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  1. A Soldier's Opinion Of the War in Iraq
  2. Deficit/ Debt
  3. The bank decided at the meeting convert net profits of 93 million dinars to the reser
  4. "State of the Union", Opinions Here.
  5. Raising The Value Of The Dinar
  6. ISX "Our plan is to be automated by April 2007."
  7. Iraq/Dinar News. before Febuary 2nd 2006
  8. Referral & Posting Contest by Admin..
  9. Ok...How about a Golden Rule of Change.
  10. Iraq postage rates.
  11. Other forums as backup for RC? NON!
  12. Message For RC Members...
  13. 1305:1 1/17/07
  14. What are your plans?
  15. Who is William (Bill) Burbank Please. Need Help Here.
  16. I Missed You Guys!!
  17. Just In.....
  18. Prayers for a healing
  19. Iraq/Dinar News. (before Jan.20,2007)
  20. Traffic Dinar
  21. Dont Fight! Contact me!!! ADMIN
  22. Who do you want to tell I told you so
  23. Thread for stuff about Iraq that you don't know where else to post
  24. "Dinar Gang"
  25. IP Eduaction
  26. New currency????
  27. anyone else get hyjacked?
  28. Dinar "Gossip $ Fun" Thread!!!!
  29. When do you think IT will happen?!?
  30. How do you handle Dinar Investment guilt?
  31. great grandpa has spoken
  32. Happy "Dinar Riches" New Year.
  33. The Year Ahead
  34. Saddam Hussein executed in Iraq
  35. Anyone want to trade?
  36. I Dont Get It
  37. Poll Would you really like me to invest in Dinars
  38. whatever happened???
  39. Merry Christmas to all Dinarholics!
  40. Need some help mods
  41. "lucky" Holiday Traditions????
  42. Why should I buy Dinar?
  43. Wheres the risk?
  44. Where to buy dinars in London?
  45. Break Even Points
  46. Iraq Dinar newbie, can you help me?
  47. San Tome Dobra
  48. Prayers For SGS Family.
  49. My Son as requested by jessemac, lol
  50. At what value would you cash in?
  51. For the Brits!
  52. Shared Info for Those in N. California
  53. Reval amount???
  54. "Currency Talk Only". Investing,Ideals,Suggestions,Advice
  55. Frightening News Every American Should Read
  56. Buying Dinars in Europe
  57. New Banks See Investment opportunies
  58. Lets get to know you!!!!!
  59. The xmas 10k dinar nationality game.
  60. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad letter to US Citizens
  61. Question regarding travel from the US
  62. Freedinar - stay away from them.
  63. When do you think the Dinar will RV??
  64. Which golf course and why?
  65. The continuing rise of dinar against the dollar
  66. Counterfeit Dinar - How to spot fake Iraqi Dinars
  67. Help Please
  68. How much do you hold???
  69. Do our Positive Vibes make it to the Iraqi Govt????
  70. Your "1" Post Opinion, Story, About the "Iraqi Dinar"...
  71. Report Spammers here.
  72. aboutdinar.com ?
  73. Question for the Forum...
  74. Uk Speculators - Barclays Bank sell Dinar
  75. Rv Very Soon!!!!
  76. New Sticky?
  77. Thanks for Making the ride enjoyable
  78. Trade forex with as little as $1
  79. We need info and suggestions...
  80. IBAN Code Needed
  81. Adster going to surgery.
  82. News, Opinions, Comments, Rumors.
  83. If we get our RV by Monday..
  84. CBI Game Plan
  85. The Central Bank witnesses the highest circulation and exchange rate of USD in 2006
  86. Obsession - What is the War on Terror?
  87. Sadaam Sentenced!
  88. Barclays Bank UK
  89. Iraqi/US kids learning about each other
  90. Who's coming to the Caymans?!
  91. Dinar Datelines
  92. Info for newbie
  93. NEWS from Free Dinars !!!
  94. How Close to an RV?
  95. Very Interesting information on RV and PEG!!!!
  96. Prayers for a Soldier
  97. News and Views Thread?
  98. The Internet Troll Alert
  99. Lounsbury: Insane dinar basher
  100. E-mail CNN your thoughts
  101. Looking for Volunteers!
  102. Iraqi Children Outreach
  103. "Marshall Plan=International Compact" Originally posted by paynes1
  104. The Hash It out thread here only.
  105. Unwanted Dinars Please List Here.
  106. Canadian Tax Laws
  107. Time for a New Countdown
  108. Cayman Islands r/v post party?????
  109. What will you buy first after r/v????
  110. Lets bring...
  111. Might as well keep it in the family
  112. What value for IQD after REVAL ?
  113. 50k dinars to nearest date/rate.
