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Joined: 21 Mar 2004
Posts: 1377

PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2005 7:45 am Post subject: General Information Reply with quote

5YTP Forum - http://forum.pipstrust.com/phpBB2/index.php

Picpay Forum - https://www.picpay.com/forum/index.php

1099? SSN?
PIPS & Picpay do not reside in the U.S. and there is no requirement for them to send a 1099. There is a requirement for each person to pay his or her own taxes in the Country they reside in according to the laws of that Country. The request for SSN is the tax number for each Country, but there is no reporting done. It is simply the way the company keeps track of your accounts Debit Card. For more information on taxes, see the U.S. tax thread.

12 to 1 Margin explanation
Here is a comprehensive explanation, but you will need to download acrobat if you don't already have it available.


Auctioning of Accounts
You may not Auction your account or Picpay on Any site. All sales must be approved by PIPS management.

Affect of U.S. Intervention?
This issue has been brought up and discussed in the past and Bryan's response was that the U.S. government does not have any control over Pureinvestor since it is located and licensed in Malaysia. So, don't worry about it. Related information: 2% Where does the Money come From? *

Affect of U.S. or other Countries elections?
They should not have any meaningful effect on PIPS.

Withdrawal by Check
Please choose Fedex to receive your check. Fedex will email you a tracking number so that you can follow your check to you. You must be able to sign for the Fedex Letter or have someone sign for it or you may Pick it up at your local Fedex Center.

Combining Accounts?
You can not combine separate accounts into one.

Countries currently NOT allowed to participate:

North Korea
FDR Yugoslavia (Serbia & Montenegro)

mysaga wrote:
Hello to all!

I've just called to PIPS and Picpay. Uni (Unisha?) from PIPS, very nice lady, told me that it is ok for an Israeli citizen to take part in PIPS. She said she was sure. About the debit card, she told me to call PicPay. And other nice lady, Janet from PIcPay, said that after I'm becoming a PIcPay member the DC issue it's only a matter of faxed documents. There is a logic here. PIPS accepts only PicPay, and of course if you can be a PIPS member, you can/must be a PicPay member. I don?t know why I called the Picpay. Probably wanted to speak with another nice lady?lol. Anyway, It?s all very good now.

Thank you all for your support!!!

Kind regards and good luck to all,

Note: Yes, if you are from Malaysia, you can now join PIPS Very Happy The License has been moved to Panama.

PIPS Bistro Cost
If you wish to buy one of the franchise packages, it will cost $450,000 for bistro only and the full package for around $750,000.00.

Danish and have Visa Card that expires in 2012 - Please send an e-mail to this e-mail address: [email protected]

Death of a PIPSter
A possible option is write down your username and password and store in a safe spot and to give specific instruction to the person whom you want to give your account to. When you pass away, the person picks up the details of the account, including her password and he or she can access the account. The username is the same but the person can get in the account and edit the profile to his or her name. This is the simplest and less legalistic way of parting your account to a loved one or charity.

Email addresses
You can link as many PIPS accounts as you want to (1) one email address. Do use a secure email account. Please do not use special characters, dots or dashes in your email address.
You must have a separate email address for each Picpay account. Normally you only need one since you can link all your PIPS accounts to (1) Picpay account. Some people report that they are not receiving emails when using Safemail, Hotmail or AOL. If you have this problem, try changing to a different email temporarily such as Yahoo and see if that corrects the problem. Then try to trace the problem down and see if you can go back to your regular email address.

If you signed up on the $170 plan then your Fee is $170 per month for 3 months only. With a fully funded account ($425) the fee never has to be paid out of pocket as it is reserved from ROI and paid when due.

There is a $170.10 monthly fee for your first 6 months after which time it goes up to around $210.00 to provide for a charitable contribution.

Your monthly fee includes a mandatory addition to your account of 6 units each month on your monthly anniversary.

The monthly fee is one of the best part about PIPS as it protects us from ourselves and insures we will always have an account that pays regardless of the reinvestment percent. Since each unit has a 6 month life it insures we will always have units generating ROI.

FORBIDDEN error code?
If your are getting this code when trying to go to the PIPS site you are at the wrong site:
The correct website is: https://pips.pipsinc.com
The correct login is: https://pips.pipsinc.com/guest/login.php?

