Why did Bruce Lee never fight with Muhammad Ali? If he did, who do you think would win? How come?

Bruce Lee apparently was serious about fighting Ali. Several of his disciples have recounted Lee’s desire to fight Ali, there are several stories apparently true that Lee obtained footage of Ali’s fights (which in those days would be film movies) and set up screens all around his training room and projected the fights at different angles while standing in the middle and reacting to each move. He also reportedly spent hundreds of hours just watching then analyzing Ali’s moves.

Bruce Lee was wire taut, in better shape than most people including arguably Ali. He was the consummate martial artist. He was never style prejudiced, he recognized that good moves were good moves. This was back in the day when you were expected to study only what your teacher taught and never question him. Further Chinese martial arts ******* were at the time adamant that no Westerner learn Kung Fu. Early in his life Lee was confronted by a Kung Fu practitioner who challenged him for doing just that. Lee was evenly matched and neither could defeat the other, they were both exhausted.

This led to Lee’s first revelation (2nd if you count realizing that Western students would pay a lot of money.) You have to be in shape. That’s a no-brainer today (with apologies to the 300 pound Grandma who holds a 3rd degree black belt which she “earned” at a McDojo.) At the time reporters were disillusioned to see Shaolin Temple students smoking like chimneys. (This was also observed at the Kodokkan and other great schools too.)

Lee cross trained and soon realized that Kung Fu didn’t have all the answers, he boldly and wisely studied what worked and what didn’t. He realized as have most serious fighters that Western Boxing has by far the best hand techniques. At the time this was treated like the discovery of penicillin.

That said, he seemed to believe his Hollywood created air of invincibility. He seemed to honestly believe that with physical conditioning, athletic ability and skill would beat anyone, and he was eager to prove this against the man considered the greatest fighter alive-Ali. He may have been serious-he died young, so we’ll never know.

The fight could probably have taken place, by the early 70s, Ali was desperate for money and he did a lot of things that his millions of admirers would like to forget or even deny altogether. They were pathetic spectacles.

But it’s those pathetic spectacles that tell us if Lee or Ali would win. One fine day in the early 70s Ali burst into a professional wrestling match, and talked trash to Gorilla Monsoon a popular wrestler. Ali’s motives and how this happened are questioned today but here is the upshot. Monsoon, fat, older, and by far the less conditioned, picked up Ali and tossed him. Monsoon may have been less conditioned but he was bigger and stronger. Ali’s fans include apologists that cry it was nothing but a publicity stunt, Monsoon couldn’t have hurt Ali. But watch the encounter on Youtube. Ali looked like a helpless baby, ran out, and never confronted Monsoon again.

Strength gap is a real thing, size is a real thing. Monsoon was an aging, overweight wrestler whose “fights” were choreographed. However, Monsoon was 6′5 and weighed 400 pounds. He obviously neglected his cardio but he spent years easily lifting large wrestlers. Ali was 236 pounds and stood 6′3. He was in great shape but helpless as a baby against the bigger stronger man.

Lee was 5′8 and weighed 128 pounds. He was so wiry that he probably wouldn’t have gone down without landing a few good kicks and punches, but how effective could they have been against a man of Ali’s size and strength? And think about Ali’s knockout punch, he wasn’t one of boxing’s hardest hitters but his punches would be devastating if not fatal to a much smaller man.

There is a reason why fighting has weight classes!

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