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180DAYS ~ ROL ~ 2%Units ~ Debit Card ~ WireTransfer
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Joined: 21 Mar 2004
Posts: 2429
Location: Singapore - Punggol

PostPosted: Wed May 05, 2004 3:29 pm Post subject: 180DAYS ~ ROL ~ 2%Units ~ Debit Card ~ WireTransfer Reply with quote

Very Happy HiYa All Very Happy

Here is a Refresher Course

When does ROL Start? Why 2 same days?

Very Happy Simple to understand ROL from BOO Very Happy
boo wrote:
Very Happy hey
It took me about 4 months to get my head round it lol.

thursdays and fridays get added over the weekend (hence the double jump from

fridays amount of units - if your acc is still small you probably won't notice)


monday..........................tues.............. ...........wed
tuesday...........................wed............. ...........thurs
wed................................thurs.......... ...............fri
thurs................................fri.......... .................mon

So mondays ROL gets reinvested on tuesday and the units start earning from


Was that any clearer? It's actually quite hard when you try to explain it but

once that little light goes on you'll think doh!!


Heden wrote:
Here is a quick breakdown:

Thrusday ROL purchases units on Friday and start on Saturday
(no trading so actually start Monday)

Friday ROL purchases units on Saturday and units start on Sunday
(no trading so actually start Monday)

Monday ROL purchases units on Tuesday and start on Wednesday

There ya go Smile


jeffjUSA wrote:
ROL is the same on monday and tuesday because:

the units bought from friday begins to earn on monday....
and then the units bought from mondays ROL don't start til wed.
Thus there are no new units beginning on tuesday
leaving mondays and tuesdays the same.


Very Happy Now we Start with the Basics Very Happy

What is Available Fund, Reloan Fund and Reserve Fund

Am still confused about
"Available funds"
(Amount) % reinvested
(Amount) % withdrawable
- and how one knows what the total value of one's account is.

Thanks again.

Lets see.... AF, reloan fund, reserve fund.

Your Daily ROL is obtained by:
(Total Units * 0.475) - Fees($8.10) = Daily ROL

So if you have 1000 units which will generate ROL,
(check start dates of units)
Daily ROL = (1000 * 0.475) - 8.10
You get $466.90 Daily ROL.

Now the System sees your % set in your "Edit Profile"
% Reloan - % Withdraw
If set to 50%-50%

You get
- $233.45 goes to ReLoan Fund
- $233.45 goes to Available Fund
- $8.10 goes to Reserve Fund

The system now Process your ReLoan Fund:
Every $25 buys you 1 unit - so you get 9 units for that day.
233.45 / 25 = 9.338 (So 9 Units)
$8.45 remains in your ReLoan Fund (0.338 * 25 = $8.45)

The system now Process your Reserve Fund:
For every monthly anniversary of your account
(around 21 trading days)
Your Reserve fund should reach $170.10
(plus or a bit below - due to number of trading days)

The system deducts $170 from your Reserve fund
And BUYS for you 6 Units
So $170 = $150 (6 units) + $20 (admin fees and charity)

These 6 units keeps your account Alive Perpetually Very Happy

If your reserve fund gets into NEGATIVE Values
Do NOT worry - It is Normal
It is due to months with LOW Trading Days.
Once it goes to months with HIGH Trading Days,
It will recover.

You ONLY Worry when your Reserve Fund
and keeps accumulating Above and Beyond $170.

Next - For Accounts ABOVE 6 months old,
We are deducted an EXTRA $1.71
This goes Direct to PIPs Charity Fund Very Happy
(that's why I LOVE PIPS - Charity work)

SUMMARY for those who got Lost Very Happy
AVAILABLE FUND - Yours to withdraw or BUY UNITS with
RELOAN FUND - CANNOT TOUCH - For system to AUTO Buy Units
RESERVE FUND - CANNOT TOUCH - For system to AUTO Buy Monthly Units

Now we come to...
What Happens When your Units Mature

i just had 320 units die in one day,
that was $8000.That was on the first of April.

now, b4 that, reinvested amount was over $2000 daily.

What i am wondering is,
why it takes a few days to get to that limit again.

Here, this is how it looks in my rol section:

30-MAR-05 4236 100% 0% 2,002.29 8.10 2,012.10
31-MAR-05 4229 100% 0% 1,998.97 8.10 2,008.78
01-APR-05 3989 100% 0% 1,884.97 8.10 1,894.78
04-APR-05 4117 100% 0% 1,945.77 8.10 1,955.58
05-APR-05 4103 100% 0% 1,939.12 8.10 1,948.93

what i also dont get is that on the fifth of april the units are lower then
on the fourth.
I think they should be higher, since then not that many units died.

