Is EFX Showing Incredible Potential

We are having an enormous response to our recently released news regarding the forthcoming Forex Training and Invitational Apprenticeship Training Program. Tons of current and new members have heeded the call and expressed interest. As well, they are following the suggestions we have given, signing up for the Blog, opening Twitter and Facebook accounts (to follow us), asking questions, and expressing excitement wanting to know more. The response has been similar to what you might expect if you could miraculously install a never ending supply of fresh clean water in the middle of Somalia overnight. Obviously the thirst for a Fresh, Clean, New and an Honest Financial opportunity is, in fact, extreme.

We realize that many are indeed still skeptical and that is most certainly understandable given that our online entrance was initiated in the HYIP arena. Do yourself a favor, at the very least, subscribe to the blog so you can be up-to-the-minute informed of what we are doing and where we are going. There is so much more for you here than you realize at this point.

You dont have to make deposits!

You dont have to refer others!

You dont have to do anything!

But you should at least come and see what the entire Buzz is about!

We are launching a fantastic program for you to become Fully Financially Independent within 12 to 18 months! We are not talking about

Multi-Level or Affiliate Marketing, or

Income derived from deposits made to EFX, or

Work efforts that require you to spend countless hours without rewards.

We are talking about teaching you to become Financially Free by creating an entrepreneurship in the Fantastically Profitable Forex Market. And you will be able to do this WITHOUT RISKING ANYTHING. NOTHING! Except a very small amount of your time.

I promise you spend more time right now, each day, watching commercials in one 2 hour movie than will be required daily to change your life forever.

You will quickly discover that in 30 minutes a day, if you follow the FREE program we are launching, you will be able to Successfully and Consistently trade in the Forex Market and EARN HUGE PROFITS each and every week.

How would your life be changed if you could earn $10,000.00, $20,000.00, $40,000.00 and more each month?

Would you be willing to sacrifice 4 hours per day to accomplish results like that?

How about 2 hours?

We will show you how you can do it in 30 minutes a day and only 5 days per week!

And, we will show you how you can do it FROM ANYWHERE a smart phone can access the internet!!!

You will be able to do it anytime the markets are open and from anywhere you can access your account!

This program will launch within a couple of weeks and will start with baby steps. First we will begin by providing some basic training to those that enroll, and from there, each week we will add additional features and benefits until the Apprenticeship Program is fully ready. By the time we are up and running you will be ready as well.

Some are still shaking their heads and thinking to themselves, Yeah, Right! Why would you do anything for free? Believe me, we have a good reason.

As with any Internet endeavor, traffic is key. This program will not be free forever, not even close. But we first need to establish a market presence. And once this program closes the doors to free members, we will need Mentors for those that follow thereafter. I dont have the time at this writing to fully disclose every single detail, but let me say this and try to shorten this release. The program will have several income stream opportunities for those that assist us in establishing it and want to continue thereafter. Here is a brief rundown .

Free training will lead to the free demo account.

The demo account will lead to a LIVE Trading Account and/or Apprenticeship Program. Both these will require Mentors.

Mentors will assist those in both the Trading Accounts and the Apprenticeship program.

Mentors will receive a bonus commission from the spread fees these Traders create.

Apprenticeship Program Traders (since they are heavily monitored and trade with our funds) keep up to 90% of the profits. The difference is shared with Mentors.

The Apprenticeship Program will require an upfront cost at a future point (once we have successfully and fully developed everything as well as created adequate Mentors to assist). Mentors will share in this fee (if they assist in the sale). We will develop the leads via advertising and Mentors MAY assist in closing the sale. Since all the mentors will have successfully completed the program and will have Lifetime no fee trading privileges, it will be an easy to close deal. Simply show the prospects your account successes and they will want it.

These are not all the opportunities, but lets review quickly so I can close and move on.

You can FREELY subscribe to the free basic training and then move on to a trading account and become successful = NO COST!

You can FREELY apply for the Apprenticeship, and if accepted, Make Actual Forex Trades with our assistance and with our Funds. Sharing in up to 90% of the profits! = NO COST TO YOU EVER! (In the future this will not be free)

You MAY, once you complete the Apprenticeship Program apply to become a Mentor = NO COST

If accepted, Mentors can choose to earn commissions from Trade Spreads, Sales Commissions, Apprenticeship Profit Sharing and more! = NO COST!

Like we have repeatedly stated, we are a unique program, with unique opportunities and we are positioned, on-target and destined for greatness. You do not want to procrastinate your opportunity to be involved. Do yourself a favor and sign up now! Begin your preparation for this amazing opportunity that is sure to take the Online Investing World by storm. You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

ExoticFX More than JUST PROFITS!!!

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