FelixFunds – do you feel lucky?

Hello again, fellow readers!

For today’s dinner we have FelixFunds, and we’ll be reviewing them to the core! It got my attention after I saw some good payment proofs everywhere on the internet, so I have decided to take a look and see what’s there.

The first thing that got my attention was their big, greeny banner, professional enough made and the description underneath the title – “Feel luck, be luck with us!”. Sounds like a sport betting company, but it performs well on the come-here-and-invest instinct. I didn’t even have to ask myself what they do with the money, because the flashing section to the left with forex quotes solved my question – foreign exchange. The next step, of course, was for me to take a look at their Investment Plans :

Felix 1 Plan

  • 1.2% Daily -No expiration date
  • Minimum deposit : $ 1
  • Maximum deposit : $ 100
  • Principal returned on request
  • Interest added only business days
  • Withdrawals daily from Mo-Fr

Felix 2 Plan

  • 1.5% Daily – No expiration date
  • Minimal deposit : $ 101
  • Maximum deposit : $ 2000
  • Principal returned on request
  • Interest added only business days
  • Withdrawals daily from Mo-Fr.

Felix 3 Plan

  • 1.8% Daily – No expiration date
  • Minimal deposit : $ 2001
  • Maximum deposit : $ 5000
  • Principal returned on request
  • Interest added only business days
  • Withdrawals daily from Mo-Fr.

Felix 4 Plan

  • 2.3% Daily – No expiration date
  • Minimal deposit : $ 5001
  • Maximum deposit : no maximum
  • Principal returned on request
  • Interest added only business days
  • Withdrawals daily from Mo-Fr.

It is very good that the lowest investment amount is 1$, thus opening their gates for investors from all over the world, including those who don’t have a very big household income. It may seem at first difficult to handle with lots of deposits/withdrawals/transactions, but if you want to win the heart of your customers, you have to give them what they want. They will invest 1$ now, and then 5$, and 10$. There will be more and more deposits if the investor feels secure and comfortable with your company. FelixFunds seem to have successfuly built this link between the company and the audience.

An unique feature which I didn’t encounter so far is the interactive live chat, wich is different to what I’ve been used with. You no longer have to wait for the chat operator to accept and answer your call as the line seems to be always open on the front page. And, no matter what page you are into, the one with the chat will keep poping in, as if saying – hey, I’m here, don’t you wanna ask me something? The support has done a pretty good job and works like any other supports before – they are something like a talking website and if you wanna propose them something good they will then redirect you to the admin. Still, a pretty nice feature to consider for other programs to implement in the future.

Looking at the news section, I see that their company is online since 25 october, which shows they already have almost 2 months of activity which is a good sign in these shaky days of the hyip business. The site has its hosting at BlackLotus which is known to be a good services provider. This gives them another plus in providing the security and safeness of client’s funds. Also, all the confidential actions operated on their website are secured by http://www.instantssl.com/, a leader in its field.

Accessing who.is information, we have got the following information

IP Location: Saint Charles, United States
Website Status: active
Server Type: LiteSpeed
Alexa Trend/Rank: Up Arrow 1 Month: 55,224    3 Month: 114,901
Page Views per Visit: Up Arrow 1 Month: 5.7    3 Month: 5.5

We can see that their traffic is steadily increasing and that they keep the servers in United States. Overall, it seems a good company to consider taking into your investment portfolio. I hope you enjoyed my review!

Have a tickling day!

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PlexFund – Reviewed by Nick Cooper

Hello, felow hyip earners! Another week has started and we have fresh powers for passing it with great energy and smiles on our faces! It has been a pretty cold weekend here, so get ready for a heavy winter! Not to mention that you have to start making savings for the Christmas buyings :)

Anyway and anyhow, today we are going to review a website called http://plexfund.com. It has come to my attention after I received some enquiries to review it from our readers. I wasn’t too fond of reviewing it at the beginning, but after looking at their website I said that I could give it a try.

The overall design is pretty simple and is made on 3-columns and seems like a simple, minimalistic WordPress theme. The designers have used gray, blue and green for it, and should seem readable for the average reader. But, this is not the point, right? We have to cherish the investments and not the looks, but let’s face it, who’d want to invest money in something that doesn’t attract them?

The investment plans are quite unbelievable and that is the main reason why I refused at first to review it. We have

Minimalistic ( 12.6% daily fixed interest ), Standard (13.4% daily fixed interest ) and Senior ( 15% daily fixed interest )

I realize that those profits are quite impossible to achieve even if you are a forex genius. But then I said to myself – is it better to put money in a 1.1% daily profit hyip and to wait more than one month in order to regain your invested capital? Or I should try some programs with a huge yield so that you could withdraw your profits as fast as you can. That’s why plexfund attracted me from the beginning – the possibility of withdrawing the funds ASAP.

http://plexfund.com/?a=cust&page=about_us – the about us page contains the same information we basically see everywhere – forex stuff and so on. I think that a trading perfomance report would do much better to their reputation as possible investors will have the chance to view the actual trading results. Maybe they cherish too much their strategy and are afraid someone could guess how they’re doing it, who knows?

http://plexfund.com/?a=news – this is somehow weird, because they didn’t update any news since september. Is it a sign of something bad happening very soon? Are we too late with our investments? I want you all to be careful and make rational, not emotional judgments. Invest with the money you can afford to lose and don’t go blindly hoping that you could get rich over night. This requires skills and tactics and maybe years of experience. It is better to sit back and watch how it is going.

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