Can you put some light on this pls? And Kor, make it easy pls.. Embarassed

Points to Note:
1 - PIPs Accounts more than 6 months old - Additional $1.71 charity deduction
2 - Some Values are Estimated
(ReLoan Fund from the previous days not given by poster)
3 - This is From the Poster's VIEW ROL Page.
If using the View Loan Page, the explanation is different.
Because the View Loan Page shows Total Units.
While the View ROL Page Shows the Total Units Earning ROL.

Explanation using Poster's Input:
30-MAR-05 4236 100% 0% 2,002.29 8.10 2,012.10
Total Daily ROL = (4236 * 0.475) - 8.10 - 1.71 = $2002.29
Bought Units = 80 units (start date 01 April)
Amount carried to Reloan fund = $2.29 (estimated)

Maturing Units - 7

31-MAR-05 4229 100% 0% 1,998.97 8.10 2,008.78
Total Daily ROL = (4229 * 0.475) - 8.10 - 1.71 = $1998.97
Bought Units = 80 units (start date 02 April)
Amount carried to Reloan fund = $1.26 (estimated)

Maturing Units - 320
Added Units +80

01-APR-05 3989 100% 0% 1,884.97 8.10 1,894.78
Total Daily ROL = (3989 * 0.475) - 8.10 - 1.71 = $1884.97
Bought Units = 75 units (start date 03 April)
Amount carried to Reloan fund = $11.23 (estimated)

Maturing Units - 27 (estimated)
Added Units +80 +75

04-APR-05 4117 100% 0% 1,945.77 8.10 1,955.58
Total Daily ROL = (4117 * 0.475) - 8.10 - 1.71 = $1945.77
Bought Units = 78 units (start date 06 April)
Amount carried to Reloan fund = $7.00 (estimated)

Maturing Units - 14 (estimated)
Added Units - NONE so your Total Units remain Low

05-APR-05 4103 100% 0% 1,939.12 8.10 1,948.93
Total Daily ROL = (4103 * 0.475) - 8.10 - 1.71 = $1939.12
Bought Units = 77 units (start date 07 April)
Amount carried to Reloan fund = $21.12 (estimated)

For 6th April your Added Units = 78
So your Total Units Should Rise.

From this point on, you should be able to recover
from the Maturing Units Loss in 3 days.
Your Total Units will be way Above 4230 Very Happy

Hope this Answers Some of your Questions.

************************************************** *****

funkyckn asked: Where Does ALL the Money Come From?

Posted: Sat May 22, 2004 8:50 am
Post subject: So where does all this money COME from??
I've been a member of PIPS for a short while and I'm not doubting it in the least. I'm just curious though.. I know most of the money is made from re-investment into the stock market, but it's almost impossible to make 2% daily from the market, even with investment into businesses and such. Without the other investment plans like VCs or Forex launched, I guess the money can only be spread into businesses and the stock market. How is it possible, then, to make 2% daily for all of us in these two areas? On $40 mil there must be some losses made.. only the elite stock trades can make over 2% daily, but I doubt they could make it consistently for such a long time.
I'm not trying to criticize PIPS or anything, I just want to get a clearer picture to make me feel more comfortable investing more money.

ANSWER to Where Does ALL the Money Come From?

Below is a direct quote from the information brochure handed out to Pureinvestor members at the 2004 Convention in Malaysia in early 2004.

"Our investment strategy is to maximise the investment return, while minimizing risk. To achieve this, we use a tried and tested strategy of investing in leading and diverse markets worldwide such as private equity funds, Bonds, Forex, Derivitives, IPOs, Finance and Property and co-investing in direct investments with selected fund managers.

We have a proactive management style to identify leading fund managers and opportunities for investment in fund and direct investments. Portfolios are diversified by country, stage, size of investment and industry sector.

We access most private companies through the funds we select but, to further enhance our potential return, we also follow a strategy of selectivity making direct investments with our chosen fund managers. These co-investments are typically made in companies that give an investment performance that is better than the portfolio average and with lower costs and charges.

We profit from our knowledge in private equity funds worldwide and our main investment focus is on expansion capital. This sector of the market has consistently produced the best investment returns and according to expert opinion, will continue to provide an excellent volume of high quality deal opportunities. We will also make highly selective commitments to technology opportunities and secondary funds where these have the clear potential for investment out-performance."

More Info From Keith(ITS PiPs)

Posted: Sat May 22, 2004 9:48 am Post subject:
Please note im IT not finance and what i know is what i hear from meetings and conversation with Bryan.

The total fund involved (over all portfolio) is not all members money. For every cent actively investment, Pureinvestor also puts in on higher ratio basis. So example if the fund says 40 mil how much of it is members money?. If deducting Pureinvestors portion then technically we have to make less than 2% a day. From what heard we have to commit a profit of 0.02 percent provit back to members and dont forget we are not just relying on Trading i.e bonds,stocks, indexes we also have money other companies in The pureinvestor group tapping into other resources.

here is what i know.
Pureinvestor Capital - Trading
Pureinvestor Leasing - Hire and purchases, loans and stuff
Pureinvestor Property - Real estate
Picpay - Payment gateway- merchant gate way
there are a few more but ill let Mr Big B spill the beans on that.
Keith Eng
ITS pipsinc.com

ezmoney wrote:

Why Does PIPS Work?