Forum Answers

Now I notice the message i just wrote has me listed as joined 29 Jan. I joined 25 Dec. What's all that about?

Jan 29 is when you joined the forum, not PIPS. Smile

Tired of viewing the same ole same ole?
View posts since last visit

Need to pump up your ego?
View Your posts

Want to Help others
View unanswered posts

All 3 of the above are found on the upper right hand corner of the Main Index

Deleting a forum Account
To delete a forum account send and email to support.

Your ID is not editable in either the forum or your PIPS account. Please Choose carefully and have only one ID in the forum.

Your stars change when you start posting on the forum.

1-25 = Newbie
26-50 = Junior
51-100 = Senior
101-250 Executive
251-500 = VIP
501-750 = Board Member
751+ = PIPmiester

ID's & Passwords
Your PIPS, 5YTP & Picpay ID's can be the same or different, however for Safety & Security reasons - you should not have the same Forum ID as your PIPS, 5YTP or Picpay ID and you should have a different password for all accounts. The following information from Microsoft Security might be useful information for you:CLICK HERE

For Reset of Passwords:
PIPs - ONLY thru Support.
Open a Ticket and send to Password Reset Dept.

If you've forgotten your ID or password to your account, please follow the steps below:

1. At login screen, click "Forgot Password?".
2. Fill in your email address that you've specify during registration and click submit.
3. Please check your email. We generate a new password for you to access to PIPS Support.
4. We advise you change your password instead of using the generate password we've sent you.

If you've forgotten your ID, please send us an email with your full name and email address associated with your account or visit to our PIPS Forum, post your name and email address.

For PICPAY, if you forget your Pin, then either call Picpay or post your request on the Picpay forum.

For Time - Since PIPs is based in MALAYSIA. Click Here

There is also 24hr Phone Support at (your country code) + 606 850 0876.

Why doesn't PIPS become its own ISP

freelander wrote:
If I am not mistaken, ISP licenses in Malaysia are controlled by the Govt and there are only so many. There are no more licenses to be issued as far as I know.

Trying to buy one by buying off from an existing ISP is also not easy as there are a lot of conditions attached with it by the Govt. Importantly, while on the surface it looks like the logical thing to do for PIPs, it is in fact not as the owners will have to meet the many conditions of an ISP. That means, you will have to be a Telco and PIPs will have to diversify from its core business of what it is doing best now, assuming the Malaysian Govt allows you to buy an ISP in the first place.

Besides, PIPs will have to content with the fierce competition against other ISPs that have many years of experience, expertise, Govt connections and financial firepower. Also, if you own an ISP, very likely PIPs will have to allow Govt intervention and perhaps, participation into this setup - perhaps something this is NOT what PIPs would like. I know, it is not something I would like because then you will be controlled in your operations.

Better the way it is now where PIPs can concentrate on its own core competencies and let other experts concentrate on theirs. Far as the slow connection at the ISP side, like PIPs and other successful companies, there are bound to have bumps and kinks from time to time. I guess this is one of them. It will iron itself out within the next day or two like it always does Smile.

Hope this helps Smile


KIV = Keep In View (mentioned in Gary's update)
Basically it's a file where they keep transactions that need more looking at for one reason or another.

There is NO limit on the amount of Funds you can withdrawal at one time.
There is NO Limit on how large your Loan can be or grow to become.
There is NO limit on the Number of Members, nor is there any plans at this time for the future.

Multiple Accounts
You can open as many accounts as you like. Each account contributes to PIPS Foundation, so it is another way to give with no effort on your part. Once you open another account, you can not combine it into one account. To transfer from one account to another use Picpay. The transaction cost is 2% from AF to PICPAY and 2% to transfer to another Picpay account.

NonProfit and Large Organizations
In particular, Bryan clarified in L.V. that non-profit organizations can be in PIPS and can also be listed as beneficiaries of your 5YTP account.
First name: Digital
Last name: Filmmakers

Huge investors will be subjected to PI doing DD on the investor b/4 they would be allowed to participate. You would need to contact the office to find out the details for making a huge deposit. PIPS Secured might be the better option for institutional investors as the minimum for PIPS Secured is 1 million dollars.

Nope, you can't join over the phone.

606 is Not in Kentucky instead of dialing 606-799-6625 for the 5YTP, dial 011-606-799-6625 or your correct country code. 011 is what the U.S.

