Pending Withdrawal at EOS Funds

The following update was published at EOSFund ( three days ago and is not relevant anymore, however I want to bring it to your attention. On May 6 instant withdrawals were not processed due to some technical failure and they had to be processed manually: “Today we experienced some technical failure with instant withdrawal. All pending withdrawals were processed manually. Now instant withdrawal is available again. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

This is an example of a responsible admin who informed about the problem and explained everything so that investors would not worry. While writing this news I wanted to check some information in FAQ but the thing is that I have not found any kind of FAQ section on the website, which is fairly strange. Therefore it is even unknown how long it should take for a payment to be processed if you want to make a deposit in a program and are trying to gather information. There is no live chat either to contact the admin and ask a question. So apparently if you have any questions (even the general ones) you have to contact the program’s representatives at [email protected] or via a support form.

Of course, EOSFund is a short-term program and programs of such kind do not operate for a long time in most cases, however I think that FAQ section is a “must have” in any HYIP. Anyway, the most important thing is that EOSFund has been paying for two weeks and has already completed a couple of circles of its longest plan which means that many investors are in profit now. We wish it a long life!

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TencontFunds: Yet Another Scam!

You have probably noticed that one more program was moved to a scam-list on most of the monitors. It is TencontFunds( The admin of the program stopped paying us on May 4, which can be seen on the monitoring diagram. But not only he stopped paying, he also sent out a newsletter trying to steal his investors’ money by asking them to create API in their LibertyReserve accounts.

The newsletter is pretty standard and informs about the problem with instant withdrawals to LibertyReserve and the way to solve this problem. The admin promises that after you create API, you will be able to withdraw your payments instantly but we know it is not true, right? We’ve discussed this problem million times and I’m sure that all HYIPNews readers know that they should never ever create an API because in that case they will see their empty LR wallets instead of payments from the program.

Such newsletters are sent out by dishonest admins that want not just to disappear with investors’ funds but also gather as much money as possible before leaving. The website of TencontFunds is still online and the administration keeps accepting payments, therefore be careful and do not invest! The funny thing is that the subject of a newsletter is spelled with mistake “Lyberty Reserve problem”. Could he at least try to spell everything correctly?

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Make Deposit Today News

This newsletter came from the administration of a high-ROI HYIP called MakeDepositToday ( It is about the successes of the program. It has been online for more than a month and keeps getting stronger. According to the administration, MDT is now the best company in HYIP industry and there are more than 34000 users at MDT. By the way, at the time when a program was online for 16 days, they sent a newsletter in which reported that there were more than 2500 registered users. As you can see, if this information is real, the growth is significant.

They thank all members for their support and claim that this support is the most important reason why MDT is so popular: “I am sure we will continue our grow and making you happy and rich with instant payments. MDT is very popular program these days. We have top places at the best hyip-monitors,and we are the 1st program”

If you want to become one of the investors at MDT, keep in mind that it pays instantly to PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve and offers the following investment plans: 105%-125% after 1 day, 130%-220% after 5 days, 170%-480% after 10 days, 220%-750% after 15 days, 2600%-3100% after 35 days, 300% after 3 days. If you happen to have any questions, you can contact the representatives of the program by phone. The phone number is +1 315 5064248 (11.00-23.00 GMT time).

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1 Auto Pay Introduces New Payment Solutions

The administration of 1AutoPay ( has implemented an option of investing using credit cards. The following update was posted on the website of this project: “Nowadays, investing and share profits from the market with us becomes more easier than ever before. Credit Cards are now accepted.” Credit cards are widely used by lots of people around the world therefore this new option might be convenient for some investors and will bring more users to the project.

In order to make a deposit using your credit card, you should log into your 1AutoPay account, use “make deposit” feature, choose the option “deposit by credit card”, and then follow the instructions. Funding your 1AutoPay account by credit cards is instant and automated. Money will be withdrawn to your e-currency account automatically by the schedule you set (such as per day, per week, per amount, etc). Of course, your profit can be also withdrawn instantly at any time you wish. All you need to do is log into a member area and submit “make request”. By default, profits will be sent to your e-currency account automatically, at 23:59 GMT-5 every calendar day.

I remind that 1AutoPay offers four investment plans: 1% daily for 90 days (min. $5), 2.25% for 90 days (min. $200), 4% daily for 120 days (min. $2,500) and 7% daily for 180 days (min. $10,000). Principal is returned in first two plans. Payouts are made 7 days a week in first three plans and single payout at the end of a period is offered in the last plan. A referral program is extremely lucrative. It offers 12-20%. A deposit can be made via LibertyReserve, AlertPay, PerfectMoney, credit cards or Bank Wire.

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Online Bank Program Opens Up

Dear members and visitors, today we will speak about Online Investment Bank ( Registration date of the domain 21/01/2011 and it is paid till 21/01/2012.Online Investment Bank is offshore company. Bank is established by Gibraltar with a great team of financial professionals who have long been operating in best investment markets worldwide.