There are 3 Main reasons why PIPS works:
1. Sound Investment and Risk Management
2. Diversification of Investment
3. Investment Fund Ratio

1. Sound Investment and Risk Management
The PIPS group of companies comprises very experienced management from Banking, Property, Finance and Accountancy, and Trading.

Investment decisions are made through committees.

Their traders have very strict guidelines on how, where and when to invest.

All traders are monitored very closely every hour of every day.

This system is totally flexible and better still you have a simulator available to you. (Click on Project YOUR Earnings link.) It will project your earnings over 2 years and calculate the results! Rate of interest per day is 1.9% after administration fee.

2. Diversification of Investments
The PIPS investment strategy is diversified over a wide range of investments which minimizes the risks involved in volatile markets.
PIPS Invests in:
Forex Currency Trading
Futures and Commodities
Property and Projects
Venture Capital and Leasing IPO?s

3. Investment Fund Ratio
The PIPS investment fund ratio is currently being maintained at 60% Company funds and 40% investor funds.

This ratio reduces the returns required in terms of meeting the investor ROI.

Because investor funds mature at 180 days and these funds are retained within the investment portfolio PIPS is able to maintain the ratio above 50%.

Investment returns are also generated through the operations of the PIPS Group, PIPS Incorporated, PIC Capital, PIC Realty, and PicPay.com. This also reduces the reliance on the traded aspects and the risk through market and economic changes.


************************************************** *****

Largest Withdrawal to date?
winner101 wrote:
May 1st is when I started with PIPS.
I am very exited about the next 6 months.
I started with 17 units now I have 200 units.
Could all you PIPS veterans tell what's the biggest check you've ever received from PIPS?
Thanks in advance.

Forum Admin wrote:

Posted: Mon May 31, 2004 5:16 am Post subject:

Biggest single withdrawal to-date $41,000
Honorary President PIPS UK

Latest UPDATE:
phoenix wrote:
Posted: Thu Aug 19, 2004 3:33 pm
Dear Fellow PIPSTERS,

I think Bryan yesterday had his most relaxed meeting in his tour. As always he and Sharon are full of charm and down to earth. I don't believe there is anything new to add to the other postings from the various meetings previously held, but yesterday he went deeper into the charity side of PIPS and the type of help given to projects sanctioned by the UN.

Re the caption of this topic, the biggest single withdrawal to-date is $100,000.00 - one hundred thousand dollars.
HE said that PI will be updating its demographic records and he also said that their are members from Africa living in the middle of nowhere.

Bryan is also very happy that PIPS is exceeding the projections set out and explained in the Malaysian Convention.

There will be a new PIPS programme designed especially to be donated by members to persons they wish to help. The account can only be touched after it has generated enough for another PIPS account to be opened and donated to another persons (I believe that is how it will work). The account will only be accessable to view only until it reaches its target.

He also said that there are many projects in the pipeline but will only come out when they are ready to be launched.

The Venture Capital investment programme will be launced very soon and each unit will be $2 and will be bough in packets of 100 (It looks different from what is stated in the investment root, I think this is to make it immediateluy available to most members) and each unit can then be changed into a share of the particular company the share is in.

He explained about the limit to the growth of PIPS. He explained that PIPS will never over take the world economy otherwise there will be a global depression like in the 1930's. The only impact PIPS will make will be positive because the money generated for the members will help boost ones country's economy through its injection of foreign capital into the economy.

Those who have money in the $10 FUND will get this money back to them and they will find it deposted in their Available Funds, but Bryan did not mention when, and I forgot to ask.

BISTRO in KL will open for business in November.

SUN Servers not arrived yet. He is waiting anxiously for them since once they are set up and running, then, PI will have full control of the operation. Re security: there are six levels of access so the system is very strong.

What can I add ? PIPS will ROCK the WORLD

************************************************** *****

Torben's Wonderful Simulator
Play with web-based Simulator:

************************************************** *****

Locate your Bank's SWIFT CODE Here:
(contributed by our forum member, Jazzmark)

************************************************** *****

Abbreviations PiPsters use:
AF - Available funds
PF - Pool Funds
MF - Monthly Fund
CC - Credit Card
SP - Stormpay
EB - E-bullion
ROI - Return on Investment

************************************************** *****

Change your Re-investment / Withdrawal Settings
Goto your account <MEMBER HOT FUNCTIONS>
Scroll to the bottom - Choose your desired settings

************************************************** *****

Change your PASSWORD
Send Support Ticket - To change Password
This is for security reasons

************************************************** *****

Thank You

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Joined: 21 Mar 2004
Posts: 2429
Location: Singapore - Punggol

PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2004 2:34 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
How to Create Your *NEW* PIPs REFERRAL URL

Please be Informed That

Thank You

Credit Card Problems
Newbies please note:
Many members have discovered that their Credit Card is CONTROLLED
or REGULATED by their CC company to PROHIBIT some overseas transaction.

