on 04/02/2011 and it is paid till 04/02/2013. It is much more than payments for other domain names of different projects.

Here are four investment plans of Oillers company for you to chose. Anyway, the only difference between them is in the life-term. Also, compounding option is NOT available in the first plan. So, there are four investment plans with three levels of investment. Anyway, let’s see the details. Here is the standard form of EACH plan


  1. Spent amount $5-$499. One time deposit bonus $2. daily profit 2%
  2. Spent amount $500-$999. One time deposit bonus $50. daily profit 2%
  3. Spent amount $1000-$50000. One time deposit bonus $100. daily profit 2%

As I have already said the difference is only in life terms of each plan. Here it is:

  • Plan A – 50 days
  • Plan B – 100 days ( compounding options enable)
  • Plan C – 150 days ( compounding options enable)
  • Plan D – 300 days ( compounding options enable)

You may use such e-currencies to operate with Oillers company: Liberty Reserve, PerfectMoney and International Bank Wire and adding of AlertPay soon.

Referral program is really not bad! You will receive 10% of each investment through your referral link.

DDoS protection is really important for each webpage, Oillers company has the best DDoS protection these days. I am talking about Dragonara Alliance Ltd. I have not found any information about SSL protection but I hope administration of the program will buy it as soon as possible!

If you have any question to the administration of the program you may open a ticket or simply use this e-mail [email protected]

Also you may use a phone number: +442079890408

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Uinvest News

This is the first Friday newsletter issue. This weekly newsletter will tell uinvestors about news and events concerning our business, UInvest, Ukraine and our investors. Newsletters will contain short informative facts and our comments. As always, we want to hear your feedback and suggestions!

Affiliate system was improved
Commission payouts are now visible at Account Activity page and so activity of your referrals can be easily tracked. We also added e-mail notification to let you know when new deposits arrive. Want new features added? Do let us know here

Win Mac from UInvest!
A few days ago we initiated a competition among uinvestors – submit your story and win a Mac Book Air. By the moment we have approved 26 stories that are posted on our website. So far the story of Jerzy Lipowicz has the highest rating although some uinvestors have doubts about it. Our security department keeps an eye on voting process to maintain fair play for everyone. Click here to submit your story and win Mac!

Ukraine continues preparations to Euro2012
At the beginning of May next year, a month before the start of the European Football Championship, UEFA will accept for rent and temporary management all eight arenas of Ukraine and Poland, where the championship matches will be held, Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee EURO 2012 Ukraine Markiyan Lubkivsky reported according to the Information Center Ukraine 2012.

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