Problems with PicPay log in ?

If you want to change your password you click on the Recover Password button on the menu to the left on the log in page.
You then see a page where you are asked to fill in the e-mail you have registered with the PicPay account you want to change password for.
You are also asked to answer your secret question before you hit the submit button.
Your new password will then be e-mailed to you.

If you for any reason have lost your pin, or your pin mysteriously doesn't work you can call support 24/7

You have three telephone numbers to choose between and you also have the option of sending an E-mail or a support-ticket.

1) +606-850 1067

2) +606-850 1327

3) +606-850 1207

1) Fax +606-798 1114
2) Fax +606-798 1113

International calling codes

If you decide to send an e-mail requesting a new pin code you send the request to this e-mail address.

[email protected]

It has come to our knowledge that this and other PicPay e-mails no longer work. This due to them preferring tickets.

If you want to send a ticket to support you will first have to register with the ticket system. Sending a ticket is easy.

I don’t know how fast I can say e-mails or tickets are, because that can vary, but calling is by far the quickest if you want an answer..........

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