PI is considered as such a case.

You need to call your CC company
and authorise them to accept the payments to PI.

Otherwise your CC transactions will NOT go thru.

Purchasing PicPay $$$ with your Credit Card
incomemax wrote:
Hello Everyone,

Just letting you know that yes you can purchase using your credit card after it is verified, but keep in mind the following rules...

1- It must be less than $2,000 total including the 8.5% credit card fee.
2- You can only make 1 transaction per day max.

So I managed to successfully purchase $1,825.50 PicPay this morning!
Very Happy Cool Laughing

The credit card transaction fee was $155.17. So my actual total cost was $1,980.67 which is enough to purchase 73 PIPS units. This can be done once every 24 hours. Of course you could by less. The minimum is $1.

I just sent off the rest of the money I need in PIPS by money order using FedEx. It should be at it's destination by this Thursday, but it may need an extra few days to clear the bank in Malaysia as these are 3 money orders from a USA bank. Money Orders here go up to $1,000 max.

This is my 3rd PIPS account connected to a new PicPay account, but this will be the first PicPay and PIPS account I own that will never accept a transfer. If I build this account up, it will be threw my own resources.

I am very happy and loyal member of PIPS!
Very Happy Razz Laughing

Thank you Bryan Marsden for this GREAT program! Never seen anything like it.
Applause Applause


************************************************** ***
Very Happy Tip from Torben - Thanks Very Happy

Checks by MAIL:

ALL Checks above $200 are sent via FEDEX
(even if u forgot to state it)

Requesting Checks by Fedex
When u state your NAME add "(Fedex)" beside it.
Example: John Doe (Fedex)

Snail Mail
Will take between 6 to 8 weeks or even 3 months.


EasyRider wrote:
Hello everyone,
Sharina has gone out of here way to find out why my check was rejected and it was a misunderstanding on my part with how the system works.
Unlike Paypal or Stormpay where they deduct their fees from the amount you request PICPAY deducts them from your remaining balance in your account. So with the amount I requested there would not have been enough money left in my account to pay the FEDEX charge.
I have posted this so that anyone requesting a check will do the math and deduct the check fee and the FEDEX fee BEFORE you request a check.
Once again I would like to thank Sharina for going out of her way to get this straight for me!


More Info - Thanks QT
QT wrote:
PicPay Stuff - taken from PicPay Forum

The range of FedEx fee is approximately $8 to $29 depending on the destination!

The fee for most common place are as follows:

Singapore - $8.50

Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand - $12.70

Australia, Brunei, China, Indonesia, New Zealand, South Korea - $15.40

USA, Canada - $16.50

Mexico, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, UK - $23.00

Rest Of Europe, Indian Subcontinent, Middle East, Latin America, Caribbean - $28.80

Rest of the world - $25.10

Japan - $16.00

Note; The above charges are current FedEx charges and may vary according to the review of FedEx management. There could also be some difference in pricing charged depending by the FedEx zoning.

Below is what members need to do to move your AF

PIPS to Picpay:

1. Login to your PIPS account
2. Go to the link 'account manager'
3. Click on 'withdrawals'
4. It will take you to a page 'withdraw available funds'
5. Check your available balance
6. Enter the amount you want to withdraw in the box provided
7. Select 'Picpay(new) as the payment method
8. In the box for Account Details No email or name - type in your PICPAY
9. Click 'Submit'

At this point, the AF in PIPS will be deposited into Picpay with a 2% picpay fee.

PICPAY to Bank Account:

1. Login to your Picpay account
2. Click in 'transaction' and click on 'withdraw funds'
3. Select either withdrawal by wire transfer, cheque or debit card(on the
4. Enter all details in wire transfer - swift code is very important for
international wire and you can get it from your bank. Beneficiary bank
is your bank details and beneficiary account is your details with your
bank. Intermediary is the middle bank or clearance bank details
5. If you choose check as the option, complete all details and make sure
you tick on the fedex option if you want your cheques to be delivered
via fedex.
6. All the withdrawal requested will be in member's account statement
as 'pending' status if your transaction was successful.
7. You than wait for the funds to reach you within a stipulated time.

Any problem with your transaction, contact:
Elizabeth for withdrawal or Punitha for Deposit



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Joined: 21 Mar 2004
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PostPosted: Sun May 09, 2004 1:32 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Fear of Unclean Money Goin into PI
klaussr wrote:
you talked about the 'MAFIA' in your comments. What prevent them from investing their dirty money into pips and gaining more of what they already have from adicts.
just a comment to create some polemic here.

mdo wrote:
mafia has every right as everyone else. If they have the money and courage to invest in PIPS, let them, it'll all be for the better. As long as they're not affiliated w/ the PIPS staff, we're fine (If they do, we'll be part of their syndicate.... I don't know what will happen after that Razz). But if they want to earn some extra $$$$$, I don't think we have the right to stop them. It is a free world!

