CherryShares is gone and other HYIP news

Hello readers, visitors and friends, Nick Cooper here!

Everybody’s getting ready for Christmas time and searching curios in their pockets to see if there’s some extra money to buy gifts for the loved ones.  But some of you, especially those who invested with the latest program crushing down – CherryShares, may find nothing more than dust and some cents…We all know it was the top program for almost one year and lots of people made good money out of it. But now it is gone and we must learn to take the hit and move on with better things to do! If you’re still interested with CherryShares news, there are some folks still talking about this here

We move on analyzing the latest good looking programs in the tasty and delicious hyip industry. We have today on the plate. I enjoyed their simple design and corporate interface which quickly made me take a look at their investment plans. The thing that attracted my was this part :

“A guaranteed Investment contract also known as GIC promises to provide a fixed rate of return at the maturity the issue. You can invest in a GIC monthly through the Asset Management Investment Plans or through other options that may be available through Asset Management GIC services that are offered. These instruments offer a stated investment return through the guarantee of a fixed interest rate. An investment objective under this program is to address preservation of principal and can resemble other standard deposits arrangements. Your investment will earn interest each day that will accrue and be credited to your account every day.”

If I recall correctly, this is the first time a hyip uses those words. It should have a good impact on their investors! The next specialty is something that will look very odd to you but so commonplace in this hyip world – a program with “incredible returns” – . Actually those numbers you see there aren’t quite exact. For example, on the regular plan we have 18.5% daily, but that is not the profit, it is like 18.5$ of the deposit you already made, so the real profit is 111% in 6 weeks. More details on their investment plans can be found here –

The rumour has it that is the next top HYIP program, and all this kudos goes to them for having that awesome video on the main page which is doing all the job they need. They’ve put investment plans in front of everybody so that they could see and the latest trading reports are also at hand. Very, very easy to use for those who use to skim through most of websites.

After being almost one week under DDoS attack, therefore without a web presence, has managed to amaze the HYIP world and come back from the dead to rise even higher! People have regained their trust and I guess the company is getting even more investments it did. So, that attack did a good job for them instead of killing their business. The site looks really professional, with an airy outfit that invites you to test their website. Also, the live chat seemed pretty friendly and not so dumb as some live chat operators are. A good program to watch closely!

I end this post by wishing you to have good preparation for Christmas and to have enough money to please everybody with gifts!

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