Giday peeps.
I am Just trying help out my local bowls club with there friday night raffles, y'know we all try to do what we can fo our local community.
Now What I would like to get if I can is a simple database program that can be shown onto a white board via a simple laptop, Where we can show the person/business name who may have donated,what the product is,Value,ticket number,and finally winners name.
I do believe that it can be done useing excell but I am unfortunately not good enough to be able to do this myself so if there is some KIND person out there who out of the kindness of there heart will be able to do this forme without charge then this pipster would greatly appreciate it and so would my club.
And no I am not trying to bignote myself within the club as I do not beleive in that sort of thing.
A pm with the info will do