Forum Admin wrote:
klausr and mdo,

If mafia investments were forthcoming they would be in substantial amounts and these, as with ALL larger sums we carry out due diligence on the source of funds before we accept them.

We have todate turned down more than one application to invest between 1 and 100 million.

If the funds are not clean we do not want them.



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Joined: 21 Mar 2004
Posts: 2429
Location: Singapore - Punggol

PostPosted: Sun May 09, 2004 9:50 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
Very Happy More - IS PIPS SAFE? - QUESTIONS Very Happy
slowburnaz wrote:
This was a post from an HYIP program that I thought was interesting.

I'd be curious as to whether Bryan or some of the others "in the know" could answer some of these questions.

The last several years, I have seen an increasing number of people defrauded by investment scams, probably made easier because of all the money everyone is making in the stock market. But before making any investment, you should ask the following 10 questions:

1. Is the investment audited by one of the major international accounting firms? Real investments are audited by one of the large international accounting firms; indeed, a real investment will hold this out as a selling point. On the other hand, a scam investment will not be audited by anyone, or by a small firm nobody has heard of (and may in fact be a sham).

2. Is the investment registered with your state securities commission or with the SEC? Real investments must be registered with your state securities commission, or with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission. This is true of offshore investments which are marketed to you in your state -- they must be registered as well, and avoid anyone who says they are ?exempt? because they are offshore. Avoid unregistered investments.

3. Is the investment listed in the Wall Street Journal, London Financial Times, or similar well-known financial publication? Real investments will be listed in a major financial publication, or findable in some other major financial resource. You typically can?t find scam investments in these publications. Beware ?CUSIP? numbers as an ?authentication? of the investment -- anyone can get a CUSIP number for just about anything so this doesn?t help you.

4. Is everything about the investment out in the open? Real investments are completely ?transparent?, meaning that you can clearly see and understand each and every step of where your dollars go and how they grow. Scams hide or obfuscate one or more parts of the plan, speak in terms of secrecy, may allude to a ?secret banking system? or similar nonsense, and might even require you to sign a secrecy or confidentiality agreement prior to seeing the plan (it will almost always be a scam if you have to sign such a document).

5. Are you allowed to seek independent legal counsel prior to making the investment? Real investments will encourage you to seek independent legal and financial advice prior to making the investment. Scam investments will give you bizarre reasons why you shouldn?t talk to someone, such as ?CPAs are trained not to speak of this!?, and they may even require you to sign a secrecy or confidentiality agreement which will discourage you from consulting anyone before making your investment.

6. Is the seller licensed with your state securities commission or with the NASD? Real investments are sold by licensed stockbrokers who are registered both with your state security commission and with the National Association of Securities Dealers. Scam investments are sold by scam artists who are not registered with anyone, or perhaps with some phony-baloney foreign stock exchange (or more recently, ?cyber-exchange?).

7. Does the promoter have a good background? A real promoter will be ?clean? and you can verify this by hiring a private investigation firm to conduct a basic investigation. A scam artist will often be using an alias, and will often have a criminal background (though not always).

8. Does the investment ?make sense?? Avoid all unregistered investments which are ?guaranteed? as this is a sure sign of a scam (if the guarantee would be real, it would be registered). Avoid investments which make representations which are unusually high, i.e., funds and programs which promise to pay more than 50% per year, or promissory notes and CDs which promise to pay more than 10% per year.

9. What does law enforcement say about this investment? Don?t hesitate to call law enforcement, such as your state security commissioner or attorney general, before you invest. A real promoter will have nothing to fear if investigated (and can probably clear it up with a phone call). This is just a part of doing business for them. On the other hand, a scam artist probably will not stand up to this scrutiny.

10. Is it too good to be true? If you have to ask yourself this question, it probably is.

Now I know we're all very excited about this program (myself included), so before anybody gets up in arms about this, let me say that I just thought they were valid questions that could make everyone feel that much better if they were addressed.

Answers By Bryan himself
Forum Admin wrote:
Response to these questions.

1. Not True, Arthur Anderson were international auditors and I would not trust them. Pureinvestor is audited every 6 months by the regulating authorities.

2. Pureinvestor is a LICENSED Private Fund, it does NOT sell securities, equities or any other financial instruments and does not come under the jurisdictions of SEC's

3. Enron was - Who Lost money in that one.

4. The PIPS plan is a simple fixed dividend program, the history is there for you to see and it pays.

5. You can use whatever legal or financial advisors you like to conduct due diligence.

6. Pureinvestor is licensed under LOFSA, ( being changed currently)

7. You can come and check on who we are, our doors are always open and many members who came to the convention visited us to see how it all happens. If you turn up at one of the meetings on our European and US tours you will get to meet us face to face, we have nothing to hide from anyone.

