There are a lot of people pimping bogus ways to make money through the internet these days. However I've come across a solid program that really does work. First of all you can be assured that it will NOT cost you a penny. Never ever. It's called CashCrate and there is no other program like it on the internet. There are some that have tried but nothing comes close in my opinion. I personally have found that it is a very easy way to make very easy money day in and day out by merely filling out a couple of surveys and free offers. It takes very little time to take part. Again it doesn't cost a penny to get started or to stay with it.

About a year ago I decided that I'd like to make a few extra dollars and I figured that the internet would be the easiest avenue to make that happen. I tried more programs and get rich quick schemes than you can take a stick at and CashCrate was the only one that really does work and actually pay those who participate. There are other programs out there that are similar and really do work but none of them are as reputable as CashCrate and have a perfect track record. They totally legitimate and the whole thing is totally legal.

How Does Their Program Work?

Businesses and all sorts of companies are constantly looking for consumers to try out and test new products and services and they are willing to pay good money to those who are willing to take part.

You see these companies pay CashCrate to facilitate these surveys and reviews and then when people like you and me take part CashCrate passes on 70 to 80 percent of the money back to its members. They make a small amount of money from each company but since they have literally thousands of people participating so they also make a handsome profit.

Getting Paid Is Easy

I will say that there is a minimum payout but it's only $10 and it is very very easy to reach that $10 your first day. I made a little over $15 in less than 2 hours after I signed up. They send out payments on the 20th of the following month after you achieve your earnings. So lets say that you sign up on the 15th of this month and earn $20 your first day which is very easy. You will get a check in the mail on the 20th of next month. I found that the money I received has increased for my time spent. My first few days I made on average about $8 per hour and now I'm averaging more than $20 per hour because of their referral system. No it's not some MLM or multi level marketing junk or something like that.

Great Success without Referrals

Let me make it clear that it is very easy to make good money without any referrals at all. I have a friend who is doesn't bother with referrals and she makes about $30 any time she wants for just a couple of hours of sitting in front of her computer and participating. One way to make easy money without any referrals is to take a few minutes each day to fill out their $.80 survey which you can do once each $24 hours. If that's the only thing you were to do at all you would make an easy $25 each month for about 1 hour of work.

Now listen, I can't stand those programs where you have to tell all of your friends and family members about it if you want it to work. This is not like that at all. It is really easy to make $200 per month just by taking part in the free offers and free trials that are available daily in the section called "complete offers".

Nevertheless if you do want to tell other people about it their referral program is pretty cool. In my opinion it's the best I've seen. Here's how it works. Anyone time someone signs up under you (again, there is never any pressure to do this, it's completely up to you), you will get 20% of any money they make and you will get 10% of any money that the people who sign up under them make. The percentages go even higher the more people that sign up under you.

I've looked at other legitimate programs like this that pay referrals and I can say they the CashCrate referral system is clearly the best paying hands down.

Who Is Eligible to Join?

I've never heard of anyone getting turned down who wanted to join. Even if you live in another country you can still join and make good money. The only requirements are that you want to make some extra money. Click here to sign up now and start making money today.

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