Hey guys,

I read everywhere so I can get a feel of what is being said. Well I found this in one of the reading areas :

site back - good news
I got into P**s this morning briefly. Only the home page. Good sign,

they're testing it before it comes back for good !!

..... and I also found this:

hi friends just read below points !!

1. Gary was being question by BN ever since BN steps in and investigate the company.

2. Bryan and Sharon were not being detained at all. I believe there must be a communication breakdown. When BN raided PIPS, Bryan went into full corporation with BN and followed them to BN to solve a few issues. Bryan also attended most of the meeting held in BN.

3. I believe Bryan did call Bill but was not what reported in the post. Bryan, Sharon and the rest of the team are fine and they have nothing to hide from all of you.

4. During the raid I was there together with one of the PIPS member. We saw Bryan talking calmly and appeared professionally infront of the senior officers. Nothing was recorded as BN found nothing wrong. Till mide evening, Senior Officers were in their office and they found absolutely nothing wrong with it. Therefore, BN took away the computers to HQ for downloading some documents for investigation.

Again, positive people attract positive energy, BN found nothing wrong in PIPS. As you can see clearly that most of the website already up. If PicTrust has a problem, then, that will be our biggest worries. Now, sit back and wait for PicPay to be solved. It will take sometimes but I can assure you that your money is considered under the guide and watch by BN. Your money is still safe as long as BN is still in it.

The worst case is that, BN will refund the money to the members IF PIPS has enough fund to generate capital to all if not, all assets will be sold and money will be pro-rated.

I really do not see a point BN will have to do this. PicTrust is already a good example to us. PicTrust is safe and it shows that the rest are ok and fine.

All I can say is DO NOT ENTERTAIN ALL THE RUMOURS! YOU ARE DESTROYING YOUR OWN LIVE AND HOPE SOFTLY. To be honest to you, I put in 6-figure investment into PIPS and I have nothing to worry as I have done my DD 6 months before I decided to join PIPS.

Either way, PIPS survive...

Hope it helps