8. Pureinvestor do not offer any guarantees, everywhere you read on the site it stresses the risks and advises everyone NOT to risk funds you could not afford to lose.

9. As stated earlier we are licensed and work through licensed trustees, you can check anything with the authorities and Trustees.

10. Is it too good to be true? THEN YOU ARE IN PIPS AND IT WORKS!

Hope this answers your questions.


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Joined: 21 Mar 2004
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Location: Singapore - Punggol

PostPosted: Mon May 10, 2004 3:17 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
I'm Fully Paid!
Why is there a next payment due of $170.00?
please explain this wrote:

Member Payment Status
Account Status : Paid
Amount Owing : No Outstanding Debt
Next Payment Date : 18-NOV-04
Next Amount Due : USD 170

BBHAWK wrote:
All that date is for is so you will know when the next six units are to be added to your account.
It is an accounting tool for them.
Since the money is already paid in full, there is no money due.
The $170 it refers to is taken out of your reserve fund.

For Fully Paid Account - DO NOT WORRY.
The $170 is AUTO.
Taken from your ROI.
$8.10 Deduction each ROI day.
This will accumulate in your RESERVED FUND (Monthly Fund)
And PAY the $170 Deduction every month.

The $170 goes to:
$150 - 6 units - Goes back into your account
$20 - To PI Admin

Hope this helps

************************************************** *******

Please Post PROBLEMS to "Live Support"
Button at TOP RIGHT
Click on picture that says "CLICK HERE FOR LIVE SUPPORT"

- But if u are not sure of ANYTHING... post away Very Happy
- Lotsa family here


When u post... Just wanna Let u know that u can:

1 - CHANGE the TITLE of your POST by Editing your SUBJECT Line.
(Only available to the 1st post)

2 - DELETE the Post by Clicking the "X" button when u do an "Edit"
(Only available to LAST post)

3 - EDIT your post by Clicking the "Edit" Button.
(Anyone can do this)

WHY am i posting this?
Becoz I see many newbies posting wrong info
or creating a thread they are sorry for...
AND NOT editing, deleting or changing it...

This is to INFORM them that They Have the Power to Change Very Happy
Hope this helps to clear the clutter and number of Repeated POSTS.

************************************************** ********
To Call PI / Support(thnx to IrishBilly)
IrishBilly wrote:
For US / Canada Pipsters.
You need to dial 011 before dialing the local number of the office...
the support numbers are listed in the PIPS site...

Call Direct. -
- (Tel) 011 606-8500876
- (Tel) 011 606-8500473
- (Tel) 011 606-8500462
- (Fax) 011 606-8503391

Also remember.. that since you are on Central time.. they are 13 hours ahead of you...

Remember to Dial Your International Dialing Code
Check Here:

Thank you

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PostPosted: Fri May 14, 2004 8:01 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
Very Happy WELCOME Very Happy

PI's License - Yes it is REAL

Found in this WebPage


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PostPosted: Mon May 17, 2004 2:41 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
Very Happy For explaining to new members Very Happy

Wat is PIPs? Why do Units Disappear?
Will it affect PIPs? Do I get back wat I PAID?

Do NOT think in terms of money.
This is an Investment.
U think in terms of UNITS Bought

Let me see, a simple answer (sorry, never simple but i try Very Happy )
You have 1 PIP Account - this NEVER dies.
You earn PIPs Units (2% units)
- This matures at the end of 180 calendar days.

Matures means it lasts only for 180 calendar days.
- do u lose your investment? NO
- HOW?
The Unit you buy pays u 1.9% every Trading Day
(Mon to Fri excluding NYSE holidays)
NYSE - new york stock exchange
Just multiply 0.475 per unit, u get the daily Returns (ROI)

Do u get the initial amount TOGETHER with the ROI?
wat? why?
Do the Maths.
If u bought the PIPs Units for $100
$100 dollars = 4 units.
these 4 units gives you
4*0.475 = $1.9 per Trading Day.
At the end of 120 Trading Days (approx 120 Trading Days in 180 Calendar Days)
U get $1.9 * 120 = $228.

With $228 u STILL want your initial $100?
Please be sensible.
The $100 is used to PAY for the PIPs Units.
U want to Pay for a product then ask for the money back
WHILE keeping the Product? HaHAHAHA Very Happy

WHY PIPS account NEVER dies.
Every Day, PIPs will deduct $8.08 from your daily earnings.
This will fund charities, PI admin and your PIPS account.

You will see this Grow in your:
RESERVED FUND - which u cannot touch.
Every month, PI will deduct $170 from this Fund
To BUY 6 units for You.
Yes, 6 units will be ADDED to your PIPs account EVERY month.
So your PIPs account is constantly alive.