Its Investment Fund takes part in highly profitable trading programs in the different financial markets and is aimed to allow many people to know about this excellent investing opportunities and enable them to share the incomes generated by the investment projects having invested even a small funds.There is only one investment plan. Anyway, it is quite reliable. High daily interest rate. Short investment period. Please notice that principal is not returned compounding option is not available.Before I will give you the concrete information about this single investment plan.

Please, take a look at this simple example.Let’s say you want to invest $1000. it means that $70 will be sent to your account on 20 business days. Total sum you will earn is $ 1400. As you can see $1000 is your initial investment, $400 is the money you have earned with Online Investment Bank.Nevertheless here is the detailed information on the investment plan:Minimal deposit is $10. Maximal – unlimited. Daily interest rate – 7%. Term of Investment Period – 20 Business Days. (principal included). Compounding option is not available.On the home page you may found the online calculator. With the help of this device you may calculate your profit within 1 minute! I must admit that online calculator on the site of HYIP program is really helpful!

You may use Liberty Reserve and Perfect money e-currencies to invest.The referral system is really not bad, there are three levels:3rd level – 1%2nd level – 2%1st level – 4%As for the design, it is quite simple and comfortable for the eye. The registration procedure is quite long but it is not necessary to feel all the fields. Anyway, we recommend you to fill the whole form to avoid the problems in the future.SSL protection provided by thawte. There is a certificate proof in the right corner of the site. DDoS protection hosted at Dragonara Alliance Ltd. Server Location: British Virgin Islands, Geneva Place, Waterfront Drive,P. O. Box 3469, Road Town, Tortola.

I have not found the address of the Online Investment company on the site, but you may contact the administration and support via e-mails:[email protected]

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Referring can be tough!

Recently BeaTrust ( project reported that they have increased referral commission: In the efforts of creating cost effective ways of company service advertisement to global community, we are happy to inform our users that default referral commissions were increased from 3% to 5% for all newcomers. Please feel free to introduce your friend and family members to BeaTrust.

It’s a really good offer and if you specialise in such earnings or you are interested in this possibility, we recommend you pay attention on it. Moreover, this project has started it’s promotion a few days ago, anyway it has a few months of online presence.

However, keep in mind that the referral payments are often used to HYIP Admins as an instrument of manipulation. Recently, we have lowered the rating of the program Walwex and some investors were interested in the cause of this decline. Explaining: we have not received a penny from Walwex. Despite the fact that our link has been committed at least of fifteen hundred users. It is hard to imagine that Walwex is not so attractive project that among such number of users, no one was interested in the project.

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MacroTrade, Soon To make One Year!!!

A support service is one of the main advantages while cooperating with HYI project. I am sure that many people want to communicate with administration as much as possible. I remember the times when there was only one method to communicate – an e-mail. Today, we have many levels of communication. They are a Live Chat, an e-mail, phones, a video chat, a fax, Skype etc. If project has only one of them it means that there is something wrong with documents of registration.

I believe you agree that it is really nonsense when administration says that they have office but do not have a phone support…Anyway, it is a usual thing when there are many ways of communication with the project on the site but all of them are dead! I just do not understand why would they give false information…Well, I forgot that we are talking about HYIPs and “false information” is a usual thing in this business sphere:)

In this article we will discuss an event concerning MacroTrade ( company. This project has announced about a new service that allows getting the balance not just through the Internet but also calling the office number +44 20 7127 5284 from 8 am to 5 pm London time. Let me remind you that the Business Address of MacroTrade is: Albany House, 324/326 Regent Street London UK W1B 3HH. As you can see, a new phone service proves the localization of the company. And it makes us feel safer.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that we are talking about HYIP. So, there is no need to sell your house and invest all your money. Remember that you have to stick to your investment strategy. Let’s sum up! MacroTrade is trying to upgrade itself, it means that administrator is taking care of his project. It is not one of those empty promises it is a strong fact that proves admin’s loyalty.

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The administration of ExoticFX was surprisingly quiet for a couple of days and there weren’t any updates received. And then it finally came informing about the soon addition of Bank Wires. Charles, the admin of the program promised that it would be available in a few hours, however I just checked the FAQ section on the website and it was still saying that bank transfers investment option was coming soon. Maybe they didn’t change it in a FAQ section or it is still not added. Charles informs that you will be able to send funds directly to company’s Dantex Bank Account in Hong Kong.

Soon you will be informed about the way you can transfer funds and about all the details involved with using Bank wire transfers. Despite the fact that it is preferable to invest with USD currency, you will have the option to send funds in ten different currencies. Charles adds: “Exchange fees will apply when necessary. Only when funds are fully received will they be credited to your EFX account. Only the final amount of funds we receive will be entered into your EFX account.”

