New Offers at Neo Progress

Very often HYIP administrators decide to make some changes in their projects in order to freshen things up after operating for a while. The terms of investment plans at NEO Progress ( have been recently changed, even though the program has been online for less than a month. AIt offers four plans: Impulse, Weeklee, Pulsar and Luxer. The administration has changed the investment periods of the first two due to change of trading and marketing policy of NEO Progress.

They explain it in the following way: “Reduction of the investment period increases capital turnover and therefore cause the growth of volumes of the trading operations of our traders and increase the total profit of the company. Now the clients dont need to worry that their money is invested in long-term funds. Currently our clients may withdraw the principal in 30 days and receive a good interest.”

The investment period of Impulse Fund that offers 1.5% daily with a minimum of $1 is 30 business days now (it initially lasted for 100 days). Weeklee Fund (10% weekly and $1,000 minimum) now offers its clients an investment period of 8 weeks (it used to be 24 weeks). The Pulsar and Luxer Funds remained the same and offer 2.4% daily for 120 days ($5,000 minimum) and 14% weekly for 24 weeks ($30,000 minimum) respectively. Principal is still returned on expiry in all plans.

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