(6 units = $150? extra 20? see above *duh*!)

What u do now?
- Invest, Re-invest or Withdraw will determine the Growth of your Account

Will the 2% expiring affect your account?
In terms of number of units, of course.
But in terms of Growth, NO.
IF u re-invest - more units added, more growth
If U did NOT re-invest - Also NO
Becoz of the 6 units mentioned above.

So the more u re-invest, the more units u get, the more your Account grows.
The less u re-invest, lesser units, smaller Growth.

Requesting Withdrawals.
U Request withdrawals by setting your RE-Investment Rate (goto Edit Profile - scroll to bottom)
If the ROI is NOT re-invested, example, set to 60% re-invest 40% withdraw,
40% goes into your Available Fund (AF).
You can only withdraw from your AF.

If u made a mistake,
U can ALSO use the AF to re-invest (buy Units) so no loss.

Restart? How to Restart?
PIPs Grows, never stops (remember - above 6 units?)

This is as simple as i can do without Maths.
Need more? See Below Very Happy

Why do Initial "disappear"
What is 180 days?
Why do our units mature?
How to explain PIPs & 2% to newbies
(Good Examples by Nostrade and WorldFreedom)

WorldFreedom wrote:
Hi to all my Pipsters family,
So got some questions from friends almost ready to join us, about the funding and maturity...

As I want to make sure the information I give them is reflecting the reality I'm wondering:

1) First amount of 425$ is refundable after 50/53 days ? right? How is it included in the reinvestment? In one time or during 53 days?

2) I understand that this money will not be existing anymore after reaching the maturity date of 180 days? OK

3) This rules is only applying on the 425$ OR IS IT ON ALL AMOUNT THAT IS USE TO BUY PIPS UNIT??????

4) By example someone add 1000$ to its 425$ will he get his 1000$ back (except from the interest) or will it disappear after 180 days?
Thank you for all your help Rolling Eyes

Nostrade wrote:
Hi Worldfreedom,
As Gary pointed out. You don't get your money back in 53 days... It's an expression to state the fact that a unit has produced it's own cost in 53 tradingdays, hence 53 x $0.475 = $25.175...
Then of course, you need to take into calculation the fees of $20 per month... Thats why you have this minimum number of 17 units to get the wheels turning.

1. As the 1.9% per tradingday.
2. Actually that money doesn't exist from day 1 since you buy the units.
3, As before, you don't get your money back. You've bought some units that produces an income of $0.475 per tradingday during 180 calenderdays. Which means that you will be break even after 53 days.
4. No, he wont and No, it's gone day 1.

I agree that stating that you will get your money back after 53 days can be missledding. Tell people that they buy something that will bring them to a break even after 53 days and the remaining 70+ days is pure profit.
Cool Nostrade

Nostrade wrote:

I'm just looking at it from another point of view since stating that "you will get your money back" has a tendency to confuse newbies to believe that they will get back there original investment on top of the $0.475/unit and tradingday, which is not the case.

I prefer to say that you buy a unit the same way you buy a store and thereafter you get an income from the unit (or store). Difference beeing that the store will (hopefully) live longer than a unit... Wink

Again it's how one wants to see it. It ends up the same anyway.
Smile Nostrade

WorldFreedom wrote:
First a big thank you to all of you for your answers... Very Happy

I've already invested quite a lot of money in the pips program, so I'm completely confident with the way it work BUT You can not say that your initial investment is back paid as well and not lost!!!

What happened is that the high interest rate allows you to receive,
from your initial amount, anought interest to

1)cover your investment after 53 days (you should take in account that you pay 170$ on that money so to my point of view it may takes more than 53 days)
2) You start getting a REAL ROI after this period
3) at the end you really get a return on investment starting after this initial period of 53 more days!!!

Finally the interest rate cannot be calculated on ~126 days (21 x 6 = 126 days)(except on the component point of view) but on ~126 days - 53 days = 73 days x ***pips x 0.475 = **** / 126 days should give you the real % of ROI per day!

All this is fine with me (if i'm wrong, please correct me) My only concern is to give accurate information to the people I talk to (some a really good in math believe me). I don't want to be face to negative remarks just because of miss understanding... Wink

Everything cannot be perfect in this world and that's ok, the only think is that you have to be aware of it.


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PostPosted: Tue May 18, 2004 12:49 am Post subject: Reply with quote
Very Happy

Investment Pool - How to Read It:
IrishBilly wrote:
As I read the report...

The INVESTMENT number represents all open/active PIPS units at
the time.. a new month has begun and it is reset at $25.00 per unit.

