Happy New Year to all my fellow Baseball fans!!

The new season is upon us with pitchers and catchers reporting to their respective spring training facilities in Florida and Arizona this week! This is the time of year when all the trades, hirings and firings are put behind us and the competition begins! It begins on the practice fields with the newcomers displaying their skills in hope of making the team. The veterans with the hope of keeping that arm or hamstring healthy for just one more season! The smell of the freshly cut grass, the sound of the ball coming off the bat or into a well weathered mitt! The fielding drills to the time in the cage! The crowds in the stands! The cheers, the boos, the taste of your first hotdog of spring!!

I live for this!! I will be in Arizona for a week of spring training in a few short weeks to cheer on my favorite team! Cant wait!!

What ever team is in your heart, good luck and have a wonderful season!