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How to get Merchants to accept Picpay

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Joined: 21 Mar 2004
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New postPosted: Thu May 12, 2005 6:02 am Post subject: How to get Merchants to accept Picpay Reply with quote
Does anyone do business and purchase products through the internet?

Send them an email and say, by becoming a Verified Merchant at https://www.Picpay.com your company will add an additional 1/2 million or so potential customers.

Do you get Merchant Reviews from Yahoo or some other company?

Fill them out and state the above. This is about making your needs heard and the only way this is going to happen is for you to state your needs & desires to the people you do business with.

This is a reply from IHerb.com

From: iHerb Customer Service
Date: 05/15/05 20:45:35
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Customer feedback on order iherb-739585

Dear Grateful,

You are welcome and thank you so much for your great rating and comments. We really appreciate your feedback. We do our best to provide the lowest prices, fastest shipping, and most convenient shopping experience. Please feel free to call or email us with any comments or questions. I will pass your suggestion on to management for their consideration. We are always happy to help you.

iHerb Customer Service

Grateful - through Yahoo!Shopping <[email protected]> wrote:
Rating: Excellent
Price Rating:Excellent
Shipping Options Rating:Excellent
Delivery Rating:Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating:Good
Customer Service Rating:Excellent
Body:There is one thing that would really improve my experience with iHerb.com and that would be to add the option of Paying with Picpay.com

iHerb are you listening? Please signup as a Merchant and use the tools at Picpay.com

You will be glad you did because there are about 500,000 people who have disposable incomes there, but are having trouble spending it.

Thank you


iHerb Customer Service
1435 S. Shamrock Ave., Monrovia, CA, 91016
626.358.5678 (888.792.0028) Fax: 626.303.7275
[email protected] www.iherb.com

This is a correspondence with audible.com

Can you please add Picpay as a Payment option? I do not work for Picpay but I have funds available through Picpay. If you opened a Merchant Account through Picpay and used their Merchant tools for people to pay through Picpay, then I strongly believe you would get thousands of new customers who would easily be able to pay on the 1 year in advance plan. The url is https://www.picpay.com

I would get nothing out of this except the ability to pay directly through Picpay, which I would like to happen if possible.

Thank you

Audible's Reply:

Thanks for contacting Audible, the world's largest online destination for downloadable audiobooks and other spoken-word entertainment.

Thank you for your Inquiry/Comment, I will send your Inquiry to our Account Dep't.
For Additional comments, please click on Contact Us.

If you need further assistance, please try our online Help Center, where you'll find quick answers to many common questions and issues. You may also contact us directly during our regular business hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.; and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. (Should you need to reply to this e-mail with additional comments or questions, please include the text of this message.)

We appreciate your interest in Audible, and wish you many hours of great listening.

Audible Customer Support

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Joined: 21 Mar 2004
Posts: 1377

New postPosted: Thu May 12, 2005 6:03 am Post subject: Reply with quote
joedorner wrote:
I don't understand where the problem is. I hear some people complain because withdrawals are slow - so what?

"Things of quality have no fear of time". ? It's not that the money's not coming ? look around there are countless #'s of people who have stated time and again that the money always comes. Management is working on it, they have their hands full, so why not become part of the solution rather being part of the problem?

People it's time to accept responsibility for your own future. I don't remember where Bryan or anyone else said that they were going to tuck you into bed, sing rock-a-bye baby, and throw $100 bills at you. It's time to do your part ?

? Do you want some money? ? do you? Or do you want the goods and services that money can buy? ?

? What's the difference? ? Money, in and of itself, can do very little ?. When people think they want or need money, what they really want or need are the things that money can be exchanged for - food, shelter, clothing, transportation, entertainment, etc. So? ? How do you become part of the solution? - If you are currently waiting for a withdrawal, it means you have some money in PicPay - ask yourself what you planned to do with the proceeds of your withdrawal - unless it was to wall paper your home with cash, the odds are you were going to buy something or
pay someone. That being the case why don't you suggest your vendors become PicPay merchants? If your vendors were merchants you could pay with PicPay and they could potentially expose themselves to a great source of more business. Win- win.

We have to keep in mind the fact that as PIPS members we area very desirable group of consumers with very high disposable incomes (if not right now, it's only a matter of time and patience), a group, any vendor should want to do business with.

We also have to realize that rather than sit back and wait for PIPS to do it for us, it is in our best interest to help line up merchants and vendors who accept PicPay that we can do business with.

If you think about it, all things being equal, wouldn't you rather do business with people who help support the people that are responsible for your ability to achieve financial independence?

If you have been in PIPS longer than 15 minutes, and you have spent anytime at all watching your account grow and using the simulator, you should recognize that you are a potentially very valuable consumer.

Since your business is valuable, don't you have the right to pick and choose who you do business with?

Shouldn't the people that you give money to have to earn your business?