NonTrading Days
NYSE Holiday closings Here

Other Funds?
At present only the 2% fund is available. When other funds become available, there will be an announcement from the CEO.

Panama Advantage
Panama has the 2nd largest free trade zone in the world right behind Hong Kong. No tax on overseas investment, plus what you do stays with you information is very tight there.

Problem Paying with Picpay
If you have a Capital letter in your Picpay account, then the PIPS script will not accept it when attempting to buy units. In this case Please submit a ticket to Picpay and request your ID be changed to all lower case - No special characters also please.

PHP is an open source server language. BB means bulletin board. phpbb2 is an upgrade.This forum is also called a bulletin board and it is simply a bit of computer programming in a computer language called PHP. Since this software is used by a huge number of sites that have bulletin boards or forums you will often see this in the URL in the address bar. phpBB2 is the version of the software for this forum. It is a shareware or open source software and that makes it one of the most popular for obvious reasons. Many forums use the same software, that does not mean that the companies using the PHPBB software are connected in any way.

The letters after the / that come after the domain name refers to a directory that this software is installed in on their server.

Look for the register button above the red ticker.

There is NO referral Bonus or Sponsoring Bonus

ROL is Return On Loan. This is a loan to PIPS. PIPS does in fact earn Return Of Investment, but you only earn a Return On your Loan. The amount you see in ROL or View Loan is not your Money, it is the amount loaned to PIPS, which grows at 1.9% or shrinks depending on the setting in your profile.
ROL is generated every Trading Day.
But You will ONLY see the ROL AFTER a Trading Day.

since Sunday no ROL - Monday - u do not see anything.
After Monday's Trading - U see ROI posting on Tuesday.

The BEST - Relax and wait for YAP's ROL Posting in Forum.
Once he says it is done, then u check

Security of Accounts
The encrypted security in PIPS is a 16 bit encryption system 5 levels deep. Only Bryan and when he is on the Road, Gary has access to the final layer.

Selling accounts
All accounts sales must be approved by PIPS management to insure there is no fraud involved. No auctions of PIPS accounts are allowed.

Servers Are Very Busy At The Moment Please Try Again Later
The ROL is run is in Process. Due to the limitations of the ISP Bandwidth with is limited in Malaysia, you are requested to try in 1-2 hours before attempting to log into your PIPS account.

PIPS Simulator
PIPS UK Simulator with currency converter
Jollypipster online Simulator
5 Year Trivek Simulator Set up Package
Mr. Hansen's 5 Year version of the PIPS 2 year Simulator

If you do not have excell then Click here

If you have a Palm OS PDA like me you can view and edit any MS Office document including Excell with Documents to Go from Dataviz.com.
The PIPS simulator does work on the Pocket PC, just small numbers, you must save it to edit the numbers.

Trusts - Changing PIPS name to a Trust Name
All you have to do is go in and change the name on the account to the name of the trust.

Trust - Why does PIPS work through a Trust?
DarkBlade wrote:

Independent Licensed Trustees are people entrusted to manage the money and property of others.
They take that money LEGALLY and manage it on behalf of PIPS.

Do you understand the term TRUST FUND?
A fund that is managed on the behalf of someone by a trustee.

ECTrust is an example of a LICENCED TRUST Company.
But for benefit of members, PIPS is forming its own trust company in the form of PICTRUST.

When you send money to PIPS, you are really lending money to a trustee.
These UNITS, ROI, AF, Investments, Account Value etc. belong to the trustee.
All you have is virtual online statement (worthless in court) that states that you are promised payment on a loan.
So, legally you are free of all liablities until the trustee pays you on that promise.

Very few realize that this was the ONLY way PIPS could exist.
If PIPS were a real International Investment Fund which offered securities,
they would be subject to HUGE amounts of legal red tape.
(Regulations for SELLING investments in 72 different countries would be more than an ordinary migraine headache!)
If you think that account creation and withdrawal problems are bad now,
imagine if the situation was at least 10000 TIMES worse.
If there was no middleman and PIPS payed us in cash,
there is no way they could handle 10,000 much less 150,000 members with a staff of 100!
They would have to produce over 150,000 legally transferable cash receipts every business day.
They would have to produce over 750,000 of them a week.
They would have to produce over 3,000,000 of them a month.

