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As we have been discussing in one of our previous posts, the present mood of the investors is quite definitely inclined towards the shorter term plans.  Keeping with this trend, even the well established programs have launched shorter term plans to attract more and more investors. And not surprisingly, a flurry of short term programs are being launched everyday.

We have joined one of them, which hopefully all will agree presents somewhat a different look than the rest of the HYI Programs offering high return short term plans. Another difference we noticed at NetInvestPro , the respective administrator has not included those ‘After 1 day’ plan. I guess, most of the investors have noticed that numerous short term programs offering ‘ After 1 day’ plan have been largely unsuccessful, most of them scamming in less than two weeks.

The Investment Plans :

NetInvestPro has been launched only a few days back, to be precise on 1st May. The concerned management has kept the investment plans very simple, altogether offering three ‘ Paid at expiry ‘ plan, with no hidden sub plans. All the plans have been kept approachable to the majority of the investors. Probably important to maintain the cash flow.

The first plan offered at NetInvestPro called the Starter plan, promises a total return of 110% after 3 days. The minimum deposit to join this Starter plan being only $5, is probably the best plan to test the operations atNetInvestPro. The maximum investment accepted goes up to $5000.

For calculation purposes, an investment of $100 in this plan offers a total return of $110 after a duration of three days.

The Beyond plan, the second plan at NetInvestPro is another ‘Paid at expiry’ plan promising a total return of122% after 5 days. The minimum investment for the second plan is $25, again approachable to the majority of HYIP investors. The maximum deposit accepted for the Beyond plan goes up to $15,000.

A deposit of $100, in this plan offers a total return of $122 after 5 days of investment.

The third and the final plan at NetInvestPro is the most lengthy plan running for a duration of 10 calendar days, at the end of which an investor is offered a total return of 155% of his/her investment. Theminimum investment set at $50, has again been kept affordable to all to test their luck. The maximum investment is $30,000.

An investment of $100 in this final plan at NetInvestPro offers a total return of $155 after 10 days.

The payment processors :

The e-currencies available for transaction are the anonymous ones, that is LibertyReserve andPerfectMoney, along with AlertPay for those who like a little bit of verification and security.

Withdrawals :

As mentioned in the NetInvestPro FAQ page the withdrawal requests are to be processed instantly. Till now our withdrawal requests have been processed instantly.

Before signing off for today, i would again like to remind please do check the program status on our monitor. Today, one of our reader mistakenly joined Gorgon Project Invest, that has been demoted to problem status yesterday. As we did not have his mail ID, we could not personally mail him and warn against it.

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