GROWTH represents the dollar value gain/growth per unit and you wil
see that grow throughout the month. As a "Target" when we look at a
net payout to PIPS account holders of 1.9% per day ( 2.0% minus the
5% fee) and approximately 20 to 21 trading days each month we need
a 38% to 39.9% growth in unit value to support payments to PIPS
investors. That would reflect a $9.50 to $9.98 increase in unit value
for the month. ( you can see history showing growth of $9.50 to
$10.925 per unit with Feb being the only anomoly becuase PIPS kicked
off in the middle of the month)

CURRENT UNIT VALUE - combined GROWTH with the PER UNIT value of
$25.00 and you will see that grrow throughout the month.

TOTAL VALUE - is the aggregated value of all shares active and
essentially .. in simple terms ads the growth factor to the first column
of INVESTMENT.. so it takes the Total Value of all active units outstanding.

At the end of the month things get reset.. there are all kinds of things
going on at that time.. units are expiring.. people are withdrawing funds,
etc and so again at the begining of the month a snapshot of the value of
all ACTIVE units at a value of $25.00 per unit starts the new month.

Hope that helps you read that report.



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PostPosted: Thu May 20, 2004 12:23 am Post subject: Reply with quote
Very Happy To Newbies Very Happy

Please Note: No Auctions of Accounts ONLY Legit Fixed Price Sales

Posted: Thu May 20, 2004 7:43 pm Post subject: URGENT NOTIFICATION : AUCTIONING ACCOUNT'S


Hello Everyone,



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PostPosted: Sun May 23, 2004 3:41 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
Very Happy
Meetin With Bryan & Sharon - Details of PI, PIPs and Debit Card
From Pumpkinbay

Posted: Sun May 23, 2004 6:40 pm Post subject: Meeting with Brian and Sharon - from DownUnder
Hi all

Just a quick recap.

Yes, we had a meeting with Brian and Sharon and it was great! Brian spent about 3 hours answering all the questions we had. I mean, we just threw them at him in no special order and he answered them all. Then Brian and Sharon spent the next 2 hours chatting and meeting different individuals. We left around 7.30pm to start our long trip back to Canberra but others were still around talking to Brian and buying PIPS souvenirs from Sharon. It was just great to meet people face to face.

Let?s see, the main points that I got were as follow (I tried to write as quick as I can but am now having trouble understanding my own writing. Sorry!):

1) PICPAY Card is a Debit Card not a Smart Card
* Will be ready for use by June 20th
* To apply for one, you?ll need to submit some form of identification (yet to be determined). All those who had a Royal card will get a free debit card but will also have to resubmit the required ID.
* This card is in association with the Toronto Dominion Bank (it?s Canada for those who didn?t know where that is!). And as such it escapes the clutches of the Patriot Act, and has no limit on the card. Any daily limit would be that which is imposed by the ATM in your own jurisdiction rather than PIPS.
* You can transfer funds into your card from your PIPS Available Funds. And this is where I?m not sure about this but I thought Brian also said, you can also top the card up via wire transfers, deposing a cheque or cash through Western Union, and from Credit Card. Others who were there can correct me if I?m wrong.
* Now fees. To transfer from PIPS to PicPay ? 3%, but Brian advised that this may reduced to 2%. From PicPay to Debit Card ? I missed this but thought it was somewhere between $6-10 per transfer. It will cost you $6 per transactions to use your Debit Card. There was an extra $4 when used at an ATM (not sure about this). All this by the way is USD.

2) Hawaii conference has been moved to mid March. Apparently, there was another conference taking place in February and couldn?t accommodate ours at this time.

3) There are approximately 24000 members, with about 1200-1300 added this month (and it?s not a full month yet!)

4) Brian assured us all that the support staff is working long hours and are very determined to fix each and every account that is not right. Keith has written a script that would allow the staff to fix each account quicker. So please, sit tight everybody!!! As to the email addresses of the Support Staff, members should refrain from using it and staff will not answer any problems from members through this means. Use the Support Ticket instead. These emails are really for non-members to query about PIPS.

5) New servers will be in place by end of July or early August. Yeah!

6) Once PIPS have settled down a bit and all the problems resolved, Brian will give members who have a number of PIPS accounts under the old clone an opportunity to consolidate into one or a few. Some asked if this will be a detriment to PIPS but Brian replied that although this would mean less fee revenues for PIPS he would rather accommodate members? wishes and that PIPS doesn?t really depend on these fees for revenues.

7) 401K Plan. What Brian will be offering is not strictly a 401K but an enhanced 5-yearly deposit plan, and works similarly to the 401K but is not a 401K. It will not be a typical insurance or superannuation plan so that it won?t have to conform to the insurance and superannuation laws of the different jurisdictions. This plan will come under the whole bank setup. The license for the bank will be finalized in the next couple of weeks.

A member asked whether PIPS would become a target for the FBI as there have been programs (good ones rather than Ponzi) which have been closed down by the Feds recently. Brian replied that those programs that were closed was because they were not licensed and PIPS is, and also that PIPS is not in the US either.

That?s it folks, all I had. Others who were there will no doubt come forward to share what tidbits they have.