Big Brother Nigeria is a reality TV show based on the Big Brother TV series in which 12 contestants live in an isolated house and compete for a large cash prize worth $100000 at the end of the show by avoiding being evicted by viewers. A collaboration between Nigerian and South African production teams, it aired on DStv Channel 37 from March 5 to June 4, 2006.


The program is currently going on on DStv and Gotv. Itís like 24 hours reality show, and itís so boring.

I canít see any sense in it, but some viewers swear by it and breathe it.

Nigeria is not doing reality shows for computer gurus, electronics gurus, science gurus, technology gurusÖ No encouragement for those who bring innovation that can benefit the country.

Companies waste money on those who do nothing but chat, cook, exercise, eat, sing and sleep; while lazy people fritter away their life watching it. How can that bring progress and development to this country?

Itís a pity.

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