The next update concerns the EFX affiliate guru offer. The administration is launching a column on program’s blog where you will find out about the way of taking advantage of the affiliate bonuses that will be offered through the FTA and EFXprograms. This column will describe the ways for you to attract others to both the EFX and FTA programs. By the way, another update concerns affiliate program commissions. From now on you will not only receive a 5% referral commissions on deposits of those you refer to the program but also a 2% bonus referral commission for those who are referred by your referrals. It means that the affiliate program at ExoticFX now has two levels.

The last very important update informs that program’s AlertPay account was suspended. Here is what Charles says: “Not to worry, we are forwarding the information they have requested and expect it to be fully resolved shortly. In the interim, we are creating a script add-on that will allow us to convert your previous AP deposits, Investments and Withdraws to an alternate currency. Be patient and we will have this done in a couple of days.”. Well, many programs have faced such problem and only one case out of five ended successfully. We’ll see how it will end for ExoticFX.

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PrimFix Adds Payment Options

Dear members and visitors, in this article you will find useful information about PrimFix Company ( It is monitored on our site since 05-08-2011. The domain name registered on 12/01/2009 and it is paid till 12/01/2012.

First of all I would like to say that it is absolutely registered company due to this document:

If you know what arbitrage is the it won’t be hard for you to understand the policy of the PrimFix company. Anyway, I will try to explain it for those who have never heard such term. So, PrimFix is a business that invests into a sports betting market called “arbitrage”. This company has found these arbitrage opportunities on an almost daily basis and using really big amounts.

Now, lets check three investment plans:

Plan A – Min. – 10 USD/EUR. Max. – 10,000USD/EUR
ROI – 120% After 15 calendar days.

Plan B – Min. – 10 USD/EUR. Max. – 10,000USD/EUR
ROI – 160% After 30 calendar days.

Plan C – Min. – 10 USD/EUR. Max. – 10,000USD/EUR
ROI – 210% After 45 calendar days.

You can always use the online calculator here

Here are the e-curriens which you may use to operate with PrimFix: AlertPay, SolidTrustPay and LibertyReserve.

Please remember that:

  1. You can not open more than one account.
  2. The minimum withdrawal is $1
  3. Payments will be sent to your e-currency account within 48 hours.

Referral system:

  • Level 1 1% from each deposit
  • Level 2 2% from each deposit
  • Level 3 4% from each deposit

I must admit that security of the site is on really high level, it means that admin is really want live long live with this project.

SSL protection is provided by Comodo Group, Inc. It is paid till 13.03.2012. Please note that Comodo Group is one of the best!

DDoS Protection by Dragonara Alliance Ltd. Server Location: British Virgin Islands, Geneva Place, Waterfront Drive,P. O. Box 3469, Road Town, Tortola

If you have some questions you can visit the F.A.Q page or you can create a new support ticket.

PrimFix company is online based, registered in the country of Seychelles. Anyway, all of operations are made online so they don’t have a phyisical office with a telephone number.

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Scam Warning!

In our latest news about EOS Fund ( we informed about pending withdrawals on May 6 which were the result of some technical failure (according to the administration) and they had to be processed manually. However, they were really processed and life went on for this project. And now withdrawal requests are pending again and this time there is no information about the reasons. We have also received an alert from one of our readers and the analysis of the situation makes us conclude that the project is done and payments are not going to be processed.

Well, it is not surprising, considering that EOS Fund is a short-term program with the longest plan lasting for 5 days and that it completed the tree cycles of this plan. Of course, there were examples of short-term projects that operated for unbelievably long (for example but this is probably an exclusion and not a rule. However, the worst thing in this situation is that is still online and deposits keep being accepted.

The other thing is that some monitors mislead investors by displaying paying statuses while the program does not pay. Of course, everyone has right for a mistake and sometimes we do not react immediately (although it happens very rarely) but when I see some monitors showing irrelevant statuses all the time, I get angry. For example, if you visit allhyipmonitors.comand type in, you will see on top of monitors an icon of with paying status. You will also see on that icon that the last payment was received on May 5. As you can see, even if the admin of invested in the longest plan, he was supposed to get paid on May 10. Today is May 12 and he is displaying a paying status just like everything is okay but he probably hasn’t even visited EOS Fund for a week and does not know that it stopped paying!

Sure, if you know about the problem with the project, you won’t pay attention to such monitors and the understanding of which monitors you can rely on comes with experience. But what if some investor heard about EOS Fund being a good program and even did some due diligence and checked payment statuses on monitors and relied on such monitor as hothyips? (this is far not the first time when it displays irrelevant statuses). This investor will simply lose his money! I do not want to say bad things about HYIP monitors but I think that such monitors as the above mentioned one should not be trusted at all. Be smart and careful!

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