Folks, what we have here is gold. As a matter of fact I recently read on the PicPay website that PicPay is backed by gold. If what we have is gold, and if we are not going to keep all the gold for ourselves, let's get a little "choosy" on who gets some of our gold.

For example, thinking about a new car? Visit your favorite dealer and tell them that in order to earn your business they should become a PicPay Merchant. Not only will it help them earn your business (which will probably be very sizable over the years) but it can potentially expose them to over 200,000 members worldwide with large disposable incomes. Most car dealers accept credit cards, so why not PicPay?

Thinking of having some work done on your house? As you interview contractors and other vendors suggest they become a PicPay merchant to earn your business and maybe pick up some more business in the process. Most contractors and home improvement stores accept credit cards, so why not PicPay?

In the market for a good meal, a new computer, plasma TV, stereo, etc. - same thing, visit your local source and suggest they become a PicPay merchant to earn your business and maybe pick up some more in the process.. Today there are very few businesses that are not credit card merchants, being a PicPay merchant should not be a totally foreign idea, and as a PicPay merchant there comes merchandising opportunities that usually are not available from credit card companies.

Since merchants receive their money before we do as members, it's a perfect win-win situation - you can spend some of your PicPay on what you were going to spend it on anyway, sooner, and the merchant has a chance to pick up some additional business.

But wait a minute, you say ? "I am a newbie and my account is not that significant." Nonsense. Since PIPS is a fixed dividend program it's only a matter of time and management before your account is really significant. You only have to look to the simulator for evidence of this fact.

But wait a minute, you say ? "I've been with PIPS for quite some time, financially I'm doing OK, and I have every confidence that Byan and the staff will get everything working, they always come through". - There is no doubt, they do always come through, that is not the point. To expect them to read our minds and reach out to all the potential merchants we may want to do business with is neither realistic, nor fair to PIPS and PicPay. Having a wide selection of merchants is not a short term fix but a big benefit to PIPS and all members. And, yes, in time we will have a great selection of merchants, but the assistance could be used now, and will benefit us all while we are still in our infancy. What an easy way to "give back".

But wait a minute, you say ? "I don't have time to go around setting up merchants." Now you know how the PIPS and PicPay staff feel. But, wait a minute ? you want a withdrawal ? when you receive it, you have time to shop ?why not become an educated consumer and start shopping now and help select the merchants that value your business. If you have time to read or post in the forum you can find time to vist a few merchants.

But wait a minute, you say ? "I'm not a salesman, I don't know if I can do this." This has nothing to do with being a salesman. The merchant wants to sell, you want to buy. The merchant wants to sell for money, you want to pay with money. PicPay is money. A credit card is money. Your merchant earns a profit on your purchase. Visa earns a profit if you pay by credit card. You would rather support PicPay than Visa. What does that have to do with being
a salesman?

But wait a minute, you say ? "I don't think my (fill in the potential vendor blank) will want to become a PicPay Merchant." - Oh no? Merchants sell goods and services for money. PicPay is money, it's just a different form of money. Most merchants resisted credit cards when they first came out, but today, there are very few places that don't accept credit cards. In the final analysis: " some, will, some won't, ? so what? " The key point here is that if each of us as members talked to 8 or 10 potential merchants, the odds are that some portion of the people we talked to would become merchants which would help you, and give other members more choices on where to spend their money.

But wait a minute, you say ? "The people I'm interested in doing business with are large national organizations, I wouldn't know who to talk to." The best place to start is with your local contact and then just ask them. Some large organizations establish local relationships, or it may be an account you refer to [email protected]. One thing is for sure, "if you don't ask, you don't get."

But wait a minute, you say ? "The people I'm interested in doing business with are local, I don't think there are a lot of PIPS Members in my area". ? And your point is? ? Many local businesses can provide their goods and services on a regional, national, or even international basis, (i.e.: I can buy a car in Chicago to be delivered in Phoenix) but, be that as it may, if your merchant is a local restaurant, serving only your neighborhood, they want to sell, you want to buy, money is money. (by the way, how do you know your neighbor across the street you never talk isn't also a PIPS member) Many hands make for light work, and if we all helped set up a couple of PicPay merchants, we would be helping things expand on a "grass roots" basis, something that is very difficult to accomplish on a corporate basis. A side benefit is that when you are talking to people some of them will ask about PIPS, and may even want to become members. That gives you the opportunity to save them time and money by helping set up their account which you can fund with your PicPay creating a win-win transaction.

Enough already. Anyone can come up with excuses on "why not", but "winners don't need excuses" -and if ever there was a group of winners, it is within the PIPS membership. We see first hand the returns promised. It is now our turn to "give back" by helping to add some merchants. Let's allow our management to concentrate on what they do best, and it seems like the least we can do in return, is talk to the people we want to spend some of our money with.

With a little creativity and a little bit of effort (by a lot of people) we can significantly contribute for the greater good of all of us, while Bryan and staff are free to do what only they can do. Let's all work together helping where we can to build a better tomorrow.