1-year old hyips?

Hello my dear friends!

This is Nick Cooper with you again! Let’s rock the investment floor with some great bass-ing advices. Ahead of us is a wonderful weekend and your mind and spirit is preparing for the well-deserved rest. I want to share with you that I am very excited about this blog and all the features we will be bringing on board! We are going to be something different and something that you’ll want to stick to.

Surfing today on the abundant sea of hyip novelties and not only, I’ve stumbled upon http://www.reprofinance.com/ to discover some great features about it. First of all, take a look at this

So, you take a 5$ bonus just for signing up. Hey, free cash is better than no cash, right? Further more, I went to their news archive and soon discovered that they have almost 1 year of activity!

“Dear clients! On December, 25th 2009 withdrawal or depositing of money resources will be carried out till 11am.”

In these times of short and crushing hyips we all realize that a 1-year hyip is heavenly manna. I envy those guys who invested in the beginning because they should be now at top yeilding levels. Their design is simple and pleasant for the investor. I just didn’t figure out what RePro stands for, but I leave this task for you.

Another tasty program that got my attention is http://compaxtrade.com/. Rumour has it that the actual owners of the program made it similar to already dead programs like incoforex or atoxfinance, if you still remember those. Basically, we have the same investment plans and trading reports as those companies had or maybe they are using a pattern which proved to be profitable? Anyhow, the program has a gray-like aspect wich gives it the solidity of silver quality, at least from the martketing point of view.

What’s the deal with http://www.orbistrends.com? Lately this program is on everyone’s lips in this industry. It shows a solid and strenth attitude and it even has a hiring section – http://www.orbistrends.com/?page=career! Is it a devilmind program or something that will last much more month that a regular hyip does? They also seem to have a history bigger than 1 year, based on their news archive.

May 20, 2009 Website Opening Ramia Ltd. Is open to general public and is offering its investment services via company website OrbisTrends.com. Our new account based program is flexibly structured to offer the world wide community its investment services with exceptionally modest requirements for participation and daily profit allocations.

So it seems that there were and there are companies to compete with what CherryShares was, but it seems that the hyip investors simply love to pick one and to name it the best! Wouldn’t it be wiser to have 2-3 top programs and to place your funds there? A diversified portfolio is always  much better than a single one.

Hoping that my advices served you well, I am telling you bye and let the God of Weekend joy visit you as soon as possible!

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