So, please everyone stop claiming you have $10,000 -> $1,000,000 in your PIPS account!
Claim only the money that PIPS pays in CASH that you can spend.
This isn't just common sense, it is the law.


Visiting PIPS Offices
Airport Destination: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (KUL)
Yup, KLIA.
Airport Website: http://klia.com.my/
Closest Hotel: http://www.allsonklana.com.my/allsonNilai/index.htm directly in front of PIPS offices.
Debit cards are ok to withdrawal at ATMs RM 1000.00 per transaction and RM2000.00 total - which means you can withdraw 2 X RM 1000.00 per ATM
Cab drivers speak also Speak English.
Holiday advice: http://cuti-cuti.com.my/

WD001 Error

This means that you are trying to withdrawal less than the minimum of $25.00

WD002 Error

Kvn's tips to avoid WD002 error as follows:
PLEASE ensure that you can LOGIN into your PicPay account
BEFORE doing a Transfer to that PicPay Account.

For PIN# - ALWAYS ALLOW POP-UPS for PicPay Site.
Emails tend to get lost or takes too long (up to 2 days)

If your PicPay account does not have any $$ inside yet,
Just CREATE another one.
AND Remember these points:

1 - Allow POP-Ups
2 - Password limits:
Less than 15 characters.
All Lowercase
NO special characters, underscores or dashes or dots.
example - [email protected]#$%^&*-_.##> ALL NO
3 - Email Accounts - Best is from an ISP (internet service provider)
else use Yahoo.
4 - ENSURE that your SPAM filters allow PICPAY mails to go thru.
NOTE: PICPAY Auto-generated PIN Emails are detected as SPAM
Check your Junk Mail Folder

WD003 & WD004 Errors
When you try to withdraw or transfer the money to picpay , the picpay account password should be small case without any sympol or sign
or sometimes the page time out also .You will get this kind of error code.

So to avoid this error, the member must login to picpay account change password to small case and then they can continue the withdrawal steps.

WD005 error - Means Picpay website is temporarily not connected to the PIPS website or the Picpay site is under maintenance, try again later.

Withdrawal: Direct Bank Transfer to a Credit Card
Login to picpay > withdrawals > select wire transfer > complete form as normal with your Credit Card bank's full address (check with your cc holder to get the correct address) and also cardholder name and address details - where it asks for account put in your Credit card number.
Its that easy - still takes the time for $$$ to be processed thru picpay but then it turns up on your credit card. Should show up in Credit Card statement about 3 days after cleared thru picpay. Just remember to allow for the $25 fee for WT. another tip, always print every page for the withdrawal just in case anything goes wrong.

Worst case Basis - If PIPS ends
As stated on the web site. Basically the value of units could be less, but you would not lose all of the value. The fund would be converted to a regular interest bearing account similar to a bond fund and you would receive the going rate of interest. Then PIPS would restart anew.

Why does my Post Count Sometimes go Down?
In the FAQ Section I go through the threads often and read them to see if there is a question that could have been answered that was not previously or answered with more clarity in some way in the FAQ threads. I then delete the message, so that I can keep track of where I am at. It is simply a way to try to keep the information in the FAQ as updated and current as possible.

I keep the Topic of the FAQ to a strict guidline, meaning only posts concerning FAQ on PIPS Companies. In other words, the nuts and bolts of how it works. The reason for this is to make it easier for people to find the information they seek quickly

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Joined: 21 Mar 2004
Posts: 1377

PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2005 2:23 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
Good News! Credit Cards work in Canada!
However, you need to be aware there is a $2000.00 daily credit card limit (including the 8.5 % charges.)

Hi, I want to start off by saying I love PIPS.
It's what I look foward to everyday.
My situation now requires that I file for bankruptcy so my concern is can they touch my accounts. My husband and I have 5 accounts, which are so inportant to our future not just tobe well off but to support the kids. Any feedback will be appreciated thanks.

NancyV wrote:
Hello Barton,

Technically speaking your PIPS accounts are not in your control such as money in a bank is in your control. A bankruptcy court could not withdraw the entire principal, nor could you, only the money you withdraw to available funds would be in your control after you receive it. The principal you have "invested" is really classified as a loan, and in addition to that it's loaned to a foreign corporation.

