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This is truly an unexpected pleasure. When we announced the FTA program, we expected thousands of new signups for the Forex Trade School at ExoticFX.ORG. Well, we havent got thousands yet, but we are getting hundreds of new signups at So that is exciting and we can see why. is Truly a Success Story in its own right. I mean, we do have the MOST secure program in the world of Online Investing. We do have High, Medium and Low Returns on investment options. We do have the absolute BEST support staff and platform available just about anywhere online, and we offer our members the most advantages of any program around. So it should come as no surprise, really, that more people are flocking to as a result of the recent FTA program release.

Since there are a lot of new members, I want to recap some things you need to pay attention to.

First, the most popular plans.

With our plans you can invest and receive up to 2.3% (Daily180) or 2.0% (Term 8). These are the two most popular plans by far. In the very beginning, members used the Term2 as a place to start, but we are seeing around 73% reinvesting into much longer term and higher paying plans. This is wise investing in my opinion, as it is easy to see we are going to be here a very long time. You can look at the Top Traders page and see what the largest investors are doing right this minute as this page reflects, in real time, their choices, returns, investments and profits.

The wisest play, in my opinion, is the Daily180 with a compounding of 100% for the first 40 days, and then reduced to 50% or 60% for the duration. This will more than double your principal in less than the first 40 days and then provide you with a good daily return for the duration and a HUGE return at the end.

EFX Traders Society

We launched the EFX Traders Society to provide you a place to discuss strategies like the one above as well as to socialize and learn from each other. The Traders Society is destined for greatness in the realm of online social meeting areas. You should familiarize yourselves with it and offer your input whenever possible.

ExoticFX Blog

The ExoticFX Blog was originally created to provide a backup location for EFX to deliver news in the event our main site was ever unavailable. It has evolved into so much more than that. Our Social Media Manager, Keiko, has done an Amazing job of catapulting the EFX Blog into an enormous success. It is a wealth of information and you should definitely be a subscriber there.

Every one of you is here because you are looking for the EDGE and to gain the Upper Hand when it comes to making money online. The EFX Blog provides so much relevant information that you need to know. If you are not taking advantage of that, you are costing yourself money. It is free for members and non-members and it is very much worth your time to read.


In order to fully take advantage of any endeavor, you need to fully understand it. EFX is no exception. We have added another video to the line-up and you should watch it at your earliest convenience.

Those that have not seen any of the Videos should watch them all. They explain our program, how it operates, and why it works. Knowledge is a Pre-Requisite to Achieving and Maintaining Success. Therefore, we provide as much, if not more, input than any other program anywhere. Dont waste the opportunity to discover your options, build your knowledge base and let us assist you in achieving your goals.

Forex Trade School

It seems that almost everyone that finds the FTA program is signing up for EFX. But not every EFX member has signed up for FTA. This is a huge mistake on their part. Heres why

The FTA Program may be in its infancy in fact, right now it is only in Pre-Launch and as such is simply a place to signup, download the ebook (Manual) and familiarize yourself with the Members Area. We are working as fast as we can to build the infrastructure of the Live Trading Room and FTA program.

But it is to your advantage to BE IN LINE!

The programs associated with FTA will ultimately create FANTASTIC referral fees and we are giving you First Shot at being in line to attract as many as you want.

If you have not paid attention or disregard this message, then it WILL BE YOUR LOSS!

  • Go take a look at the program.
  • Familiarize yourselves.
  • Sign up and use the affiliate link there to inform your current referrals and associates NOW, before someone else does.

We are going to have NEW commissions available to you through the FTA program in the future you need to establish your position RIGHT NOW!

  • Investment plans (like EFXs … if your EFX members sign up at FTA and begin investing there, you get NEW Commissions if you direct them there … or you will have lost them to someone else)
  • Forex Trade Alert Subscriptions fees (there will be several varieties of trade alerts, Exotics, Trend Traders, Day traders, etc., will all be different subscriptions in time. The fees your affiliates pay will generate referral commissions also)
  • Forex Training fees (once our first goals are met, we will begin charging for this service. There will be referral fees here, too)
  • Forex Trading Account fees (once our first goals are met, we will begin charging for this service. There will be referral fees here, too)
  • FTA program fees (once our first goals are met, we will begin charging for this service. There will be referral fees here, too)
  • Spread fees (There will be referral fees here, too)
  • Franchising fees (this may be down the road a ways, but you will be grandfathered in and receive huge commissions here)
  • Etc., etc., etc. (much, much more is to come)

I promise you do not want to be left behind on this one.

We are certain that you are already familiar with EFX and you can clearly see that we will be the Number One program in online investing. We are inviting you to have first shot at positioning yourselves to benefit from our program by advising and advertising to your referrals and associates. Like I said, we are not heavily advertising in the HYIP arena immediately but our new advertising in other markets is Grandiose and will bring thousands through the HYIP arena.

We have successfully merged all the Attributes of True Forex with all of the benefits of HYIP.

We feel this is by FAR your best chance for Permanent Financial Success!

This will change the face of HYIP and . YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS IT!

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