  114. looking for arabic translater
  115. Help I need money
  116. Revalue Unnecessary
  117. AMERICAN CONTRACTOR-Fact or Fiction?
  118. Another Day...
  119. Remember This? Adster. Celebration Time my Freind.
  120. Moved Post will go here from Now On.
  121. Rol Mentioned On Freedinar
  122. Old Iraqi Dinar Notes
  123. Rolls of 25 or 100 IQD coins...
  124. Want a good laugh...read this
  125. "muslims Ordered To Leave The United States, Next Attack Imminent"
  126. Links to Forex sites showing the IQD moving against EUR
  127. To those people wanting to sell their dinar...
  128. reprinting dinar means we lose
  129. Thanks For The Add To Favorites Feature
  130. Okay Folks, now what?
  131. Ways to help others after this pegs
  132. New Countdown Clock
  133. If the r/v doesn't happen today, then what?
  134. Giving Back
  135. Questions About The Dinar Here Please.
  136. NaSayer Sign-In Here If We Have Any.
  137. All YeaSayers Sign-In. For Fun
  138. "Fotball" Dinar Pot.Predict 10% Rise in IDQ value and win the Pot!
  139. Introduce Yourself Here To The Dinar Gang.
  140. "Archived", Removed. From the News Thread Here:
  141. Security feature: "Color Changing Symbol"
  142. Iqd Converter To Most Currencies
  143. Dinar General Talk.
  144. Best DUI Ever! (That you Neno? ;-)
  145. Lets make a 10by5 for the dinars
  146. Iqd Forum Moved To Top
  147. admen please explan or fix
  148. Some "Bright Spots" in the Lives of Iraqi's!
  149. Cannot Post After Logging in. Why?
  150. Canadians--Im buying Dinar
  151. IQD Power Peg
  152. Traffic Dinar
  153. Turkish Troops entered northern Iraq
  154. Freedinar.com
  155. Bank in Panama
  156. counterfit Dinars?
  157. Complete the following.....
  158. If you can understand this
  159. What Dreams will be filled with Your New Found Wealth
  160. information please!
  161. Tax questions, (UK)
  162. Another currency investment?
  163. Happy Birthday Adster
  164. Happy Birthday Raddie!
  165. Dinarinfo.com
  166. Which website for Europe ?
  167. Lets salute to these soldiers....
  168. Iraq National Reconciliation Project
  169. dr dinar email
  170. The Latest Negative News on the Iraqi Dinar...
  171. Post Reval Investment Options - Private Placement
  172. just one idea
  173. Canadians and reporting Taxes for Dinar...
  174. Cashing in, please read.
  175. Sorry...
  176. Free Dinar stopping sales!!!
  177. Huge new oil eserves in northern Iraq
  178. come one come all!!!!!!!
  179. Let's Have An Exchange "Fire Drill" !
  180. Go crazy in here!!!
  181. Old Crazy Thread.
  182. Are you looking for dinar for a great price
  183. when is the peg goin to hit
  184. Real or fake Dinars
  185. peg?
  186. dinar
  187. I have recieved Dinars
  188. Free dinar conference call anyone get in
  189. "Taxes", Anything Related To It In Here
  190. Post peg party, destinations.....
  191. Question on Dinar
  192. Proper Pronunciation....
  193. Give it a try.
  194. Where I can buy dinars fast ?
  195. What to do when it pegs
  196. From the wall street journal.....Very interesting!
  197. Did You Know????????
  198. Breathe...Just Breathe...
  199. iraqs gov.
  200. Free Dinar!!!
  201. Does size matter?
  202. Autralia Is My Kind Of Country.........
  203. If you ask me.....
  204. Need 5 million Dinar before it PEG. URGENT
  205. Interesting.....
  206. Burst Your Bubble?
  207. Iraqi Dinar Program
  208. Dinar and Cows
  209. In what Country can I sell New Irac Dinar?
  210. Iraqi dinar - Greenzap
  211. GET YOUR FREE DINAR IN 2 s...
  212. Iraq Dinar Investment Sucure Opp
  213. Iraq Amazing INvestment Opp
  214. FREE Dinar
  215. FREE Dinar
  216. Ompus has sold Billions of Dinar since 2004
  217. Are you invested in Iraqi dinars
  218. Dinar Final Launch Jan 1, 2006
  219. So Many changes from this Warning Post in November of 2005
  220. Huge Potential Zero Risk
  221. What About myfreedinar.com-from ROLClub?
  222. A note of caution!!! Iraqi dinar
  223. Iraq/Dinar News. 09/05 to 01/14/07
  224. Jump on board this one :0) it's a must
  225. Iraqi Dinar