It also is not a guaranteed source of income, so if you were to claim that you were making say, $1000 per month right now from PIPS, that will change for the better or for the worse in the future. Some people claim their PIPS income as gambling income or "other" income without exactly defining it on their income taxes, so as far as classifying it in a bankruptcy proceeding, I think it's pretty much open to some creative interpretation on your part.

As far as being totally legal in a bankruptcy, I think you would need to consult with whomever is doing your bankruptcy.

Good Luck!
Nancy Smile

I am managing 3 accounts in PIPS, one for me, one for a friend and one for my friend's son. Eventually we want to give each family member an account.

Question 1: Is it possible to link 3 PIPS account to just one PICPAY account or must each PIPS account have it's own PICPAY account?

Question 2: Must the profile in PIPS be the same for the profile in the PICPAY connected to it? Like for my friend's son,can I attach it to the father's PICPAY?

1. Yes - each person can have as many PIPS accounts as desired attached to 1 Picpay account.
2. No but it is better to avoid possible tax conflicts - meaning 1 persons account to 1 Picpay account.

I had thought I was signed up for 100% reloan, but I was signed up for 0% reloan. I've now changed it to 100% reloan. Will pips take the amount listed as withdrawable funds and reloan it? Or do I have to do something more to instruct PIPs to include it?

If there is $25 or more in your available funds you can use every $25 in AF to purchase additional units for your account on the "Buy Units" page. Just select AF (Available Funds) when buying your units.

I want to put myself and my wife on the same account. How do I do that so we can both have ownership?

First Name: James and or Mary
Last Name: Brown

Do all credit card deposits go through EC Trust?

I want to change my accunt name to an LLC, how do I do that?

First Name: Name of LLC
Last Name: LLC

What does LLC stand for?

Limited Liability Company

What does the term SpeedyWallet stand for?
SpeedyWalet is not a term, it is a company.

What does VAT stand for?
VAT = Virtual Automated Technologies speedywallet is one of their products.


I don't understand why verification of credit card would be necessary as I already used the credit card to open the fund in the first place.
Opening a PIPS account is NOT the same as adding funds to Picpay... opening an account is $450 - a relatively small amount to pay with credit card... but to add new units you MUST use Picpay---it is the only way. To fund your picpay with a credit card people could spend a considerably higher amount of $1000's and then earn ROL on it and after a time charge it back... this already has happened in the past. So you MUST verify your credit card with ID and utility bill that states exactly who you are.. it is to prevent fraudulent picpay. There is a 2% Picpay fee on top of the credit card fee..

I want to set up an account for my godchild and another account for her sister. Can someone tell me if i have to set up a picpay account for each of them or can i fund these accounts with my picpay account. Also, can i use me e-mail address on both of their accounts? These accounts are for their college educations and both girls are 1st and 3rd grade. i would administer the accounts until they were 18. Is any of this possible???

kor69 wrote:

Very Happy HiYa Very Happy

My Advise:

1 - Set up the PIPs account First - using their Names
2 - Do not set up any PicPay account for them
until you are ready to hand the accounts over.

Because - you are not withdrawing from these accounts.
Just let it grow Wink

Set up 2 Basic $450 Accounts with the same email.
It is ok.

You can also FUND/Buy both these accounts with your own PicPay.
It is ok.

Once you are ready to Hand the accounts over to them.
Change the following:
1 - Create email accounts for both of them
2 - Change the PIPs email address - if needed
3 - Create 2 PicPay accounts.
4 - Link Both accounts to their INDIVIDUAL PICPAY account.
5 - Change both Passwords - If needed

Handover PIPs account and linked PicPay account to them.

1st and 3rd grade.... to 18 years old....
Shocked Shocked Shocked
WOW! Their Account will be FANTASTIC!!!

Hope this helps

PICPAY ESCROW SERVICE - What is it, what does it do?

82harley wrote:
You buy item from a merchant
Send picpay to escrow
Escrow verifies your picpay is clean and notifies merchant
Merchant sends item to you
You check out the item to make sure its what you wanted and notify escrow that its what you wanted or not.
If its what you wanted the escrow pays the merchant less escrow fees
If its not you have so many days to return the item and get your picpay back less any escrow fees

Buyers usually pay the escrow fee
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